View Full Version : MARVEL vs. DC

Dark Knight
05-14-2009, 02:43 PM
Okay, i'll put it here.

Im a regular lurker at Superherohype.com and cant help but laugh at the constant bashings of Marvel fans to DC fans and vice versa.

Its like, who has the best movie adaptation or who has the best graphic novels or comics.

The question is, who has the best superhero characters?

Last year, Iron Man sucks. The Incredible Hulk is way better. But DC's The Dark Knight is a runaway winner trying not to be a "superhero" but a mortal crimefighter.

This year, DC's Watchmen sucked at the box office. What can you expect from an R rated 3 hour movie? Although i havent watched it, i think its a good movie. Not an action, spiderman type but superhero movies need a serious approach.

X-Men Origins is not true to the origins of Wolverine like critics said. But thats also the case of the Dark Knights Joker.

Jeesh, bring back Image Comics Spawn.