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04-23-2009, 02:01 PM
Larry Gamboa, author of the best seller, “Think Rich Pinoy” has created a special report called
“Lessons from Manny Pacquiao” -to be given away for free at the Think Rich Pinoy’s whole day seminar on May 2,2009.

Find out what Larry thinks about Manny and his connection to Think Rich Pinoy!
Plus Real Estate Investment Discussions and success stories and
a little Real Estate Internet Marketing

Join Larry and his team on May 2, details at http://richteamevents.blogspot.com
When : May 2, 2009, Saturday, 8am- 5pm
Where: PhilamLife Building, Manila
Text : 0926-999-9999 to get your slot or
Email: thinkrichpinoyseminar@gmail.com

P 2450 or US $ 58, pay online at the website below or via bank deposit.

Just email thinkrichpilipinas@gmail.com with the following data: Name, Cel #, Landline, Address, Email Address) AFTER you have paid via paypal or bank deposit: BPI Account Name: ESTI-TRP (Think Rich Pinoy); Account# 8291-0083-57. (Checking), Amount: P 2450/seat.

Half price for repeat attendees.

Full details here: http://richteamevents.blogspot.com

04-27-2009, 02:43 PM
Larry here.

Three years ago, I stumbled into Real Estate as the vehicle to becoming financially independent. A book (Rich Dad Poor Dad) propelled me to act.

How? By reading "Rich Dad Poor Dad", and realizing the importance of financial literacy as the key to building a wealth foundation. I then proceeded to buy and sell (wholesale) or rent-to-own houses. Read "Think Rich, Pinoy" for my story. Along the way I learned what passive rental income feels like. It felt very very good. But it also presented challenges.

One key challenge is marketing. Selling. Ugghhh. Sales/marketing is not my forte.

Buying property on the one hand. Selling property on the other. Wholesaling. Some say flipping. When I flip a property, I earn cash. When I buy and do a rent-to-own, I generate cash flow. Cash and Cash Flow from my real estate investments. Neat.

Question: How do I generate cash and cash flow from real estate? Back to marketing/selling. Then it hit me.
Marketing today cannot ignore the internet. For example, I sold a townhouse simply by advertising in www.Bahay.ph. And my tenant/buyer was a Japanese married to a Filipina. And she contacted me because of my ad on the internet.

Wow! This internet experience hit me like a solid left hook. I began to snoop around.

And quietly as I talked to people and "Googled" the internet, an issue emerged:

Real Estate Investing vs. Internet Marketing (which has more potential)?

This hit home when I saw a Think Rich Pinoy Franchisee "abandon" real estate in favor of doing internet marketing full time. What gives? Are the two mutually exclusive?

I knew from my experience that real estate is a good way to generate cash and cash flow.

I also realized, however dimly, that internet marketing has its merits as an income generator. For example, the internet is fast and has a global reach. Can one help increase marketing and sales velocity and turnover?
Furthermore, succeeding in Real Estate and succeeding in internet marketing requires time and focus. You cannot do both. So you have to choose one or the other, right?


Why not synergize Real Estate and Internet marketing? Make Real Estate your core business. Internet Marketing simply supports your core real estate business.

So here's my hypothesis. Properly combined real estate with the help of internet marketing can be a dynamite one-two punch knockout combination.

So, do you want to make a lot of money and truly create financial f.r.e.e.d.o.m? Here's the two-punch combination that you can follow to achieve this goal.

It's called Real Estate Day Trading. Here's how to do it.

1. Continue to learn how to invest in Real Estate and do deals consistently.
This will be your core business.

2. Learn how to market on the internet to build a list of customers. Customers who are interested in either selling you their property, buying a property, investing as private lenders or equity partners in real estate.

Step 1 - Requires that you continue to learn the business of real estate, go to seminars (ex. Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Seminar), and then apply what you learn out in the real world. That's why the Think Rich Pinoy Real Estate Franchise exists. The Think Rich Pinoy Franchise requires front-end work on your part and it will jumpstart your ability to generate cash and cash flow.

Step 2 - Requires that you learn how to market online, understand how to drive traffic to your websites, get people to opt in to your list and then build a relationship with them. You then sell properties and other services to them. This will bring in smaller chunks of income supplementing and augmenting your core business.

I love both...Real Estate Day Trading.

I am going to show you Step 1 on Saturday May 2 at 8:00am to 5:00pm.

At the same time two successful internet marketing "entrepreneurs" will show you Step 2, how to use internet marketing to jumpstart and bring your real estate business to the next level.

Register Quick at http://richteamevents.blogspot.com and find out details so you can get yourself and your friends a seat in this live Think Rich Pinoy Wealth Creation Seminar.

We are going to show you the power of Step 1 and Step 2 COMBINED on Saturday May 2, 2009 at 8:00 AM. Register at http://richteamevents.blogspot.com

On the Live Seminar I will show you how I am slowly harnessing the power of the internet to grow my real estate business. You will meet Think Rich Pinoy Franchisees who have bought and sold real estate with the help of the internet.

We only have 120 seats available. Once filled you will get locked out if you don't register early! Everyone who attends is also going to get my powerpoint "Lessons from Paquiao" which will fire up your desire to succeed as a real estate entrepreneur.

When I say that you MUST be on this live seminar if you want to make ongoing income from real estate. I am not joking. We, at Think Rich Pinoy are building personal wealth doing Steps 1 & 2. We're learning to do it every day...we know what we are talking about and we will show you the way.

Join Us: Register at: http://richteamevents.blogspot.com

What : Think Rich Pinoy Workshop

When : May 2, 2009, Saturday, 8am-5pm

Where: PhilamLife Building, Manila

Text : 0926-999-9999 to get your slot or Email: thinkrichpinoyseminar@gmail.com

Complete details at http://richteamevents.blogspot.com

Fee:P 2450/ US $ 58

To Your Success,

Larry Gamboa
P.S. EVERYONE who ATTENDS the live seminar is also going to get a chance to Learn more about Real Estate and Earn passive income in U.S. dollars through the Think Rich Pinoy affiliate program. Find out how.