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Toto Battung
04-05-2009, 12:22 AM
A perfect way to start a new thread on basketball coaches. Start of the 2009 Final Four, college basketball's premier stage, then the NBA, PBA playoffs then UAAP, NCAA. Not to mention the upcoming International tournaments.
A player development, team chemistry, game preparation all starts with a coach.
Players execute the game plan, coaches tinker the mind.
So, if you have quotes, words of a favorite coach,share them here. Who knows an upcoming coach or a student of the coaching profession might benefit from their words of wisdom.
Have a great TIME OUT! - Toto Battung

Coach John Wooden ( UCLA) - ten NCAA championships including 7 straight.

'I enjoyed the first of our ten NCAA championships the most, when we won it all with no one taller than six-foot-five. We used a full court press that usually produced one or to surges of six to twelve points each. It worked very well.
People thought we pressed to create a turnovers, but it was only part of the reason. We also wanted to dictate the tempo of the game and cause teams to hurry. That way we could use our quickness. Teams that hurry are'nt efficient and don't play their best. It also places a premium on conditioning. We hoped we were in better shape than our opponents were."
(Being Quick - Coach Wooden One-on-One)

Toto Battung
04-06-2009, 12:25 PM
" I hope we were a ray of sunshine, a distraction for them, a diversion, anything else we can be. We're not done yet, so hopefully we can continue to make them feel better and us a lot better." " It was a memorable game that I won't forget." - Michigan State coach Tom Izzo
(addressing a state (Michigan) knocked down by the economic crisis. Michigan upset Connecticut 82-73 in the Final Four.

Jim Calhoun, U Conn coach: "I think Tommy Izzo, the Michigan kids, this is where coaches really- I shouldn't even say this-earn their money." Calhoun caused a stir this season when he had a heated exchange with a political activist over his $ 1.6 million salary in tough economic times.

Jay Wright, Villanova coach: " They played a great game and are playing extremely well. They've got all the pieces, and we have great respect for them. We've been getting better every game, and we did not get better tonight." - Way to accept defeat.

Roy Williams, North Carolina coach: " I've been there, I was there a year ago, it feels like somebody jerks your heart out and shakes it." - Pressure of playing in the Final Four.

Toto Battung
04-07-2009, 01:02 PM
" We handled injuries, handled some losses this season. The youngsters behind me are great, great young men. Iam the luckiest coach in America, I can tell you that." - Roy Williams after leading North Carolina over Michigan State for the 2009 NCAA Basketball Championships. Williams now joins Jim Calhoun, Billy Donovan and Mike Krzyzewski to win multiple titles among active coaches today. At least Williams admitted "lucky" is the word for him instead of I am the "Best".

Toto Battung
04-16-2009, 08:54 AM
Minnesota coach Kevin McHale isn't sure if he wants to return next season, but the demoted GM can spell out exactly how different this side-line trip is from 2004-05, when McHale took over the fired Flip Saunders.
"That was a very veteran group of guys who had lost all forms of discipline and had splintered. So there was much more getting them back in line and a little more foot-up-the-rear-end type stuff. Now, it's foot-to-rear-end, plus you've got to go over to them, put your arm around their shoulder and say, "Are you sure you're OK?"

Toto Battung
04-21-2009, 11:44 AM
Chicago Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro : "We have to get the opponent's field-goal percentage down. We can win the series if it's half-court or full-court, but they feel the same way, I'm sure. You have to execute and not turn the basketball over . Keep them out of the transition game. Contest jump shots better. Control the paint.
We can't just think we're going to score. We have to focus on the defensive end, which I think we've been doing a little better job." - On how to beat the Boston Celtics in their Eastern Conference play-off. The Boston Celtics tied their series 1-1 behind Ray Allen's three-pointer with 2 seconds left today.

Toto Battung
04-23-2009, 04:04 AM
Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson:
The Lakers coach went on Dan Patrick's radio show and was asked which player he'd start an NBA team with. Jackson went with Orlando center Dwight Howard because power players are harder to come by than guards. Really?
He wouldn't take LeBron James? or Chris Paul- who in 14 games against the Lakers has averaged 22 points and 12 assists? It must be psychological warfare on the Zen Master's part, picking a guy in all likelihood the Lakers won't face in the playoffs.
Jackson also said that Kobe Bryant gets overlooked a bit like Michael Jordan did. in 1993, Charles Barkley got the MVP over Jordan. This year, Jackson says that LeBron will probably be the MVP- and he does think James has been fantastic.

Toto Battung
05-02-2009, 10:59 AM
Chicago Bulls coach Vinny del Negro : "It looked good for us, it didn't look good for us, it looked good for us." The see-sawing battle between the defending NBA champions Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. This series might well be a series for the ages. Game 7 is a fitting finale. May the best team win, who else!

Toto Battung
05-04-2009, 09:08 AM
Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers : In what might have been the best first-round playoff series in NBA history; " I don't see great. I just see hard. For a coach, it's just : Win the series."

Toto Battung
05-05-2009, 11:45 PM
Los Angeles Lakers coach Phil Jackson: on Andrew Bynum's role to defend Houston's Yao Ming in the opener of their semifinal series; " I think he's really revved up for this. He's excited about it and we hope that he stays under control and remembers his principles about defense and rebounding, and the offense will just come."
Well, Yao Ming scored 28 points and hauled 10 rebounds to stun the Lakers, 100-92 in their Game 1 series.

Toto Battung
08-12-2009, 08:21 AM
Newly appointed Minnesota coach Kurt Rambis:
" I know losing is part of it and if the players handle the situation, I'll help guide them through that. Developing a distaste for losing yet all the while growing from the experience so they can help avoid in the future is going to be paramount for me as coach and it's going to help them learn as players when we finally turn this franchise around and start winning."