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03-05-2009, 05:56 PM

Interesting notes from the article:

Shockingly, Borgia -- the man in charge of telling referees what is and is not a travel -- admits that referees are instructed, by him and others, to ignore one part of the NBA's written traveling rule.

"We really don't reference the rulebook," says Borgia. Where the rulebook says Wade, in our example, has to shoot or pass after taking just one step, Borgia says NBA referees work with the rule of thumb that such players are entitled to two steps.

A New Rule to Replace a Confusing One
Borgia is hoping to end the schism. He recently drafted a new rule legalizing the second step. "I wrote a version," he says, "and I put it out there." He is waiting to see if "the people upstairs" will embrace the change.

Borgia claims the current rule is so confusing that it's impossible to tell if it allows one step or two. The suspicion is that the NBA ignores the rule to inspire exciting offensive players to create great moments. Borgia insists the rule is ignored simply because its intent is lost in a tangle of legalistic terminology.

The first count clearly occurs "as he receives the ball, if either foot is touching the floor." Picture Wade, at the free throw line. He has his foot on the floor as he gathers the ball. He then gets just one more count before having to get rid of the ball. He instead was granted two -- plus a missed moving pivot foot.

Two steps, the current status quo, clearly ought to be outlawed, or the rule changed.

Instead there is confusion. "The book," Borgia says, "possibly could be interpreted differently from what actually happens. You could read it so that it's almost like you're allowed one. If you interpret it that way, right. That's where we're having an issue."

What's clear, however, is that NBA referees have long been instructed by the League that two steps are allowed.

Tough one to swallow since this is the league that the world care to watch, but they have a different set of rules?

Dark Knight
03-05-2009, 08:26 PM
Well, shit like those happens.

Especially here.