View Full Version : B.S on Baron (ESPN Mag article)

02-26-2009, 11:26 PM

Very, very good read. i can't help imagine the possibility that Bill Simmons (or any other good, honest writer) spends time with every NBA player at any time during the regular season and pick their brains then share it to us with an article.

i know this belongs to the Clips board but it's rare that we get this in-depth with players emotions and as i've said it's just interesting to wonder what if we get regular articles such as this one.

Some notable excerpts:

I tell Baron he needs to regain his mojo. Warren nods. We both decide that Baron needs to approach the next two months as if he were an actor. He needs to play the role of Boom Dizzle. That's what they called him during his happier stint with the Warriors. "You're one of those guys who play with their hearts on their sleeves," I explain. "When you're not happy, we can see it."

Now he's halfheartedly picking at a piece of melon, sweating out a trade deadline, wondering about his future. "There were rumors about me going to Dallas or Houston," he says, "maybe even back to Golden State. When there's no reassurance, you're kinda stuck. It's like basketball purgatory. You're halfway in, halfway out."

"Look, if this is the adversity we have to go through to be a good team," Baron says, "I'll do it." He keeps talking about next year. As a paying customer, part of me wants to scream, "Baron, this all sounds fine, but I still have 14 home games left this season! Get your act together now!