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Dark Knight
10-01-2008, 09:44 AM
Pre Season

01. FEU Captures Unigames - FEU captured the first pre-season tournament by capturing the Unigames competition against the Ateneo Blue Eagles.

02. Ateneo Captures The CNC - Ateneo Blue Eagles captured the prestigious Collegiate National Chapionships, the former Collegiate Champions League.

03. The UAAP - NCAA Merger - Pato Gregorio and Manny pangilinan proposes the UAAP-NCAA merger for the coming season which was eventually turned down by the UAAP Board citing "there are traditions of the league that cannot be changed". Gregorio and company explained that they just want both leagues to "play together".

04. UP Woes Continue - UP woes continue in the pre season as 2 respectable coaches from their school turned its offer to guide the Fighting Maroons come Season 71. Ronnie Magsanoc and Eric Altamirano.

05. New coach For The Fighting Maroons - Finally, former FEU assisstant coach Aboy castro and Potit De Vera was tapped as UP's Head Coach and Assisstant Coach respectively.

06. Soc Transfersto ADU, Then To NCAA - Controversial Soc Rivera, the former Maroon was rumoured to have transferred to the Adamson Falcons but due to the, ironically, "Soc Rivera Rule", he will play for the NCAA instead of sitting out two years in order to play for the UAAP.

07. UE Captures FilOil - UE Red Warriors who swept last seasons UAAP elimination round captures the FilOil-Flying V Basketball Tournament.

08. ADMU Captures NSL - A week later, the Ateneo Blue Eagles captures the Nike Summer League against UE.

Season 71

01. Amended Rules - No hand check fouls (yeah right ::)), no possession arrow for the last 2 minutes, no ID no entry, sweepers thrice to beat at the Finals, jump ball in the last two minutes, etc, etc………

02. FEU Ineligibility Issue - Inboundpass reported that FEU also has "ineligibility issues" citing a former Tamaraw who was part of the 2005 champion team and still playing as ineligible due to age. The whistle blower apparently was never named. Lack of evidence made this issue die a natural death. Montinola announced "my players are not like Duncil". Classic!!

03. No ID, Technical Foul! - Barely a week old, UAAP 71 was drawn into controversy when La Salle coach Pumaren was assessed a technical for not wearing an ID. The call drew a lot of criticisms. La Salle questioned the call by showing the photo of UST coach Jarencio also without an ID but was not given a technical foul.

04. Referee Suspended - Referee Cabanyag was suspended by Commissioner Narvasa for questionable and inconsistent calls in the first round match between DLSU and FEU which the former won. The game was reviewed and found many questionable calls including the unsportsmanlike call on Barocca and the technical foul on Capacio. FEU did not protest the game.

05. Baracael Shot - Perhaps the most controversial incident happened when FEU star Mac Baracael was shot twice at R.Papa in front of RCBC Bank. Walking to buy food with Cabagnot and Kave, Baracael was shot in the chest that rendered him out of the season. Theories as to the motive of the shooting ranges from love triangle to game fixing angles.

06. Robert Kave Leaves - FEU rookie Kave, who was struck by fear after the Baracael shooting incident, was persuaded and decided to leave the Tamaraws and returned to Papua New Guinea.

07. FEU's Miracle Run - After the shooting of Baracael and the withdrawal of Robert Kave, FEU continued its winning run defeating powerhouses Ateneo, UE, UST and DLSU. But inexplicably lost to NU.

08. UE Protest FEU Win - UE's first round loss to FEU was protested by the Red warriors questioning the last second shot of Adolfo in the third quarter, arguing that the time already expired when the shot went in. UE even posted a 100,000 bond but the Commissioner upheld the result.

09. Adamson Protest UST Win - Adamson protested its loss against UST questioning Clark Bautista game tying trifecta in the regulation and eventually losing in overtime.

10. Adamson Pulling Out? - At the middle of the second round, rumours spread through SMS about Adamson bolting out of the league after a dismal performance in Seniors Mens Basketball. Coach Austria quickly denied the rumor.

11. Lerit vs Narvasa - In Adamons game against DLSU, Adamson official Lerit sarcastiaclly applauded the refs, probably because of a bad call but was confronted by Chito's brother Ogie Narvasa who looked at his ID and slammed it back in his chest with shouting and threat to boot. Mr. Lerit filed a protest.

12. Unlucky UST - Strong on paper and picked as one of the contenders this season, the 2006 champions faltered this season failing to defeat the top 4 teams and obtaining heartbreaking losses, especially in the 2nd round against FEU, DLSU and UE.

13. LA Revilla Gun Toting Act - In DLSU's Final 4 game against FEU, Baracael, while shooting two important free throws to tie the ballgame, LA Revilla did a gun poking act behind Baracael. An immature act that meted howls of protest especially here at Gameface. ;D

14. The Invincible Ateneo - Ateneo ended the season with only a solitary loss to show, sweeping arch rival DLSU in the Finals and capturing their 4th crown in the UAAP since joining the league in 1978.


NU - Asoro

UST - Jervy, Cuan, Allera

UE - Arellano

FEU - Baracael, Adolfo, Fernandez

Ateneo - Tiu, Escueta

La Salle - Casio, walsham

Adamson - ?

UP - ?


UST - Bautista, Fortuna, Fenequito

Ateneo - Buenafe, salva, Chua, Burke

la Salle - Revilla, Bagatsing, Webb, Villanueva

UE - Acuna, tagarda

Hello, Goodbye

FEU - Kave

Dark Knight
10-01-2008, 09:45 AM
Feel free to correct my post . Thanks

10-01-2008, 08:10 PM

UST - Jervy, Cuan, Allera

additions: Canlas, Taylor, Gile

10-02-2008, 11:27 AM
UE - Arellano
UP - ?

UE - Thiele, Llagas
UP - Agbayani

10-26-2008, 04:38 PM
Adamson loses Gonzalgo and Agustin

10-26-2008, 10:31 PM
UE's hello to Paul Zamar

10-27-2008, 01:39 AM
And Arellano disappearing before bidding adeau

10-28-2008, 06:17 PM
For my very biased review, I would just like to say that this was a pretty exciting season, and I'm glad the Blue Eagles won, even against NABRO. NABRO's officiating all season long was terrible against everyone, and I hope that this is the last time we ever see them. :)

10-28-2008, 10:04 PM

Dark Knight
10-29-2008, 01:00 PM
Lets not forget the famous Ateneo Bonfire. ;D

10-29-2008, 01:54 PM
In that case, we better not forget rico's finger and la salle's failure to to come out and get their 2nd place trophy.

10-29-2008, 06:32 PM
1. ryan buenafe toying malabes' defense*in the finals :o

2. ryan buenafe's clutch lay-up between 2 ue defenders,

& last but not the least...

3. blocklao's block on the finger. ;)