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09-17-2008, 12:53 PM
CEC, USC North Win in BEST Opener

The Cebu Eastern College (CEC) and the University of San Carlos North Campus (USC NC) scored convincing wins to kick off the Cebu leg of the BEST Center SBP Passerelle twin tournament at the Sacred Heart School-Jesuit campus in Canduman, Mandaue City.

CEC marked its comeback to the tournament with a 21-8 win over fellow balik-BEST team Southwestern University (SWU) in the SBP division, while USC NC trashed Salazar College of Science and Institute of Technology (SCSIT) 99-32 in the Passerelle play.

The two inaugural games launched the Cebu games of the longest-running basketball tournament started by BEST Center founder Nic Jorge. This was preceded by opening ceremonies that included a Holy Mass with Fr. Julian Hernando SJ and Fr. Joseph Larida as concelebrants. The program proper included the traditional parade and special performances from the cheerdance teams of the University of Cebu and the Sacred Heart School Jesuit (SHSJ). SWU and SHSJ’s SHUDC also presented special dance numbers for the crowd.

This year’s Cebu tournament has 13 teams seeing action in the Passerelle division (Under 14 years old) and eight teams in the SBP age group (Under 12 years old). Games will be played every weekend at the SHSJ Mango campus and at Don Bosco Technology Center.

How they scored:

SBP Division
CEC (21) – Etom 10, Bulibuli 4, Lim 3, Tubiano 2, Almirate 2, Cabije 2, A.Cisneros 2.
SWU (8) – Abrica 4, Banadog 2, Boniao 2.

Passerelle Division
USC NC (99) – Palapar 13, Rita 12, Rabuya 12, Romaguerra 10, Malana 10, Guardiario 9, Arnejo 8, Dalangpan 5, Ortega 4, Bongo 4, Co 4, Omolon 3, Kikuchi 2, Aliser 2, Geopano 1.
SCSIT (32) – D.Cabrera 8, Alforque 8, Morata 5, Dicado 2, Dictado 2, Gayotin 2, Lopez 2, Casquejo 2, Ferrer 1.

09-17-2008, 12:54 PM
Favorites Set the Pace in Milo BEST

It was muscle flexing time for the traditional powerhouses of youth basketball as they scored convincing wins on Days 2 and 3 of the Milo BEST SBP/Passerelle Twin Basketball Tournament held at the Don Bosco Technology Center and Sacred Heart School-Mango campuses.

In Group B Passerelle play, the University of San Carlos North Campus (USCNC) zoomed to a 3-0 record after scoring wins over Blessed John Seminary (BJS) 103-15, and PAREF Springdale, 88-31. The University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) and Don Bosco-A went 2-0 to closely stalk the Baby Warriors. USPF defeated Salazar Colleges and School of Institute and Technology (SCSIT), 56-48 and BJS, 97-26. Don Bosco-A posted wins over PAREF Springdale, 48-35 and SCSIT, 83-51.

In Group A of the Passerelle division, the Univeristy of Cebu (UC) and Sacred Heart School-Jesuit (SHSJ) followed suit with similar victories to share the leader's spot with 2-0 win-loss slates. UC topped USC NC's Team B, 54-36 and Cebu Institute of Technology, 69-43. SHSJ posted its two wins over USC South Campus, 56-45 and BRIGHT Academy 123-12.

In the SBP division (Under 12 years old), pre-tourney favorites USC NC, Don Bosco-A and SHSJ scored their first wins to kick off their respective bids in the tournament. USC NC crushed Cebu Eastern College (CEC), 71-8, while Don Bosco-A (DB-A) defeated Southwestern Univeristy (SWU), 75-4 in Group B play. USC NC and DB-A lead Group B with 1-0 records while CEC and SWU are at 1-1 and 0-2, respectively.

In Group A, SHSJ overcame a tough Don Bosco-B team, 29-18 to as USC SC defeated USPF, 50-10. Both victors are at 1-0 while the losers are at 0-2.

09-17-2008, 12:56 PM
Results from Days 4 & 5: The Expected & Pleasant Surprises

Days 4 and 5 of the Milo BEST SBP/Passerelle twin basketball tournament saw much of the “expected” and also a few surprises to the delight of the players and fans.

As “expected,” USC North Campus (USC NC) Team A (USC NC) clinched the top seeding of Group B of the Passerelle division, scoring two wins. USC NC defeated Don Bosco A, 72-48, then crushed Univeristy of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF), 51-35 to record a 5-0 sweep of all its elimination round games. In other Group B Passerelle matches, the pleasant surprise came when PAREF Springdale scored its first ever victory with a 59-55 win over Salazar Colleges and School of Institute and Technology (SCSIT) on Day 5. Springdale had earlier lost to USPF on Day 4, 44-50, while SCSIT won over Blessed John Seminary (BJS). BJS, however pulled off a surprise of their own when they scored a win by forfeit over Don Bosco-A when the latter’s coach didn’t show up for the game. USC NC sits at the top of Group B with a 5-0 record, followed by USPF (3-1), Don Bosco-A (2-2), Springdale (1-3), BJS (1-3), and SCSIT (1-4).

In Group A play, there were no surprises as defending champion Sacred Heart School-Jesuit (SHSJ) and the University of Cebu (UC) continued on their collision course with convincing wins. The SHSJ Eagles thumped Don Bosco-B, 97-18, and Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT), 83-56. UC overcame a stubborn USC South team, 71-63, before dousing off BRIGHT Academy, 106-21. USC NC-B scored two wins in a row, defeating CIT 52-35, and Don Bosco-B, 57-28. SHSJ and UC share the top spot with 4-0 slates. USC NC-B is third at 2-2, followed by USC SC (1-2), Don Bosco-B (1-3), and BRIGHT (0-3).

In SBP play (Under 12 boys), the favorites scored their second straight wins with SHSJ defeating USPF, 65-11 in Group A play to go 2-0, and USC NC crushing Southwestern Univeristy (SWU), 69-14 in Group B. USC SC also went 2-0 with a tough win over Don Bosco-B, 41-28 in the other Group A game. Don Bosco-A toyed with Cebu Eastern College, 66-4 in the other Group B game.

The battle for the top spot in both groups will be known on Day 6 when SHSJ faces USC SC for the top spot in Group A as USC NC battles Don Bosco-A for Group B leadership.

09-21-2008, 07:09 PM
Results from Day 6: Final 4 Cast Clears Up

The Final Four cast is just about set in the BEST Center SBP/Passerelle twin tournament after last weekend’s games at the Don Bosco campus.

In the SBP division, Sacred Heart School-Jesuit (SHSJ) and the University of San Carlos North Campus (USC NC) recorded a sweep of their elimination round games to grab the top spot in their respective groups. The defending champions SHSJ Eagles used a third quarter spurt to outlast USC South Campus, 39-26. USC North overcame an undermanned but fighting Don Bosco-A squad in scoring a 36-27 win. The Eagles (3-0) will face Don Bosco-A (2-1) in the cross-over semifinals while USC NC (3-0) goes up against sister school USC South (2-1) in the other match-up.

In the Passerelle division, SHSJ scored its fifth straight win over an upset-conscious USC NC-B squad, 45-33, to take solo leadership of Group A over idle University of Cebu (UC). With the win, SHSJ grabbed a Final Four slot, with their clash against UC determining the top seed of Group A. In other Group A play, the Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) scored its first win against three losses with a trashing of Don Bosco-B, 70-25. USC South won its second game in four games with a rout of BRIGHT Academy, 98-18. In the Group B game played in the Passerelle division, PAREF Springdale closed out its elimination round with its second straight win after three straight losses, defeating Blessed John Seminary (BJS), 83-42 at the Springdale Gym. Springdale ended with a 2-3 record, its best performance in either a BEST Center or CYBL tournament. BJS closed its tournament at 1-4.

SHSJ (5-0) and UC (4-0) look poised to grab the Final Four slots in Group A, while USC North (5-0) has already nabbed the top spot of Group B. The second Final Four slot in Group B will be decided on Day 7 when University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) (3-1) faces Don Bosco-A (2-2) in a do-or-die game.

The cross-over semifinals will be played at the Capitol Parish Gym on September 30, while the finals will be played on October 4 also at the Capitol Parish Gym.


Passerelle Division

Sep. 20 Score
Group B Springdale 83 Pope John Seminary 42

Sep. 21
Group A Cebu Institute of Technology 70 Don Bosco - B 25
University of San Carlos South 98 BRIGHT Academy 18
Sacred Heart School-Jesuit 45 University of San Carlos North - B 33

SBP Division

Sep. 21 Games
Group A Sacred Heart School-Jesuit 39 University of San Carlos South 26
Don Bosco - B 39 * * * * * * * *University of Southern Philippines Foundation 24

Group B University of San Carlos North 36 Don Bosco – A 27

BEST Center SBP/Passerelle Twin Tournament
Cebu Leg

Team Standings


Group A * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * W L
Sacred Heart School-Jesuit* * * * * * * * * 5 0
University of Cebu * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 4 0
University of San Carlos North Campus - B 2 3
University of San Carlos South Campus* 2 2
Cebu Institute of Technology * * * * * * * * 1 3
Don Bosco College B * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1 4
Bright Academy* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 0 4

Group B * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *W L
University of San Carlos North Campus - A 5 0
University of Southern Philippines Foundation 3 1
Don Bosco College A * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 2 2
PAREF Springdale* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 2 3
Salazar Institute of Technology* * * * * * * * * 1 4
Pope John Seminary* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1 4


Group A * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *W L
Sacred Heart School-Jesuit* * * * * * * * * 3 0
Univesity of San Carlos South Campus* 2 1
Don Bosco College - B * * * * * * * * 1 2
University of Southern Philippines Foundation* 0 3

Group B * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *W L
University of San Carlos North Campus* 3 0
Don Bosco College - A * * * * * * * * 2 1
Cebu Eastern College * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 1 2
Southwestern University* * * * * * * * * 0 3

09-23-2008, 10:31 AM
Remaining sked of elimination round games are:

27-Sep, Sat @ Don Bosco*

8.00 - SHSJ vs UC * to decide top seeding in Group A
9.30 - Bright vs. USC NC-B
11.00 - USC SC vs. CIT

28-Sep, Sun @ Don Bosco

8.00 - DB-B vs. UC
9.30 - Bright vs. CIT
11.00 - USC SC vs. USC NC-B

Cross-over Semifinals @ Capitol Parish Gym
1-Oct, Wed

8.00 - SBP: SHSJ vs Don Bosco-A
9.15 - SBP: USC NC vs USC SC
10.30 - Pass: UC or SHSJ vs DB-A or USPF
1.00 - Pass: USC NC vs UC or SHSJ

Finals will be played on Oct. 4 @ Capitol Parish Gym

09-29-2008, 05:45 PM
Milo BEST SBP / Passerelle Twin Basketball Tournament
Cebu Leg

Results from Day 7 & 8: Final 4 Cast Is Set

It's on to the Final Four of the BEST Center SBP/Passerelle twin tournament after the close of the elimination round over the weekend at the Don Bosco campus.

The University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) booked the final ticket in the Final Four of the Passerelle division with an emphatic 68-52 win over Don Bosco-A, thus taking second place in Group B behind idle University of San Carlos North Campus (USC NC).

In Group A play, Sacred Heart School-Jesuit (SHSJ) grabbed the top spot with a win over the University of Cebu (UC), 53-47 in a battle of undefeated teams. UC is at second place, a game behind the defending champions Eagles.

In other non-bearing games, University of San Carlos South Campus (USC SC) ended its campaign on a high note with two straight wins. They crushed Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT), 91-37, then came back a day later to crush sister team USC NC-B, 64-44. USC NC-B defeated BRIGHT Academy a day earlier, 103-32. CIT rebounded from their loss to USC SC by thumping BRIGHT Academy, 61-18.

The cross-over semifinals will be played at the Capitol Parish Gym on October 1 with SHSJ (6-0) facing USPF (4-1), and USC NC (5-0) facing UC (5-1) in the Passerelle division. In the SBP division, SHSJ (3-0) goes up against Don Bosco-A (2-1), while USC NC (3-0) will be challenged by sister team USC SC (2-1). The championship games of both divisions will be played on Saturday, October 4, also at the Capitol Parish Gym.

Cross-over Semifinals @ Capitol Parish Gym
1-Oct, Wed

8.00 - SBP: SHSJ vs Don Bosco-A
9.15 - SBP: USC NC vs USC SC
10.30 - Pass: SHSJ vs USPF
1.00 - Pass: USC NC vs UC

Finals will be played on Oct. 4 @ Capitol Parish Gym

10-02-2008, 02:32 PM
USC North faces SHS-J for Milo title
Sun Star Daily
Thursday, October 02, 2008
by Marian Baring

THE University of San Carlos-North and Sacred Heart School-Jesuits arranged a championship showdown of the Milo Basketball Efficiency and Scientific Training (Best) tournament after winning their respective semifinals yesterday at the Capitol Parish Gym.

Defending champion SHS-J earned the first finals berth after disposing the University of Southern Philippines Foundation Baby Panthers, 63-48.

On the other hand, USC took a longer route as they had to pass through the eye of the needle before escaping the University of Cebu Baby Webmasters, 66-64, in extra time in the other semis match-up.

Because of their loss, UC lost the chance of erasing the stigma of their finals debacle last year, where they lost the title to SHS-J, not because they were inferior team, but because they were found to have fielded in an ineligible player.

The UC vs. USC game was a fierce battle that saw the lead changing sides before a 57-all deadlock forced overtime.

In the extra period, it was USC’s Mike Rita who sealed the deal as he scored on a layup, boosted by three charities, to set the stage for their victory.

Sherwin Co led the way for USC with 17 points, while Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. stalwart Gerald Ampoon scored 19 for UC.

It was actually a double-double for USC NC, as its younger counterparts in the SBP also made it to the final round after defeating sister team USC South Campus, 47-39, to face Don Bosco College in the finals.

DBC defeated SHS-J, 44-42 in the other semifinal encounter in the SBP.

Meanwhile, Milo Best will feature a raffle promo as a sidelight to celebrate its 30th year anniversary, where they will be giving out television sets.

The raffle is open to anyone who will watch the final games. To qualify for the promo, those who will watch the games are advised to fill fill-up the other side of Milo Actigen-E labels with their complete names, address, contact numbers and signatures and drop these in boxes that will be at the venue. (MCB)

10-02-2008, 02:33 PM
USC NC in Milo BEST Finals

The University of San Carlos North Campus (USC NC) sent a message that they’re back as a serious contender in youth basketball by barging into the finals of both the SBP and Passerelle divisions of the Milo BEST SBP/Passerelle twin tournament Wednesday at the Capitol Parish Gym.

USC NC nipped the University of Cebu (UC), 66-64 in overtime to arrange a showdown with defending champions Sacred Heart School-Jesuit in the Passerelle division, while their younger counterparts defeated sister school USC South Campus, 47-39, in the SBP division.

The Baby Warriors leaned on the clutch performance of Michael Rita in overtime to fend off a fighting UC squad. With the score tied at 59-all, Harvey Palapar calmly sank two free throws for a 61-59 lead. After a UC turnover, Rita took over by adding a drive to up the lead to four, 63-59. He then added three more free throws to ice the game. Ahlen Kikuchi led USC with 13 points, followed by Rita’s 11.

In the other Passerelle semifinal game, SHSJ pounced on an undermanned University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) squad to score a 63-48 win. Up 31-24 at halftime, the Eagles broke the game wide open with a third quarter blitz up against only four USPF players, taking a 48-34 lead going into the fourth quarter. This was all the Eagles needed to seal the win. Borgy de la Cruz led the Eagles with 14 points. He was backed up by Adrian Muller’s 10.

In SBP play, USC North used a strong third quarter to increase and sustain their lead in a game that they had controlled from the onset. From a 29-21 halftime lead, USC North increased the lead to ten at the end of the third quarter, 37-27 after enjoying as much as a 12-point lead earlier. It was all cruise control in the fourth quarter.

In the other semifinal game of the SBP division, Don Bosco leaned on Shann Tan to eke out a 44-42 overtime upset win over defending champions SHSJ. Tan poured 14 of his game-high 18 points in the fourth quarter and overtime, including all of Don Bosco’s six overtime points. Don Bosco thus set up a second chance to defeat USC NC to whom they lost earlier in the elimination round.

The championship games of both divisions and for third place will be played on Saturday, also at the Capitol Parish Gym. The Cebu leg champions will earn the right to represent Cebu in the Visayas regional finals in Bacolod on November 8-9.

Game Results

Oct. 1
Passerelle Semis

University of San Carlos North 66 (OT) University of Cebu 64
Sacred Heart School-Jesuit 63 University of Southern Philippines Found 48

SBP Semis
University of San Carlos North (47) University of San Carlos South (39)
Don Bosco (44-OT) Sacred Heart School-Jesuit (42)

Games on Sat, October 4
Capitol Parish Gym

8:00 am - UC vs USPF (Passerelle for 3rd)
9:30 am -* SHJS vs USC South (SBP for 3rd)
10:45 am - USC NC vs SHSJ (Passerelle Championship)
1:00 pm-* USC NC vs Don Bosco (SBP Championship)

10-10-2008, 09:37 AM
On to Bacolod for USC NC, SHSJ

It’s on to Bacolod for the University of San Carlos North Campus (USC NC) and the Sacred Heart School Jesuit (SHSJ) as they topped the Small Basketeers Philippines (SBP) and Passerelle divisions, respectively, of the Cebu Milo BEST SBP/Passerelle twin basketball tournament over the weekend at the jam-packed Capitol Parish Gym.

The Baby Warriors erased the stigma of finishing second last year by beating Don Bosco, 44-36, in the SBP division. The SHSJ Eagles won their first ever back-to-back championship in the history of the tournament with a nail-biting win over USC NC, 68-65.

The SBP championship game was a nip and tuck affair through the first three quarters, with USC NC controlling the firs half, and Don Bosco dominating the third. USC NC enjoyed an 18-10 lead at the half, but Don Bosco came back to slice the lead to only one at 25-24, at the end of the third period. Don Bosco controlled the momentum at the start of the fourth quarter, taking a 30-28 lead at the five-minute mark. But that was all they could muster as the Baby Warriors broke the close game open with an 8-0 run for a 36-30 lead with Andrey Armenion’s contributing six in the stretch. Don Bosco replied with a mini rally to cut the lead to 34-38, but Armenion was there again to ice the game with two field goals. He scored 13 of his game-high 21 points in the final period to lead the Baby Warriors.

In the Passerelle championship game, it was a combination of Daryl Nazareno, and SHSJ’s big men stopping a spirited USC NC rally to score the school’s second straight championship. USC had controlled the first quarter, but SHSJ came back strong in the second and third quarters to nurse a two-point 45-43 lead going into the fourth period. The Eagles then went to Jerry Seno and Nazareno for offense in the fourth, only to have USC rallying back. With SHSJ enjoying a 63-60 lead with 1:42 left in the game, USC’s Michael Rita delivered a booming triple to tie the game. Nazareno then replied with four straight points for a 67-63 lead. Rita added two free throws to cut the lead to two, 67-65, with 31 seconds left in the game. With USC guaranteed of another ball possession, Coach Roland Remedio called for one stop, but this is where SHJS’s big men took over. While the Eagles failed to score in the ensuing play, their big men were there to control the offensive rebounds. Two SHSJ misses were translated to two offensive rebounds, denying USC of a crucial end-game possession. USC fouled to stop the clock, but Nazareno was there to split his charities with three seconds remaining for the final count. Nazareno had 11 of his 17 points in the fourth period to lead the Eagles, while Ahlen Kikuchi led USC with 14.

In the games for third place, SHSJ nipped USC Couth 32-30 in the SBP division, while University of Cebu trounced University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF), 74-60.

The 2008 Cebu champions will represent Cebu at the Visayas Regional Finals that will be held in Bacolod from November 8-9. The SHSJ Passerelle team is looking to improve its runner-up finish in the same leg from last year, while the USC SBP squad is seeking to duplicate SHSJ’s winning the Visayas leg last year.

Box scores:

SBP Championship
USC NC (44) – Armenion 21, Deniega 6, Piad 5, Balankig 5, Benedicto 2, Adlawan 2, Bulan 2, Padilla 1.
Don Bosco (36) – Tan 6, Lapurga 6, Chi 5, Quimque 4, Yap 4, Aying 4, Tatoy 4, Bollozos 2, Climaco 1, Aliganga 1.

Passerelle Championship
SHSJ (68) – Nazareno 17, Zozobrado 8, B. de la Cruz 8, J. de la Cruz 8, Seno 7, Yu 6, Porter 5, Antigua 5, Tecson 3, Abbu 1.
USC NC (65) – Kikuchi 14, Rita 7, Dalangpan 7, Palapar 7, Guardiario 6, Co 6, Omolon 6, Ortega 4, Arnejo 4, Rabuya 2, Romaguera 2.

10-10-2008, 10:24 AM
Sir Rico, is that the same USC lineup sa CeSAFI ang ginamit ng USC North?

10-11-2008, 11:00 AM
Hi Thadz: The USC North team is different from the CESAFI juniors sqaud. Note that the age cut-off for Passerelle is 12-14 years old: boys born 93-54-95.

10-11-2008, 02:42 PM
i see, thanks

11-13-2008, 08:58 AM
SHSJ Wins Milo BEST Visayas Finals

Bacolod City – The Sacred Heart School Jesuit (SHSJ) defeated Ateneo de Iloilo, 72-66 Sunday to win the Passerelle championship of the Visayas Regional Finals of the BEST Center SBP/Passerelle twin basketball tournament sponsored by Milo held at the West Negros University Gym.

But it didn’t come easy as the Eagles blew hot then cold, overcoming an Ateneo end-game rally to bag its first ever Visayas championship in the Passerelle division. The Eagles leaned on a quick start to control the game, taking the first quarter 22-13, behind the hot shooting of Daryl Nazareno. Ateneo cut the lead down to 39-31 at the half and then slowly chipped away to close the gap at 52-47 after three quarters.

SHSJ managed to pad the lead up to 58-51 early in the fourth period but Ateneo replied with a 11-4 run that tied the game at 62-all with 3:36 left. Ateneo capped its rally by taking a two-point lead at 66-64 with 2:19 left. SHSJ then scored six unanswered points behind Borgy de la Cruz who tied the game at 66-all before Jerry Jan Seno scored four straight points from the baseline to give SHSJ a 70-66 lead with 54.6 seconds left. Ateneo missed a three-point attempt on its next possession before Adrian Muller scored from point blank thanks to a nifty drop pass from a slashing Nazareno for the final tally. The Eagles went sprawling to the floor at the sound of the buzzer, officially winning SHSJ’s first ever Visayas Milo BEST Passerelle championship, a feat that eluded them last year. “This is a very sweet championship after last year’s experience. The boys didn’t panic when Ateneo rallied and we kept our composure until the very end. I’m very proud of what they achieved,” SHSJ Coach Rommel Rasmo said in jubilation.

Seno and Nazareno had 12 points apiece to lead a balanced SHJS attack. De la Cruz added 10, six of these coming in the end-game. Jon Richie Villaruz led Ateneo de Iloilo with 20 points while Steven Ong added 12. SHSJ will represent the Visayas in the national finals of the tournament which will be held November 21-22 in Iloilo City. They will face Don Bosco Pampanga, La Salle Greenhills and Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori of Cagayan de Oro.

The University of San Carlos North Campus (USC NC), Cebu’s representative in the SBP division, overcame its two heart-breaking losses in the elimination round by trashing Filamer Christian College of Roxas, 72-21, in the battle for third place. USC basketball program consultant Mike Reyes said that while USC NC had earlier lost close games to eventual Visayas SBP champion Bacolod Tay Tung School and Ateneo de Iloilo, they went home with a lot of experience.

“This trip is good for the boys as this is USC North’s first trip to the Visayas Finals. The experience for them is tremendous and they will surely remember this to be an important chapter of their basketball lives,” Reyes said.

How they scored:

SHSJ (72) – Seno 12, Nazareno 12, B. de la Cruz 10, Porter 6, Muller 6, Yu 5, Mangubat 4, Tecson 4, Branzuela 4, J. De la Cruz 4, Abbu 2, Zozobrado 2, Evono 1.
Ateneo de Iloilo (66) – J. Villaruz 20, Ong 12, Lopez 4, Aposaga 4, B. Villaruz 3, Coo 3, De Leon 3, Tagamolila 3, De los Santos 2, Denila 2.
Quarterscores: 22-13, 39-31, 52-47, 72-66.

03-12-2009, 04:11 PM
Milo BEST Launches Summer Clinics

The Milo-sponsored BEST (Basketball Efficiency and Scientific Training) basketball clinic makes its annual trip to Cebu this summer with two runs to be held on separate dates. This was announced by BEST Cebu Tournament and Clinic Director Rico Navarro.

The first run will be from March 30-April 4 at the Capitol Parish Gym. The second run will be held from May 18-23. “We decided to have two runs of the clinic so as to give Cebuanos as many chances as possible to enroll in the clinic,” BEST Cebu Coordinator Rico Navarro said.

The BEST Center program is divided into four levels. Level 1 focuses in dribbling and ballhandling fundamentals. Level 2 focuses on shooting. Level 3 is on individual defense while Level 4 is for individual offense. The clinic hours will 8am-12 pm or 1-5pm, depending on the Level in which one is enrolled. All students start at Level 1 and move up at each succeeding clinic.

The pioneering BEST Center , which was founded 31 years ago, is one of the country’s longest running basketball clinics that was started by Coach Nic Jorge. It is the pioneer in using the scientific methods of training, and has produced thousands of graduates since it started. Among its graduates include current basketball stars like Enrico Villanueva, Larry Fonacier, Joseph Yeo, Paolo Mendoza, Renren Ritualo and TY Tang, and former PBA stars Benjie Paras and Jun Limpot.

BEST is also the organizer of the annual SBP/Passerelle twin basketball tournaments, the most successful and followed basketball tournament for the youth with a nationwide scope. For more information about the Milo BEST clinics, one can contact 516-9036, 0918-939-4846 or 0923-342-8193 or send an email to bleachertalk@yahoo.com.

03-23-2009, 10:06 AM
Milo BEST: All Basics

The Basketball Efficiency Scientific Training (BEST) Center has been around for 31 years, and it has been at the forefront of doing the most basic of basketball teaching: sticking to the basics. This is the primary content of the Milo-sponsored BEST Center basketball clinics that have become an institution in Philippine basketball.

“We teach the fundamentals, lahat ng klaseng fundamentals ng basketball — that’s our philosophy, dahil sabi nila, basketball is just a series of fundamentals,” said Nic, who was inspired to bring the concept of basketball clinics to the Philippines 31 years ago when budding players at that time had no formal training in the sport.

The BEST Center program is divided into four levels. Level 1 focuses on dribbling and ballhandling fundamentals. Level 2 is focused on the basics of shooting. Level 3 is on Individual Defense while Level 4 is on Individual Offense. Every student who enrolls in the BEST Center starts with Level 1 and moves up at every succeeding clinic.

The Milo-sponsored Best Center clinic goes to back Cebu this year when it holds its two runs of its annual clinic at the Capitol Parish Gym. The first run will be from March 30-April 4 at the Capitol Parish Gym. The second run will be held from May 18-23.

For more information about the clinic, one may contact telephone numbers 516-9036, 0918-939-4846, or 0923-342-8193. Interested students may also email their inquiries to bleachertalk@yahoo.com.

10-11-2009, 02:21 PM
The Heat Starts Brewing for the 24th Season Milo Passerelle Championship in GenSan

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- Everybody is upbeat on facing every opposition for the much coveted distinction as the basketball kings in Mindanao. Not one in Xavier University Junior Crusaders team has the fear of banging his body and showing his court smart against the best in Mindanao Basketball scene just to earn the ticket to represent the region to the 24th Season National Milo Passerelle Championship set to be held at Baguio City on November 21-22, 2009.

This early after blasting into smithereens a long time rival, the Corpus Christi School, the team has undergone a Spartan-like training, including an entry to the city-wide qualifying round for the right to represent the area to the SBP National Juniors (19-under) Championships. The team reached the finals last night, October 10, 2009, and got a good showing from the mainstays who were all born in 1994. Jason Abao hauled a team-high 8 rebounds, and Anjo Galeon and Mark Malferrari collected 9 and 6 points, respectively. It was however a losing effort, but not when the game would somehow give them the added experience to win every game this weekend at the General Santos City Gym for the Milo Passerelle Mindanao Finals.

The line-up is star-studded. Three are veterans of Tacloban City Palarong Pambansa, one is a stand-out at the Puerto Princesa Palarong Pambansa and six are National Basketball Training Center (NBTC) projects in Jeff Flores, Jason Abao, Mark Malferrari, Anjo Galeon, Neil Malagar and Kim Paza. The NBTC projects, except Malferrari and Galeon, were veterans of the 2007 Palarong Pambansa held at Koronadal City. Since the return of the annual National Games in 2007, Northern Mindanao is a perennial top 5 finisher in cage tourney.

On Friday, the team and the XU Grade School SBP team will depart depart for Tuna City. Their hope to capture the crown is high.

10-22-2009, 10:18 AM
CDO Passerelle reigns in Mindanao

GENERAL SANTOS CITY -- Xavier University of Cagayan de Oro emerges champion of the Milo-sponsored BEST Passerelle Mindanao Finals at this city on October 18, 2009, Sunday.

The final score is 57-53, a pulsating finish because Ateneo de Davao, the contender to the crown, wins the 1st and 2nd quarter, 7-10 and 14-25, respectively.

The Xavier cagers apply the intense full court pressure at the start of the 3rd period with its legitimate point guard Jeff Flores converting into baskets in as many steals he makes. The suffocating defense of Cagayan de Oro dribblers confuses the opposition—no solution to it and no defensive gem of its own. The end of the 10-minute period saw the XU quintet leading by a precarious 1 point, 38-37.

The last period looks hopeful for both partisan fans at the bleachers, but not at the two teams' benches where Xavier has the advantage at its front-court and back-court. The 5-11 high-leaping power forward in Josephus Jason Abao is back and two more guards in Angelo Galeon and Neil Malagar are called to play to help Flores. It is evident that team Xavier wants to play a running game.

The battle plan of Xavier's coaching staff pays off because right at the start of the 4th quarter, Ateneo commits four consecutive turn-overs. Ateneo is confused and its coach sues for time-out.

An in-bound lob pass down to the big man at the mid-post solves the trouble for Ateneo, but it's momentary as another triple teaming on its prized court general wreaks havoc on its questionable offense and it couldn't defend an excellent play of the "Kings of Mindanao Basketball" where Flores slashes through the zone defense and drops the ball to a dependable No. 8 (Abao).

Xavier beats Ateneo also in the rebounding department.

When the buzzer sounds out, Xavier team jumps jubilantly. Some are in tears.

10-27-2009, 02:15 PM
SHSJ, USC South win Milo BEST

The Sacred Heart School Jesuit (SHSJ) and the University of San Carlos (USC) South Campus are this year’s champions of the Milo-backed BEST SBP/Passerelle Twin Tournament. SHSJ scored its third straight Passerelle division championship after overcoming USC North, 92-80. In the Small Basketeers Philippines division, USC South out seated defending champion USC North with a 56-46 win.

Both wins however, didn’t come easy as both squads had to overcome mid-game rallies to bag their championships. In the Passerelle title game, SHSJ started out hot to take the first quarter 25-12 behind the troika of Kris Porter, Rebreb Diputado and Franz Gabuya. USC North then countered in the second period when SHSJ had to field four players with a player in sickbay. The Baby Warriors cut the lead down to 43-39 at halftime then sustained the rally to close the gap further 62-61 after three quarters. USC North’s rally actually gave them their first taste of the lead at 53-51 in the third. SHSJ then retaliated with a mini rally to salvage the one-point lead entering the last period. It was all SHSJ in the fourth quarter as they surprised USC North with 12-2 run to take 74-63 lead behind the squad of Porter, Diputado, Jessienete Wahing, Bradley Bacaltos and Adrian Muller. Not to be outdone, USC North replied with a torrid three-point shooting demonstration by Benedict Aliser and Anthony Romaguera, but the closest they could get was at 86-77.

Muller led a band of four Eagles with double digits with 19 points. Porter added 12, while Bacaltos and Diputado had 12 and 10 points, respectively. Harvey Palapar led USC North with 16 points. Aliser chipped in 12 while Romaguera added 11.

In the SBP game between sister schools, USC South surprised the defending champs with a defensive game plan that made life difficult for USC North’s top guns. USC South took a 15-12 and 27-21 lead after two quarters, with Carlo Ortega, Rhoxel Tamarra and Juneou Franz Antigua leading the offense. USC North came back to tie the game at 37-all after three periods through Kent Malazarte’s ten points. USC South raced to a 45-40 to start the fourth period, but USC North came back to tie the game at 45-all. Carlo Ortega then scored on a three-point play and Rhoxel Tamarra made two free throws for some breathing room at 50-45. After Shann Tan split his charities to cut the lead to 50-46, Ortega came up with a crucial steal and lay-up to seal the win with 40 seconds left.

While SHSJ has now won three straight Passerelle division championships, USC South overcame a three-year title drought to win another SBP championship. They last won a title in 2006. Both teams will represent Cebu in the Visayas Regional Finals in Roxas City on October 24-25.

Box scores:
Passerelle Championship Game
SHSJ (92) – Muller 19, Porter 12, Bacaltos 11, Diputado 10, Abbu 6, Go 6, Gabuya 6, Wahing 5, Cadavis 4, Co 4, Araw-araw 3, Tecson 2, Saldo 2. Yu 2. USC NC (80) – Palapar 16, Aliser 12, Romaguera 11, Malana 9, Ortega 6, Uy 6, Bongo 4, Pajantoy 4, Balankig 3, Arnejo 3, Piad 3, Bacaltos 2. Quarterscores: 25-12, 43-39, 62-61, 92-80.

SBP Championship Game
USC South (56) – Ortega 15, Tamarra 12, JF Antigua 10, P. Galinato 6, Satorre 4, Mayordo 3, Dosdos 2, JJ Antigua 2. USC North (46) – Malazarte 10, Tan 9, Pestańo 5, Padilla 4, Sotto 4, Aballe 2, Suelto 2, Co 2, Curvo 2, Cimafranca 2.

10-27-2009, 02:15 PM
SHSJ is Visayas Passerelle Champion
USC south is Runner-up to Ateneo de Iloilo in SBP

Roxas City - Sacred Heart School-Jesuit (SHSJ) scored a back-to-back championship in the Visayas Regional Finals of the Milo-backed BEST SBP/Passerelle Twin Tournament after outlasting Iloilo Commercial Central High School (ICCHS), 84-75. But it didn’t come easy.

The Eagles raced off to a 30-15 lead after one quarter behind the 16 points of Kris Porter and 12 of Rebreb Diputado. The lead was sustained through halftime with SHSJ enjoying a 47-34 lead. That’s when ICCHS decided to make a move. They outshot the Eagles in the third quarter to cut the SHSJ lead down to 64-55 after three periods. At one point, ICCHS got as close as five, 52-55 in the third period before SHSJ retaliated with its own counter rally. ICCHS banked on its momentum to repeatedly attach the interior SHSJ defense, cutting down the lead to 62-66 at the six minute mark of the fourth quarter. Porter, Diputado, and Adrian Muller then combined with an 8-0 run to take a comfortable 77-64 lead with 3:13 left. After Muller’s split charities gave the Eagles a 79-68 lead with 1:56 left, ICCHS made one more charge with a 7-2 run to cut the lead down to 75-81, with 24 seconds left in the game. Bradley Bacaltos and Muller then sealed the win with three free throws for the final count.

Porter dominated the inside defense of ICCHS with 22 points. Bacaltos added 14 while Diputado and Muller had 12 and 11 points, respectively. The Eagles will now represent the Visayas in the national finals of the tournament which will be held next month. They’ll go up against defending national champion La Salle Greenhills, Xavier University of Cagayan de Oro, and the winner for the Luzon Finals.

SHSJ Coach Rommel Rasmo said that winning the Visayas championship didn’t come easy. “We had a hard time because they (ICCHS) were very persistent and never gave up, while we had moments of complacency in the end-game that gave them another chance to take the game.” Rasmo said.

While Cebu was going for a double Visayas championship, it will have to settle with sending only one team to the national finals as University of San Carlos South (USC) lost in a tight-rope fashion to Ateneo de Iloilo (ADI), 40-42, for the championship of the Small Basketeers Philippines (SBP) division. After taking the first quarter, 14-7, it was a close, nip and tuck affair all the way to the final score. Both teams were tied at 19-all at halftime, while USC South took a slim 32-30 lead after three periods. The fourth period was a see-saw battle for the lead with ADI kicking things off to take 33-32 lead. USC South then replied with a burst to take a 36-33 lead. ADI regained the lead at 39-38 with 1:56 left in the game. After a series of turnovers on both sides, Juneou Antigua scored on a lay-up to give USC South a 40-39 lead with 38.5 seconds left in the game. ADI’s Miguel Sasuman then drilled a long jumper from the wing to give ADI the lead, 41-40 with 21 seconds left. USC South had another chance to win the game, but they mishandled a rebound after a missed free throw by Sasuman with 14.7 seconds left. ADI made one more free throw for the final score with 11.3 seconds left. The Baby Warriors had one more shot at sending the game into overtime, but couldn’t convert against the tight ADI defense. Carlo Ortega and Christian Joy Satorre had eight points apiece to lead USC South. The loss snapped USC South’s six-game winning streak dating back to the Cebu leg of the tournament.