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09-01-2008, 10:11 PM
The Rain or Shine formerly Welcoat is making many steps in trying to improve their performance in the previos conferences. Having Acquired Gabe Norwood and Ty Tang and Solomon Mercado do you think* they could finally be a contender in the PBa..what are your thoughts?

09-01-2008, 10:24 PM
Their backcourt got a lot of help with the addition of Norwood, T@ng and Mercado but their already thin and soft frontline was further weakened by the departure of Devance.


09-01-2008, 10:37 PM
i still dont know what on earth makes them drool over guys like estong ballesteros, allan salangsang and gherome ejercito, those guys are way way past their prime, this franchise could be better off signing young FA's such as alonzo, gaco, saldua, they may not be stars or they may lack pro level talent but surely lalaban yan every game.

09-01-2008, 10:59 PM

i feel that they still lack the fire power and the bench to really challenge for the championship....

however, i think that NOrwood has a lot to prove. maybe we might be seeing something that he hasn't really shown like a solid jumper or a more aggressive offensive player.

09-01-2008, 11:07 PM
I am expecting much from them I just hope that Gabe will not be a second coming of Devanceless pick no.1 who does nothing but to style his hair good that he is gone..with Tang hope that he could adjust with the physicallity in the PBA for him to be an effective point,Sol Mercado i think will be the X factor.but I do agree with your thoughts that the bench is still very weak hope that they could still find better and suitable in there system in the free agent market..Ill be a welcoat fan now from never say die ginebra to Rain or shine...

09-02-2008, 03:11 PM
i still dont know what on earth makes them drool over guys like estong ballesteros, allan salangsang and gherome ejercito, those guys are way way past their prime, this franchise could be better off signing young FA's such as alonzo, gaco, saldua, they may not be stars or they may lack pro level talent but surely lalaban yan every game.

got to agree w/ this. alonzo and gaco, even though undersized, will surely help them in the frountcourt. could make both of them as pf at least. men, i hope they'll sign spitfire patrick cabahug and 6'6 angelus raymundo.

09-02-2008, 10:36 PM
replace Ballesteros with 6'7 Lawrence Bonus. dude has game. athletic defensive player in the amateur.

09-02-2008, 11:09 PM
I still prefer the name of "Welcoat" rather than "Rain or Shine" as their team name. Oh well, I hope they find more success next conference, and not end up dead last again.

09-02-2008, 11:55 PM
if rain or shine decides to get Lawrence that would be a very big bonus for them* :)

09-03-2008, 11:12 AM
patrick cabahug! kunin na nila dali! baka maagawan pa! ;D

also add boyet bautista & aaron aban! try din nilang kunin si mac andaya(sayang lang to! na sa bench lang palagi!)!

09-03-2008, 10:24 PM
I think they would sign Big mac Andaya soon..he will be a good help for JR reyes...

09-04-2008, 09:29 AM
replace Ballesteros with 6'7 Lawrence Bonus. dude has game. athletic defensive player in the amateur.

na ka sign up na sa coke si bonus..sayang mababangko lang to sa coke..

09-04-2008, 10:00 AM
replace Ballesteros with 6'7 Lawrence Bonus. dude has game. athletic defensive player in the amateur.

na ka sign up na sa coke si bonus..sayang mababangko lang to sa coke..

when was he signed? good addition for Coke. will be a great backup for Taulava. Telan and Belasco can now concentrate on the 4 spot.

09-04-2008, 07:17 PM
I dont expect gabe as the leader of this team. he may be the "star"player but I have a feeling that Sol Mercado will be their leader. . .

09-09-2008, 03:36 PM
time to get mark andaya and paolo bugia. both were dropped by red bull.

09-09-2008, 11:15 PM
^^ huli na yata..mukhang papunta na si bugia sa air21..

09-09-2008, 11:55 PM
Dapat palitan nila name nila.. Parang eto kasi magiging performance nila..

"Sala sa init, sala sa lamig"

Line-up is not solid.. Only Norwood & JR Reyes are good.

09-10-2008, 10:42 AM
Dapat palitan nila name nila.. Parang eto kasi magiging performance nila..

"Sala sa init, sala sa lamig"

Line-up is not solid.. Only Norwood & JR Reyes are good.

Agree ako dito.
Ewan ko lang kung uubra yung Tang sa PBA.

Manood tayo...

09-10-2008, 11:14 AM
Norwood's versatility will save Rain or Shine this year. Sure, they lack depth upfront but are slowly building up that back court and bench.

The question is will it be enough to avoid being the bottomfeeder once again? i think so. This is the year they'd enter that playoff round.

09-10-2008, 01:11 PM
RoS has definitely improved their guard play, but the frontcourt is still badly overmatched in the PBA. While they look to improve their standing and up their performance, there is still no team in the league that has significantly declined cause as we know only 1 team gets booted out after elimination play. Problema sa PBA lahat contender except Welcoat, what more now na tumaas expectation sa RoS. Is their improvement enough to pull them out of the cellar? ;)

09-10-2008, 03:33 PM
RoS has definitely improved their guard play, but the frontcourt is still badly overmatched in the PBA. While they look to improve their standing and up their performance, there is still no team in the league that has significantly declined cause as we know only 1 team gets booted out after elimination play. Problema sa PBA lahat contender except Welcoat, what more now na tumaas expectation sa RoS. Is their improvement enough to pull them out of the cellar? ;)

hopefully they'll be in 9th place instead of 10th.
I think Tang can be a better PG then Dulay, Mente, or even Baguion. Denver already had knee surgery and i heard that he can now actually run and jump(he almost did not do that last year). can he finally live up to his monicker "the nugget"?

i agree with a lot of you that they have a very very weak frontline. Reyes, Isip, Andaya, Salangsang, and "Estrong" Ballesteros. not really a frontline that'll make you think twice on mixing inside.

09-11-2008, 11:48 PM
They does not need leadership from Norwood the veterans will provide for them, I think in the future si Mercado will be the team leader,you are correct that Norwood is not a leader in a making..

10-05-2008, 10:38 PM
Grabe Air 21 kanina napaka physical buti yung mga referi* ay matatalas mata, 3 players nila out of playing court. Galing ni Mercado mukang contender na Rain or Shine dito sa 2008 - 2009 all Pilipino Cup

10-05-2008, 11:45 PM
Air1 must have felt like playing against themselves, only faster, and with more energy and more focused.

It's only one game but I think Mercado has definitely arrived. He did a number on the Air21 players that it was a virtual "rookie intitiation" for him gettinng roughed up everytime he gets to the basket.

10-05-2008, 11:52 PM
Everyone was waiting for Gabe Norwood to show his wares but Sol Mercado stole the thunder so to speak. ;D

I think Sol has the upperhand right now over Gabe since he has better range than the latter.


10-06-2008, 08:33 AM
Everyone was waiting for Gabe Norwood to show his wares but Sol Mercado stole the thunder so to speak.* ;D

I think Sol has the upperhand right now over Gabe since he has better range than the latter.

let's wait for their next game...Gabe hasn't shown his full potential yet, even TY has lapses due to rookie jitters..matibay lang talaga loob ni Sol Mercado..He has a polished game..Even more surprising was Eddie Laure's hot streak shooting..

AFC is always gonna be better than Fiesta Cup.. ;D

10-06-2008, 10:42 AM
Elasto Painters smother Fiesta runner-up Air21 in smashing season debut
Monday, 06 October 2008
AS good as hoped – and more.

Solomon Mercado proved Rain or Shine management’s trust in him was well-founded, leading the team to a 120-102 stunner over Air21 Sunday in the KFC PBA Philippine Cup at the Cuneta Astrodome.

The Fil-Am rookie, drafted fifth overall by Alaska but acquired by Rain or Shine in the Joe Devance deal, wound up with a game-high 29 points, fashioning the best rookie debut since Asi Taulava’s 32 for Talk ‘N Text in 1999.
With Eddie Laure, Jayr Reyes and Ryan Arana chipping in their ample share, the Elasto Painters took full control of the game right in the second quarter to lead by as much as 109-89 and easily carve the virtual breakthrough win of sorts.

Air21 was coming off a sterling conference and was expected by most to simply roll over the former Welcoat team that finished dead-last in its first two seasons with the league. Instead, the Express were the ones who showed the jitters and frustrations only newcomers are usually prone to and thus ceded only their second game in nine total meetings with their foes.

The win also marked the first time the Elasto Painters triumphed in an opening assignment, but head coach Caloy Garcia was quick to stifle their supporters’ rising hopes, pointing out it was just one game.

“Sana hindi maging complacent ang mga bata because of this,” said the man who is at the team’s helm for only the second conference. “But definitely this is a very different team and they showed they are capable of playing with the big boys.”

It also put the Elasto Painters on track for their immediate goal of avoiding a 10th place finish like in their first four conferences since entering the league in 2006.

“Again, this is just our first game and we’re still the youngest team in the league. But ipinakita nilang they’re really made for the PBA. Iba talaga ang puso ng mga bata,” Garcia stated.

Typifying Air21’s self-destruction were veterans Homer Se and Wynne Arboleda and third-year pro Arwind Santos, who were ejected one after another.

Ranidel de Ocampo paced Air21 with team-highs of 22 points, 13 rebounds and six assists. But the Express were simply headed for defeat in the absence of the other key cogs in their runner-up finish behind Barangay Ginebra in the last Fiesta Conference.

Doug Kramer added a career-high 16 points while JC Intal and Se added 10 each.

Laure, part of the Mercado-Devance deal that also involved Rain or Shine’s 2010 and 2011 second round picks going to Alaska, had 20 points for his highest output the last six seasons while Arana and Reyes wound up with 17 points each.

They also helped atone for Gabe Norwood’s shaky debut that saw this year’s top overall pick notching just six points, two rebounds and three assists in 25 minutes. He, however, was responsible for Arboleda’s ejection by drawing the latter’s second technical foul at the 1:13 mark of the third period.

It was the same infraction that Santos emulated in the final 7:04 mark but against Mercado, who also had seven rebounds, four assists and just one turnover in 34 minutes of action.

But the Express downfall began to take shape early, when Se was called for a flagrant foul-penalty 2 for planting an elbow on Mark Andaya’s face during a rebound play, 4:17 to go in the second quarter.

That infraction came at the height of Rain or Shine’s 19-2 run that gave it a 53-41 spread and primed it up for more runs that quelled Air21's protracted uprisings. (NCo)

The scores:

Rain or Shine (120) – Mercado 29, Laure 20, Arana 17, Reyes 17, Wainwright 10, Tang 7, Norwood 6, Ibanez 5, Andaya 3, Dulay 2, Isip 2, Salangsang 2.

Air21 (102) – De Ocampo 22, Kramer 16, Intal 15, Se 10, Santos 9, Quinahan 8, Cruz 7, David 5, Billones 4, Canaleta 3, Villanueva 2, Arboleda 1.

10-06-2008, 10:43 AM
A very nice atart for the team hope they can maintain the same performance..I predicted Mercado will be the team leader...

10-06-2008, 02:42 PM
ibang-iba na talaga ang TY Tang na nasa PBA ngayon, especially when you think back to the his rookie year with DLSU. I had doubts on whether he'd be able to elevate his game into the PBA, but from what i saw last night, his transition is coming along fine. His playing style also looks to be an ideal fit to RoS's fast-paced game.

10-06-2008, 03:51 PM
Wow, they produced 120pts on their first game and they won. Still, I'm not soo impressed yet. Kailangan, they should win a couple of games first against stronger teams. Tignan muna natin on how they will play against Ginebra, SMB, Purefoods, Coke, Sta. Lucia & TNT.

10-06-2008, 07:05 PM
Rain or Shine scoring 120 points in the very first game of the season is not surprising because Air 21 is not exactly known for its defense.

Let's see how they will fare against defensive-minded teams like Alaska and Red Bull.


10-07-2008, 12:04 AM
Rain or Shine will have no way to go but up especially with the arrival of dynamic duo Norwood and Mercado which fills in the firepower they never had since entering the pros. But I still think they did bad in the offseason solving their frontline and bench as they still do not have a reliable, physical big man who can rebound and play post D. I also thought they missed out on young FA's they couldve signed, such as Gaco, Vergara, and several other PBL vets. Those guys are thirsty and hungry (grabe ah haha) to prove their place in the pros and surely will give their bench a lot of hustle and energy. Instead, they signed aging Ejercito.

10-07-2008, 10:36 AM
^^ worst, they let adonis sta. maria go

10-07-2008, 11:06 PM
You are right Al Vergara could be a better choice instead of Gherome Ejercito...

10-10-2008, 10:28 PM
Rookies Norwood, Mercado and Tang lead the way for Elasto Painters
Friday, 10 October 2008
THE future may not be so distant for Rain or Shine, as most are prone to think.

Not with its rookies proving they could deliver the goods sooner than expected. And with their team veterans chipping in their ample share, the Elasto Painters hurdled erstwhile perennial nemesis Red Bull, 96-90, Friday in the KFC PBA Philippine Cup at the Cuneta Astrodome.
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Tyrone Tang helped Rain or Shine stave off Red Bull's initial threat before Gabe Norwood and Solomon Mercado each hit a triple at crunch-time to finally quash the danger and prop the Elasto Painters over a Barakos team they have not beaten before.

More important, Rain or Shine notched a fitting follow-up to its 120-102 win over Air21 last Sunday and put the usual tail-ender in a very unfamiliar position of co-leader with idle Talk ‘N Text.

“For our rookies to show such composure in the last quarter, the way they played, is really something. Hats off talaga ako sa kanila.” said winning head coach Caloy Garcia, whose charges erected as much as a 51-27 lead, but found themselves with a big fight in their hands in the crucial fourth quarter.

“We almost had our let-down, but our rookies bailed us out, gave us this morale-boosting win,” added Garcia whose team is in on top of the team standings for the first time in franchise history.

Ryan Arana wound up with a team-high 15 points with rookie Tang, Jay-R Reyes and veteran Rob Wainwright chipping in 13 points each.

But it was Mercado and Norwood who shone the most. Both finished with 11 points with the latter, this year’s top overall Draft pick, adding a team-high 12 rebounds, four assists and three blocks.

They also came up with the back-breaking triples that jacked Rain or Shine's lead to 93-86 that proved safe enough going into the last 1:20 of play.

Aside from losing to the Asian Coatings franchise for the first time, Red Bull also fell to a 0-2 win-loss start for the first time since the 2004-05 edition of the tournament, when it wound up dead-last.

The Barakos suffered an initial 73-77 loss to Purefoods last Wednesday when they blew a 16-point third quarter lead, but the circumstances were different Sunday as the Photokina franchise rallied back from a 27-51 second quarter deficit.

By going 5-of-5 from beyond the arc, Celino Cruz scored all of his team-high 17 points in the fourth, almost single-handedly leading the Barakos back to within 74-76.

Tang, a second round pick and 12th overall in this year’s Draft, hit back-to-back triples to make it a safer 85-79 count, but Cruz's last trey moved the Barakos within 84-87 before the left-handed playmaker was shut down.

Before leaving the game for good due to a suspected sprain with 5:15 left in the third period, Wainwright scored 13 points in the second canto anchored on a perfect 5-of-5 field shooting, including three from trifecta land.

His last triple gave Rain or Shine its 51-27 spread before Red Bull trimmed it to 53-32 at the half and 70-55 going into the fourth. (NCo)

The scores:

Rain or Shine 96 - Arana 15, Tang 13, Reyes 13, Wainwright 13, Norwood 11, Mercado 11, Salangsang 8, Laure 6, Isip 4, Ibanes 2.

Red Bull 90 - Cruz 17, Baguio 15, Rodriguez 14, Duncil 12, Hubalde 12, Espinas 11, Chan 3, Najorda 2, Sharma 2, Alvarez 2, Hrabak 0.

Quarterscores: 21-14, 53-32, 70-59, 96-90

10-18-2008, 10:04 AM
Even if they losses to the Beermen but they have shown that they have really improve and they have now the material to fight till the final buzzer....

10-18-2008, 01:52 PM
they are the most exciting team to watch this season lalo na yung ty tang and jr reyes tandem

10-18-2008, 08:31 PM
The future of this team is bright with the addition of Solomon and Ty Tang. Both can score and create plays. I think Rain or shine just need to have legitimate big man to man the post and slasher who could penetrate the lane. I agree with the others, the team needs to sign new players instead of keeping their veteran players who could not contribute.

10-23-2008, 09:09 PM
Rain or Shine beat Purefoods today (October 23) in overtime, 88-84, at the KFC PBA Philippine Cup continuing action at the Olivarez College Gym in Paranaque City. Regulation ended at 79-79.

The Giants raced to a 15-0 lead at the opening buzzer, and then led by as much as 21 points. The Painters leaned on a strong third period performance by center Jay-R Reyes to come back.

In the overtime, guard Donald Dulay played hero as he sank a triple then added two crucial free throws all within the final minute of the game to seal the win.

The Painters snapped a two-game losing streak and improved to 3-2 while the Giants fell to 1-4 and tie the idle Coca-Cola Tigers for the worst record.

10-24-2008, 02:20 AM
I watched the replay. Ayan tuloy puyat. One heck of a ballgame. Rain or Shine couldn't get untracked in the start of ball game because of the very physical defense of the hotdogs which the refs called loosely. They eventually adjusted to it (the non calls and the physical play) to comeback after the half and force an overtime.

It was so nice to see them huddle near center court.

10-24-2008, 10:03 AM
Elasto Painters’ young ‘uns send Giants down the cellar
Thursday, 23 October 2008
Rain or Shine came out flat but bristled at the finish, repulsing Purefoods, 88-84, in overtime in the 2008-09 KFC PBA Philippine Cup at the Olivarez Sports Center in Paranaque Thursday.

Jay-R Reyes, Gabe Norwood, Sol Mercado and Don Dulay rose to the occasion for the Elasto Painters as they survived an early 19-point deficit, grabbing the game from the badly stunned Giants.
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Rain or Shine even had the opportunity to close it out in regulation play but Rob Wainwright fumbled a crucial throw-in.

But the Elasto Painters lived on in the extension play, beating the Giants in a gripping battle to move back in the upper half of the chart with a 3-2 win-loss card.

Chico Lanete and James Yap missed important attempts in the final minute, and the Giants reeled with a fourth straight loss after a triumphant season debut against the Red Bull Barakos.

It was a sorry loss for the Giants, who dominated the game three-fourths of the way only to waver in the face of Rain or Shine’s fiery uprising at the finish.

Reyes, Norwood and Mercado led the Elasto Painters in a torrid 20-2 attack that gave them their first taste of the lead at 49-47.

The two teams engaged in a toe-to-toe battle from there until Dulay rifled in a three-pointer, pushing Rain or Shine ahead to stay at 86-84 with 1:16 left in overtime.

The Elasto Painters got off to a sluggish start, not hitting a basket until Mercado scored on a barreling drive with already over four minutes into the contest.

The Giants pounced on the Elasto Painters’ listless start, opening with a 15-0 run and taking the opening quarter at 24-8.

Peter June Simon and Enrico Villanueva sustained the Purefoods charge in the second period, and the Giants sat on a 45-29 cushion at the half.

But the Elasto Painters buckled down to work coming from the halftime break, riding high on the exploits of Reyes, Norwood, Mercado and Dulay who finished with at least 11 points each.

Mercado, Reyes and Dulay themselves delivered the key baskets for Rain or Shine in extension play as the Asian Coatings ballclub regained its winning ways following back-to-back losses to San Miguel Beer and Alaska.

Simon scattered 23 points to pace the Giants, who lost chief playmaker Roger Yap early on injury. (NC)

The scores:
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Rain or Shine 88 – Reyes 23, Norwood 18, Mercado 17, Dulay 11, Laure 8, Tang 4, Wainwright 3, Arana 2, Isip 2, Andana 0, Ibanes 0, Salangsang 0.
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Purefoods 84 – Simon 23, Villanueva 17, Raymundo 17, Yap J. 14, Aban 7, Fernandez 2, Lanete 2, Salvador 2, Robinson 0, Yap R. 0.
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Quarterscores: 8-24, 29-45, 54-56, 79-79 (reg.), 88-84 (OT).

10-31-2008, 07:40 PM

salsa caballero
11-01-2008, 10:28 AM
Who's got the PBA's funniest rookies?

Rain or Shine


Because of GABE, MERCADO

11-01-2008, 10:56 AM
They also have the most thinking player in the PBA..Mark Isip hehe..

11-01-2008, 10:59 AM

Rain or Shine's Caloy Garcia has no doubt that Gabe Norwood and Sol Mercado are sound investments. Friday night, the two upcoming stars justified their selection and didn't disappoint their head coach.

With a 21-point lead in danger of dissipating, the two prized rookies took over as the Elasto Painters held on and beat Talk ‘N Text, 104-96, in the KFC-PBA Philippine Cup at the Araneta Coliseum.

Norwood, selected by Rain or Shine with the No. 1 pick in this year’s Draft, tallied 16 points including a follow-up dunk in the final minute that sealed the Elasto Painters' fourth win in seven games.

"We're just really excited right now. We're not playing smart basketball but we're playing hard and that's what kept us in the game," offered Norwood, who also had eight rebounds, four assists, three steals and one shotblock in 36 minutes.

"I hope I can continue to excite people. Our fan base is growing by the day. I just hope I could excite them everyday."

Mercado, picked at No. 3 by Alaska but acquired by Rain or Shine the day after in exchange for Joe Devance, showed the way for the Elasto Painters with 20 points on an 8-for-12 shooting from the field.

His two free throws with 3:24 remaining followed by a fastbreak lay-up gave Rain or Shine a 92-85 cushion and kept the charging Tropang Texters at bay.

"This game was a test of character for my players. We did a good job but we have to be consistent," said Garcia.

Garcia opted not to include veterans Rob Wainwright and Denver Lopez in his rotation because he wanted to make a statement.

"We wanted to prove a point. We want to prove that we have the best rookies in our team," stressed the soft-spoken Garcia.

Norwood and Mercado were not the only Elasto Painters with a big game.

Allan Salansang, who had lukewarm success with his previous teams Talk 'N Text, Barangay Ginebra and Coca-Cola, also made noise in a game that showcased the top five rookies of the recent draft.

The 6-4 reserve forward, scored 14 points on 4-of-7 shooting from the 3-point range.

He was at his best in the second quarter, tallying eight points on 2-of-2 from the downtown as Rain or Shine pulled away.

As a team, the Elasto Painters went 7-of-7 from beyond the arc and shot 61 percent (13-of-21) from the field in the second period.

Rain or Shine, which never trailed after taking a 23-20 lead at the end of the opening quarter, posted the game’s biggest margin at 79-58 on a fastbreak lay-up by Ryan Arana late in the third quarter.

But they abandoned their running game and deliberately slowed down the pace in the fourth, allowing TNT to get back in the game.

Rain or Shine held an 87-73 lead with nine minutes remaining when the Tropang Texters went on a 12-0 run to pull within two. Conference-leading scorer Mac-Mac Cardona, who had a game-high 27 points, had nine in that spurt.

Then Norwood and Mercado took charge.

After Mercado nailed two free throws, Norwood knocked the ball off Harvey Carey in the ensuing play and fed Mercado for an easy lay-up to make the count 92-85.

Ali Peek missed on a short stab in TNT's next possession and Norwood scored on a jumper to make it a nine point game with 2:19 left.

Jimmy Alapag scored 17 points and had four assists while TNT's three rookies – Jason Castro, Jared Dillinger and Rob Reyes – combined for just 18 points on a 6-of-26 shooting as the

Tropang Texters picked up their second straight loss and fourth in seven games overall. (DBC)

The scores:

Rain or Shine 104 - Mercado 20, Norwood 16, Salangsang 14, Reyes 11, Arana 10, Isip 10, Tang 8, Laure 7, Ibanes 5, Dulay 3.

Talk ‘N Text 96 - Cardona 27, Alapag 17, Peek 13, Castro 12, Carey 9, Ritualo 5, Allado 5, Dillinger 4, Reyes 2, Aljamal 2, Escobal 0, De Ocampo 0.

Quarterscores: 23-20, 59-45, 83-66, 104-96.

11-07-2008, 08:20 AM
Late barrage of 3s sinks Ginebra deeper into cellar
Wednesday, 05 November 2008
The Rain or Shine youth brigade kept on making waves and the Elasto Painters continued to reap modest gains.

The Elasto Painters strung up together six triples in the fourth quarter and totaled a franchise-best 16 as the Asian Coating squad scored a come-from-behind 106-102 win over the Barangay Ginebra Kings in the KFC PBA Philippine Cup at the Araneta Coliseum Wednesday night.

Coach Caloy Garcia and his gang jacked up their record to 5-3, assuring the franchise of its best showing in a tournament. The ball club had never won more than four games in a any tourney since joining the league in 2006.

"Our rookies made it happen again. It's the character of our rookies. They're acting like grizzled veterans," said Garcia, specifically lauding Gabe Norwood, Tyrone Tang and Sol Mercado for their sterling efforts.

"Our rookies are building the team's character. Hopefully, we can carry it on as we next play Air21. I'm sure they will come out strong coming off a sorry loss (to San Miguel Beer also Wednesday night). They're also eager to get back at us," Garcia added.

Norwood and Tang fired 23 and 20 points respectively -- both the best output for the two players so far in their young pro career. Mercado churned out 13 points, assists, two rebounds and one steal.

The three combined for 10 treys, including five in the fourth quarter where Rain or Shine regrouped, wiping out an 11-point deficit to deal Ginebra a fifth straight loss after a 2-0 start in the tourney.

The Elasto Painters were still down at 81-86 when Mercado, Tang and Eddie Laure rifled in five straight triples in a decisive assault to turn the game around for the team.

JayR Reyes completed a three-point play off Eric Menk to cap an 18-4 run that gave the Elasto Painters a 99-90 lead with time down to 1:19.

"Credit goes to the players. They started strong then became soft in the second and third quarters but they themselves recovered," said Garcia.

Reyes and Rob Wainwright also finished with big numbers for Rain or Shine with the former putting in 16 points and 10 rebounds and the latter piling up 12 points, two rebounds, two assists, one steal and one block.

Eric Menk was productive with 24 points and 12 rebounds but Jayjay Helterbrand essentially made only five points in the ball game. The Ginebra ace pointguard finished with 11 with six done when the game was all but over.

The two teams figured in a highly physical battle marred by a confrontation between Reyes and Alex Crisano. Both were assessed a technical foul for a second motion.

Norwood scattered 11 in the opening quarter, fueling Rain or Shine's strong start that gave them a 34-23 margin going into the second period.

Ginebra had its own searing attack in the second quarter though and the team closed the half at 48-46 in its favor. (NC)

The scores:
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<!--[endif]-->Rain or Shine 106 -- Norwood 23, Tang 20, Reyes 16, Mercado 13, Wainwright 12, Laure 8, Isip 6, Salangsang 3, Lopez 3, Ibanes 2, Arana 0.

Ginebra 102 -- Menk 24, Salvacion 21, Artadi 11, Helterbrand 11, Crisano 10, Wilson 7, Cabatu 6, Tubid 5, Escalona 4, Pacana 3, Holper 0, Mamaril 0.

11-09-2008, 12:50 PM
replace Ballesteros with 6'7 Lawrence Bonus. dude has game. athletic defensive player in the amateur.

Estong "the strong" Ballesteros is now part of the coaching staff....

11-20-2008, 10:04 AM

Reyes’ goes 5-for-5 from triple country en route to career 2nd-best 24 to lead Elasto Painters

JayR Reyes tallied a career second-best 24 points and had 11 rebounds and the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters riddled Alaska with three-point shots to snap a nine-game losing spell against the Aces 92-88 Wednesday night in the KFC-PBA Philippine Cup at the Araneta Coliseum.

Reyes, who scored 11 of his points in the third quarter, went 5-for-5 from behind the arc as ROS won for the first time against Alaska since joining the league three years ago.

"This is our biggest win this conference. I think Alaska is the team to beat in the tournament and to be able to compete with them only shows we've improved a lot," said Rain or Shine head coach Caloy Garcia afterwards.

The Elasto Painters blew a 12-point first quarter lead, trailed by five in the second quarter, took control again in the third before holding off a fiery rally by the Aces in the fourth with efficient defense and good ball movement.

"Once again my rookies played big. Many thought Gabe Norwood is a soft player but tonight he showed he could be tough on both ends. And Sol (Mercado)… he provided stability in the fourth," said Garcia in praise of his prized rookies.

Mercado finished with 20 points and Norwood had 12 and 10 rebounds as Rain or Shine outrebounded Alaska, 50-40.

Rain or Shine also got big games from Rob Wainwright (11 points) and Allan Salansang (9 points, 3-of-3 from 3-point range).

As a team, the Elasto Painter made 12-of-29 shots from the 3-point range to snap a two-game losing streak and improved to a 6-5 (win-loss) record.

Prior to the game, Rain or Shine was averaging a league-best 11.1 field goals made from 3-point range.

Alaska, which saw its four-game winning streak snapped, held a 46-45 lead when Reyes went on a scoring binge.

The athletic slotman scored 11 straight points including three treys as Rain or Shine closed the third quarter with a 22-15 run to pull ahead, 67-61.

Alaska made a desperate effort at the start of the fourth and took a 75-74 lead on a slam by Sonny Thoss with 6:21 remaining.

But Wainwright knocked in a three in the ensuing play and after the Aces committed a turnover in their next possession, Mercado scored on a lay-up to give the Elasto Painters a four-point lead that held on till the end.

Willie Miller led all scorers by matching his conference-high with 29 points. Tony dela Cruz added 13 and Thoss had 12 for Alaska which fell to 8-3. (DBC)

The scores:

Rain or Shine 92 - Reyes 24, Mercado 20, Norwood 12, Wainwright 12, Salangsang 9, Isip 5, Arana 4, Ibanes 4, Laure 2, Tang 0.

Alaska 88 - Miller 29, Dela Cruz 13, Thoss 12, De Vance 11, Ferriols 8, Hugnatan 6, Cariaso 6, Fonacier 3, Tenorio 0.

12-03-2008, 07:06 AM
Can any one direct me to where I can get the latest All Filipino Conference stats of Rain Or Shine? The PBA website seems permanently stuck in the 2007 season... :-X

12-03-2008, 07:09 AM

12-03-2008, 04:37 PM
www.pba-online.net no doubt is the best source of game stats for the PBA.

12-08-2008, 09:17 AM
Mercado, Wainwright lead Elasto Painters’ winning third straight
Saturday, 06 December 2008

Rain or Shine has paid its dues. Now it's time to reap the dividends.

Rookie Sol Mercado scored 19 points including the go-ahead three-point play and Rob Wainwright knocked his fourth trey of the night with 47 seconds remaining to secure the Elasto Painters' 82-76 victory over the Purefoods TJ Giants Saturday at the Cuneta Astrodome.

Finishing 10th and last in its first four conferences of existence in the league, the Elasto Painters blew a 12-point third quarter advantage, trailed by four at the end of the period but regained their rhythm in the fourth, closing the quarter with an 8-0 run to stretch their winning streak to three games.

The consecutive wins mark the longest for the franchise since joining the league two years ago. Overall, ROS has won nine of 15 games to grab solo second place and assure its place in the playoffs – something it has not achieved in the previous two seasond.

"Hopefully, it would not stop here. There are more games to be won and we have an opportunity to make it to the top two. We just have to stay focused," said Rain or Shine head coach Caloy Garcia, who emphasized that not one player was outstanding in Saturday's win.

"What we achieved today is a by-product of team effort. Everybody was determined to win and that made the difference," he said.

Wainwright, who went 4-of-10 from behind the arc, and Mark Isip also added 14 while JayR Reyes grabbed 15 rebounds.

The Elasto Painters, who have now tripled their total number of wins in last season’s tourney, appeared headed for a lopsided victory when they surged to a 51-39 advantage three minutes into the third quarter.

Then things went out of control and the Elasto Painters found them fighting for every possession.

After making their first four shots of the third, the Elasto Painters went 1-of-14 over a nine-minute stretch, enabling the gasping Giants to recover and build a 61-57 lead going into the last 12 minutes.

But the Elasto Painters, showing flashes of their resiliency and grim determination, didn't back off.

They opened the fourth with an 8-2 run to regain the lead before the count deadlocked on three occasions, the last at 74-74 on a basket by James Yap with under two minutes left.

Another basket by James Yap shoved Purefoods ahead, 76-74, but the Giants didn't score again the rest of the way.

Purefoods outrebounded Rain or Shine, 63-53, but the Giants gave up 21 points on 18 turnovers.

ROS turned the ball over 22 times but made up for it by making 11-of-40 shots from the 3-point range.

James Yap led all scorers with 32 points, Kerby Raymundo added 17 and Rico Villanueva grabbed 14 rebounds for Purefoods which fell to a 7-8 (win-loss) record. (DBC)

The scores:

Rain or Shine 82 - Mercado 19, Isip 14, Wainwright 14, Salangsang 8, Arana 7, Tang 6, Ibanes 6, Reyes 5, Norwood 3, Dulay 0, Andaya 0.

Purefoods 76 - Yap J. 32, Raymundo 17, Aban 8, Villanueva 6, Yap R. 5, Salvador 4, Belga 2, Lanete 2, Alonzo 0, Bugia 0, Alvarez 0, Robinson 0.

Quarterscores: 19-15, 40-33, 57-61, 82-76.

12-18-2008, 04:25 AM
Elasto Painters survive rain of 3s from SMB; near outright semis goal
Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Gabe Norwood struggled all night and didn't make his presence felt until there was just one-tenth of a second remaining in the game. And it spelled the difference.

This year's top rookie pick scored on a follow-up tip-in just before time expired as Rain or Shine escaped with a thrilling 93-92 victory over San Miguel Beer Wednesday night at the Araneta Coliseum.


The stunning reversal marked the 10th win in 17 games for the Elasto Painters, who now occupy solo second spot and enhanced their chance of gaining an outright passage into the semifinals of the KFC-PBA Philippine Cup.

SMB, which started the day tied for second with Rain or Shine and Talk ‘N Text, fell to 9-8.

"You can say its pure luck," Rain or Shine head coach Caloy Garcia said of their stunning victory. "I guess there's an angel out there who wants us to win this game."

Well, Garcia could say that. After all they beat a team who went 19-for-37 from the 3-point range, the all-time second most triples made in a game in league history.

The remarkable ending – easily the best play of the conference so far – is also sort of gratifying for co-team owner Terry Que, who is mourning the loss of his mother Que Piak Ha.

"God is good," Norwood said. "I felt I was playing bad the whole game and didn't do something right. I had to do something to help my team. But I never thought it would end like this … with so much on the line."

The entire evening was truly a struggle for Norwood. He managed just eight points on 2-of-9 shooting, but grabbed seven boards, made two assists and had one steal in 34 minutes.

But he came up big with the game on the line and time winding down.

After Dorian Pena scored on a follow-up that gave SMB a 92-91 lead with 2.6 second to go, Rain or Shine sued for time and huddled for their final offensive.

When play resumed, the Elasto Painters went to Allan Salansang, who missed an open shot from behind the arc.

As the ball rattled the back rim, Norwood soared high into the air, caught the loose ball and -- to the excitement of everybody – completed the play on a follow-up.

"I knew the shot went in before the light went out. But I did not celebrate because I just want to be sure first," said Garcia, who raised his arms the moment the game official signaled the shot was good.

"This is probably the most important game I made the game-winning shot .Hopefully we can get one more win on Christmas Day," Norwood said.

Solomon Mercado led with Rain or Shine with 19 points while Ryan Arana and Salansang added 12 apiece in a game that saw both teams combine for 31 3-pointers, tying the all-time record.

Rain or Shine went 12-of-37 from beyond the 3-point arc to add up to SMB’s 19.

Dondon Hontiveros led all scorers with 24 points including 5-of-9 from the behind the arc. Jay Washington added 15 and 11 rebounds and Pena had 12 for SMB.

Rain or Shine appeared to have sealed the game after JayR Reyes split his free throws to give the Elasto Painters a 91-86 lead with 41 seconds remaining.

But the Elasto Painters suddenly lost momentum in the closing seconds that saw Hontiveros hitting a trey and Pena splitting his free throws before scoring on a follow up that nearly won it for SMB.

The all-time record for most three-pointers made in a game is 23 registered by Talk 'N Text in a 116-99 win over Air21 last April 22 in the 2008 Fiesta Conference. The Phone Pals and the Express combined for an all-time league most 31 in that game. (DBC)

The scores:

Rain or Shine 93 - Mercado 19, Arana 12, Salangsang 12, Dulay 10, Norwood 8, Isip 8, Reyes 8, Ibanes 7, Wainwright 5, Tang 4.

San Miguel 92 - Hontiveros 24, Washington 15, Pena 12, Pennisi 10, Tugade 9, Custodio 8, Calaguio 8, Villanueva 3, Racela 3, Bono 0, Baguion 0, Gonzales 0.

Quarterscores: 24-20, 48-51, 75-74, 93-92.

12-21-2008, 05:54 AM
Norwood- ROY :D

12-26-2008, 02:49 AM
ROS just lost their chance of gaining an outright semis birth after they got ambushed by an undermanned Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings, 63-58. Yahoo!

12-26-2008, 02:51 AM
Kings advance to quarterfinals outright, hand TNT free ride to semis
Thursday, 25 December 2008

Barangay Ginebra gained an outright entry into the quarterfinals and unwittingly gave Talk ‘N Text a free lift into the semifinals.

This was the Yuletide package the Kings wrapped up as they whipped the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters, 63-58, in a low-scoring duel at the close of the KFC PBA Philippine Cup double-round elimination phase at the Araneta Coliseum.

"Talagang merry ang Christmas," said Barangay Ginebra head coach Jong Uichico as they scored the win guaranteeing the team automatic quarters passage.

"At the start of the conference, we're just thinking of surviving. Now we're in a spot everybody wants to be in if you miss the outright semis," Uichico added.

The Kings even claimed the top seeding in the quarters with a better quotient than the Rain or Shine Elasto Painters and the Sta. Lucia Realtors. The three teams finished tied at third with identical 10-8 win-loss card.

"Mabigat ang seeding namin but I take it anytime because we could have been in the wildcard round. Maraming salamat talaga we're here," Uichico said. "Come quarters, iba na naman yon. We'll try to get healthy. Hopefully, makabalik si Rafi Reavis."

Though still playing with aches and pains, the Kings got back at the Painters, denying Rain or Shine a playoff with Talk ‘N Text for the second outright semis seat.

The Tropang Texters instead joined Alaska in an outright entry into the Final Four with Rain or Shine relegated into a best-of-three quarterfinal against defending champion Sta. Lucia Realty.

Barangay Ginebra will slug it out in the other best-of-3 quarterfinal against the lone survivor from the wildcard playoffs.

Slugging it out in the knockout wildcard games are Coca-Cola versus San Miguel Beer, and Air21 against Purefoods, with both series starting at once this Sunday at the Big Dome.

Barangay Ginebra and Rain or Shine figured in the lowest-scoring battle of the conference but the Kings managed to imposed their will, leading by as many as 20 at 41-21.

Eric Menk and Ronald Tubid both churned out a double-double game for the Kings with the former tallying 15 points and 10 rebounds and the latter 11 markers and 10 boards.

Only with 12 and 10 points, respectively, Jay R Reyes and Gabe Norwood were already the highest scorers for the Painters limited to an all-time franchise low on an atrocious 27.3-percent field-goal shooting.

Rain or Shine was 5-of-37 from beyond the arc and 16-of-40 from the two point zone while Ginebra was 27-of-85 overall en route to the lowest winning score of the tourney. (NC)

The scores:

Barangay Ginebra 63 -- Menk 15, Tubid 11, Cabatu 10, Helterbrand 10, Valenzuela 7, Mamaril 4, Escalona 2, Wilson 2, Crisano 2, Pacana 0, Artadi 0, Salvacion 0.

Rain or Shine 58 -- Reyes 12, Norwood 10, Salangsang 8, Arana 7, Mercado 6, Wainwright 5, Tang 4, Ibanes 3, Andaya 2, Dulay 1, Isip 0, Ejercito 0.

Quarterscores: 20-14, 37-21, 51-38, 63-58

12-30-2008, 08:48 AM
Rain or Shine turns fortune around behind 2 rookies
Monday, 29 December 2008

THEIR numbers are merely average by standards.

But to many, they are the very reason why Rain or Shine has been transformed from mere pretenders to real contenders in the 2008-09 KFC PBA Philippine Cup.

Take a bow, Gabe Norwood and Sol Mercado.

Since the rookie pair came on board, the Elasto Painters' fortunes have turned for the better, becoming the exciting team it was projected to be the moment it landed Norwood as the franchise's top pick in this year's Rookie Draft while trading for Mercado in exchange for Joe Devance in a bold off-season trade with Alaska.

Entering the playoffs of the all-Filipino conference, Rain or Shine has already surpassed what it accomplished the past two seasons combined.

Not only is the team seeing action in its first playoff stint, it also qualified outright to the quarterfinal phase where it sets to meet defending champion Sta. Lucia.

The Elasto Painters actually had a shot at a historic first ever outright semifinals appearance, but fell short of the feat when they lost to the Barangay Ginebra Kings in the final game of the eliminations on Christmas Day, 63-58.

Overall, Rain or Shine finished in a tie with Sta. Lucia and Ginebra for third place overall with a 10-8 card. The number of wins is the most by the Elasto Painters in a conference, even doubling their best finish ever of 4-14 record they registered twice in the last two Fiesta Conferences.

In all, the Asian Coatings Philippines had a total of 14-58 mark in the four conferences that they've played.

Individually, neither Norwood nor Mercado is showing the way offensively for Rain or Shine as the two averaged 11.6 and 13.1 points per game, respectively, deferring the scoring chores more on big man Jay-R Reyes (14.6 ppg).

But it is the energy, youth and athleticism which they bring to the team that gives the Elasto Painters the flexibility and versatility lacking in the team before.

"He can shoot from the outside, penetrate inside on isolation plays, and he can even post up smaller defenders," said PBA sports analyst Jason Webb of the 6-foot-5 Norwood, whom he refers to as the “catalyst for the big turnaround of the Rain or Shine franchise.”

The former George Mason University stalwart also averages 7.7 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 1.4 steals.

As for Mercado, who norms 3.4 rebounds and 4.6 assists, Webb says he is “as fiery as he comes.”

"His court smarts is amazing for a rookie. He has a quick first step that leaves his defenders flatfooted and is not afraid to take big shots at crunch time," he said of the stocky Fil-Am guard out of Biola University who was picked third overall by Alaska in the 2008 Draft.

While he does give major credit to his two foreign-bred players as responsible for the team's major improvement this season, head coach Caloy Garcia insists the Elasto Painters' success is a product of their collective effort.

"What we've achieved is a by-product of team effort. Everybody was determined to win and that makes the difference," he said.

Now that Rain or Shine has reached this deep stage of the playoffs, Garcia plans to enjoy the run and just keep on going.

"Hopefully, it would not stop there. There are more games to be won so we just have to stay focused," he said.

With Mercado and Norwood around, that's a feat not impossible to achieve.

06-01-2009, 03:46 PM
Elasto Painters trounce tired Purefoods squad

Rain or Shine blew hot and cold and then hot again in the final stretch as it repulsed a weary Purefoods, 96-87, Sunday to seize the opener of their best-of-three quarterfinal showdown in the Motolite PBA Fiesta Conference at the Big Dome.

Jai Lewis rammed through 26 points and 17 boards while Rob Wainright had 16 points including four booming triples as the Elasto Painters registered their first playoff win since gaining entry three seasons ago.

“I think our shots went in a lot today, everybody stepped up,” said Rain or Shine coach Caloy Garcia. “We just need one more big game from our players.”

Marquin Chandler switched places with Kerby Raymundo and James Yap as he made up for a disappointing effort in a 126-123 double overtime win over Talk N’ Text in Friday’s wildcard phase with 34-point performance.
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Raymundo and Yap, who had 33 and 21 points, respectively, in their last game, in contrast, disappeared and missed the 13 shots they took to finish with just 13 points combined—all coming from the free throw line.
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Buried deep down a 22-point deficit, the Giants were not about to give up and roared back with a 9-0 blitz that trimmed it down to 72-85 with 5.45 minutes to go.
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They shaved it off even further to six points, 82-88, on a 10-3 run with 2.50 remaining.
But the end came for Purefoods when Lewis hit an inside stab and third string forward Mark Isip drained a jumper and a lay-up in a 6-3 exchange.
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And they did it with flashy guard Fil-Am Sool Mercado, who was out due to a pulled hamstring he sustained in a 96-88 triumph over Barako Bull in the wildcard phase last Wednesday.
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With the starters resting on the bench, Allan Salangsang took over and presided over a mini run that saw the Whoppers erecting an 85-63 lead, their biggest lead of the game.
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Rain or Shine tore the game apart in the third quarter as it detonated a 18-9 bomb to turn a 39-27 advantage to a 57-36 lead, its biggest in the period.
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Then Chandler, who struggled in a 126-123 double overtime win over Talk N’ Text to make it this far, went man-possessed and blasted away with 17-point explosion he laced with three straight triples.
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But the Elasto Painters came roaring from behind the arc where they machine-gunned their way to seven booming triples including three from Rob Wainright that offset Chandler’s heroics.
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Lewis came out aggressive right on opening bell with an eight-point frenzy to will the Elasto Painters to a 20-14 upper hand after the first quarter.
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Rain or Shine sustained its torrid pace in the second period courtesy again of the hardworking Lewis, who erupted for 16 points in the first half to send his team comfortably ahead, 39-27, at the break.
The Elasto Painters actually led by as much as 16 points twice, the last at 39-23, but a six-point counter attack by the Giants in the final 2.07 minutes to cut it down to a more manageable deficit.
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Credit Rain or Shine’s early success to rebounding as it plucked 37 including nine on the offensive end. Purefoods managed only 27 and two offensive boards.

The scores:
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Rain or Shine 96- Lewis 26, Wainwright 16, Norwood 10, Reyes 9, Isip 8, Ibanes 8, Laure 7, Tang 6, Salangsang 6, Arana 0, Dulay 0
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Purefoods 87- Chandler 34, Simon 9, Raymundo 7, R. Yap 7, Canaleta 6, J, Yap 6, Cruz 6, Alvarez 4, Robinson 4, Allado 4, Villanueva 0, Adducul 0

10-04-2009, 05:35 PM
I think they are title in the near future. They are the new bloodied team. The team acquired Gabe Norwood is a big boost in the team plus Solomon Mercado. :)

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05-25-2011, 10:49 PM

Arizona Reid III, winner of the US NCAA Big South Conference Player of the Year honors for two
consecutive years, will be Rain or Shine’s import in the coming PBA Governors Cup.

Reid is arriving on May 19, and his sterling credentials and good reputation give the Elasto
Painters high hopes they can improve on their Commissioner’s Cup quarterfinal finish.

“He’s a power forward who works hard and consistently churns out double-double numbers,” said
Rain or Shine coach Yeng Guiao.

Earlier, Air21, Meralco and B-MEG Derby Ace confirmed they’re bringing back old imports Alpha
Bangura, Champ Oguchi and Courtney Beasley.

Barangay Ginebra is after Curtis Stinson of Iowa State, Talk n Text has Scottie Reynolds of
Villanova U as a top option while Powerade, Petron (formerly SMB) and Alaska are still looking for
good prospects.

The Elasto Painters just won’t let Reid slip away from them.

Reid carved a great niche for the High Point Panthers in collegiate basketball before playing pro
hoops in Italy, Australia and Lebanon.

In his senior year at High Point U in 2008, Reid captured the Big South Conference Player of the
Year honors for the second time, only the third player in the conference to win it in consecutive

He led the conference in rebounds (11.0) and ranked second in scoring (23.9) to easily make the
First Team All-Big South for the third straight year.

The previous season, he became the first player in Big South history to reach the
1,800-point/900-rebound club.

He ranked first in BSC in rebounds and was the second leading scorer, emerging the only other player
outside of Kevin Durant to average at least 21 points and nine rebounds.

He established conference all-time records of most rebounds in a game (25) and most rebounds in a
career (1,014).

Reid went to High Point after spending four years as a varsity player at Gaffney High School in
South Carolina. (SB)

06-17-2011, 02:52 PM
Rain or SHine standing 2-0,hopefully they can maintain this performance till the semi-finals.

10-26-2011, 10:09 AM
Another good start for that I just hope that this time tuloy2x na to the finals.

10-30-2011, 05:25 PM
RoS is playing a super game against Meralco. This is a nice sign that the team is now indeed a championship caliber team.Now leading by 38 early in the 3rd,scored 65 in the first half.

10-30-2011, 11:18 PM
Rain or Shine shot the lights out against Meralco. 22 out of 32 from three-point distance! They actually shot better from 3pt land (68%) and from the free throw line (57%).

10-31-2011, 11:47 AM
Rain or Shine’s record downpour sinks Meralco in 44-point rout

InterAKTV · Sunday, October 30, 2011

Beau Belga, Rain or Shine’s burly big man, nonchalantly hoisted a three-pointer over Meralco’s Asi Taulava early in the third quarter, hitting it off the glass and running downcourt as if he called it.

It was the last thing the Bolts wanted to see in an already lopsided game, but it was that kind of evening for the Elasto Painters.

Rain or Shine converted a franchise-record 22 three-pointers to beat Meralco, 139-95, Sunday night to take the solo lead in the 2011-12 PBA Philippine Cup at the Ynares Center in Antipolo City.

Ronjay Buenafe led the Elasto Painters’ onslaught with 24 points on eight-of-12 shooting from the field, as his second quarter efforts sparked the victory, which saw Rain or Shine come just one three-pointer short of the record set by Talk ‘N Text in 2009.

The Elasto Painters climbed to first place with 5-1, half a game ahead of idle Barako Bull and Talk ‘N Text.

Rain or Shine had seven players in double figures with Jeff Chan tallying 20 points, Paul Lee chipping in 19 and Belga adding 14. Jervy Cruz, Ronnie Matias and JR Quinahan each had 10 points for the Elasto Painters.

Buenafe hurt Meralco the most in the first half, scoring 15 points that gave Rain or Shine a 68-41 lead at the break. The Elasto Painters didn’t let up as they started the third period with nine straight points.

Chan hit the team’s 19th triple of the game for a 45-point lead before ex-Rain or Shine guard Sol Mercado answered with a three-pointer just before the buzzer at the end of the third quarter, which saw the Elasto Painters leading 106-64.

Quinahan joined the three-point shooting fray as he converted Rain or Shine’s 20th three-pointer, with Chan converting the 21st. Jonathan Uyloan capped off the Elasto Painters’ hot shooting at the 2:50 mark for a 131-87 edge.

Mark Cardona had 25 points as the Bolts failed to avenge their 89-84 loss to the Elasto Painters in their first encounter.

The scores:

Rain or Shine 139 – Buenafe 24, Chan 20, Lee 19, Belga 14, Cruz 10, Matias 10, Quinahan 10, Norwood 7, Rodriguez 7, Arana 6, Ibanes 5, Jaime 4, Uyloan 3.

Meralco 95 – Cardona 25, Omolon 13, Mercado 12, Espinas 12, Isip 9, Hugnatan 9, Laete 4, Faundo 3, Yee 3, Macapagal 3, Ballesteros 2, Taulava 0, Borboran 0.

Quarterscores: 33-20, 68-41, 106-64, 139-95