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05-09-2008, 12:49 AM
Siguro naman lahat sa atin halos lahat ay nakasali sa mga interbarangay or intercolor o SK na mga liga lalo na kapag bakasyon, maganda din kung maishare natin ang mga memories natin sa paglalaro, kung kayo ba ay niluto ng mga referee, inaway ng ibang team o sinugod pa hanggang sa bahay niyo o kung naka-45 puntos ka sa isang laro.

Share natin ang stories natin, hardcore din naman ang mga ito. :D

05-09-2008, 09:55 PM
Lamang ang kalaban ng isa.. ang manalo pasok sa finals

two free throws ako.. mintis pareho.. ;D

hanggang ngayon nagsisisi ako..

06-03-2008, 02:50 AM
* * *PARANAQUE CITY -- The championship showdown of the 2008 Barangay Marcelo Green SK Summer Sportsfest between Greenvale Homes and Phase Five was not completed because of a bench-clearing fight between the players at the Eugenio Park Gym last Sunday night (June 1).

* * *The trouble was ignited in the second quarter when Phase Five guard Raffy Reyes of UE punched the Greenvale player he was defending right in front of the Greenvale bench.* That prompted Greenvale enforcer Jerwin Gaco to rise from his seat and enter the court.* From there, both benches cleared, forcing the referees to stop the game.* Reyes was ejected while Gaco was assessed a technical foul.* Phase Five wanted Gaco ejected.* Greenvale answered that all the Phase Five players who left the bench should be ejected as well.

* * *Organizers ordered the game to be resumed at 10:00 PM.* Greenvale refused to play saying that its players have gone home already.* Therefore, the game was then reset to a later date.* Phase Five countered by asking that the game be resumed immediately since most of their players will not be available by the new date.* The decision remained that the game would be played later this week.

* * *Tensions actually started in the first quarter thanks to a near-scuffle between Phase Five's Pari Llagas and Greenvale's Richard Alonzo.

* * *Since their were no clear ground rules, both teams "abused" the rules by procuring the services of almost complete teams of imports.* Whether or not the "imports" would play will be answered at game time.

* * *Phase Five started the trend by taking in past and present UE players like Elmer Espiritu, Jorel Canizares, Hans Thiele and Mark Fampulme, Hafer Mondragon of Letran and ex-Alaska Ace Christian Luanzon of UST.* With that roster, the team breezed its way through its group en route to the finals.

* * *Meanwhile, Greenvale was topping the opposite group via its true resident talents James Panaligan of San Beda and Lester Alvarez of Adamson.* Also on their roster was actor JC de Vera, another legitimate resident.

* * *Anticipating the collision with Phase Five, Greenvale proceeded to hire Jeff Chan of FEU and Chester Taylor of UST.* Greenvale then added Gaco, Alonzo, Boyet Bautista and Beau Belga, all fresh from their PBL championship run with Harbour Centre, Fritz Bauzon of Perpetual Help and ex-FedEx player Danny Capobres.

* * * Not be outdone, Phase Five further strengthened its roster by signing Reyes, Llagas and fellow UE players Paul Lee and Marcelino Arellano, Nat Cruz of Mapua and Fil-Am Ramsey Williams.

* * *Pundits jokingly labelled the game as a match between the UE Warriors and Harbour Centre. The rest of the participating teams in the Summer Sportsfest consisted of mostly legitimate residents of the barangay.

06-03-2008, 06:43 AM
My Score
Rockin Them High in Mandaue
By Hidelito Pascual
Cebu Daily News
First Posted 12:31:00 05/02/2008

The original title of this column was “faded glory”, after the brand of shirts that I stumbled upon at Wal Mart.

This is so because when I first watched a game in the current Inter-Barangay Basketball Tournament-Mayor’s Cup 2008, I was almost disappointed by the roster of players of the Barangay teams which joined the Open Division.

There are actually four (4) divisions in the current tournament: midget, juniors, seniors and the open category.

For all the categories, only bona fide residents of Mandaue City for at least six (6) months were allowed to play. For the senior division, players who have played in professional, commercial and varsity leagues were not allowed to play.

These players were allowed to join the open division.

My disappointment was that the Barangays who joined the open division had to recycle very deeply from players of yore.

When the game started however, I was pleasantly surprised to see the likes of Ruel Gomez, Felix Duhig and Epie Cabaltera still able to keep in step with the younger stallions in the team.

In the next game Barangay Looc paraded Elmer “Boy” Cabahug and Alfonso “Al-Al” Solis. The two may have lost the spring in their legs. However they made it up with plain court savvy and experience.

The truly star laden team has been Team Barangay Paknaan of Councilor Toben Andaya.

It has Gilbert Demape, who is less than five years removed from his last PBA Team. Jett Latonio, who gave a very good account of himself in the PBL as a member of the Granny Goose Team. Chris Diputado and Ritchum Dennison who are both mainstays of the multi-titled UV Green Lancers.
Yet, it has not been easy sailing for Paknaan.

They lost to Barangay Banilad, who was reinforced by another PBA great, Dale Singson.

They also lost their first game in the best of three series to Barangay Looc.

I was not able to watch the games because according to those who were there, including Coach Raul Latonio, he has never seen such a big crowd watch a basketball game in his entire life.

Even the recent championship series between the USC Warriors and the UV Green Lancers for the CESAFI title pale in comparison.

This shows the basketball savvy of the Manduehanons. They know when there is a good match. Barangay chauvinism also plays a big part. When a team from the barangay is playing, thieves can have a heyday in any of the houses, because everybody would be in the basketball court.

The more than expected turn out of basketball fans may also be a sign of the hunger, the drought, caused by the total lack of a sports program in Mandaue City in the past eighteen years.

I can remember the last time that I was chairman of the basketball tournament, that almost every team had a legitimate star in its line-up.

This was a tradition that dates back to the days of Cesar Cabahug, Arot Cortes, Delfin Pesons, Ramon Villamor, Demetrio Cortes, Silvestre Bugtai, Pedro Gonzaga,Antonio Ceniza, Juan Cabahug, Patricio Barz, Cornelio Pascual, Romulo Echavez, Oming Echavez, Ildefonso Senas, Eduardo Cabahug, Guillermo Bas, Reynaldo Cabahug, Fabiano Cabahug, Antolin Grafe, Fred Gonzaga, Raul Latonio, Dalton Echavez, Jojo Lastimosa, Raymundo Ceniza, Jun Zanoria, Bassanio Bugtai,Horacio Villamor, Alfonso Solis, Elmer Cabahug, Felix Duhig, Gilbert Demape, Jerry Aratan, Maui Mosqueda, Hadoy and Nelson Monroid, Bojan Maraya, Danny Reveche,Montoy and Dale Singson, Jett Latonio,etc., etc., etc. ( My apologies to those who escaped my frail memory)

Almost all mentioned above could fill up a Basketball Hall of Fame, if ever the Mandaue City Sports Commission would think of setting up one.

There were others who would have made it big if they had the right breaks:Vic Sungahid, Lilio Omolon, Juan Castaneda, Danny Agustin, Lupong Cortes, Temyong Ceniza, Jesus Narce, Nic Duenas, Pacing Flores, Floro Diola, Patring Paciencia, etc., etc., etc.

There was just this endless stream of basketball talents, which just kept on flowing.

Something must have happened along the way because suddenly the supply has reached the bottom of the barrel.

Either there was just no interest in sports in the leadership of the city in the past, thus the absence of a sports program, or there was just no basketball courts available which could shape the basketball star of the future.

If the present interest in basketball and other sports shown by the people of Mandaue is an indication, it will not take more than five years before basketball stars from Mandaue will start to shine again in the firmament of sports in Cebu and the Philippines.

No less than City Mayor Jonas Cortes and other top officials of Mandaue are present almost every evening in the sports venue, if only to underline the importance of sports in his administration.

09-22-2008, 01:43 AM
Average ko dati (elementary ata) 2 minutes a game! Pinasok ako last two minutes (eh lamang na walo ang kalaban).... Last 30 seconds.. Gawa ang teammates ng "play" para sa 'kin.... Mid range jumper... Pasok! Only two points ko sa career ko sa interZONE!

Basketball bliss!