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05-02-2008, 12:13 PM
Who are your best players in PBL?

mine are:

Harbour Centre

Tyrone "Ty" Tang He is very very great when it comes to driving the ball and he is a very nice guard. just what you expect from the former Captain of La Salle. (idol ko si Kuya Tyrone) ;D

Jeff Chan I was kinda surprised when i saw Jeff live in action. Di ko inakala na forward pala si Jeff dahil sobrang BANGIS nyang magpakawala ng 3-points. Advantage ng Harbour ang magkaroon ng player na gaya ni Jeff na may skill na pang Shooting Guard. 8)

Toyota Otis

Patrick Cabahug He is really stepping out in every game that he played. Patrick is very silent when he is in the court but be careful cause this lad can be very very deadly. :o

Burger King

Marcy Arellano The no.1 pahirap sa La Salle is alive again. This guy is very very quick when it comes to guarding. Croud fave cause of his stylish shots. I love it when Harbour & Burger King Face off cause of Kuya Marcy & Kuya Ty are guarding off each other. Let's relive the DLSU & UE championship match hehehe ;D

Hapee Toothpaste

Jervy Cruz Don't let this guy get in front of you if you're going to take a shot or else say goodbye to the ball. This guy is very very good in blocking. well what do you expect from a very very tall yet young player. :D

05-02-2008, 04:06 PM
For me isa lang Toyota Otis: Chito Jaime, he has the skills of a guard ,a forward and a good center.

05-17-2008, 08:17 PM
--HARBOUR-- everyone
--HAPEE-- aside kay gabe c jervy cruz .. anthony at mark
--PHAREX-- kuya emer...francis
--TOYOTA-- japs..patrick n chito
--BK-- marcy kuya christian