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02-10-2008, 12:44 PM
It was first quarter of 2006 when the last national championship for high school was held. There were actually two championships held that year. One organized by then ruling body BAP and it's rival organization Pilipinas Basketball. PB staged its championship about a month ahead of the BAP's. San Beda Red Cubs won that one. BAP's event was won by PCU-Union Baby Dolphins who actually finished 3rd in the event won by San Beda.

Thereafter, the SBP was born and in the process of setting-up the organization no national championship was held for hs and even for college. (What we have in the CCL is a private initiative but has since been sanctioned by the SBP.)

In the aftermath of the failed NCAA-UAAP merger, there has been expression of intent to support the next collegiate championship. In all this, none has been mentioned about reviving the national championship for high school. With the current trust of developing our future national teams by way of a youth program, I think this should be complemented by having an institutionalized national competition for juniors.

From what I know the kids we have in our youth program were selected from try-outs. I firmly believe there is no better try-out than seeing a kid in actual competition. Besides, many of our probinsiyano kids may just be too shy or timid to attend those try-outs. They may not even have the connections to secure recommendations to be admitted to these events.

Give the task of organizing the provincial and regional qualifiers to the provincial/ regional offices of the SBP. This would also address the problems cited in another topic about the SBP having alienated the provincial/ regional offices. This is a good way of establishing goodwill between the SBP and the provincial/ regional offices.

Revive the national championship for high school.