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11-27-2007, 05:11 AM
Commissioner quits Cesafi post
Sunstar Cebu
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

THE controversies surrounding the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) has prompted commissioner Felix Tiukinhoy to resign from his post.

Tiukinhoy refused to discuss the contents of his letter submitted to Cesafi president Rolly Villa and the rest of the schools owners. “I have said my piece in the letter and that will be enough for now,” Tiukinhoy said.

According to a source, however, Tiukinhoy’s decision was triggered by the issues concerning some member schools joining another league. The board had first unanimously decided not to allow the Cesafi member schools to join the Visayas Amateur Athletic Association. This was overuled after a reportedly heated discussion among board members.

In the letter, a clearly disappointed Tiukinhoy said, “In all my years of involvement with the Cesafi and CAAA it is only this time they no longer respect the decision of the board and audaciously proceed to carry out their individual schools’ vested interests, overlooking a board resolution that was earlier deliberated and collectively agreed upon.

“Under the present situation, it would be very difficult for any commissioner to implement with confidence a board resolution that is treated so tentatively.

As such, I feel that I can no longer rely on the board to be circumspect and judicious,” the letter said.

“I accepted this job because I was requested to and I took it out of the respect and friendship that I have with the school owners,” Tiukinhoy said

The resignation, however, is not yet final since the board has yet to accept it.

Tiukinhoy’s confidante, University of Cebu basketball coordinator Baldomero Estenzo said whether the board will accept the resignation or not is hard to predict.

“It is hard to predict because in the board, the minority overrules the majority,” said Estenzo, who based his statement on the VAAA decision.

“Judging from what happened with the VAAA decision, it was a unanimous decision. when the minority reacted, the decision was overturned. Mao man nang nangluod si Tiukinhoy ba,” Estenzo said.

Estenzo, however, said that if Tiukinhoy leaves the post it will be a huge loss for the league.

“Being a commissioner is a thankless job. Labi na si Boy, who is very dedicated and righteous. For him, right is right,” Estenzo said.

UC athletic director Bernard Ricablanca said that he admired Tiukinhoy’s dedication to the league. “It was admirable that someone of his position will call you from another city at night and first thing in the morning to check on updates of the preparations of the Cesafi events,” Ricablanca said.

University of San Jose Recoletos athletic director Dioscoro Himotas said he understood Tiukinhoy’s move.

“I respect him, he is misunderstood. He is merely there to implement. He is not the one giving the orders,” Himotas said. (MCB)

11-27-2007, 05:12 AM
CESAFI commish Tiukinhoy resigns
The Freeman
Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CESAFI commissioner Felix “Boy” Tiukinhoy has resigned. Tiukinhoy confirmed his resignation without giving any statement.

His replacement is not yet known.

Tiukinhoy had been instrumental for introducing reforms and innovations to the league such as the best-of-five CESAFI finals between the University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers against the University of San Carlos (USC) Warriors which drew huge crowd.

Only recently, Tiukinhoy engaged into a verbal war with some of the CESAFI coaches and athletic directors whom he prohibited from participating into the Visayas Amateur Athletic Association (VAAA).

On Nov. 9, Tiukinhoy, as commissioner of CESAFI, issued a statement, saying, “I strongly take exception to the statement made by Coaches Boy Cabahug of UV, Mike Reyes of USC and athletic directors Ryan Aznar of SWU and Discorro Himotas of USJ-R printed today regarding their participation in the VAAA.”

The Visayan Amateur Athletic Association (VAAA) was founded by Coach Yayoy Alcoseba. The VAAA’s second tournament opening conflicted with that of CESAFI’s Partner’s Cup, forcing the latter to reschedule.

Further, in that statement, Tiukinhoy said as commissioner he “will not hesitate to impose disciplinary sanctions on the erring person or persons.”

The warning was met by various reactions from those named by Tiukinhoy.

When SWU and USC played in the opening game of the VAAA last Nov. 18, Tiuhinkoy reportedly said that these two teams will not be invited in the Partner’s Cup. With the two teams out of the list, the Partner’s Cup is left with just five teams, forcing the organizers to make changes in the tournament’s format.

Adding to Tiukinhoy’s headache is the participation of seven-time CESAFI basketball champion the University of the Visayas to the VAAA afters its stint in the CCL.

The CESAFI-sponsored Partner’s Cup will push through despite of Tiukinhoy’s resignation. Ramon Fernandez has been tapped as the Partner’s Cup commissioner. (Gabby G. Malagar)

11-27-2007, 03:11 PM
Cesafi commissioner Tiukinhoy resigns
Cebu Daily News
Last updated 02:38pm (Mla time) 11/27/2007

CEBU CITY, Philippines - The local collegiate athletic scene is set to be rocked with the announcement of the resignation of Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) commissioner Felix “Boy” Tiukinhoy.

The sudden development was confirmed by Tiukinhoy himself on Monday as he said he tendered his resignation to Cesafi president Rolando Villa last Friday.

The move is the aftermath of the conflict which rose from the Cesafi board’s scrapping of board resolution 01s.2007, which barred Cesafi teams from participating in the Visayas Amateur Athletic Association (VAAA).

The resolution was deliberated on and was unanimously voted on in a meeting last October 26.

However, days before the VAAA’s opening last Sunday, the board conducted an emergency meeting and came across the decision to dissolve the said resolution.

This paved the way for the seven-time Cesafi champions University of the Visayas, University of San Carlos and Southwestern University to compete in the VAAA.

In his letter of resignation which Cebu Daily News got wind of from a source who wishes to remain anonymous, Tiukinhoy was dismayed at the board’s flip-flop from its original stand.

“In all my years of involvement with the Cesafi and CAAA, it is only this time that owners and presidents no longer respect the decision of the board and audaciously proceed to carry out their individual schools’ vested interests, overlooking a board resolution that was earlier deliberated and collectively agreed upon,” said Tiukinhoy in his letter.

World of honor

“I wish we were more sincere, truthful, transparent and committed in keeping agreements and decisions reached. The seeming lack of effort in knowing and reading first the document related to the case and considering the other side of the equation before taking a position has led me to conclude that the spirit that has held Cesafi together is losing its ground. I feel that the accord between gentlemen that value integrity, word of honor and respect for the other person is becoming plastic,” added Tiukinhoy.

Indecisive board

In the letter, Tiukinhoy also questioned the board’s indecision regarding the issue at hand.

“How can some school owners/presidents send representatives to a Cesafi board meeting composed of school owners/presidents who unanimously vote in agreement to a motion and later on disregard the resolution that was passed? It is a slap to the faces of those owners who were present during the board deliberation,” he said.

Tiukinhoy served as Cesafi commissioner from 2001 with Atty. Baldomero Estenzo and then took control of the post by himself in 2003 until the present time.

He also served as commissioner of the defunct Cebu Amateur Athletic Association (CAAA) for seven years. However, Tiukinhoy added that he will still continue to do his job until further notice from the office of the Cesafi president. He also added that the Partner’s Cup will still push through.

ankle breaker
11-28-2007, 04:04 AM
we admired comm tiukinhoy's effort and dedication to the job. but his resignation is not actually the answer. it's the unity of all sportsmen in cebu and basketball heads of all schools and commercial teams. having many tournaments in the city and neighboring provinces can do good for teams and players. that could mean a lot of exposure and experiences. the reason why we lag behind the other countries is because we have so many leagues. im just wondering why we can put up a league like the US NCAA where schools from all over the country got a chance to play with each other. if they want grassroots program for basketball, that's the answer. unity in all leagues.

11-29-2007, 07:51 AM
or at least, shun the politics that now engulfs Cebu basketball

11-29-2007, 08:37 AM
maybe there as just a breakdown in communications ---> the root of quarrels

11-29-2007, 01:41 PM
so true pachador, the way I see it, it all stemmed out from a misinterpretation of a league rule..ang nakasulat was for CeSAFI schools to inform the board of their participation in other leagues, some sectors understood it as they were not allowed to play..

ankle breaker
11-29-2007, 10:31 PM
i think that was really the idea. it was repeated over and over again by tiukinhoy in some interviews and print reports that the decision of the CESAFI board is not to allow the teams play in VAAA. this was a continuation on what had happened during the inaugural season of VAAA where CESAFI schools were invited to join but most of them declined including UV. this is because they think that league is not good for them. but when they find out that it's doing good especially when USJR won the maiden crown, they too become interested. what a mess....

11-30-2007, 07:28 PM
the print has it that "no team can join any tournament without prior approval from the CeSAFI board", it was not really a prohibition but a clause for schools to obtain approval from the CeSAFI board in case they want to join another league..

ankle breaker
12-01-2007, 12:09 AM
the print has it that "no team can join any tournament without prior approval from the CeSAFI board", it was not really a prohibition but a clause for schools to obtain approval from the CeSAFI board in case they want to join another league..

if that's the case then it contradicts to what tiukinhoy said to the media. or the media is at fault this time. when the VAAA was formed, CESAFI bore a bad blood on it already. Maybe they think that it's a competitor.

12-02-2007, 09:24 PM
I'll post a copy of the CeSAFI ground rules soon, for everyone to judge on the text

ankle breaker
12-04-2007, 04:02 AM
we will wait for your post. ;D

01-09-2008, 07:35 AM
the rules are already posted, please check out the sticky topics at the CeSAFI Forums