View Full Version : one reason our best players continue to be the short ones

11-08-2007, 04:48 AM
see below the comment by a mainland chinese poster in the interbasket forum. I think it has a lot of truth in it, and highlights the continued failure of the grassroots devt of our tall players such as Slaughter, Berame , etc who are not in the no-bearing SEAG tournament due to political reasons of our basketball leaders who want to win all tournaments whether imprtant or minor.

Sinoball said:
"While I can easily find 30 7 foot BASKETBALL players in China who are under 30 years old, it seems that the number of relatively tall players in RP is about right, when you consider that China and Philippines probably have same average height and China's population is 15 times higher.

So the problem lies in training those athletes. China has a rigorous national program which identifies these tall kids and send them to sports schools early on. RP, on the other hand has the American model which is to let players play by themselves and invite them to NT. This is a very different approach and it results in the best players being the short ones. It doesnt fly internationally though as non-Asians are much taller."