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10-04-2007, 05:48 PM
DLSU wins over UE, 64-63

What a game.*
-* Borboran w/ a 3 pt shot to tie the game w/ only 34 secs. left.*
-* Maierhoffer converting only 1 of 2 freethrows w/ only 14 secs. left, giving DLSU a 1 pt. lead.
-* Borboran missing the last 3 pt. shot attempt which could've won them the game.

I think that long layoff really hurt UE a lot.* They swept the eliminations, & had to sit out 1-2 weeks while the other teams battled it out to face them.* DLSU may have been tired after those 2 playoff games, but at least they come out "warmed up" already.

So, will DLSU finish it off on Sun. (Oct. 7, 2007) to win the 71st UAAP Championship title?

Or will UE comeback to force winner-take-all game next Thu. (Oct. 11, 2007)?*

10-04-2007, 06:00 PM
DLSU succeeded in keeping the game close and prevented UE from getting a big cushion going into the last 4 minutes of the game.

If the game is closes in the last 2 minutes, the team with the finals experience will invariably win the game.

If UE fails to minimize its errors in the second game, DLSU will sweep the series.*

The only way for UE to win is minimize the errors and build a comfortable lead going into the final minutes of the game.* Why does UE need a cushion?* Because it has no finals experience. It will succumb to pressure.

10-04-2007, 06:06 PM
actually, 20 days na naghihintay ang UE.

the 3-pt shot by borboran to tie the game at 63 was big. but the big question is why did they have to shoot a three when all they needed was 2 points to win the game? ang ganda na sana ng drive and dish eh.

10-04-2007, 08:22 PM
Game One: DLSU def. UE, 64-63.

What a game! Classic cardiac finish. Our boys played gallant basketball despite having to face a mostly UE crowd in a coliseum packed with 19,000 people and playing an absolutely physically draining ball game (I just couldn't believe that the UE Red Warriors had that much stamina, most especially Mark Borboran and James Martinez who played three straight quarters without being substituted by Dindo). Our defense choked UE, causing them to turn the ball over 31 times although we too had our own share of mistakes (in particular, those intercepted passes and the "volleyball tosses" of JV).

We're just so lucky that the Borboran shot did not go in during that last second. Still, we won the game fair and square and I thank God for that.

Kudos to JV, Cholo and TY for being today's heroes. Grabe! What else can I say?

Congratulations to the Archers for winning Game One. Congratulations too to the UE Red Warriors for playing great basketball.


Howard the Duck
10-04-2007, 11:49 PM
you see, this is the fault of the organizers, OR more correctly, the teams that pressured the organizers to hold the #2 and #4 games at different dates, then hold all of the stepladder games at the big dome, it lengthened the vacation time of the warriors.

dami kasing kaartehan. dapat UE's sweep should be a blessing, not a curse.

kung tutuusin, ang buong step ladder series nagawa yan within 4 game dates, if they'll utilize the tue-thu-sun scheduling.
--week 1--
THU: UST-ADMU @ philsports
--week 2--
THU or SAT or SUN: DLSU-UE finals game 1

eh ang nangyari...
--week 1--
--week 2--
--week 3--
THU: DLSU-UE finals game 1

kaya nawalan ng mojo ang UE. dapat ang 14-0 sweep should work for them, not against them.

10-05-2007, 06:22 AM
nanood kasi ung 3 malas eh talo 2loy ue hahaha :D :D :D :D

10-05-2007, 06:27 AM
He he tama ka Howard medyo natagalan talaga yung playoffs. Nagulat din ako when they scheduled the UST vs. Ateneo game on a Sunday. Para ano pa at naglaro ng lunes at martes di ba? Ito ang game na nagpatagal ng series. (note: actually that long layoff benefitted Ateneo kasi they could've faced UST with only a day's preparation).

Pero that is not the fault of DLSU so still congrats to them.

10-05-2007, 09:02 AM
The 30 errors that UE committed yesterday was insane. With the last 3 in the last 3 minutes giving DLSU control of the ballgame.

-UE ahead by 2, with possession and in transition. Matinez* drove to the middle and lost control of the ball. Hindi naman sila lamang sa tao at 3 yung berde sa harapan niya, bakit mo pipilitin kid?

-Next possession, Matrinez tried a short crosscourt bounce pass through the shaded area. Nahuli nang DLSU. Lint3k kid, sa naunang play nawala ang bola duon sa shaded area, at uulitin mo pa gumawa ng play sa shaded area uli?

-Then,* Thiele was called for traveling as he tried to get away from a trap. Kid, a player your size shouldn’t dribble away from a trap. You pass the ball!

Though, Borboran tied the game with a 3-pointer, malinaw na controlado pa rin ng DLSU ang laro. Tabla nga, sa kanila naman ang possession.

I wouldn’t second guess UE’s last play. Fact is, earlier Borboran just scored from about the same distance. It seems to be a diagramed play, intended to free Borboran at the weak side. Maybe, Borboran was given the option to take the outside shot or bring the ball inside or at least nearer the basket. Regardless, it had a good line, kumalog lang talaga.

UE played good enough for 37 minutes. Pero mga bata, 40 minutes ang laro!

Sabi ng marami, the lack of experience in this setting may have cost UE the game. Well, they now have a 1 game experience tucked under their belt. Sapat na kaya iyon?

As for the Archers, they played as expected. Pressing and mixing the press. Calling one formation when UE is at the back backcourt and at times switching immediately when the ball crosses the midcourt line. The defense formation didn’t have the same look over long stretches and it obviously baffled UE. For the greater number of that 30 errors, the Archers forced it upon the Warriors. And that's what I call the "Archer Mystique". Alam mong magpe-press yan. Alam mo ang iba't ibang klaseng press. It is a given that Dindo drilled these kids. Pero bakit naninigas ang kamay pag nakitang nakaabang yung press?

30 errors! UP averaged something like 20 and had a game high of 26, and they stayed in the cellar all season long.

In a previous game against the Archers, UE committed 28. Well, kung di ka natuto sa mga pagkakamali mo…

10-05-2007, 10:55 AM
By Joey Villar
Friday, October 5, 2007

La Salle unmasked University of the East’s lack of championship experience as the Archers pulled through in a nerve-wracking finish, 64-63, and snapped the Warriors’ unbeaten run in Game One of the best-of-three UAAP title series at the packed Araneta Coliseum.

TY Tang unleashed 17 points, including nine in the fourth quarter, while fellow veterans JV Casio and Cholo Villanueva added 12 and 11 points, respectively, as the Archers took a 1-0 lead in the best-of-three series the Warriors were fancied to dominate.

Rico Maeirhofer, who has recovered from a sprained ankle he sustained two weeks ago, split his charities with 14 seconds remaining in the contest to shatter a 63-all tie forced by Mark Borboran’s three-pointer from way out.

That, however, turned out to be the marginal basket as the Warriors fumbled on their make-or-break play – another Borboran attempt from behind the arch on top of the key.

“Man for man, we’re no match against them. But we have the experience and the veteran savvy to offset our disadvantages,” said La Salle coach Franz Pumaren whose Archers came off two tough Final Four matches with the Ateneo Eagles.

The Taft-based quintet, which came into the final the clear underdogs after getting swept in the elimination round by the Warriors, goes for its own sweep Sunday, also at the Big Dome.

A decider, if necessary, is on Wednesday.

UE, which last won 22 years ago during the days of Allan Caidic and Jerry Codińera and which took a three-week long layoff after sweeping the elims, actually had two chances of stealing Game 1 but a three-point try by Borboran and Marcy Arellano’s tip in the dying seconds missed their marks.

Maierhofer plucked the rebound as the final buzzer sounded, triggering off a wild celebration from La Salle fans while silencing the UE side which braced for another romp against a team it dominated in the elims.

But the Archers, also out to redeem themselves from a season-long suspension last year, showed experience and grace under pressure are what it takes to win championship games.

La Salle’s defense rattled the normally cool and unruffled UE quintet as the Warriors turned the ball over 31 times, which the Archers translated into 25 points. La Salle committed only 15 errors that yielded just nine points.

That more than made up for La Salle’s setback in the rebounding department where the Warriors plucked a whopping total of 60 boards, including 29 on the offensive end as against the Archers’ 31.

La Salle’s rebound total was the lowest for a winning team this season.

That, however, hardly mattered.

It was also UE’s lowest scoring total of the season.

“I know they dominated the boards but we found some ways to offset it,” said Franz Pumaren, who steered La Salle to eight finals appearances that netted four titles.

Borboran, playing on final season, led the Warriors with 13 points, including a triple over the outstretched arms of Villanueva that knotted the count with 34.8 ticks left.

But the veteran Warrior couldn’t drain an uncontested three-point shot at endgame that could’ve lifted the UE side.

The Recto-based cagers actually threatened to rip the game apart in the early going, but each time, the Archers displayed a big fighting heart behind Villanueva, Tang, Casio and Maeirhofer.

10-05-2007, 10:58 AM
After James Martinez sank those two triples late in the second, I didn't expect them to play unintelligent basketball later on. But the Warriors rushed their plays, made critical decision making lapses, and fell right into the hands of DLSU. They had a 3-1 dominance off the boards by the half. Talk about a 20+-rebound gap. They didn't have that much errors, 14 to 9 by the Archers in the first half. But they self destructed in the second half. Some of those errors were unforced ones.

But I still believe that UE will regroup. This game was uncharacteristic of them. They have the physical and talent edge. Experience gap? After meeting the Archers twice, that's no longer an excuse.

10-05-2007, 11:24 AM
gaya ng sinabi ko, mukhang bumalik na naman ang sakit ng UE na kapag important games natatalo sila. ang kaibahan lang, nasa finals na sila.

10-05-2007, 02:59 PM
UE might be the favored team in this series, but it is clear they have a lot of things going against them. One as everyone has mentioned is the schedule, but the bigger problem is the pressure of being the overwhelming favorites. To begin with, this team has been infamous for choking in recent memory and the tag of being undefeated favorites against a championship-savvy team like DLSU might just be too much to handle for them.

As for the game itself, nothing surprising La Salle played La Salle basketball, pressure defense, trapping defense and more defense. As Franz said, they need their defense to offset their manpower disadvantage. Dindo better adjust quick or this series would be over on Sunday.