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10-03-2007, 10:45 AM
Exited na akong makita sa PBA si Jamal mga igan.

Sino na pala ang bagong coach ng TnT?

10-03-2007, 10:49 AM
^ nagpalit na ba ng coach ang TnT? excited na rin ako makita maglaro ang buong TnT team.

Go Cardona & Aljamal! (ano na kaya jersey number ni jamal?)

10-03-2007, 11:11 AM
^ Parang me nabasa akong news na magpapalit ng coach mga ilang weeks na. Not sure.

10-03-2007, 03:34 PM
ang alam ko, matagal ng rumor na papalit si coach norman black, pero dahil lang sa MVP-ateneo connection, hindi talaga substantial yung balita.

10-05-2007, 11:04 AM
norman black??? bakit pa papalitan si Derrick? at, diba bawal magsabay ang isang coach ng collegiate league at PBA? ang ibig sabihin ba niyan tatanggalin na si norman sa ateneo?

10-05-2007, 03:23 PM
from what i remember, when ateneo was highly favores to win the UAAP crown last season, MVP was contemplating putting Black on his PBA team TNT. But UST had other plans, thus altering what was said to be Black's return PBA stint. This was last year rumors anyway.

same case with Joel Banal, when he won the UAAP title in 2002, he was appointed to coach Tnt thereafter, which brought him a title in 2003 reinforced conference.

10-05-2007, 06:42 PM
As far as I know, it's still Derrick Pumaren who will coach the Phone Pals.

In fact, he went with the players to Korea for a series of tune-up games.

Pati si Aljamal, kasama sa biyahe.

Norman Black coached this team way back in 1997 during the rookie year of Andy Seigle in the PBA.

He lasted just two conferences and moved to Pop Cola after a feud with Tommy Manotoc (sportscaster TJ's dad), who was then the consultant of the team.

10-06-2007, 05:50 PM
Phone Pals complete, well-coached, well-trained
Saturday, 06 October 2007

Gone: Vic Pablo, Abby Santos, Jonathan Aldave

Gain: Yousif Aljamal, Kalani Ferreria

Mainstays: Anthony Washington, Mac Cardona, Asi Taulava, Jimmy Alapag, Don Allado, RenRen Ritualo, Donbel Belano, Egay Billones, Harvey Carey, Migs Noble, Patrick Fran

Self-proclaimed experts believe the Talk N Text Phone Pals should run away with this year's PBA Philippine Cup championship.

Their contention is simple.

In the absence of Asi Taulava, Jimmy Alapag and RenRen Ritualo – who were on tour of duty on the RP Team to the FIBA-Asia Men's Championship – the Phone Pals came so close to clinching the Fiesta Conference title three months ago.

With the trio back on the team that hardly tinkered with its powerhouse roster during the off-season, the Phone Pals look every inch a certified championship caliber unit.

"Talk N Text has made it to the Finals without its three superstars. What more if they have them this season," noted Ginebra mentor Jong Uichico of the heavily favored Phone Pals.

"It's not a guess, but it's obvious that Talk N Text is indeed the favorite."

Old reliable Vic Pablo won't be back but rookie Yousif Aljamal should readily fill in the spot.

The addition of the burly 6-foot-4 big man from San Beda adds more ceiling to an already towering frontcourt bannered by Taulava, Harvey Carey, Anthony Washington and the newly re-signed Don Allado.

Mac Cardona, the Best Player of the Conference in last Fiesta Conference, is expected to get a lot better, same with Donbel Belano, who, along with Ritualo, form a dreaded backcourt trio for the Phone Pals.

As if to underscore its preparation for the coming season, the team also went on an extensive, two-week training in San Antonio, Texas under the watchful eyes of several foreign coaches.

"We had a very impressive training in the US. We definitely learned a lot during our stay there," said coach Derick Pumaren.

Taking into account the team's transformation and preparation, the Phone Pals indeed have become the model of a champion team in the PBA.

"It's a complete team. It has talent and experience. It is well-trained and well-coached," said Air21 mentor Bo Perasol.

"Talk N Text is a classy organization. The team has full management backing. It's definitely a championship-caliber squad ," coach Guiao of Red Bull remarked. (DBC)

10-16-2007, 06:15 PM
With Cardona and Washington's performance last conference, TnT turns a lot deadlier with the return of Taulava, Alapag, and Ritualo. Basing it on Alapag's National Team performance, TnT is really a team to beat. Alapag for MVP? Hmm.. Aside from the big 5, TnT is also a very deep team, they have Don Allado and Harvey CArey who can provide some muscle inside.

If I were to coach TnT, this would be my first 5:


10-28-2007, 08:51 PM
TNT lost kanina. :-[ Sayang.

11-27-2007, 10:40 PM
so what can you say about the Asi-Ali trade? who benefited? (plus coke's first round pick)

TnT's roster would be:

C: Allado/De Ocampo/Barcellano
PF: Peek/Carey
SF: Washigton/Aljamal
SG: Ritualo/Cardona/Ferreria
PG: Alapag/Belano/Billones

11-27-2007, 11:35 PM
the first round draft pick was the real score here. Asi aint getting any younger, and so is ali. coke might win this one in the short term, but TNT scores here with the draft pick.

12-28-2007, 04:29 PM
sana mag champino TnT

01-18-2008, 11:19 PM
So...talk and text loses 2 straight games that would clinch a quarterfinals slot...

to...ASI TAULAVA'S new team COCA COLA!

Somewhere in the city Derick Pumaren must be pondering his future while MVP begins to review possible coaching candidates........

of course it was Pumaren himself who forced an Asi trade upon hearing taulava's request to management to bring in Chot Reyes. being quicker to the draw, asi is traded in no time. Now this....

01-22-2008, 06:34 AM

Talk N Text revamp up; Pumaren on way out?
By Nelson Beltran
Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Talk n Text team management is now looking at various options, including a total revamp of its coaching staff following the Pals’ disastrous finish in the ongoing Smart PBA Philippine Cup.

Top bosses Manny V. Pangilinan and Ricky Vargas met yesterday with the players minus the coaching staff headed by Derrick Pumaren and team manager Frankie Lim.

Apparently, the management wanted to feel the pulse of the players on a possible overhaul of the coaching staff.

Reports said the management is considering national coach Chot Reyes to replace Pumaren.

Among the teams fancied to make a strong showing in the All-Filipino tourney, the Pals instead finished eighth place, ambushed by former main man Asi Taulava and his new team, the Coca-Cola Tigers, in the first stage of the wildcard round.

The Pals were beaten twice by the Tigers, the first denying Talk n Text a playoff crack at an outright quarterfinals seat against Magnolia.

It was a tragic finish for the Pals who were even sent abroad for training during the off-season.

Talk n Text has been under Pumaren the last two seasons. The team’s best finish was first runner-up to Alaska Milk in the Fiesta Cup last year.

The team has been under so many coaches since joining the league under the banner of Pepsi Cola in 1990. It has won only one crown so far –* under coach Joel Banal in the 2003 All-Filipino Cup.

It will be remembered that the management even had resorted to tapping foreign coaches in Paul Woolpert and Bill Bayno.

Most of the players are hoping the management stick with Pumaren, allowing him to stay on at least up to the end of his contract at the end of the season.

“Hopefully, coach Derrick is given another chance. Hopefully, the team is also kept intact. We admit our shortcomings but we have yet to really get along well because of the continuous revamp,” said one player, who requested not to be named.

“It’s not all coach Derrick’s fault. He had his grand plans. It so happened that at times we just couldn’t execute,” the player added.

Renren Ritualo, Kelly Washington, Don Allado, Yancy de Ocampo, Ali Peek and Yousif Aljamal are among players taken by the team through continuous wheeling and dealing operations.

“We’re (former Talk n Text players) pretty scattered now. But look where we are and where they are now,” said Taulava after the Tigers eliminated the Pals Friday.

Sam Miguel
01-22-2008, 03:34 PM
If there is one thing I really hate about deep and talented teams, they seldom fulfill their potential. Just look at the Portland Trailblazers in their Jailblazers era. They were two deep at every position and they still couldn't win. They were so deep that they jettisoned a then-benchwarming youngster named Jermaine O'Neal who quickly became a solid player after latching on with Indiana.

Isn't this the same thing with Talk N Text now? Even without Asi Taulava they still have Jim Alapag, Mac Cardona, Jay Washington, Don Allado, Yancy De Ocampo, Renren Ritualo, Yusif Aljamal, Harvey Carrey in their lineup. Yet look how badly they've done in 10 of the last nine conferences. I would've thought with a lineup like this they would've won all 10 of those conferences, with or without Aljamal. That they had Taulava in nine of those 10 conferences made them even stronger, yet how have they actually fared?

I don't know that replacing Derrek Pumaren is the answer. It seems every time a team does poorly the goddam coach is the one who gets the axe, when in fact it is the players who make or break the whole process. Case in point: the Jailblazers.

01-23-2008, 06:09 AM

Asi trade caused TNT downfall

AT THE start of the season-opening PBA Smart-Philippine Cup last October, one of the so-called ‘teams to beat’ was Talk ’N Text.

The Phone Pals were billed as the team which has all the tools — three players who played for the national team in center Asi Taulava, playmaker Jimmy Alapag and three-point artist Ren-Ren Ritualo as well as the likes of Mark Cardona, who, in the previous Fiesta Cup was named Best Player of the Conference, Anthony Washington, Harvey Carey, Don Allado and Yancy de Ocampo.

The Phone Pals also have as mentor multi-titled Derek Pumaren, who is considered as one of the best minds in local basketball.

But despite these key ingredients that are needed to win a championship, the Phone Pals were instead sent to an early vacation.

Was it the coach? Was it the players’ inability to adapt to the coach’s system?

These questions now lead to reports of an ‘overhaul’ of the Talk ’N Text coaching staff.

Several names are reportedly being considered and these include national mentor Chot Reyes and current Ateneo coach Norman Black.

And yes, even the ‘Living Legend’ Robert Jaworski is said to be among the candidates.

Jaworski was offered to coach the Air21 Express at the start of the season but until now he has yet to announce his decision.

The Pals actually finished the conference as the top scoring team with a 102.4 points per game average in 18 games and the No. 1 in rebounds, averaging 55 and assists with 21.95.

They also ranked third in field goal shooting (43.9%), three-point shooting (32.8%) and free throw (70%).

Talk ’N Text, however, gave up 101.5 points per game to opposing teams — the second worst this conference. The Pals were also the third worst in turnovers with 19.45.

Another thing that led to the Pals’ disappointing turnaround was when they traded Taulava to Coca-Cola for Ali Peek and a first round draft choice in this year’s Rookie Draft.

"They changed the line-up towards the end of the elimination," a basketball observer said. "It was a dangerous move, it was a big mistake."

"Asi can always give match-up problems. But without him, the Pals are easier to solve. They’re not as scary as before with Taulava. The system has also evolved from a post-up offense to perimeter shooting because they have really good shooters. But having Asi is a different story," he added.

Before the trade, Talk ’N Text had a 5-5, win-loss record, but after dealing Taulava to Coke, the Manny V. Pangilinan-owned team lost five of their next nine games for an even 9-9 slate at the end of the elimination round, good for sixth spot.

And as fate would have it, Taulava and the Tigers dealt the Pals the big blows.

First was when Coke denied TNT a playoff with Magnolia Beverage for the last outright quarterfinal seat with a 101-85 thrashing.

The Tigers followed this up with an 81-73 decision in their knockout match in the wildcard phase that sent Talk ’N Text packing.

As for Taulava and the Tigers, they earned the last quarterfinals seat by beating the Express, 109-102, last Sunday.

Talk ’N Text Governor Ricky Vargas said that they have not discussed the issue regarding the coaching staff, saying: "We’re still nursing a broken heart. It was really a painful experience."

Vargas, however, said that once they start talks, they’re open to any possibilities as Pumaren’s contract with the team will end this February.

01-23-2008, 01:44 PM
I think it is not because of asi's trade that caused their downfall. It is because of the poor shuffling of players off the bench. Have you noticed that when Manong Derrick was using the second unit (ritualo, yancy,jamal,belano,allado) they are more organized because not all of them wants the ball. It rotates so well for an Allado jumpshot,Ritualo's three points. yancy doing the dirty work. And at times finding openshots for jamal yancy and belano. Only ritualo was the 1st option, unlike the starting five all of them are first options. Alapag can shoot it outright, jay wash the same thing, cardona samething, and peek same thing.only harvey carey is left to do the dirty work.

MVP loaded their team so much that all of them wants the ball. With or without Asi they are still the better team in terms of the players they have. But chemistry is obviously not there. I miss the time when PBA players sacrifice themselves for the team despite relatively "low salary". TnT players are payed alot and it doesnt show in their game.

01-23-2008, 02:48 PM
^ Agree. Tingin ko rin player rotation. Pati na rin team chemistry. Safe to say in general yong teams na fully loaded ng talent dont end good. Same case with Ginebra last year. Pang PBA "all-stars" na nga yong line-up but ended up below expectations.

01-23-2008, 02:59 PM
^ Agree. Tingin ko rin player rotation. Pati na rin team chemistry. Safe to say in general yong teams na fully loaded ng team dont end good. Same case with Ginebra last year. Pang PBA "all-stars" na nga yong line-up but ended up below expectations.

Hindi lang chemistry ang problema.

Sobrang daming power forwards.

They only have one center -- Yancy de Ocampo. But he takes too many outside shots.

01-23-2008, 10:08 PM
This is not getting better for Talk 'N Text since sending Asi Taulava away

1.) Asi has turned into the monster that he was once since the trade and the Coca-Cola Tigers, who were on the brink of getting eliminated, bounced back and got back in the groove with Asi.

2.) Talk 'N Text has never won a game against Asi Taulava, worst, Coca-Cola defeated them twice dislodging them in for the rest of the conference.

3.) Because of Coca-Cola's record is getting better, the chances of Talk 'N Text of getting a key rookie for next season is getting slimmer.

01-25-2008, 10:24 AM
In Huddle
Phone Pals want to keep Pumaren

By Beth Celis
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 05:02:00 01/24/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- It was impossible not to speculate about major changes in the Talk ‘N Text camp.

To start with, the highly rated, highly financed Phone Pals were booted off the quarterfinals ironically by Coca-Cola, the team to which they had earlier dealt former Phone Pal Asi Taulava.

Taulava’s sterling performance since he moved over to Coke was one of the reasons for TNT's early vacation.

Coming on the heels of the disqualification, the Phone Pals were called to a meeting by top management. The meeting was exclusive for players and excluded the coaching staff and even team manager Frankie Lim.

This further fueled speculations of a major shakeup.

* * *

Ironically, change was the last thing the players wanted, as PBA governor Ricky Vargas and PLDT chair Manny V. Pangilinan found out during the dialogue.

The players said there had been too many movements already, and this could be one of the vital factors that had hindered the team's progress.

They also offered other insights but put weight on one: They wanted no more change --not among their ranks or within the coaching staff.

In other words, they wanted incumbent head coach Derrick Pumaren to stay.

Pangilinan and Vargas listened to the players’ appeal, without giving a definite yes or no.

* * *

Frankly I was surprised by the unanimous stand of the players about coaching. This was confirmed to me by one of the Phone Pals, who said that the Fil-Ams and home-grown players remained united and singular in their purpose.

“Kasi mahirap magpalit ng coach. It’s actually a long and tedious process of re-education because you have to internalize the new system, adapt to his personality,” the player said.

* * *

Wednesday, I was told by a TNT insider that it wasn’t only the players that management had met with but the coaching staff as well.

“Team manager Frankie Lim and coach Derrick Pumaren and his staff had their turn to talk with Ricky and MVP,” said my source.

So, will there be changes for the next conference, in terms of personnel?

This was the only question I asked Ricky Wednesday.

Ricky said he and MVP should be able to decide soon.

* * *

I had a chance to have a short chat with former BAP president Joey Lina, who has been under the sports radar for quite some time, at the Manila Hotel where he is the president. Joey said he is living peacefully and is, in fact, also involved in the mining business.

It’s a small world, really, because Joey said he was signing a contract that afternoon with father and son team Regis and Mikee Romero, his partners in nickel mining.

Needless to say, I had a chance to meet Mikee’s father -- and idol -- that afternoon.

* * *

01-27-2008, 09:31 PM
i heard that chot will be on-board to replace derrick starting feb 1.

01-28-2008, 09:10 AM

Chot may be named TNT coach – source

AFTER A disappointing campaign in the PBA Smart-Philippine Cup, Talk ’N Text decided it’s time for a change.

A reliable source said yesterday that the Phone Pals have named former RP team coach Chot Reyes to replace Derek Pumaren as mentor of the under achieving team.

The source said that team officials, led by owner and telecommunications mogul Manny V. Pangilinan made the decision late last night.

Talk ’N Text team governor Ricky Vargas, however, said the Phone Pals "have not made a change" and that they are "still in the process of finalizing things."

However, the source, who asked not to be named because he was not authorized to reveal the negotiations, said that Reyes was picked despite reports that Talk ’N Text players gave Pumaren a vote of confidence during a recent meeting between players and management.

The Phone Pals were one of the so-called ‘teams to beat’ at the start of the Philippine Cup.

They actually have the tools with three national team players in Asi Taulava, Jimmy Alapag and Ren-Ren Ritualo, Fiesta Cup Best Player of the Conference (BPC) Mark Cardona, Jay Washington, Harvey Carey, Don Allado and Yancy de Ocampo.

But the trade of Taulava, which ended nearly 10-year relationship, to Coca-Cola for Ali Peek and a first round pick in this year’s Rookie Draft, apparently affected the team’s chemistry and the Pals were booted out of the quarterfinals.

More painful, Taulava and Telan, another TNT player earlier traded, were the key players who helped oust the Phone Pals in the wildcard stage.

Pumaren, who replaced Joel Banal in 2006, failed to give Talk ’N Text a championship. They were one game away from clinching the title but the Alaska Aces defeated them in the previous Fiesta Cup in a seven-game classic.

—Waylon Galvez

01-28-2008, 09:04 PM
Chot Reyes!? ok.
Haaaay. . . . MVP. . . ikaw naman mag babayad eh. . . . hehehe!

01-28-2008, 09:06 PM

Chot Reyes is new Talk N' Text coach
01/28/2008 | 02:38 PM

The Talk N' Text management announced Monday it has tapped national coach Vincent "Chot" Reyes as its new coach in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), replacing Derek Pumaren whose contract will not be renewed when it expires end of this month.

Ricky Vargas, the team's representative to the PBA board, said in a statement that TNT management appreciated the work and contribution Pumaren made to the team during the term of his engagement.

Pumaren was able to bring the team to the finals once, and a respectable 3rd place finish, during his four (4) conference stints with the Talk N' Text franchise.

"Coach Derek is the epitome of a real professional and a gentleman. We truly regret to have parted ways for he is a good man. We all wish him the best of luck," Vargas added.

As for Reyes, Vargas said that Talk N'Text agreed to engage the services of the RP national coach because he shares in the franchise's vision of combining a high performance culture with the team's strong talent base.

Team Manager Frankie Lim added that, "We all look forward to working with coach Chot in the coming PBA seasons." - GMANews.TV

01-29-2008, 06:04 AM

TnT pulls the plug on Pumaren
By Dave Coros
THE unceremonious exit of the Talk ’N Text Phone Pals in the Smart-Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Philippine Cup has cost Derrick Pumaren his job.

In an official statement released to the media yesterday, the club proclaimed that national team coach Chot Reyes would be replacing Pumaren

“The management [today] announces that the contract of coach [Derrick] Pumaren, which expires in February 2008, will not be renewed,” the club’s statement said.

Ricky Vargas, TnT’s representative to the PBA board, expressed management’s appreciation and gratitude to Pumaren for the contribution he has made to the team. Pumaren steered the Phone Pals to the finals of the 2006-2007 Fiesta Cup and to a third-place finish during his tenure with TnT.

Pumaren’s tenure with the Phone Pals came under fire—as expected—in the aftermath of the club’s frustrating defeat against Asi Taulava and the ninth-seed Coca-Cola Tigers in the wildcard of the ongoing conference.

On November 27 Pumaren dealt the six-foot-10 Taulava to Coke in exchange for center/forward Ali Peek—a deal that turned out to be disadvantageous to TnT because it affected the team’s chemistry.

Pumaren was also criticized after the Phone Pals, who were one game away from clinching the club’s second championship, eventually lost in seven games to Alaska Aces in last year’s Fiesta Cup.

“Coach Pumaren is the epitome of a real professional and a gentleman.* We wish him the best of luck,” Vargas said.

The decision to replace Pumaren appeared to sit well with team manager Frankie Lim, who said: “We all look forward to working with coach Chot in the coming PBA seasons.”

01-29-2008, 06:15 AM

January 29, 2008 08:10 PM Tuesday*

Chot answers TNT call*
By: Zean Macamay and Gerry Ramos*
THE imminent thing finally dawned on the beleaguered Talk ‘N Text franchise.
* *
Management of the highly-fancied ballclub yesterday announced the parting of ways between them and coach Derick Pumaren and the subsequent acquisition of Chot Reyes as the new mentor of the Phone Pals.
* *
In a statement released by the squad through Talk ‘N Text league governor Ricky Vargas, the Phone Pals expressed their “appreciation and gratitude” to Pumaren “for the work and contribution he has made to the team during the term of his engagement.”
* *
Pumaren’s contract ends in February and Vargas bared management is not intent on renewing it.
* *
“Coach Derick is the epitome of a real professional and a gentleman. We truly regret to have parted ways for he is a good man. We all wish him the best of luck,” the statement further added.
* *
That Pumaren and the Phone Pals are severing their ties didn’t really come as a surprise.
* *
Picked as among the top teams to figure in the championship of the PBA-Smart Philippine Cup, Talk ‘N Text struggled for most of the eliminations of the season-ending conference and ended up with a disappointing 9-9 win-loss slate by the end of the two-round classification phase.
* *
Worse, the Phone Pals were eliminated in the wild card playoffs, denied* the chance to advance into the quarterfinals by the Coca-Cola Tigers led by former Talk ‘N Text players Asi Taulava and Mark Telan.
* *
Following the team’s ouster, the Phone Pals held a private meeting with management minus Pumaren, his coaching staff and team manager Frankie Lim.
* *
In Reyes, the team hopes to have a fresh start beginning with the import-laden Fiesta Cup, the same tournament where the Phone Pals finished runner-up to Alaska a year ago with Pumaren at the helm.
* *
Reyes, the former San Miguel Beer mentor, expressed elation for having been given the trust by Talk ‘N Text management under owner Manny V. Pangilinan, to handle a young and talented ballclub.
* *
“Excited of course,” said Reyes in a text message to People’s Journal. “I’m definitely looking forward to working with a first class organization like Talk ‘N Text.”
* *
Reyes was formally introduced as Phone Pals coach last night at the PLDT office of Pangilinan in Makati.
* *
“I think this is a strong team. We have the materials (to do it). Our job now is to translate that talent on paper to the floor,” said Reyes during a short press conference also attended by Vargas and Lim.
* *
Following his work with the national team, Reyes was appointed consultant of the San Miguel team, a position he held until the Talk ‘N Text coaching offer came along.
* *
The Ateneo alumnus added that he talked with San Miguel management before accepting the coaching job of the Phone Pals.
* *
“Our (SMC) parting of ways was very amicable,” said Reyes, the man who called the shots for the all-pro Philippine men’s team that competed in various international tournaments last year, including the FIBA-Asia men’s championship in Tokushima, Japan.* *
* *
Reyes, 44, has four PBA championships tucked under his belt – two each with Purefoods and Coca-Cola.
* *
“He shares in the franchise’s vision of combining a high performance culture with the team’s strong talent base,” Vargas said
* *
“We’re very hopeful of winning a championship, but we’re also patient,” added the Phone Pals governor.
* *
“We all look forward to working with coach Chot in the coming PBA seasons,” Lim added.
* *
The coaching change is the seventh for the Talk ‘N Text franchise since 1996, having previously tapped the likes of Norman Black, Eric Altamirano, Louie Alas, Americans Bill Bayno and Paul Woolpert and Joel Banal as mentors.* *

01-29-2008, 06:19 AM


Phone Pals sack Pumaren, tap Reyes new coach

ALTHOUGH he has received the backing of his players, coach Derick Pumaren has been sacked by Talk N Text management and tapped erstwhile national coach Chot Reyes to call the shots for the Phone Pals in the next PBA tournament.

In a statement sent to media offices yesterday, the team said the contract of Pumaren, which expires next month, will not be renewed.

Talk N Text’s representative to the PBA board, former chairman Ricky Vargas, has expressed management’s appreciation and gratitude to Pumaren for his contribution to the team. Pumaren steered the Phone Pals to the finals once and a third-place finish in his four-conference stint with the team that started in 2006.

Vargas said Pumaren "is the epitome of a real professional and a gentleman.* We truly regret to have parted ways for he is a good man.* We all wish him the best of luck."

The statement, while saying Reyes has been tapped to replace Pumaren, did not specify up to when the former national coach would call the shots for the Phone Pals, but said "Reyes shares in the franchise vision of combining a high performance culture with the team’s strong talent base."

The statement also quoted TNT team manager Frankie Lim as saying: "We all look forward to working with coach Chot in the coming PBA seasons."

Reports said in a recent meeting between the players and management, the players gave Pumaren a vote of confidence.

Although the Phone Pals boast one of the strongest rosters in the league, the team failed to reach the semifinals of the PBA Philippine Cup, losing to Coca-Cola in the quarterfinals.

It was not clear whether Pumaren, who replaced Joel Banal in 2006, had a hand in the trade that sent TNT star Asi Taulava to Coca-Cola in exchange for Ali Peek and a first-round pick in this year’s Rookie Draft.

Taulava and another former TNT star, Mark Telan, led the Tigers to crucial victories over the Phone Pals in the last game of the eliminations and the wild card phase to clinch a quarterfinals berth.

With Pumaren at the helm, the Phone Pals reached the finals of the Fiesta Cup last year where they lost to the Alaska Aces in seven games.

Pumaren was not available for comment yesterday.

01-29-2008, 06:23 AM

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reyes new Pals coach

THE management of Talk N’ Text announced Monday that it will not renew coach Deric Pumaren’s contract which will expire next month.

Ricky Vargas said Pumaren will be replaced by national coach Chot Reyes, who shares in the Phone Pals’ vision of combining a high-performance culture with the team’s strong talent base.

Pumaren brought the Phone Pals to finals once and a res*pectable third-place finish during his four-conference stint.

“Coach Deric is the epitome of a real professional and a gentle*man. We truly regret to have parted ways for he is a good man. We all wish him the best of luck,” Vargas added.

Team manager Frankie Lim, for his part, said: “We all look forward to working with coach Chot in the coming PBA seasons.”

01-29-2008, 06:30 AM

Chot itching to give Phone Pals PBA title
By Abac Cordero
Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On his first day at the job, as the new head coach of Talk N Text, Chot Reyes talked about winning his first title for the Phone Pals in the PBA.

First, the 44-year-old mentor said he must talk to the players whom he was scheduled to meet last night, forge some new ties and renew some old ones, and try to make a lasting impression.

“We have to make them believe that they can win again,” said Reyes, who came in to replace Derrick Pumaren, who spent two years with Talk N Text but was not given an extension.

Reyes, winner of four titles with Purefoods and Coca-Cola, said the fact that the team has never won the title since the 2003 All-Filipino could make it easier for him to motivate his players.

“The problem with losing is it becomes a habit. And maybe this team is in that stage. But this is a strong team. We have the material,” said Reyes last night at the PLDT main office in Makati.

Talk N Text board representative Ricky Vargas and team manager Frankie Lim introduced Reyes to some members of the press as their coach until the end of the 2010 season.

“Chot signed a contract until 2010. And that’s the longest contract we’ve had with a coach. We’re very hopeful but we will also be patient with this change,” said Vargas.

“Chot likes pressure, conflict and diversity and this is the place he can get it. We’re very, very excited,” added Vargas who earlier in the day announced that Pumaren will not get a contract extension.

“He’s a good addition to our group. He will bring a lot at the table in motivating the players plus his great knowledge of the game,” said Lim, who worked with Reyes before at Purefoods.

Reyes became the eighth coach of the Smart-PLDT franchise under Manny V. Pangilinan. He said it might bring some luck that he became the eighth coach in 2008.

“I like that. But another first thing for me to do is change my phone number (which belongs to a rival network). But I’ve always been a Smart user,” he said.

Others who have coached the franchise since 1996 were Norman Black, Eric Altamirano, Louie Alas, Bill Bayno, Paul Woolpert, Joel Banal and Pumaren.

Reyes’ entry came two months after Talk N Text traded Asi Taulava, considered as its franchise player.

Reyes, former coach of Coney Island, Purefoods, Sta. Lucia, Pop Cola, Coca-Cola and San Miguel, said he can’t wait to start calling the shots for the Phone Pals.

“I’m excited, of course. I’m looking forward to working and winning with a first-class organization like TNT,” said Reyes, who also coached the RP team that tried but failed to qualify for the Beijing Olympics.

01-29-2008, 06:32 AM

Pals hire Chot as newest coach

National team mentor Vincent “Chot” Reyes will replace Derrick Pumaren as head coach of Talk ‘n Text, Pals management announced yesterday.

Talk ‘n Text league governor Ricky Vargas said the Pals are no longer renewing Pumaren’s contract, which expires February 2008, paving the way for Reyes’ entry.

Reyes, former coach of the Coca-Cola Tigers when the franchise was still owned by San Miguel Corp. found himself out of SMC’s coaching loop soon after he coached the National squad that failed to clinch a berth in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

San Miguel also owns Magnolia, Ginebra San Miguel and Purefoods squads in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

Vargas expressed the Pals’ appreciation and gratitude to Pumaren, who brought the Pals to the finals once, aside from giving the said a respectable 3rd place finish, during his four-conference stints with the Talk N’ Text franchise.

“Coach Derick is the epitome of a real professional and a gentleman. We truly regret to have parted ways for he is a good man. We all wish him the best of luck,” Vargas said.

Vargas also said he believes Reyes shares the franchise’s vision of combining a high performance culture with the team’s strong talent base.

Pals manager Frankie Lim concluded: “We all look forward to working with Coach Chot in the coming PBA seasons.”

02-02-2008, 02:15 AM
Here we go again! Bakit ganito Phone Pals? Pag bago ang coach, puro praises ang binibigay na kesyo he will be a big addition to the team, na he can get the job done, blah, blah, blah! Pero after two years, sisibakin na naman nila ang coach.

Si Derek Pumaren, parang two years ago lang, eh puro praises din ang nakuha sa TNT management, pero ngayon kesyo we have to let him go, kasi we need to go in a different direction. Hahaha!

Labo ng TNT. Ang lakas ng team pero olats pa rin. Anyway, hope tumagal si Reyes kasi kung hindi, kaawa-awa na talaga ang team ni MVP. Buti pa Red Bull, kahit kaunti lang ang superstar players, well handled ng management.

Galing pa ni Guaio as coach.


02-07-2008, 07:02 AM

Chot wants Taulava back in TNT lineup

Newly-appointed Talk ‘N Text coach Chot Reyes yesterday said he would like to have Asi Taulava back in his team.

"It was a mistake to let go of Asi," Reyes said as he rues the team’s lack of legitimate big man.

"As it is now, our only big man is Ali Peek who stands 6-3. We have guys who stand taller, but they don’t fit the position," Reyes said.

Despite the hole in the middle, however, Reyes sees no need for a revamp — for now.

"We can bring in a big import for the next conference," he said.

The former national coach, who signed a three-year contract, met his players for the first time last Monday and immediately worked on their conditioning.

With the next conference still two months away, the Phone Pals are only required to report for practice thrice a week.

"We’ll start playing basketball next week. For now, the players are focusing on weight training," he said.

Although he would love to win a title sooner than later, Reyes said he’s more concerned with building the hardest-working and best-conditioned team in the league which he said are the keys to success.

"The wins will come automatically," he said.

To management’s credit, Reyes said he’s not being pressured to produce immediate results.

"They have learned to be patient," Reyes said.

Since joining the league in 1996, the Phone Pals have only one championship — the 2003 All-Filipino Cup.

Reyes said the Phone Pals have the best available talents in the league, but lack chemistry.

"They are not a team, but a group of talented individuals. My role is to transform them into a team," he said.

Reyes cited that the Phone Pals would play like champions and be the lousiest squad the next day.

Known as a great motivator, Reyes holds a degree in management at the Ateneo de Manila and is also a much sought-after resource speaker. He also holds classes at his alma mater once a week.

Since his appointment was announced, Reyes has not had any talk with his predecessor Derek Pumaren and doesn’t have plans to call him.

"I did not apply for this job," he explained.

Reyes admitted that it wasn’t hard to accept the offer to coach the Phone Pals.

"I immediately said ‘yes’ and asked permission from San Miguel," said Reyes, who had a short stint as head coach of the Beermen, now known as the Magnolia Beverage Masters.

The downside, according to Reyes, was that he had to part ways with Globe, a corporate rival.

"I have had a good relationship with Globe, but now I’m using Talk "N Text," he said.

Reyes also sees himself less on the golf course.

A 10-handicapper, Reyes plays golf thrice a week and gets golf lesson once a week from pro Carito Villaroman.

02-13-2008, 06:07 AM
February 13, 2008 08:19 PM Wednesday*

Coke won't give Asi back to TNT*
By: Zean Macamay*
TALK ‘N Text realized it made a big mistake trading Asi Taulava, and tried to correct it by offering Coca-Cola a deal that would get the 2003 MVP back.
* *
The Tigers, however, have this to say: what was given cannot be withdrawn.
* *
Coca-Cola rejected a proposal that would return the Fil-Tongan and its prized rookie, Ronjay Buenafe, to Talk ‘N Text, keeping the fighting core of its local line-up intact as it braces for a Fiesta Cup campaign that’s full of high expectations.
* *
Coach Binky Favis confirmed yesterday that the Phone Pals did attempted to recover their lost franchise player of eight years, but did not give further details on the sensitive matter.
* *
But a person with the knowledge of the deal said that Coca-Cola flatly turned down the offer where the Phone Pals would give away back Ali Peek, hardworking guard Mac-Mac Cardona and a first-round pick for the next season.
* *
JB Baylon, Coca-Cola’s Board representative, implied that one doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to evaluate the offer.
* *
“I called it a not-so-smart offer,” he said.
* *
The proposal to reclaim Taulava is certainly the handiwork of Chot Reyes, the new Talk ‘N Text coach. Reyes was appointed last month to replace Derek Pumaren after the Phone Pals failed to advance into the quarterfinals of the Smart-PBA Philippine Cup.
* *
In keeping Taulava, the Tigers are already expected to make a huge impact once the Fiesta Cup begins on March 23, an Easter Sunday.
* *
For finishing ninth in the eliminations of the Philippine Cup, the Tigers are allowed to acquire two imports for the season-ending conference, the same incentive given to last placer Welcoat.
* *
By that time, too, John Arigo is expected to have fully recovered from his hyper-extended elbow injury, making the Tigers the team to beat with Alex Cabagnot and Mark Telan as other key figures.
* *
Despite finishing with the second worst record in the 18-game elimination round, the Tigers accomplished more. They defeated the Phone Pals twice in a row �" the last one coming in the knockout wild card �" in games Taulava vented his vengeance.
* *
Coca-Cola eventually lost to the Alaska Aces in the best-of-three quarterfinals.
* *
Favis* said that at this point, they still are in search of the perfect imports to complement their talented line-up.
* *
In failing to acquire the 6-foot-9 Taulava, the Phone Pals will now have no other choice but to recruit a reinforcement with mean skills inside the shaded lane.
* *
In the previous import-spiced tournament, the Phone Pals ended runner-up with JJ Sullinger as their reinforcement, failing to close out the best-of-seven series against Alaska after leading 3-2.
* *
Another move Reyes and the Phone Pals are trying to negotiate is for them to acquire Dondon Hontiveros from Magnolia in exchange for Ren-Ren Ritualo.
* *
Hontiveros played under Reyes when Reyes handled the national team for the FIBA-Asia Tokushima Qualifying Championships in Japan and showed his worth by being one of the best all-around players in the line-up.
* *
But the talks are also almost certain to go down the drain since Ritualo is the player listed by the Phone Pals in the Restricted Player List, meaning the spitfire guard cannot be traded to a non-RTL player.

02-13-2008, 11:51 AM
If they really offered that deal to Coke then they must be crazy, I have never heard anyone try to get back the player they traded away, specially if they just traded the guy away. Plus Peek, Cardona and a 1st rounder for Taulava would be acceptable but if they want Buenafe too that would be overkill.

02-13-2008, 12:20 PM

Think of Yancy De Ocampo, Air-21-TNT-Air-21-TNT

02-13-2008, 01:38 PM
Ok, but I don't think Yancy was traded back and forth within a span of a few months. Asi has played less than a conference with his new team so it is almost impossible for his new team to return him to his former team.

Nike Air
02-13-2008, 05:49 PM
Wala nang balikan yan. Binigay na dati e. Unless Chot can create another big deal that Coke will bite, but I doubt it as of the moment.

I have a strong feeling that Chot will ship out MacMac and RenRen before the conference starts. Why not get Larry Fonacier instead of DonDon Hontiveros? Kung quality lang naman din pag-uusapan, I think Larry has the edge over DonDon.

02-13-2008, 06:55 PM
IMHO, Dondon >> Larry.

02-13-2008, 08:09 PM
no comparison, don don is the better shooter slasher and defender, practically all aspects of the game. Larry is just another orinary player in the PBA.

02-14-2008, 06:22 AM

Asi unaware of trade talks, says he’s OK with new team
By Waylon Galvez

Asi Taulava was the most surprised person when told yesterday that Talk ‘N Text had made an offer to Coca-Cola to have him shipped back to the team that discarded him like a hot potato three months ago – a move that backfired leading to the firing of TNT Coach Derrick Pumaren.

"They did that?" said an unbelieving Taulava when asked to comment on Talk ‘N Text’s move.

"I don’t want to comment, it’s between management," he said.

"I really don’t have an idea about that," said the 6-foot-9 Taulava about the trade talks which fell through after Coca-Cola’s board representative JB Baylon rejected TNT’s overtures.

Taulava was traded last Nov. 26 by the Pals to the Tigers for Ali Peek and a first round pick in this year’s Rookie Draft.

The move backfired as Asi, peeved at the way he was unceremoniously traded, played like a man possessed and contributed immensely in the elimination of TNT in the wildcard phase of the current PBA tournament.

Talk ‘N Text, whose lineup is the envy of many teams because of its depth, and by other players because of the Pals’ perks and privileges, attributed the downfall to Pumaren’s coaching deficiency and therefter hired Chot Reyes to replace him.

Insiders also said it was Pumaren who engineered the departure of Asi.

Asi said he has no problem with his new team.

"I’m happy with Coke, the way management supports me, the coaches and the players," he said.

But Chot Reyes, shortly after being named coach, made no secret of his desire to rehire Taulava, saying his trade to Coca-Cola was a big loss to the team and announced he wanted him back.

To satisfy Reyes’ craving, TNT made a move.

It offered Peek, versatile guard Marc Cardona and a first round pick in this year’s Rookie Draft to get Taulava and rookie guard Ronjay Buenafe.

Baylon confirmed the offer made by Talk ‘N Text two weeks ago but he turned it down, saying it was "not-so-Smart an offer," an aside at the humongous Smart Communications where TNT team owner Manuel Pangilinan is top honcho.

To illustrate that it was impossible at this point to release Taulava, Baylon said they would only consider the offer if Pangilinan included his majority share at PLDT and Smart in the package.

The Bulletin tried to reach Reyes for comment but calls and text messages were not answered.

For his part, Buenafe said he’s happy that the trade did not materialize.

"I’m happy with the decision of Coke management to keep me in their team, I’m very thankful for their trust," he said. "I will make extra effort this next conference to help Coke win a title."

02-16-2008, 06:18 AM

I have nothing to do with Asi trade – Derek

Former Talk ‘N Text mentor Derek Pumaren denied yesterday that he initiated the trade of Asi Taulava to Coca Cola, saying it was a management decision which he as a coach had to follow.

Pumaren expressed surprise about recent reports linking him to the departure of Asi and took exception to a statement made by newly-appointed TNT coach Chot Reyes who called the trade "a big mistake."

"They’re calling it a ‘big mistake’ but whose mistake? How can I make a decision as far as Asi’s concerned? It’s their (management) decision. We just have to abide by it," Pumaren told the Bulletin Thursday night.

According to Pumaren it was Coca-Cola which initiated the talks when "it asked the possibility of getting Asi".

"Actually ang nag-uusap sina (TNT assistant coach) Bong Ramos and (Coke mentor) Binky Favis. Coach Bong relayed it to me, ako naman I relayed it to management," Pumaren said.

After two days of negotiations, Pumaren said that he got a text message from the Phone Pals’ team manager Frankie Lim who said "shoot it down."

About two weeks later, on Nov. 25, Talk ‘N Text lost to Red Bull, 109-104, where Taulava fouled out in the fourth period after playing 37 minutes and finished with 11 points and 19 rebounds, Pumaren said he got another text message from Lim saying "trade Asi fast."

"It was almost midnight when I got a text from Frankie. Bong can attest to that because he also got that same text from Frankie. That same evening coach Bong contacted coach Binky. The following day the deal was consummated," Pumaren said.

Taulava was dealt for 6-foot-3 center Ali Peek and a first round pick in this year’s PBA Rookie Draft.

"I’m sure it’s the boss (who made the decision)," Pumaren said, referring to Talk ‘N Text owner Manny V. Pangilinan.

"I wasn’t even in that meeting. I really don’t know what happened. Kaya nga nagugulat ako sa mga lumalabas na parang other people are saying ako ang nag-trade kay Asi. Tapos may mga lumabas pa na ‘it was a big mistake’."

"These people are questioning the decision of management, their boss (Pangilinan)," he said.

Shortly after the trade, Taulava helped power the Coca-Cola Tigers to two crucial victories, including a wild card win in the Smart-PBA Philippine Cup that eliminated the Phone Pals.

Coke made it to the quarterfinals, but was swept in the best-of-three series by Alaska. But Pumaren said they could have made it to the next stage even without Taulava, saying, "in all honesty, hindi naman naging malaking epekto ‘yung pagkawala ni Asi, it’s about the players accepting their roles."

"During the Fiesta Cup we made it to the finals, and we were one win away from winning the title. We’re without the ‘Big Three’ of Asi, Jimmy (Alapag) and Renren (Ritualo)," Pumaren said.

Early this week, Coke’s representative to the PBA board confirmed the report that TNT offered a deal to get back Taulava.

The move was reportedly the wish of Chot Reyes who noted after his team’s initial practice that they needed the presence of Taulava in the lineup.

Shortly afterwards, the Pals made a move and offered a deal involving Peek, Mark Cardona and a first round pick in this year’s Rookie Draft for Taulava and rookie guard Ronjay Buenafe.

02-19-2008, 05:24 AM

This Thursday at Cebu Coliseum: PBA’s Talk N’ Txt faces M. Lhuillier
By Emmanuel B. Villaruel
Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cebuano hoop fans are set to witness another swashbuckling hardcourt action as the Talk N Txt Phone Pals of the Philippine Basketball Association will clash with the multi-titled M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala Jewelers at 7 pm on Thursday at the Cebu Coliseum.

Although just a goodwill encounter, the Talk N Txt-M. Lhuillier battle is expected to be highly competitive. The Phone Pals will protect their lofty stature as one of the PBA’s top teams, while the Jewelers will fight for pride being the undisputed king in the local cagedom.

Several other exciting features make the match worth watching for. First and foremost, this would be the first time that brothers Chot and Mike Reyes will confront each other on the different sides of the court.

Chot will call the shots for Talk N Txt, while Mike is one of the trusted lieutenants of coach Raul “Yayoy” D. Alcoseba at the M. Lhuillier bench.

The game also marks the return of Tonichi Yturri in a coaching tour of duty in Cebu. Yturri, one of Chot’s assistants, once served as the chief bench tactician of the Cebu Gems in the now defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA).

Also, the Cebuanos will again have a glimpse of one of their favorite idols in Talk N Txt playmaker Felix “The Cat” Belano, Jr. The former University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancer is one of the brightest pointguards that Cebu collegiate league had ever produced.

For the record, Belano is the first and only Filipino cager so far to complete a quadruple-double in a single game. That is precisely the reason why he is sporting No. 42 in his jersey. He accomplished the rare feat when he still played for the Davao Eagles in the MBA.In their upcoming Cebu sojourn, Belano will play alongside Jimmy Alapag, Mark Cardona, Kalani Ferreria, Ren-Ren Ritualo, Patrick Fran, and Ernesto Billones.

Completing the Talk ‘N Txt roster are Harvey Carey, Jay Washington, Yousif Aljamal, Yancy de Ocampo, Don Allado, Ali Peek, and Migs Noble.

The Jewelers, on the other hand, will count the most from ex-pros Stephen Padilla, Bruce Dacia, Marlon Basco, Dale Singson, Leo Bat-og, and Danny Aying. For them to win, they need to draw huge support from Woodrow Enriquez, Ronald Capati, Jayford Rodriguez, and Gerry Cavan.

The Phone Pals are the odds-on favorite, but they must bear in mind that the Jewelers are capable of pulling a major surprise against a heavyweight opposition. Two years ago, M. Lhuillier humiliated the Sta. Lucia Realtors then coached by Alfrancis Chua.

Presented by BAP-Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas under the leadership of its president Manny V. Pangilinan in partnership with BAP-SBP Visayas Area Head Michel J. Lhuillier, the Talk N Txt-M. Lhuillier tiff is one of the highlights of Cebu City’s annual Charter Day celebration.

Tickets are reasonably priced at P20 for general admission, P50 for upper box, P100 for lower box, and P200 for ringside.

03-04-2008, 06:52 AM
Phone Pals tap 6-8 US 'NC' banger

By Musong R. Castillo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 04:15:00 03/04/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- Talk 'N Text has tapped a former Oklahoma Sooner in the US NCAA, Aaron McGhee, as the Phone Pals try to improve on their second place finish in last year's PBA Fiesta Cup with the Final Four veteran and a new coach.

McGhee, a 6-foot-8 banger who played in the NCAA semifinals in 2002, planed in Sunday night and was supposed to join the team Monday even as crowd darling Barangay Ginebra declined to name its import pending the signing of a contract.

Chot Reyes will return to coach Talk 'N Text, seeking not only to win another championship, but to also snap a six-year title drought by the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. franchise.

McGhee was never picked in the 2003 NBA draft.

Coach Jong Uichico of the Ginebra Gin Kings, on the other hand, politely declined to name their choice for an import, saying that they have "three prospects at this point."

"We haven't closed a deal with anyone yet," Uichico told the Philippine Daily Inquirer over the phone. "It would be better if we name him (import) once we close the deal, which I am sure will happen next week."

Uichico, who said that he finally has a healthy local roster, admitted that his import will not be an NBA veteran nor former San Miguel reinforcement Art Long as reported earlier (not in the Inquirer).

"Even if this will be an import-laden conference, the idea is to keep the locals healthy," Uichico, who never played with a complete lineup in the just-concluded Philippine Cup, said.

The Fiesta Cup, where Alaska is the defending champion, will open at the end of the month.

"We started out the (Philippine Cup) conference as very incomplete," he added. "We were never able to get over the hump because by the time I got a complete roster, we were already down in the wild card and it was too late."

Ginebra, which was the defending champion, missed Mark Caguioa, Jay-Jay Helterbrand and Eric Menk in various stages of the tournament.

03-26-2008, 05:17 AM
Key TNT Pals staying put (http://www.businessmirror.com.ph/03262008/sports04.html)
By Joel Orellana

CHOT Reyes brushed off rumors that there will be big changes on his roster come the Fiesta Cup of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA).

The latest buzz to hit the rumor mill is that Phone Pals point guard Jimmy Alapag and streak shooter Renren Ritualo are headed to Magnolia and Alaska, respectively.

“That’s what people normally would think; new coach and then there will be additional changes. The same with this team, and it is but to be expected. But right now, there aren’t any changes,” Reyes, who was named the Talk ’N Text head coach after the Philippine Cup, said.

“Maybe one reason for that rumor is we have the players [for big trades]. This team has talent and, admittedly, there are some imbalances. But I told the management to keep the team intact as much as we can. Give me a chance to work with this group first,” Reyes added.

Talk has it that Ritualo will be dealt for the Aces’ new acquisition Larry Fonacier, while Alapag will be sent to Magnolia for the Beverage Masters’ new recruit playmaker Mike Cortez.

Reyes did not hide his likeness to Fonacier, an Ateneo alumnus like him, but he believes that Alaska coach Tim Cone won’t allow the consummate six-foot-three shooting guard to slip out of the Aces’ deck.

“I’d love to have Larry, but it is also well-known that coach Tim desperately wanted him, too,” said Reyes. “That’s why he urged [Alaska] management to work out a trade.”

The Aces and the Beverage Masters worked out a huge deal before Holy Week, where Cortez and Kenneth Bono, both Alaska’s first-round picks in separate occasions, and Tenorio and Fonacier swapped teams.

Ginebra’s board representative Robert Non also denied that the team is shifting Cortez for Alapag.

“There’s no truth to that. We are very happy [with the trade]. The management and the coaching staff talked for this, and we’re happy we have Cortez and Bono in the team,” said Non.

Right now, Talk ’N Text isn’t keen on making any moves, although Reyes admitted that there are offers on the table, but they are still not enticing enough to pull the trigger.

“There are offers, of course. But they are not even enticing enough to be considered seriously,” said Reyes. “Not unless a great deal comes along.”

Reyes took over as head coach of the Phone Pals from Derrick Pumaren last month and will debut on Saturday against Coca-Cola at the Panabo Sports Center in Davao to kick off the import-laden Fiesta Cup.

03-26-2008, 05:32 AM
Reyes rules out more trades involving Pals (http://www.malaya.com.ph/mar26/spor2.htm)

COACH Chot Reyes knows speculations on further changes will be rife once a team tries something new.

That explains why he just laughed off widespread rumors hinting more trades involving his Talk N Text squad.

"Karaniwang iniisip ng mga tao, new coach kaya there will be additional changes. The same with this team and it is but to be expected. But right now wala talaga," Reyes said in an interview yesterday.

"Isa pang malaking dahilan sa mga rumors na iyan, kami ang maraming players," added Reyes, who stepped into the coaching shoes of Derick Pumaren last month.

The latest yarn to hit the mills of late was of trades involving Phone Pals point guard Jimmy Alapag and gunner Ren-Ren Ritualo. The reports (not in Malaya) claimed Alapag will be dealt to Magnolia for Mike Cortez and Ritualo to Alaska for Larry Fonacier.

Reyes said it is pure fiction.

"I’d love to have Larry, but it is also well-known that (Aces) coach Tim (Cone) desperately wanted him, too," said Reyes. "That’s why he urged (Alaska) management to work out a trade."

Cortez and center-forward Ken Bono were traded to Magnolia for Fonacier and point guard LA Tenorio last week.

No trades are forthcoming in the foreseeable future, Reyes said.

"My coming-in position, and I’ve talked with management about this, is: Let’s try to keep the team intact as much as we can. Give me a chance to work with this group first," he related.

"This team has the talent," he added. "Admittedly, there are some imbalances. But give me an opportunity first, and, if needed, make any needed moves later on."

That conviction is not carved in stone, however, there being other feelers floated about.

"There are offers, of course. But they’re not enticing enough to be seriously considered," he said. "Not unless a great deal comes along…."

So far, he narrated, the Phone Pals have been doing great in practice, meeting and beating a Magnolia squad in a pre-conference game the other day. The Beverage Masters played minus Danny Seigle and Danny Ildefonso, so that game should not be taken as a gauge, however.

But it served to prime the team up for the start of the Smart PBA Fiesta Cup on Saturday, when the TNT Phone Pals take on the Coca-Cola Tigers at the Panabo Sports Center in Davao.

"Maganda ang itinatakbo ng team and they players are in good spirits, very excited to start playing for real," he assessed.

03-26-2008, 10:17 AM
link: http://www.abante.com.ph/issue/mar2608/sports_ma.htm

by: Malou Aquino

Nagkaroon ng tune up game ang Talk N text at Magnolia Beverage noong Monday na ginawa mismo sa ensayuhan ng Magnolia sa Acropolis. Natalo ang Beverage sa Phone Pals, tsika nga namin tambak umano ang Magnolia sa TNT.

Sa tune up game nagkapikunan umano sina Lordy Tugade at Harvey Carey, nagkasuntukan ang dalawa. Tune up pa lang ‘yan how much more kapag actual na ang laro posibleng maulit ang mainitang laro nina Tugade at Carey.

Wala sa condition si Jameel Watkins import ng Magnolia na kapansin-pansin na hindi mahusay sa free throw. Habang ang import ng Talk N Text na si Aaron McGhee ay matindi ang ipinakitang laro sa naturang exhibition game.

03-26-2008, 11:37 AM
Reports from other forums say that Yancy has been traded for Raffy Reavis. Still waiting for actual confirmation though.

03-26-2008, 12:01 PM
Sana matuloy ang trade. TnT needs a big man who can rebound the ball well.yes they will give up Yancy's outside shooting but they have Ritualo, Alapag, Cardona and Aljamal to take care of those. Reavis will be a good addition to the team.

03-26-2008, 12:41 PM
yancy is a bust anyway. his a liability to the team.

03-26-2008, 05:51 PM
Paborito talaga ni Chot si Raffy ever since. He likes his athleticism and length. Yancy might fit with Ginebra, he could be their outside shooting big man ala Penisi.

03-27-2008, 02:30 AM
Hihina depensa ng Ginebra sa loob if they let Raffy Reavies go.

Isip, isip muna dapat itong si Jong Uichico!

;D ;D ;D


03-27-2008, 07:00 AM
Pals' import mauled (http://www.journal.com.ph/index.php?issue=2008-03-27&sec=7&aid=53942)
March 27, 2008 06:34 PM Thursday*
By: Zean Macamay*

HE was the first import to arrive here. Unfortunately for Talk ‘N Text’s Aaron McGhee, he also became the first to get a taste of RP basketball’s ugly side.
* *
The Phone Pals import, known as one who wouldn’t easily back down or back off, tasted PBA’s tough and rugged style of play yesterday and got mauled in a tune-up match against Air21 at the Adidas Sports Kamp Gym in Taguig.
* *
McGhee, a U.S. NCAA star who steered Oklahoma U to the Final Four in 2002, found himself at the receiving end of a series of heavy blows from Air21 players when he tried to confront Ranidel de Ocampo right in front of the Express’ bench.
* *
“Matapang eh,” said Talk ‘N Text assistant coach Virgil Villavicencio. “Summer na kasi, mainit. Pero okay naman siya (McGhee). He only got some bruises. Physical din maglaro, and sport pa rin. But the good thing is that he didn’t back off.”
* *
The ugly incident apparently was the end result of a series of physical plays between McGhee and De Ocampo, a confrontation which could have been prevented had the referees controlled the practice game from the start, according to Air21 coach Bo Perasol.
* *
But the physicality was allowed to continue, and when De Ocampo got slumped on his team’s bench apparently because of a push from McGhee, the Talk ‘N Text import followed him and suffered the consequences.
* *
“Siguro napikon na rin yung ibang mga players sa kanya (McGhee). Because there was so much sikuhan. Tapos nagkapikunan. So when he was in front of our bench, my players started to punch him,” said Perasol.
* *
Perasol and Talk ‘N Text coach Chot Reyes decided not to continue the match and halted the match midway through the second quarter, with the Express leading 44-43.
* *
The Air21 mentor said that he is expecting fines to be slapped on the players who hit McGhee, but doesn’t see any suspensions.
* *
“It’s only a tune-up game, so I think personally that fines are to be slapped,” said Perasol.
* *
For this season alone, this is the second time that players got into a fist-fight in a tune-up match.
* *
Before the Philippine Cup, Magnolia’s Danny Seigle also had a rough tune-up game against sister-team Brgy Ginebra and lost his temper against Billy Mamaril, who he punched three times.
* *
Seigle, a player widely known as ‘Mr. Nice Guy,’ was slapped with a P10,000 fine by Sonny Barrios, who at that time was only an OIC. Barrios said that Seigle was spared of a suspension and a heavy fine because the game was not sanctioned by the PBA.

03-27-2008, 07:18 AM
Express gang up on TNT import (http://www.malaya.com.ph/mar27/spor6.htm)

THE season-ending Smart PBA Fiesta Cup has yet to kick off but action has already heated up.

A tune-up game between Talk N Text and Air21 yesterday turned into a brawl at the Sports Kamp in Taguig.

Phone Pals import Aaron MacGhee was ganged up on by the Express players, forcing officials to abruptly end the game right in the second quarter of a match that started out as a friendly.

"Hindi ko nga rin alam kung bakit nag-escalate ang situation," said Air21 coach Bo Perasol. "Nagkagirian muna, naawat, and then bigla na lang nakita kong nagkakuyugan na."

The incident, which happened right in front of Air21’s bench, was reportedly sparked by MacGhee’s deadly elbows that caught the ire of Express forward Ranidel de Ocampo.

The two were separated by the referees, but other Air21 players got into the act and suddenly ganged up on the 6-foot-10 MacGhee.

"Pinagtulungan ang import ko," lamented TNT coach Chot Reyes, adding some Air21 players who were not playing joined in the fray.

"Kahit nga si (Gary) David nakisuntok din," he said, referring to the guard sidelined by a bum knee.

Reyes said he doesn’t plan on taking any action just yet.

"I’ll allow the refs to handle the situation. Then we’ll see what happens," he said.

The PBA referees who called the game are set to present an incident report to PBA Executive Director and officer-in-charge Rickie Santos, but the latter said he has already summoned the parties to appear before him this afternoon.

"After reading the report and interviewing the parties we will decide on the penalties or sanctions–if needed," Santos said.

03-27-2008, 04:05 PM
pupusta ako si Homer Se isa sa mga unang sumuntok diyan. :)

McGhee should've watched Merelos' moves when he nearly punched everybody from the pcu bench ;D

03-28-2008, 09:57 AM
Kerby-Arwind fight mars PBA tune-up encounter

By Musong R. Castillo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 02:43:00 03/28/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Heavy fines and penalties are expected to be slapped on Purefoods’ Kerby Raymundo and Air21’s Arwind Santos after another fight broke out between the two during the Giants-Express tuneup game Thursday at The Fort in Taguig City.

Play was halted with just over four minutes left in the second period after Raymundo and Santos exchanged blows after the Air21 swingman was supposedly tripped by the Purefoods center in an earlier play.

The match was eventually abandoned with the score at 66-55 in favor of the Express.

The game featured a potential super import in Purefoods’ Darius Rice, who planed in at 12:30 a.m., hit the sack about 3 a.m., and then suited up for the Giants.

Despite jet lag and weary legs, Rice scored 16 points in the first period alone, even though he was not pushed by coach Ryan Gregorio, who missed the services of new acquisition Enrico Villanueva.

“Obviously, we have an offensive machine in the team,” Gregorio said of Rice.

In a related development, Romel Adducul, the 6-foot-5 Purefoods center who is battling Stage 2 nasal pharynx cancer, Thursday asked Gregorio if he could play when the Tender Juicy Giants debut on Wednesday against Magnolia.

“If his doctors will clear him, why not,” Gregorio told the Philippine Daily Inquirer over the phone. “I also want the people to see that Romel is fighting the disease and that he is alive and not as morbid-looking as reported in some papers.”

Purefoods had traded Marc Pingris for Villanueva after learning that Adducul might sit out the coming tournament.

The Raymundo-Santos clash followed the near-riot during a Talk ‘N Text-Air21 tuneup where several Express players and supporters reportedly ganged up on Phone Pals import Aaron McGhee.

Protagonists of the brawl on Wednesday appeared before executive director Rickie Santos Thursday who said the league is poised to hand down fines.

Dark Knight
03-28-2008, 11:02 AM
PBA = Philippine BasketBrawl Associaton. ;D

03-28-2008, 03:25 PM
Express gang up on TNT import (http://www.malaya.com.ph/mar27/spor6.htm)

THE season-ending Smart PBA Fiesta Cup has yet to kick off but action has already heated up.

A tune-up game between Talk N Text and Air21 yesterday turned into a brawl at the Sports Kamp in Taguig.

Phone Pals import Aaron MacGhee was ganged up on by the Express players, forcing officials to abruptly end the game right in the second quarter of a match that started out as a friendly.

"Hindi ko nga rin alam kung bakit nag-escalate ang situation," said Air21 coach Bo Perasol. "Nagkagirian muna, naawat, and then bigla na lang nakita kong nagkakuyugan na."

The incident, which happened right in front of Air21’s bench, was reportedly sparked by MacGhee’s deadly elbows that caught the ire of Express forward Ranidel de Ocampo.

The two were separated by the referees, but other Air21 players got into the act and suddenly ganged up on the 6-foot-10 MacGhee.

"Pinagtulungan ang import ko," lamented TNT coach Chot Reyes, adding some Air21 players who were not playing joined in the fray.

"Kahit nga si (Gary) David nakisuntok din," he said, referring to the guard sidelined by a bum knee.

Hmmm.....This reminded me of the Ronnie Thompkins (Swift) and Ricky Relosa (Shell) fight in the 1990s at the Ultra.

The fight started when Relosa hit the back head of Thompkins, and when Thompkins turned around to confront him Relosa ran away and ran towards the Shell bench. It became a fight between Thompkins and the entire Shell bench. They were both fined and Relosa was suspended a number of games. Ronnie Thompkins was an import for the Swift Mighty Meaties in the 1990s.

03-28-2008, 03:37 PM
Air21 na naman ang involved sa suntukan.

03-29-2008, 02:51 AM
De Ocampo, TnT import fined P10,000 for fighting (http://www.journal.com.ph/index.php?issue=2008-03-29&sec=7&aid=54183)
March 29, 2008 07:53 PM Saturday*
By: Zean Macamay*
THE PBA Fiesta Cup has yet to begin, but the fines have already started.
* *
Acting quickly on an ugly fight-marred tune-up game between Air21 and Talk ‘N Text, the PBA yesterday slapped Ranidel de Ocampo and import Aaron McGhee with fines of P10,000 each while giving stern warnings to four other Express players.
* *
Wynne Arboleda, Nino Canaleta, Homer Se and Gary David were the ones given harsh warnings for violently participating in the fight after the four players were found to have thrown punches on the Phone Pals import while he was confronting De Ocampo right in front of the Express bench.
* *
The PBA still has to come out with a decision regarding a similar fight that also involved Air21, this time between Arwind Santos and Purefoods’ Kerby Raymundo in a practice game Wednesday.
* *
The sanctions on Santos and Raymundo were still being deliberated and the report was to be forwarded to Commissioner Sonny Barrios who is currently in New York, which is 12 hours behind. Barrios was sleeping during the time of the deliberation.
* *
The fine on De Ocampo was anticipated even before the league began investigation. Bo Perasol, coach of the Express, said that he had already expected fines but not suspensions soon after Air21 and Talk ‘N Text halted their tune-up game Tuesday.
* *
In that match-up, De Ocampo and the other Express players apparently got irked because of how physical McGhee played.
* *
“Nagkasikuhan, very physical ang game, tapos nagkapikunan,” said TNT assistant coach Virgil Villavicencio.
* *
Air21 players then failed to control their temper when De Ocampo got slumped on their bench after a push from McGhee. When McGhee approached De Ocampo, he was swarmed by the four Express players and literally took a beating.
* *
Cooler heads then intervened, and coaches Perasol and Chot Reyes decided to stop the game with Air21 on top 44-43 midway in the second period.
* *
Apparently, suspensions were not slapped because the game was outside of the regular PBA schedule and unsanctioned.
* *
This was the second time that the PBA has experienced meting out penalties even before the regular tournament began. Before that start of the Philippine Cup this season, the league likewise handed Magnolia’s Danny Seigle with a similar P10,000 fine for punching Billy Mamaril of Ginebra three times also in a tune-up game.
* *
Even though McGhee appeared to have gotten the raw end of the exchange, the Phone Pals import reportedly was unshaken and is all set up to face the Coca-Cola Tigers today in the conference’s tip-off game in Panabo, Davao del Norte.
* *
McGhee is widely known in the U.S. as a true-blue physical player, one who doesn’t back down from a fight. But he is best remembered as one talented athlete who steered Oklahoma University to the Final Four in the U.S. NCAA.* *

04-11-2008, 10:04 AM
Chot and Pals are in getting-to-know-each-other stage (http://businessmirror.com.ph/0411&122008/sports04.html)
By Dave Coros
JUST in his second month with Talk ’N Text since taking over the coaching chores from Derick Pumaren, Chot Reyes said he is still in the process of getting to know his players.

He said the same goes for the players, who are coping up with a new system “that obviously predicated more on ball movements.”

“So there are times that we’ll struggle, so we just need to learn to be patient with ourselves,” said Reyes during a news conference following their 131-95 victory over the Welcoat Dragons on Friday for a split of their first two games in the Smart-Philippine Basketball Association Fiesta Conference.

Having spent the past two years with the RP Team that came up short of qualifying for the Beijing Olympics, Reyes admitted his mindset still dwells on a 40-minute game that somehow contributed to the Phone Pals’ 79-87 opening game loss against the Coca-Cola Tigers last March 29.

“Forty minutes lang ang coaching ko sa Davao, eh, 48 na nga pala ito. Kaya kinapos kami sa last eight minutes against Coke,” Reyes observed.

Reyes acknowledges that the Phone Pals are well equipped offensively, so his top priority is to improve the team’s defense “in order to compete with the big boys in the league.”

He admits it will take some time for the Phone Pals to fully digest his coaching philosophy. But the important thing, he said, is the wisdom his troops will gain in the tournament.

Two tough games—against Red Bull this afternoon and Magnolia on Sunday—are up ahead for TnT this week, which Reyes said are “good tests” for his team.

“It’s a great challenge for us. We’ll see how far we’ve gone,” Reyes said.

The Phone Pals and the Barakos take the floor at 4:50 p.m., with Red Bull aiming for its third-consecutive win to stay abreast with the Tigers on top of the leader board.

Alaska (1-1) and Magnolia (2-0) completes Friday’s double-header at the Araneta Coliseum with an equally exciting match at 7:20 p.m.

Red Bull coach Yeng Guiao readily admitted they encountered matchup problems against the first two teams they faced—Barangay Ginebra and Air 21—particularly with Adam Parada, the Barako’s seven-foot import.

“Having the biggest import in the conference provides us an advantage in terms of matchup,” said Guiao, although he felt TnT’s reinforcement, Aaron McGhee, has the body and the size to do battle with Parada.

“The teams we have played encountered matchup problems against us. But I feel we’ll have a tough time in dealing with TnT,” said Guiao, noting that the Phone Pals are a potent offensive team and Red Bull’s success depends on how well it can defend against TnT.

“We’re coming in with a defensive mindset and bracing for a bruising game down low,” offered Guiao.

Guiao said life is starting to get hard for Parada because he has been getting more contacts and a lot more physical players are assigned on him.

“But the good thing about Adam is that he’s not a heavy scorer, so he doesn’t cancel out our local talent,” Guiao said.

Parada, a Mexican-American who played for national team of Mexico in the Tournament of the Americas, average 28 points, 16 rebounds and four blocks in his first two games. In contrast, McGhee is averaging 25 points and 12 rebounds per outing.