View Full Version : Lousy Radio Coverage of the PBL by Sports Radio 918

05-23-2007, 04:23 PM
Has anyone tried to follow the PBL games by listening to the radio coverage?* Well I have a few times, while stuck in afternoon traffic.* And the experience is more infuriating than a hot day in Manila traffic:

First you have this lousy microphone they're using which picks up the crowd noise more than the voice of the sportscaster.

Then there's this lady sportscaster (Belle ba pangalan niya?) who (a) doesn't know her basketball rules, (b) fails to describe well the play-by-play on the court or is two plays late in updating you...[example:* "sumaksak si Daa, at... naku... oh my God...ano ba naman yan..."* In the meantime, you're gritting your teeth waiting for her to tell you what really happened.. na shoot ba, na foul, what?.* Then she asks her colleague "what was the call?"* Grrrrr.], and (c) spends more time repeating the score over and over again, even if the score hasn't changed, than telling you what's happening on the court.

Is the PBL on such a low budget that it can't even afford a more accomplished sportscaster?

Had to rant here in the hope the Chino Trinidad reads this thread. >:(

05-23-2007, 05:21 PM
^ I dont think the PBL has a hand in the coverage. It seems that the coverage is done solely by Sports Radio by way of public service being a government station.

I sometimes listen to this radio station also while I drive and I've noticed that they dont have commercials, which probably explains why they cant hire a competent broadcaster.* ;)

05-23-2007, 08:48 PM
mas mabuti na ang lousy coverage kaysa sa wala. ang uaap wala talaga, abs-cbn is too selfish to let 918 cover the games. which is incomprehensible, given that they dont even have radio coverage themselves. downright nasty. its damn frustrating to be in transit while there's a blue eagle game playing.