View Full Version : 2007 PBL Unity Cup

04-15-2007, 05:45 PM
Here are the game skeds we got from the PBL office for the first round of the elims :)

Tue, Apr. 17 - Olivarez
2pm Burger King vs Henkel Sista
4pm Cebuana Lhuillier vs San Miguel Magnolia

Thu, Apr. 19 - Olivarez
2pm Toyota Balintawak vs Dazz 'sang Patak
4pm Harbour Centre vs Burger King

Sat, Apr. 21 - The Arena
12nn Henkel Sista vs Cebuana Lhuillier
2pm Dazz 'sang Patak vs Harbour Centre
4pm San Miguel Magnolia vs Toyota Balintawak

Tue, Apr. 24 - Olivarez
2pm Cebuana Lhuillier vs Burger King
4pm San Miguel Magnolia vs Dazz 'sang Patak

Thu, Apr. 26 - Olivarez
2pm Harbour Centre vs Henkel Sista
4pm Toyota Balintawak vs Cebuana Lhuillier

Sat, Apr. 28 - Olivarez
12nn San Miguel Magnolia vs Harbour Centre
2pm Henkel Sista vs Toyota Balintawak
4pm Burger King vs Dazz 'sang Patak

Tue, May 1 - Olivarez
2pm Toyota Balintawak vs Burger King
4pm Harbour Centre vs Cebuana Lhuillier

Thu, May 3 - Olivarez
2pm Henkel Sista vs Dazz 'sang Patak
4pm Burger King vs San Miguel Magnolia

Sat, May 5 - The Arena
12nn Toyota Balintawak vs Harbour Centre
2pm San Miguel Magnolia vs Henkel Sista
4pm Dazz 'sang Patak vs Cebuana Lhuillier

05-10-2007, 12:13 PM
Better late than never. Second round skeds here.

Tue, May 8 - The Arena
2pm Sista vs Magnolia
4pm Cebuana vs Dazz

Thu, May 10 - Olivarez
2pm Burger King vs Harbour
4pm Toyota vs Sista

Sat, May 12 - The Arena
12nn Magnolia vs Cebuana
2pm Dazz vs Burger King
4pm Harbour vs Toyota

Tue, May 15 - The Arena
2pm Cebuana vs Sista
4pm Dazz vs Harbour

Thu, May 17 - Olivarez
2pm Toyota vs Magnolia
4pm Burger King vs Cebuana

Sat, May 19 - The Arena
12nn Sista vs Harbour
2pm Magnolia vs Burger King
4pm Dazz vs Toyota

Tue, May 22 - Olivarez
2pm Burger King vs Sista
4pm Toyota vs Cebuana

Thu, May 24 - Olivarez
2pm Magnolia vs Harbour
4pm Sista vs Dazz

Sat, May 26 - The Arena
12nn Burger King vs Toyota
2pm Harbour vs Cebuana
4pm Dazz vs Magnolia