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03-25-2007, 06:51 PM
Ambush waiting in SEABA?
By Joaquin Henson
The Philippine Star 03/25/2007

National coach Chot Reyes isn’t taking any chances in preparing for the SEABA championships in Ratchaburi, Thailand, on May 24-28 as the possibility of an ambush looms.

After the Philippines’ suspension was lifted by FIBA, the Samahang Basketbol Ng Pilipinas (SBP) offered to host the SEABA tournament where the two finalists qualify to play in the FIBA-Asia championships in Tokushima, Japan, on July 28-Aug. 5.

FIBA-Asia secretary-general Dato Yeoh Choo Hock of Malaysia initially said Thailand encountered sponsorship problems and may give up the hosting rights. But in the end, Thailand decided to host the event for the first time ever.

Since the inaugural SEABA championships, the Philippines has hosted six tournaments and Malaysia, two. Malaysia won the first title in 1994 and the Philippines swept the next six only to yield the throne back to Malaysia two years ago by default.

"We’re expecting the worst," said a national team insider." Ratchaburi is under martial law. There was an appeal to hold the tournament in Bangkok instead but it was turned down. Thailand is celebrating the King’s 80th birthday this year and the SEABA tournament is a milestone event in the calendar. No doubt, Thailand is looking forward to winning the title."

Only five countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines – will play in Ratchaburi. After a single-round robin, the lowest-ranked team is eliminated and the four survivors will play in the crossover knockout semifinals with the winners to dispute the crown.

"We will be sending an advance team to Ratchaburi to make arrangements for hotel, transportation and practice facilities," said the insider." Thailand expects to win so we are prepared to fight the odds."

Although the Philippines is heavily favored to win the title, it may encounter some rough sailing.

Thailand is reportedly calling on three reinforcements from foreign schools – Oun Savueth of St. Claire in Canada, Saelee Kao of Mendocino Community College in California and junior varsity cager Krit Vichaiwatamapanich of Worcester Academy in Massachusetts.

Indonesia lost a close 74-71 decision to eventual champion Malaysia in the last SEABA championships and will be out for revenge. Malaysia gained valuable experience playing against the Melbourne Tigers, Yulong of Chinese-Taipei and the Singapore All-Stars in a four-way competition in Singapore last year.

SBP president Manny Pangilinan will fly to Ratchaburi for the last three days of the tournament.

A source said Reyes is not likely to fill the vacant 12th spot in the national team roster even as Eric Menk, James Yap, Kelly Williams and Enrico Villanueva are often mentioned as options for a possible late addition.

The team leaves on Tuesday to attend the two-week Abunassar Impact Basketball (AIB) camp in Carson City, California. If the PBL-Harbour Centre team wins the SEABA Champions Cup in Indonesia next month, Reyes will bring the national squad to the FIBA-Asia Champions Cup in Iran on May 12-20 before going to Ratchaburi.

05-10-2007, 10:23 PM
Thais pose biggest threat
By Nelson Beltran
The Philippine Star 05/10/2007

A breeze or an ambush awaits SMC-Team Philippines in Ratchaburi, Thailand as it plays the host team, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore in a single-round, no-final competition to dispute the SEABA men’s championship from May 24-28.

The Nationals take opening-day bye on the 24th, then tackle Singapore on the 25th, Malaysia on the 26th, Indonesia on the 27th and Thailand on the 28th.

The team with the best record after the single round robin is automatically declared the champion. Ties will be resolved by the quotient system of tiebreak.

"The schedule and the format of competition obviously were designed to favor the host team. They scheduled us to play four straight games with them as our final opponent. They’re looking for an ambush," said PBA commissioner Noli Eala.

PBA coaches say the host apparently is thinking that’s the best way to upset the Philippines, resigned to the fact that they can’t beat the Filipinos twice.

But coach Junel Baculi, a new addition to coach Chot Reyes’ staff, believes there’s no way the all-pro RP team can be beaten in SEABA.

The Nationals can’t afford not to win the SEABA championship as it serves as the qualifier among Southeast Asian countries for the FIBA-Asia championship in Tokoshima, Japan in July.

The team warms up for SEABA and the FIBA-Asia Championship as it leaves tomorrow for Tehran, Iran for the Fiba-Asia Champions Cup from May 12-22.

"We’re not going to Tehran to win. We’re going there to get better," said RP team coach Chot Reyes on his decision not to exercise their right to play with an import in the Champions Cup.

Twelfth man Enrico Villanueva, accompanied by RP team assistant coach Nash Racela, follows the RP team in Tehran right after Red Bull’s out-of-town game in Cebu versus San Miguel Beer Saturday.

Right after the Red Bull-San Miguel game, Villanueva takes the 9:30 p.m. Cebu Pacific flight to Manila then tries to catch the 12:20 a.m. Emirates Air to Tehran.

Still uncertain is Villanueva’s stint in the SEABA men’s championship.

The Thais, who have reportedly recruited two Thai-American players, could well offer the toughest challenge to the Nationals in SEABA. They didn’t expose their recruits as they opted not to play in the recent SEABA Champions Cup in Jakarta.

05-23-2007, 12:22 PM
No respite for RP 5, leaves for SEABA

The Philippine Star

SMC-RP team coach Chot Reyes said they intend to make the most of their stint in the SEABA men’s championship in Rachaburi, Thailand, reiterating his team is far from top form for the FIBA-Asia championship.

“We’ll take it very seriously,” said Reyes, after their return from their Champions Cup stint in Tehran, Iran shortly before midnight Monday.

After a one-day layover in Manila, the Nationals depart for Thailand at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, determined to get the job done in the SEABA joust while improving further for the FIBA-Asia Olympic qualifier in Tokushima, Japan in July.

If he has his concerns in SEABA set May 24-28, Reyes said it’s “the fear of the unknown and fear of the surprises the opposition can pull off.”

“We’re concerned with the host team, specifically the US-trained players they’re reportedly fielding in. We don’t know them,” said Reyes.

Coach Junel Baculi, a new addition to the RP team coaching staff, could well help scout the Indonesian and Malaysian teams which he had encountered in leading the RP-Harbour Centre squad to victory in the SEABA Champions Cup in Jakarta a few weeks back.

The fifth and final team in the field is Singapore, which will be SMC-RP team’s first assignment Friday.

It’s a one-round-robin, no-final match tourney. The best team after the round automatically wins the championship.

The Nationals play Indonesia Saturday, Malaysia Sunday then Thailand Monday.

Enrico Villanueva, originally allowed by his mother team Red Bull to play only in the Champions Cup, has secured permission to join the RP team to the SEABA championship as well.

Tony dela Cruz will sit out the tourney because of an injury sustained in Iran. PBA commissioner Noli Eala released KG Canaleta to replace dela Cruz in Rachaburi.

Canaleta will leave for Thailand Thursday after the Air21-Alaska match on Wednesday.

“I’m thankful Rico is allowed to join us in SEABA. The more we need him now with Dela Cruz out,” said Reyes.

The Nationals are cinched to gain a FIBA-Asia championship berth in the SEABA joust. But Reyes’ concern is how to improve the team’s competitiveness with two months left before plunging into action in the Tokushima Olympic qualifier. Nelson Beltran

05-23-2007, 01:11 PM
RP Team in Thailand but Japan is real target


THE QUEST FOR SHIP has been built. Test cruises have been made to the United States west coast and the torrential Tehran waters. Members of the 11-man national crew have bid their families adieu and the captain calls for all to come aboard.

At 10 this morning, the quest for an Olympic berth in Beijing next year officially starts for the San Miguel-Pilipinas team when it departs for the Southeast Asian Basketball Association Men’s Championship in Ratchaburi, Thailand, hoping to negotiate its way past an armada of ambushers from Malaysia, Indonesia and the mysterious host country.

The Nationals, including center Rico Villanueva who got the green light from Red Bull management to stay on, will fly to Bangkok via Philippine Airlines before taking a two-hour bus ride 60 kilometers west of the capital to Ratchaburi. They are expected to reach their hotel at 10:30 p.m.

Accompanying them are national coach Chot Reyes, assistants Aboy Castro and Nash Racela, and strength and fitness coordinator Dennis Aenlle.

Forward Tony dela Cruz, who sprained an ankle during the FIBA-Asia Champions Cup in Tehran where the team finished fourth, will follow on the 25th when the Nationals open their bid to secure a berth in the FIBA-Asia Men’s Championship in Tokushima, Japan against Singapore.

The SEABA tourney is the qualifying tournament for the FIBA-Asia which, in turn, is the Olympic qualifier for Beijing

"We’re looking forward to this competition," said Reyes, who arrived with the rest of the team late Monday night from Iran.

"Everything we’ve done, the camp in the States and the Iran trip, is geared toward giving the players enough time to be together, know each other and understand the value of being a team."

SMC-RP drew a bye today, takes on Singapore on May 25, Indonesia on the 26th, Malaysia on the 27th, and Thailand on the 28th, with the top two finishers going to Tokushima.

"Obviously, there’s always concern in international play, especially with news that the Thais have US NCAA Division I players in their lineup," Reyes said. "We’ve not been able to confirm the reports, so we’re not going to take the opposition lightly."

The haste with which the Nationals have to regroup and then fly off to Thailand left them with limited time to be with their families upon their return from Tehran, an opportunity they took advantage of yesterday.

Reyes, for one, had dinner with his wife Cherry and kids Joshua, Moses, Isaiah and Rebekah Monday night, played a round of golf at Wack Wack East Course early yesterday morning, spent most of the day packing, attended a Nike affair in the evening, and later had another quiet dinner with his family.

"Now we’re off to war," Reyes said.

05-24-2007, 11:59 AM
Olympic journey starts in Seaba

By Beth Celis
Last updated 04:17am (Mla time) 05/24/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- To avoid turning the blessed event into a carnival, Kris Aquino requested the media not to mention the church where her two-month old son Baby James Yap would be christened.

Nevertheless, when I got to the Don Bosco chapel in Makati City last Saturday afternoon, there was still a small throng of fans gathered at the venue.

Earlier, Kris had enumerated the ninongs and ninangs (godparents) she had chosen. I wondered who would be in the short list of her hubby James Yap who, at the time, had not come up with his selection. Kris said they would be limiting the number to 10 “close friends.”

James looked handsome in his black, long-sleeved shirt which looked like a fitted barong tagalog while Kris was stunning in her red and black spaghetti-strapped dress.

Later at the reception, I noticed that the color motif of the decors matched those of the couple’s garb. The party place was festooned with clusters of red, black and white balloons while an assortment of tiny teddy bears of the same colors, arranged in a pyramid, served as centerpiece of each table.

“Black, red and white are the only colors a baby of James’ age can recognize,” Kris explained.

* * *

The culinary delights for the afternoon’s heavy merienda fare were provided by two caterers, one serving a wide assortment of Japanese sushi, the other a fusion of dishes that included seafood kabob and black paella. Of course there was also roasted calf and pigs and a host of yummy desserts which I could only drool over.

By celebrity standards, the number of guests was manageable, with not too many coming either from the showbiz or basketball circles.

They were mostly friends and relatives of James and Kris.

Only two tables, in fact, were occupied by PBA and media personalities like Purefoods governor Rene Pardo and wife Beth, PFC president Butch Alejo and partner Cynthia, coach Ryan Gregorio and family, and James’ fellow cagers: Nelbert Omolon, Adonis Sta. Maria and Jun Limpot, who was one of three ninongs James chose.

Papa Jun, who has shaved off his moustache, said he didn’t know why he was given the honor of being the godfather over the rest of the team.

The other two are James’ manager Dondon Monteverde and PGA Cars’ Mike Coyiuto.

* * *

“Why Papa Jun?” I asked James when he approached our table.

It took a while before the cager could answer.

“Vibes,” was his simple reply.

“You see, kahit siya hindi rin niya alam kung bakit ako ang pinili niya,” Jun said.

Incidentally, the veteran cager is all excited about a book business he has ventured into, where he will be setting up stores in selected shopping malls and book fairs in different schools.

“Pick a Book, that’s the name of the store,” Jun said.

* * *

Despite our fourth place finish in the recently concluded FIBA-Asia Champions Cup, PBA chairman and BAP/SBP vice chairman Ricky Vargas feels that the Tehran experience was “very good for the team , if only because we were exposed to international competition and officiating.”

“Their egos may be bruised but the nationals had their shining moments and this will give them the impetus to pursue our dream which is to participate in the Beijing Olympics. We just have to work harder and train harder and try to develop the heart of a Manny Pacquiao, who does not accept defeat,” Ricky said.

The journey to Beijing starts in Ratchaburi, Thailand, where the RP team is set to compete May 24 to 29 in the Seaba qualifier for the FIBA-Asia Men’s Championship.

“This is our best chance to make it back to the Olympics. We must not let it slip away,” Ricky said.

* * *

Congratulations to Robbie Puno, recently proclaimed congressman of the first district of Antipolo City.

Before this, he was marketing director of the PBA, and then host of a television-radio talk show on sports aired over Solar Sports. As soon as he gets settled in his new profession, Robbie said he will resume his program which he hosts with Jude Turcuato and Patricia Hizon.

I don’t have the complete list but I also want to extend my congratulations to the other sporting personalities who won in this year’s elections: Jason Webb, councilor, first district of Parañaque, Mar Morelos and Gerry Esplana, councilors, first district of Valenzuela City in Bulacan province and Ato Agustin, councilor of San Fernando.

05-24-2007, 12:00 PM
Seaba win is RP five’s only goal, says Chot Reyes

By Francis Ochoa
Last updated 03:52am (Mla time) 05/24/2007

RATCHABURI, THAILAND -- The pricey Philippine squad arrived here Wednesday for the Southeast Asian Basketball Association (Seaba) men’s championship with a mindset far different from the one it sported just last week.

“We’re here to win,” said RP head coach Chot Reyes, after a two-hour drive from the capital city of Bangkok, where they touched down following a three-hour flight from the Philippines.

In previous matches, particularly in the recent FIBA Champion Cup in Tehran, Reyes has emphasized that the San Miguel Corporation-backed RP five was undergoing a learning process and that the game results were unimportant.

With a slot to the FIBA-Asia men’s championship -- the gateway to the Beijing Olympics -- at stake, Reyes is now singing a different tune.

“We’re here to qualify for the FIBA-Asia, period,” he said.

The RP squad, whose roster was formed by plucking millionaire superstars from their mother clubs in the Philippine Basketball Association, is far from the form Reyes wants the team in for the Olympic qualifier to be held in Tokushima, Japan late in July.

And playing here isn’t going to help the team cut corners.

“There’s absolutely no learning to be done here,” Reyes said. “We’re here to qualify for the FIBA-Asia and that’s the only goal we have in mind.”

The opposition, as per recent history of Southeast Asian basketball, is expected to get flattened and bullied by a squad expected to win by huge margins. Never mind if a “mysterious” home squad has leaked feelers that it will field a unit beefed up by US NCAA Division I players.

Aside from Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are hoping to forge an upset against the country, which has dominated the sport in this little corner of the globe.

Reyes has at his disposal the likes of Asi Taulava, Jimmy Alapag, Renren Ritualo, Mark Caguioa, Jayjay Helterbrand, Danny Seigle, Dondon Hontiveros, Kerby Raymundo, Mick Pennisi, Enrico Villanueva, Ranidel De Ocampo and late add-on KG Canaleta, a replacement for injured multitasking forward Tony dela Cruz.

The team, built to challenge the Asian heavyweights for a shot at an Olympic berth, is expected to bully its rivals, but Reyes says it’s not the manner of winning that is important in this particular stint.

“Whether we win big or small, it doesn’t matter as long as we win,” he declared.

The RP squad was supposed to practice at 3:30 p.m. local time but was still awaiting its shuttle service to the coliseum at 3:45 p.m.

The Nationals drew a bye for Thursday’s hostilities, then will play Singapore on May 25, Indonesia on the 26th, Malaysia on the 27th, and Thailand on the 28th in a format that calls for the top team at the end of the single round-robin affair to be declared the champion.

The top two squads will book slots to the FIBA-Asia championships.

05-25-2007, 04:46 AM
May 25, 2007 :

Thais off to a flyer

[b]Thailand made a flying start in the SEABA Men's Championship, defeating Singapore 75-50 to pick up their first victory at the Provincial Gymnasium of Ratchaburi yesterday.

The Singaporean side had their chances but squandered them to allow the Thai men to take a 35-17 lead at half-time.

The Thai team stumbled for a while when Thai team manager Nipon Chawalitmontian rested star player Sopon Pinitpacharalert. The Singaporeans organised themselves to give a hard time to the hosts. Sopon came off the bench and rallied his team-mates in time to lead the Thai team to their first victory.

Sopon scored 16 points to emerge as the top scorer.

"Most of our players have never played in an international event before, but we did a good job. We failed to get going for a while because we fielded reserves so that they got some experience," said Nipon.

"The Malaysia match tomorrow will be a tough one. They had a hard match against Indonesia today and hopefully our players will take advantage of the fatigue-factor," he said.

Rony Gunawan fired 16 points to lead Indonesia past Malaysia 72-66. Malaysian made it a close contest by taking a narrow 63-60 lead late in the final session.

A minute later, the Indonesians stole the ball from the rivals' end and Denny Sumargo fired a three-pointer. After another turnover, Andi Poedjakesuma had a lay-up to put Indonesia firmly on the saddle.

With the clock ticking away, Malaysia's shooting fell apart. Indonesian Rony had a lay-up in the last second to ensure victory.

Somporn Suphop , The Nation newspaper

05-25-2007, 10:06 AM
RP sees easy win in SEABA opener


The Philippine Star

RACHABURI, Thailand – The SMC-Philippine team could well jumpstart its quest for a return stint in the Olympics Friday as it takes on lowly Singapore in its opening game in the seventh SEABA men’s championship here.

A team determined to regain its status as an Asian power, the RP squad is likely to thunder from the gate and sustain a searing charge for four days here to book a ticket for the FIBA-Asia Olympic qualifier in Tokushima, Japan in July.

Against the Singaporeans, chalk up the win for Team Philippines as soon as the Nationals show up for the warm-up. The RP-Singapore match is set at 2 p.m. (local time).

Singapore has always been an easy prey for the Philippines. The last time the two teams met during the 2003 SEA Games in Ho Chi Minh, the Nationals clobbered the Singaporeans, 97-56.

James Yap and Gary David fired bombs from the outside while Ricky Calimag and Ranidel de Ocampo flexed their muscles underneath as the Philippines left Singapore behind early at 25-6.

The other members of the all-amateur RP team then under coach Aric del Rosario were Rich Alvarez, Wesley Gonzales, Allan Salangsang, Celino Cruz, Dennis Madrid, Ervin Sotto, Marc Pingris and Richard Melencio.

Koh Meng Koon carried the token fight for the Singaporeans then, scoring mostly from the perimeter.

The last RP team to reign supreme in the region before the country was suspended in FIBA plays, Del Rosario and his troops swept their games in the 2003 SEAG but had anxious moments before toppling Indonesia, 75-70.

The Indons then were coached by Filipino mentor Bong Ramos.

Indonesia pulled one against the Philippines in the recent SEABA Champions Cup in Jakarta. But a tall, quick all-pro team could well annihilate the Indons in their 6 p.m. tiff here tomorrow.

The Nationals take on the Malaysians at 4 p.m. Sunday before closing their campaign here against the local squad also at 4 p.m. Monday.

RP team coach Chot Reyes said his No. 1 concern is his unfamiliarity with the US collegiate players to be fielded in by the Thais.

The Malaysians have had their upsets of the Filipinos in the SEA Games. The Thais, meanwhile, scored a near shocker during the 1991 Manila SEAG against an RP team featuring future PBA stars Johnny Abarrientos, Vergel Meneses, Jun Limpot, Marlou Aquino, Vic Pablo, Bong Solomon, Bong Ravena and Boyet Fernandez.

But a powerhouse all-pro squad could well prove too much for the opposition here.

Add the fact that Reyes and his boys are coming from a struggling showing in the Tehran Champions Cup, and they’re likely to play an emphatic game each night here.

"We’re taking this tourney seriously, this being the qualifier for the FIBA-Asia championship," said Reyes.

Reyes has a full compliment of 12 players at his disposal with KG Canaleta released by the PBA to replace the injured Tony dela Cruz. Canaleta flew in from Manila Thursday.

05-25-2007, 10:07 AM
Nationals open SEABA bid


RATCHABURI, Thailand – The road back to the Olympics starts here.

The RP Team, a collection of multi-millionaires in Asia’s first play-for-pay league, begins its quest for an Olympic berth when it competes in the Southeast Asian Basketball Association (SEABA) men’s championship.

After earning a bye at the start of the tournament yesterday, the nationals open their campaign against Singapore at 2 p.m. at the Ratchaburi Gymnasium.

But while the Nationals are expected to overwhelm the Singaporeans, Chot Reyes, the national coach, is not about to take any rival lightly, considering the imperative note attached to this tournament, the qualifier for the all-important FIBA-Asia Men’sChampionship set July 28-Aug. 5 in Tokushima, Japan.

Only the top two teams in this tournament will advance to the FIBA-Asia.

Historically, the SEABA tilt, won by the Philippines from 1998 to 2003, marks the return of an all-PBA squad to the international scene, three years after the suspension order handed down by the International Basketball Federation, also known as FIBA.

After Malaysia beat Thailand in Segamat in the maiden SEABA tournament in 1994, a three-year break followed before Manila hosted the next three editions – defeating Thailand 90-69 in 1998, Singapore 74-66 in 1999, and again the Thais 96-81 in 2001.

The Filipinos made it four in a row by dealing Malaysia a 96-81 loss in Kuala Lumpur in 2003.

With the Philippines under suspension in 2005, Malaysia went on to clobber Indonesia, 98-47, in the final game.

Comprising the Nationals are: Mark Caguioa and Jayjay Helterbrand of Ginebra, Asi Taulava, Jimmy Alapag and Renren Ritualo of Talk ‘N Text,Kerby Raymundo of Purefoods, Mick Pennisi and Rico Villanueva of RedBull, Ranidel de Ocampo and KG Canaleta of Air21and Dondon Hontiveros and Danny Seigle of San Miguel Beer.

Canaleta was picked as a replacement for the injured Tony dela Cruz (sprained right ankle).

05-25-2007, 05:54 PM
Team Pilipinas just defeated Singapore, 122-55.

05-25-2007, 06:09 PM
Team Pilipinas just defeated Singapore, 122-55.

Walang patawad, huh. Malaki pa ang lamang sa score ng kalaban... Congrats Team Pilipinas! :)

05-26-2007, 01:04 AM
Coach Chot thinking of tinkering with NT lineup
Friday, 25 May 2007
(from www.pba.ph)

RATCHABURI, Thailand – The education of the San Miguel-Pilipinas team on the harsh realities of international basketball continued without letup in the Southeast Asian Basketball Association (SEABA) Men’s Championship.

A learning slope gone through and believed to be over with after the brutality of the FIBA-Asia Champions Cup in Tehran days ago, the Nationals’ reintroduction to the foreign brand of play again hit full swing against Singapore Friday.

Traditional heartbroken souls against RP teams past, the Singaporeans, lowly at first sight, dished off a few brilliant lessons in the first quarter which the Nationals could ill afford to ignore in their bid to advance to the FIBA-Asia Men’s Championship, and later to again fly a Philippine flag in the Olympic Games.

Though the 122-57 score appears to indicate a breeze for the Nationals, their opening game was anything but a walk in the park.

In fact, the first 10 minutes could best be described as a struggle, a labor to contain the surprising Singaporeans’ agility, nifty ball movement, aggressive zone and lack of conscience from the outside even against a man-to-man defense.

They drained five three-point shots in the first 10 minutes and kept the Nationals within sight, 32-28, early in the second quarter with yet another 3-pointer courtesy of forward Yuh Wong Soon.

But that was when the Nationals decided they’ve had enough of the Singaporeans’ brashness, physicality, and growing confidence despite their inferiority in size and maturity.

In a fierce exchange under the basket, Kerby Raymundo knocked down Desmond Oh Sei Jie, drawing a warning from the referees.

The collision also knocked SMC-Pilipinas back to its senses.

Jimmy Alapag hit a 3-pointer in the next play and the Nationals were off to a 25-4 run, turning the freezing classroom atmosphere into a sweltering playground for breathtaking Showtime basketball.

Mark Caguioa (24), Dondon Hontiveros (22) and Danny Seigle (20) delivered the points, but recent addition KG Canaleta, flew in to replace an injured Tony de la Cruz, provided the highlight slam dunks.

“We didn’t get the start that we want, but fortunately we were able to pick it up in the second quarter,” said RP coach Chot Reyes.

“We need to get to a level where we can play our own game regardless of the opponent. We were unable to achieve the goals we set for this game although we hope to improve as the tournament progresses.”

Mick Pennisi, bothered by a swollen gum from an infected molar, suited up to provide extra muscle inside although the rebounding story, 44-15, showed no more was needed.

Hontiveros grabbed 12 rebounds, while Rico Villanueva, Renren Ritualo and Canaleta had 11 points each.

The Nationals take on Indonesia Saturday.

The Indons stunned Malaysia, 73-66, after trailing at the half Thursday, while host Thailand, playing Malaysia at press time, drubbed Singapore, 75-50.

NOTES: Eric Menk, Barangay Ginebra’ star center and a member of the 2002 RP-Asian Games team in Busan, South Korea has expressed his desire to suit up for the SMC-Pilipinas squad, an offer coach Chot Reyes said he will study on his return…Reyes also bared his plans to talk to Alaska’s Willie Miller and Sta. Lucia Realty’s Kelly Williams…A thorough evaluation of the performance of members of the national team during their US West Coast trip, FIBA-Asia Champions Cup stint in Tehran and the SEABA tourney will be made after they come back…Foreign trips to Belgrade, Serbia (June 12-20), Qatar (June 22-28) and the Jones Cup in Taipei (July 2-10) are also under consideration for SMC-RP…A need to loosen up officiating in the PBA to allow for more physicality is gaining ground here, with Asi Taulava its chief exponent.

05-26-2007, 04:47 PM
RP 5 opens fire, routs Singapore


The Philippine Star

RATCHABURI, Thailand — The SMC-RP team took the measure of the highly physical game Singapore put up early on. Then, rampage the Nationals went on.

Coach Chot Reyes and his troops started their quest for a stint in the 2008 Beijing Games with a 122-55 massacre of the Singaporeans in Day 2 of the SEABA men’s basketball championship at the Ratchaburi Gymnasium here on Friday.

Wingmen Mark Caguioa, Dondon Hontiveros and Danny Seigle each scored at least 20 points for the RP team which scrambled at the start but blazed home after picking up their game in the second quarter.

Reyes, however, was far from satisfied.

"We didn’t get the start we wanted. We failed on the goals we set for this match. Obviously, there’s pretty much to be desired in our game," said Reyes, giving his team a failing grade in their opening game in this FIBA-Asia championship qualifier.

"We can’t afford the start we had in this game. We’re facing tougher games ahead," Reyes stressed.

The Nationals trailed most of the first quarter before eventually surging ahead, 25-20, on an eight-to-nothing attack by Hontiveros, Seigle, Caguioa and Jimmy Alapag towards the end of the period.

Apparently, the RP squad was surprised by the rugged game put up by Singapore early on.

"Pinisikal nila kami. Pero doon sila nagkamali. Hindi sila tatagal dahil kagagaling lang namin sa Iran. Walang tatalo sa pisikalan doon," said Reyes.

Rico Villanueva and Kerby Raymundo banged bodies with the Singaporeans coming off the bench and helped the Nationals established control at 55-31 on a 18-0 tear in the second quarter.

The Singaporeans didn’t back off the fight but obviously softened up in the second half.

Pounding the situation, the Nationals stretched their lead to 89-47 at the end of the third quarter and put up some show in the final period on slams by Niño Canaleta and three-point bombs by Mick Pennisi and Renren Ritualo.

"We didn’t just want to win. We set goals like limiting ourselves to only 10 errors and outscoring our rivals by 10 points in each quarter. Obviously, we failed on those goals," said Reyes.

The Nationals committed three errors right in the early goings and totaled 12 turnovers.

Those RP errors and good outside shooting by Wong Soon Yuh and Koh Meng Kook helped the Singaporeans stay in the battle at least in the first 15 minutes of the contest.

The Singaporeans netted 10 treys, two less than what the Filipinos did. But the Singaporeans were clobbered in the battle off the boards, 15-44.

NOTES: Now it can be told. Mark Caguioa, who stood out among the Nationals in the recent Champions Cup, was offered about P10 million to play for a local club team in Iran for a season spread over eight months… The Nationals are beginning to realize how different officiating in FIBA tourneys compared to the PBA. "It’s really very physical in FIBA games that I’m now saying I love the PBA refs. I’d thought Mick Pennisi is a dirty player but I’ve realized he’s clean. FIBA officiating is like what they used to call no-harm, no-foul in the PBA," said Asi Taulava. Coach Chot Reyes said the PBA should do away with its touch fouls if it wants to adapt to international brand of play… Coach Chot Reyes has stressed performances of each player will be reevaluated after the SEABA championship, keeping the Tokushima, Japan door open for the likes of Willie Miller… Mick Pennisi played on Friday despite a badly infected gum. He’s already advised by the coaching staff to go back home to have his ailment checked.

05-27-2007, 12:06 AM
Caguioa, Taulava, Seigle outscore opponents by themselves
Saturday, 26 May 2007
RATCHABURI, Thailand – Facing an Indonesian opponent determined to drag the game back to the Dark Ages by stalling, San Miguel-Pilipinas blasted its way to an 85-48 victory Saturday to stay unbeaten and move within two more wins of sweeping the Southeast Asian Basketball Association Men’s Championship.
Mark Caguioa scorched the slow-breaking Indonesians for 23 points, while Asi Taulava added 11, scoring his biggest hit seconds before the game ended when he knocked down cocky Indonesian point guard Julius Achmad Faisal with a stiff forearm to the head.

Danny Seigle added nine points as the deadly SMC-RP trio outscored the entire Indon team by themselves.

“(Indonesia) came with a great game plan to minimize our possessions,” said national coach Chot Reyes. “In 40 minutes, I think we handled the ball for only 15, but we showed patience in our half-court set.”

Washing off the residue of their sloppy start against Singapore which they trailed by five points in the first quarter Friday, the Nationals were all business from the opening buzzer against Indonesia, which stunned Malaysia in their opening game.

They raced to a 7-0 start and never yielded the lead although their defense continued to fall prey to three-point shooters, with the Indonesians hitting three in the first 10 minutes to keep the game interesting.

Acknowledging the superiority of their opponents, the Indonesians spread their offense and dribbled away half of the shot clock before launching their offense – driving to the basket and kicking out to their outside shooters.

Occasionally they would catch the Nationals tied up trying to recover or a step slow switching or fighting screens, accounting for all but a six-point edge, 19-13, at the end of the first period.

SMC-RP had its first double-digit advantage two minutes into the second quarter on a free throw by Mark Caguioa, 23-13, before Seigle’s fast break broke the 10-point barrier, 30-18, with 2:48 remaining.

The floodgates opened after that, with the Nationals posting a 40-point advantage, 85-45, just before the final buzzer. (TST)

The scores:

SMC-RP 85 – Caguioa 23, Taulava 11, Seigle 9, Villanueva 8, De Ocampo 6, Raymundo 6, Helterbrand 6, Ritualo 5, Hontiveros 5, Alapag 3, Pennisi 3, Canaleta 0.

INDONESIA 48 – Faisal 13, Cakorda 8, Sumargo 7, Indrajaya 5, Widayat 5, Gunawan 2, Jakesuma 2, Prihantono 2, Sandkh 2, Wuysang 2, Wellyanson 0, Tiara 0.

Quarterscores: 19-13; 37-20; 58-36; 85-48

05-27-2007, 05:22 PM
RP five routs Indonesians

By Francis Ochoa
Last updated 00:15am (Mla time) 05/27/2007

RATCHABURI, Thailand—RP-San Miguel clobbered Indonesia, 85-48, to take the solo lead in the Southeast Asian Basketball Association (Seaba) Men’s Championship Saturday.

It was the second straight win for the Filipinos, who are aiming to win this tournament to book a seat in the Fiba-Asia Championships, which is the qualifying tournament for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Mark Caguioa led RP-San Miguel with 23 points.

With roughly 30 seconds left in the third quarter of a match where it was already leading by 40 points, the RP-San Miguel squad suddenly tightened its defense and swarmed all over a winded Singapore five.

In a testament to the seriousness by which the Nationals are treating the Seaba men’s championship, the Filipinos forced a shot clock violation and then set Mark Caguioa up for a transition basket to beat the game clock.

“We want to play our level of basketball regardless of the opponent or the situation,” said national coach Chot Reyes after the game Friday at the Ratchaburi gymnasium here, where the RP-San Miguel squad hammered out a 122-55 victory to jumpstart its bid for a slot to the Fiba Asia men’s championship in July.

Caguioa also embodied the seriousness of the team’s undertaking. After all, this tournament is the first step towards fulfilling the dream this pricey team made up of millionaire superstars was built around: The 2008 Beijing Olympics.

At the 3:50 mark of the first period, Dondon Hontiveros fouled Singaporean center Pathman Matialakan as the latter squared up for a fadeaway jumper from 18 feet out already under heavy pressure from RP’s Enrico Villanueva.

Prior to that, Matialakan had missed three of four free throws and showed no sign that he was the type of guy who could bury well-defended 18-footers fading away.

After Matialakan split his charities to put the Singaporeans ahead, Caguioa let his teammates, particularly Hontiveros, know how unnecessary the foul was.

“We already know he can’t make that shot so if he wants to take it, just let him take that (expletive),” Caguioa screamed, his voice echoing all throughout the 4,000-seater coliseum that hosted just a little over 200 people during the mid-afternoon match.

“We watched the video (of the Thailand-Singapore game Thursday) and we already knew what he could and could not do,” Caguioa later told reporters during a dinner-table huddle at a fellowship night held by tournament organizers.

“We were taking it easy in the first few minutes and I just felt like we needed to remind ourselves that we need to be serious no matter who we face because you’ll never know what will happen in these type of games,” Caguioa said in Filipino. “They (Singaporeans) were leading us up to that point, remember.”

The Singaporeans played it physical against the Filipinos and drained five three-pointers from almost every conceivable angle—and distance—on the court to make it a game after the first period.

“They were tough and they hit shots they could not hit the night before,” said Caguioa.

“They were very physical and it’s a good thing we were coming off a tough tournament in Iran so we were prepared for the banging,” said Renren Ritualo.

05-27-2007, 09:32 PM
Ritualo, Caguioa star in Nationals' 30-pt scorching of Malaysia
Sunday, 27 May 2007

RATCHABURI, Thailand – Renren Ritualo, the forgotten gunner on the star-studded San Miguel-Pilipinas team, emerged from the shadows Sunday and reintroduced himself in fiery fashion.

With the game against Malaysia tied 21-all early in the second quarter, Ritualo came off the dark end of the bench and sparked a blinding flash of offense, burying five straight three-point shots and setting off a scorching 20-4 run that left the Nationals’ third opponent withered.

The breathtaking 102-72 victory moved SMC-RP within a win over host Thailand Monday of sweeping the Southeast Asian Basketball Association Men’s Championship and of securing the first berth to the Beijing Olympics qualifier, the FIBA-Asia Men’s Championship July 28-August 5 in Tokushima, Japan

Ritualo was flawless from beyond the arc until the half was nearly over. His sixth attempt rimmed out but Mick Pennisi and Mark Caguioa picked up the pace, hitting three more as the Nationals wound up the half with nine 3-pointers, the Malaysians’ zone hapless in the wake of SMC-RP’s torrid offensive display.

Malaysia had four 3-point shots in the first quarter, following the trend set by the Nationals’ first two opponents – Singapore and Indonesia.

But the script called for a Philippine explosion in the second quarter and that was what Ritualo provided, dropping one long-distance bomb after another during the period and then adding four more in the second half to fortify his sharpshooter’s reputation.

“Mission accomplished today,” beamed RP coach Chot Reyes. “Tomorrow, hopefully, we achieve our goal.”

Reyes said the ultimate goal was to get to the Olympics via the FIBA-Asia tournament, but that winning the SEABA title was also a must.

The Thais shouldn’t be much of a problem despite the hometown crowd behind them, and the road to Tokushima appears paved every step of the way.

Ritualo has been a quiet presence in the national team, his minutes dwindled by the searing explosiveness of Caguioa.

But when the Malaysians threw a constricting zone defensive stance at the Nationals, Ritualo found his golden moment to shine.

“He’s our zone-buster,” said Reyes of Ritualo. “That’s the reason he’s on this team.”

Ritualo, who finished with 27 points on 9-of-12 shooting from outside the rainbow, admitted he was consciously trying to prove he deserved to stay on in the lineup.

“Malaking hirap din naman ang dinanas namin sa U.S. at lalo na sa Iran,” he said. “Siguro naman, deserving kaming lahat manatili dito.”

The Nationals missed their first couple of shots and quickly fell behind 0-6, and it was not until six minutes into the first quarter that they leveled at 10-all on a basket by Danny Seigle.

A 3-pointer gave Malaysia back the lead, but the Nationals scored 11 straight points. Back-to-back triples for Malaysia cut SMC-RP’s advantage to 21-19 at the end of quarter just as Ritualo was starting to heat up preparatory to lighting up the New Ratchaburi Gymnasium.

Caguioa added 20 and Seigle 14, with his consecutive in-your-face slam dunks in the third quarter typifying the Nationals’ dominance by opening a 68-45 spread.

The 16 3-pointers for the Philippines were more than its combined output in its games with Singapore and Indonesia.

Thailand was battling Indonesia at press time, with the second ticket to Tokushima still up for grabs among them and the Malaysians.

The scores:

SMC-RP 102– Ritualo 27, Caguioa 20, Seigle 14, Taulava 9, Alapag 9, Helterbrand 7, Pennisi 6, De Ocampo 4, Villanueva 4, Canaleta 2, Raymundo 0, Hontiveros 0.

MALAYSIA 72 – Satyaseelan 23, Guganeswaran 14, Koh 10, Chai 8, Chee 7, Soo 6, Chan 2, Ng 2, Tong 0, Tan 0, Chow 0, Won 0.

Quarters: 21-19; 53-36; 75-51; 102-72.

05-28-2007, 08:22 AM
RP 5 enters Asia Olympic qualifying tiff

The Philippine Star

RATCHABURI, Thailand – The SMC-RP team has gone through the first ladder in its bid to make the Beijing Olympics, clinching a slot in the FIBA-Asia Olympic qualifier with a 102-72 shellacking of Malaysia at the Ratchaburi Gymnasium here Sunday night.

The Nationals hit heavily from afar and easily crushed the Malaysians’ brave challenge to all but wrap up the 2007 SEABA men’s championship.

They close out their campaign in the five-nation, five-day tourney versus host Thailand at 4 p.m. Monday.

"We’ve accomplished the mission in this trip. Now, we’re going to achieve our goal in Tokushima," said RP team coach Chot Reyes.

Reyes and his troops face the Asian giants in Tokushima, Japan in July as they seek to qualify for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. They need to make no less than the Tokushima final to gain their supreme goal of a return stint in the Olympics.

The Philippines, which last played in the Olympics in 1972 in Munich, is embarking on at least two more international trips as the Nationals gear up for Tokushima where the Chinese, Koreans, Lebanese, Qataris, Syrians and Iranians are among their chief rivals.

As in their first two games here, the Nationals took awhile to get their game going. They got into the groove in the second quarter and punished the Malaysians the rest of the way.

Renren Ritualo came out with his guns ablaze in the second period and the Nationals took the cue, shaking loose from a 21-all standoff.

Ritualo went 9-of-12 from the three-point area and led all scorers with 27 points with Mark Caguioa adding 20 and Danny Seigle 14.

"Renren is our zone-buster. He’s our 10th or 11th man but he’s always ready to deliver. It’s hard to find a player to play that role for this team," said Reyes of Ritualo.

"I just wanted to help and prove that I deserve to be in the team," said Ritualo.

Three-pointers unleashed by Ritualo, Jimmy Alapag and Mick Pennisi gave the RP squad a 53-36 spread at halftime.

Ritualo rattled in five three-pointers coming off the bench while Alapag and Pennisi added two apiece fuelling the team’s second-quarter breakaway.

The Nationals actually took command at 21-13 in the opening period but the Malaysians came through with an 8-0 run bridging the two opening quarters to pull even at 21-all.

But it was all-Philippine show in the last three quarters.

The Nationals totaled 16 treys on a high 55-percent shooting from beyond the arc. Curiously, they were better there than in the two-point zone where they converted 49 percent of their shots

The Philippines punished the Malaysia at the paint with Taulava, Enrico Villanueva, Kerby Raymundo and Ranidel de Ocampo doing the damage.

Seigle struck from inside and out, delivering the exclamation point in his solid performance on a thunderous jam off Malaysian defender Soo Eng Heng making it 68-45 for the Philippines.

05-28-2007, 08:27 AM
Nationals’ secure ticket to FIBA-ASIA


RATCHABURI, Thailand — Mission accomplished. The San Miguel-Pilipinas Team earned a ticket to this year’s Olympic qualifying tournament as it downed Malaysia, 102-72, yesterday in the Southeast Asian Basketball Association (SEABA) men’s championship at the Ratchaburi Gymnasium here.

It was the third straight win for the unbeaten Nationals, who clinched the first of two berths to the FIBA-Asia Championship, the Beijing Olympics qualifying tournament set July 28 to Aug. 5 in Tokushima, Japan.

Malaysia finished with a 2-2 win-loss record, while Indonesia and Thailand were engaged in a virtual do-or-die fight for the second berth late last night.

"Our specific mission in this trip is to get to Tokushima, and we accomplished that mission," said RP Team mentor Chot Reyes. "But the over-arching mission is very clear, get to the Olympics."

The last time a Philippine Team went to the Olympics was in 1972 in Munich, Germany.

The Philippines, which drubbed Indonesia, 85-48, for its second win last Saturday, had another slow start, missing its first three shots while allowing Malaysia to score six straight points.

That was the only time, however, that the RP Team was threatened.

Three-point specialist Renren Ritualo, who is averaging just eight points entering the game, came off the bench to score 27 points, all from three-point shots, six of them for 18 points coming in the decisive second period when the Nationals broke the game wide apart.

With the score tied at 21-all, Ritualo’s triple ignited a 23-4 blitz for a Philippine 44-25 advantage.

In that run, the former De La Salle stalwart made 5-of-5 from beyond the three-point territory. He finished shooting 9-of-12.

"Basta makapag-contribute ako sa team, that’s what important. Lahat naman kami gusto patunayan that we deserved to be in this team. I think we all deserve to be in the team," said Ritualo.

Flamboyant guard Mark Caguioa added 20 points, while versatile forward Danny Seigle contributed 14.

The Philippines hopes to end its campaign with a bang as it takes on Thailand today at 4 p.m. (5 p.m. in Manila).

The scores:


SMC-RP 85 — Caguioa 23, Taulava 11, Seigle 9, Villanueva 8, De Ocampo 6, Raymundo 6, Helterbrand 6, Ritualo 5, Hontiveros 5, Alapag 3, Pennisi 3, Canaleta 0.

INDONESIA 48 — Faisal 13, Cakorda 8, Sumargo 7, Indrajaya 5, Widayat 5, Gunawan 2, Jakesuma 2, Prihantono 2, Sandkh 2, Wuysang 2, Wellyanson 0, Tiara 0.

Quarters: 19-13, 37-20, 58-36, 85-48


SMC-RP 102 — Ritualo 27, Caguioa 20, Seigle 14, Taulava 9, Alapag 9, Helterbrand 7, Pennisi 6, De Ocampo 4, Villanueva 4, Canaleta 2, Raymundo 0, Hontiveros 0.

MALAYSIA 72 — Satyaseelan 23, Guganeswaran 14, Koh 10, Chai 8, Chee 7, Soo 6, Chan 2, Ng 2, Tong 0, Tan 0, Chow 0, Won 0.

Quarters: 21-19, 53-36, 75-51, 102-72

05-28-2007, 10:41 PM
Management group to evaluate team, changes may be in the offing
Monday, 28 May 2007

RATCHABURI, Thailand – A mission accomplished for San Miguel-Pilipinas found a thrilling counterpart Monday as Thailand fulfilled a dream come true at the close of the 7th Southeast Asian Basketball Association Men's Championship.
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Pre-ordained to sweep the qualifier to the FIBA-Asia Men's Championship in Tokushima, Japan this July, the Nationals climaxed its dominance of the regional competition by beating the host Thais, 96-76, at the New Ratchaburi gym, the venue festively adorned in red-and-gold and light blue-and-white silks in honor of the Crown Prince to whom the tournament was named after.

Though anticlimactic in nature with the Philippines (4-0) and Indonesia (3-1) having clinched the top two berths to Tokushima, site of the Olympic qualifier, the final game turned into a memorable one, both for the all-PBA squad and the proud Thais.

For once, SMC-RP trailed at the end of the first quarter, 23-24, and didn't taste the lead until after two minutes into the second on Mark Caguiao's driving layup, 28-27 – a testament to the tenacity put up by Thailand.

A three-point shot by Renren Ritualo gave the Nationals their first double-digit advantage at 37-27, with 5:35 left in the half, an unheard of occurrence since SMC-RP had gotten used to having the game blown open at this stage in their previous three games.

RP coach Chot Reyes raged at his players – another rare moment – at the end of the first quarter, and although the Nationals responded by streaking to several 25-point spreads in the third, the last at 75-50 on a Kerby Raymundo basket, the Thais, with an 11-0 run, rallied to within 11 points, 77-66, in the fourth period with aggressive defense and impeccable shooting.

Not on few occasions did Asi Taulava (13 rebounds) and Danny Seigle (11 rebounds, 10 of 10 free throws) get tangled up with Thai defenders under the basket, resulting in tense moments diffused in time.

It was also the first time an opposing crowd outnumbered the Filipino followers who had faithfully cheered for the Nationals from Day One, turning the venue into a haven for boisterous partisan applause and jeering.

In front of their home crowd, the feisty Thais came up with their best game in the tournament, a performance that would have merited a slot in the Olympic qualifier had they produced it in their game with Indonesia Saturday which they lost 55-65.

But the Nationals were not to be denied, concluding the SEABA tournament with a 38.5 winning margin in four games.

Reyes found little reason to celebrate.

"We didn't even have the game to beat Chinese-Taipei. Now we have two months to get to that level," said Reyes, who brought up the names of Willie Miller of Alaska, Kelly Williams of Sta. Lucia and Gabe Norwood, a Fil-Am from George Mason University as possible additions to the national team.

"Essentially, we're basically cramming," he added, providing portents of big changes to come in the team within the next few days.

SMC-RP returns home for a final evaluation among Reyes, PBA commissioner Noli Eala, league chairman Ricky Vargas and team manager Robert Non before plunging back to training for the all-import Tokushima tourney where the Asian qualifier to the Beijing Olympics in 2008 will be chosen.

The scores:

SMC-RP 96 – Seigle 22, Caguioa 18, Taulava 16 Alapag 12, Hontiveros 9, Ritualo 9, Villanueva 6, Raymundo 4, De Ocampo 0, Pennisi 0, Helterbrand 0, Canaleta 0.

THAILAND 76 – Piyapong 11, Ratdech 11, Chaiwat 10, Attaporn 9, Mana 9, Darongphan 8, Jakkpapan 8, Sopon 7, Boonchai 3, Nontabob 0,

Quarters: 23-24; 52-41; 77-55; 96-76.

05-29-2007, 09:01 AM
RP 5 completes SEABA romp

The Philippine Star

RATCHABURI, Thailand –The SMC-RP team accomplished its mission in SEABA with a 96-76 win over Thailand Monday night, frustrating the cheering hometown crowd at the Ratchaburi Gymnasium even as it earlier secured passage to the Tokushima qualifier.

The Nationals swept the opposition by an average margin of 38.5 points but coach Chot Reyes insisted the team has a long way to go to be competitive enough to achieve its goal of making it all the way to the Beijing Olympics.

Against the Thais, Reyes felt his troops played a game that might not even be good enough to beat a team like Chinese Taipei.

"We achieved our mission here, but there’s still a lot to be done to be on a level where we can compete against the Chinese, Lebanese, the Syrians, the Koreans," said Reyes.

"Essentially, we’re cramming. We have two months for Tokushima. To be honest, I don’t know if it’s doable but we’re going to give it our best shot," Reyes added.

In a bid to boost their stock, Reyes intends to recruit two or three more players to join them in training and in their travel abroad. He’s looking at Willie Miller, Kelly Williams and US collegiate player Gabe Norwood.

Indonesia clobbered Thailand, 65-55, late Sunday night to get the second SEABA slot in the FIBA-Asia Olympic qualifier in Tokushima, Japan in July.

Though out of it all, the Thais put up a brave front against the Filipinos, staying in the fight up to the early part of the fourth quarter.

Egged on by the cheering crowd, the Thais had their last hurrah as they came within 11 at 77-66 on an 11-0 start in the final quarter.

Mark Caguioa, Danny Seigle and Jimmy Alapag joined forces in a 16-6 run as the Nationals eventually put the game away and completed their four-game sweep of the seventh SEABA men’s championship.

The SMC-RP team earlier trounced Singapore, 122-55, clobbered Indonesia, 85-48, then ripped Malaysia, 102-72.

"Before the tournament, we talked about going here and not going back to the Philippines without winning the crown," said Reyes.

"We practiced in the morning, played in the afternoon and did some weights at night. We made it difficult for ourselves with the end view of improving for the Tokushima tourney," Reyes added.

Reyes said they go back to twice-a-day practice at home on June 4.

The Thais came out strong, starting with a 10-2 run and enjoying a 24-23 lead going into the second period.

Thailand was the only team here to lead over the Philippines in the first quarter. In fact, the Thais surrendered only the two middle quarters as they also outscored the Filipinos, 21-19, in the final canto.

"A win is a win. We still have a lot of work to do but we‚re celebrating," PBA commissioner Noli Eala told the team after the game.

11-06-2008, 12:51 AM
By Joaquin Henson

It’s not a sure thing that the PBA selection being assembled by coach Yeng Guiao will represent the country in the FIBA-Asia Championships in Yangzhou, China, in August next year.

SBP executive director Noli Eala said yesterday to play in Yangzhou, the Philippines must win the SEABA title in the sub-zone qualifying tournament in May. No site has been determined for the SEABA event but Eala confirmed Manila will bid to host.

The tricky part is Guiao’s PBA selection won’t be able to participate in the SEABA qualifier because the pro season will still be ongoing. It is the national team, with Serbian Rajko Toroman as coaching consultant, that will play in the SEABA qualifier.

Only one slot is allocated for SEABA in the FIBA-Asia conclave where the top three finishers book tickets to the World Championships in Turkey in 2010. That means only the SEABA champion will advance to Yangzhou.

If Toroman’s squad fails to bag the SEABA crown, the Philippines – and the PBA – will not play in the FIBA-Asia Championships.

Eala said the FIBA-Asia tournament was originally scheduled in September but will be advanced to Aug. 9-18 to finish before the start of Ramadan on Aug. 20 in deference to the West Asian or Middle East countries.

Eala said he is awaiting details of the SEABA competition from FIBA-Asia secretary-general Dato Yeoh Choo Hock of Malaysia before making a recommendation to the SBP Board on the possibility of hosting the event.

“We are interested to bid for the 2011 FIBA-Asia Championships which will determine the Asian qualifier for the 2012 London Olympics,” said Eala. “FIBA has advised us to host other tournaments before making a bid for the 2011 Championships to establish our capability. So we hope to be able to host the SEABA Championships as a start.”

Eala said Toroman, who was recently signed to a three-year contract by SBP, will begin tryouts for the national team, tentatively on Monday at the Moro Lorenzo Gym. At least 38 collegiate and high school players will be invited to attend the three-day camp where Toroman is expected to trim the candidates list to 15 up to 18.

Last Monday, Toroman started a week of training sessions with national team prospects Greg Slaughter, Terrell Theophile, Joey Deas, Ford Arao, Mac Baracael, Jonathan Pareno and Martin Reyes.

Theophile and Deas, who are both Fil-Ams, flew in from the US. They will suit up for the Pampanga Buddies in the coming Liga Pilipinas season. Theophile, a 6-7 forward, played at St. Gregory’s University in Oklahoma while the 5-11 Deas saw action for Rockhurst University in Kansas. Deas has a Hispanic father and a Filipina mother of the Bacus family from Cebu. Theophile’s grandfather was a war veteran from Iloilo.

“Theophile has a very accurate jumpshot and plays a lot like Carlo Sharma,” said Eala. “Coach Rajko will work on Theophile’s dribbling skills. Deas is quick, plays point guard and shoots threes. He’s like a Willie Miller with JayJay Helterbrand’s dribbling ability.”

Eala said Toroman was upbeat with Slaughter, a 6-11 center from the University of Visayas. “We’re thinking of bringing Greg to a strength and conditioning coach,” continued Eala. “Kirk Collier, Dennis Aenlle or Dan Rose would be perfect depending on who’s available. Coach Rajko wants to keep working on Greg because it’s not often you get a 6-11 player eligible for the Philippine team.”

Six players attended Toroman’s session last Monday, then eight the next day. Yesterday, the schedule was 7 to 9 p.m. with more players showing up. Assisting Toroman were Chot Reyes, Eric Altamirano, Allan Gregorio, Fritz Gaston and women’s coach Haydee Ong.

PhilStar (http://www.philstar.com/index.php?Sports&p=49&type=2&sec=30&aid=20081105205)

11-14-2008, 12:17 AM
The Philippine Basketball Association will field a team in the SEABA championship sometime in May next year, underscoring its bid to have a good shot at clinching a slot in the 2010 World Championship in Turkey.

The PBA board of governors accepted the task offered by Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas in a meeting attended by national coach Yeng Guiao at the PBA office in Libis, Quezon City yesterday morning.

This means now that the RP team formed by Guiao will compete in both the SEABA and the FIBA Asia championships. The SEABA joust is the qualifying tourney for the Asian competition, which is the regional eliminator for the world championship.

As The STAR reported in an exclusive story, making it to Guiao’s 14-man pool are Tokushima veterans Asi Taulava, Mick Pennisi, Kelly Williams, Kerby Raymundo, Gabe Norwood and Jayjay Helterbrand, Tokushima alternates James Yap and Ranidel de Ocampo and new hopefuls Arwind Santos, Willie Miller, Sonny Thoss, Cyrus Baguio, Ryan Reyes and Jared Dillinger.

“We’ll represent the country in the SEABA championship. It will be held sometime in May, so it’s a challenge for the league as we have to make adjustment in our schedule for the second conference,” said PBA commissioner Renauld “Sonny” Barrios.

Prior to the FIBA Asia championship, the RP team may also compete in the Jones Cup in Taipei, in a pocket tournament in the Middle East and, a possible Manila Invitational tourney to be hosted by the PBA.

No venue has yet been set for the SEABA competition, which coach Chot Reyes’ RP team swept last year in Ratchaburi, Thailand en route to clinching a berth in the 2007 FIBA-Asia Olympic qualifier in Tokushima, Japan.

“We still don’t know where and when exactly it’s going to be held. Most probably, the PBA will take a break during its staging,” said Barrios.

Guiao described his team as a mixture of veterans and young players, short at the frontcourt but replete with talents with quickness and the ability to score at the backcourt.

“I’m confident of our talent in the guard positions. We have the speed and the ability to score. We also have athletic wing players in Kelly Williams and Gabe Norwood. But it’s not as big as I wanted it to be. Short as they are against the frontliners of the other teams, Asi (Taulava) and Mick (Pennisi) must hold their own,” said Guiao.

“We’ve talked to all these players and all committed themselves to the cause. We didn’t force or twist anybody’s arm. They will represent the country in their own free will,” Guiao also said.

Seriously considered but failing to make it were Jimmy Alapag and Mark Caguioa.

“Our concern with Jimmy is his height. Height mismatches are emphasized in international tourney. On Mark, we couldn’t make judgment because of his injury. His coach Jong Uichico told us his condition is uncertain,” said Guiao.

Guiao meets the players for an orientation conference Monday. They start their once-a-week practice during the current PBA conference the next Monday at The Arena in San Juan.

The feisty national coach didn’t discount the possibility of adding one or two players depending on the necessity of the team.

He said the 6-foot-9 Japeth Aguilar, a former Ateneo Eagle now playing for West Kentucky in the US NCAA, is coming in May to try out with the team.

PhilStar (http://www.philstar.com/index.php?Sports&p=49&type=2&sec=30&aid=20081113170)

11-15-2008, 01:40 AM
35 aspire for RP ‘Olympic’ team

Manila bulletin

With Olympic participation as the ultimate target, Serbian coach Rajko Toroman begins a series of tryouts today to form a team whose biggest game will be held two years from now when the qualification championship for the 2012 London Olympics will be held.

In a program designed for players to reach maturity by 2011, Toroman will try to pick the best from among 35 young aspirants all of whom are college players or recently out of college with none currently seeing action in the PBA.

Toroman’s team is considered the RP team of the future and it is different from the one announced by the PBA the other day which is composed of veteran PBA players whose task is to qualify for the World Championship in 2010.

Under Yeng Guiao, the all-PBA squad will compete in the SEABA championships next year and if it survives, move on to the FIBA-Asia tournament where the top two squads advance to the World Championship.

Leading the aspirants under Toroman are Rabeh Al-Hussaini, the 6-foot-6 Most Valuable Player (MVP) of UAAP champion Ateneo, and 6-foot-11 Fil-American Gregory Slaughter of the University of Visayas.

The tryout today is set at 5 to 9 p.m. at the Xavier gym in Quezon City. The session on Monday, as well as on Nov. 20 and 21 will be held at the PhilSports Arena in Pasig City.

"For us, it’s really an exciting development," Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) Executive Director Noli Eala told the Bulletin yesterday. "This is the first step the association is taking towards that Olympic dream."

"We’re happy with the reception we got from the players, their parents and their respective schools for supporting this endeavor," Eala added.

The 53-year-od Toroman was signed by the SBP headed by businessman Manny V. Pangilinan, to a three-year contract as project director whose main objective is to prepare a team capable.

Under Toroman, SBP hopes he could spearhead the country’s bid to the 2011 FIBA-Asia Championship in China, the qualifying event to the 2012 London Games. The last time a Philippine Team played in the Olympics was in 1972 in Munich.

Last year, Toroman helped Iran win the FIBA-Asia Championship to earn a slot in the Beijing Olympics last August.

Aside from the FIBA-Asia, Toroman’s team will also compete in next year’s Southeast Asian Games in Laos and the 2010 Asian Games in China.

"It’s a very welcome development for the POC (Philippine Olympic Committee) officials for finding ways to include the sport of basketball in the SEA Games calendar of events," Eala said.

"It’s a great opportunity for this team to take advantage in this SEA Games to show that we’re No. 1 in the region," Eala added.

Last month, Slaughter, together with seven other candidates had the chance to train for three days with Toroman, who gave pointers and shared his views to let them prepare for the tryout.

"I’m just going to try my best and see if coach Toroman thinks I am suitable for a role in his team," Slaughter said. "I hope the tryouts will help coach find what he’s really looking for in creating his team."

Besides Slaughter and Al-Hussaini, also invited by the SBP to try out are UAAP Finals MVP Nonoy Baclao and fellow Blue Eagles Chris Tiu and Ryan Buenafe, and Ogie Menor, Jake Pascual, Borgie Hermida and Pong Escobal of three-time NCAA champion San Beda College.

Former Ateneo star Japeth Aguilar, a 6-foot-9 high-leaping wingman who currently plays for the Western Kentucky University, was also named to the 35-man national pool.

11-15-2008, 11:02 PM
Ang mga kaibigan ni Yeng wala na Phil. Team at yan ay sina Alapag , Hontiveros.....

02-26-2009, 09:47 AM
Ronnie Nathanielsz

INDONESIA, which was expected to host the Southeast Asia Basketball Association championships tentatively in the first week of May, according to the information given the Philippine Basketball Association by officials of the Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas, revealed it will not host the tournament.

The Seaba is the qualifier for the Fiba Asia men’s basketball championships, which in turn serves as the qualifying tournament for the World Basketball Championships.

The secretary general of the Indonesian Basketball Federation, Dahlan Mohammad, informed www.insidesports.ph, Standard Today and Viva Sports that they will instead host the 20th Fiba Asia Champions Cup, and not the Seaba event.

The Indonesian official said that Fiba Asia has decided that Indonesia and Philippines automatically participate in the 20th Fiba Asia Champions Cup which will be held in Jakarta, scheduled from May 12 to 20.

The Indonesian’s statement has put the PBA in a quandary not knowing when and where the Seaba tournament will take place since an all-pro team under coach Yeng Guiao will compete.

Commissioner Sonny Barrios is concerned about the plans of the pro league in terms of its import-reinforced conference and its all-star extravaganza for which arrangements have already been made.

Manila Standard Today (http://www.manilastandardtoday.com/?page=sports4_feb25_2009)

02-26-2009, 11:39 PM
It’s final, basketball out of Laos SEAG program
02/26/2009 | 06:27 PM

MANILA, Philippines – This time there will be no more appeals after the Laos Southeast Asian Games Organizing Committee decided to dump basketball in the 25th edition of the biennial meet.

Efforts made by Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) officials to convince the Laos SEAG organizers to include basketball in the list of events to be played in December were futile after Laos Deputy Prime Minister Somsavat Lengsavad denied, with finality, the Philippines’ request to include basketball in the 2009 SEAG program.

Lengsavad, who is also the chairman of the Laos SEAG Organizing Committee, met with special adviser to the POC president Go Teng Kok and POC treasurer Julian Camacho Thursday in Laos.

Lengsavad was joined by the president of the Laos Basketball Association where they informed the Filipino officials they can’t host basketball due to lack of facility and technical expertise to.

“It’s final; basketball will not be included in the Laos SEA Games. We’re really upset after we talked with their Deputy Prime Minister and their NOC for basketball. We have done our best but it was not enough. Sorry to our 90 million Filipino people," said Camacho in a text message to GMANews.TV.

Go and Camacho flew to Laos Tuesday confident they can get Laos’ approval after getting support from key Filipino officials who are reportedly close to Lengsavad.

This will be the second time in the last three SEA Games where basketball, which is a sure gold for the country in men’s basketball, will not be played. The first time was in 2005 when the Philippines hosted the Games since the country was suspended by FIBA due to leadership disputes.

POC president Jose Cojuangco Jr. said he was unhappy with the result but respected Laos’ as host. Laos has the right to choose which events should be played in the Games set from December 13 to 21.

“The host has the privilege to choose the games they wanted to host. These are things we have to understand," said Cojuangco.

The Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) was also saddened by the development but at the same time asked the athletes to use the decision as a motivation as they fight for gold medals in the 25th SEA Games.

“The SBP did everything reasonably possible and fairly necessary to support the POC’s initiatives to push for basketball’s inclusion. The SBP is also confident the Philippine campaign in Laos will not be greatly affected by the development albeit the loss of a certain medal in basketball," said SBP executive director Noli Eala.

The Laos Organizing Committee earlier said that they only plan to host 25 sports discipline in the SEA Games’ 25th edition.

Sports disciplines to be played are athletics, aquatics (swimming, diving and water polo), archery, badminton, billiards and snooker, boxing, cycling, football, golf, judo, karate, sepak takraw, shooting, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, volleyball, weightlifting, wrestling, wushu, muay, petanque, pencak silat, fin swimming and shuttle cock. –*

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++

No more basketball in Laos SEAG

Dailly Tribune
By Julius Manicad

It’s now official: Basketball will not be included in the 25th Southeast Asian Games in Laos.

In a decision reached yesterday, the organizers formally scrapped basketball from the official calendar of events, denying the Philippines of what many believe is a sure gold win.

Controversial sports leader Go Teng Kok and Julian Camacho represented the country in the crucial 11-nation meeting that was specially called to tackle the possible inclusion of basketball late Wednesday night.

Go even promised before flying to Laos that basketball will be included, saying he was optimistic and that it was almost a done deal. What happened instead was the other way around.

Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) Noli Eala welcomed the news on a bitter note, but claimed that they are still undaunted in their attempt to clinch a slot in the 2012 London Olympics.

Eala said he hopes the country’s campaign will not be affected even without basketball. RP is aiming for at least 100 gold medals and the overall title.

SBP would be sending the RP developmental pool composed of collegiate standouts assembled by Serbian coach Rajko Toroman.

“The SBP is saddened and disappointed by the decision of Laos to exclude a major sports discipline from the SEA Games calendar this year,” Eala said in a text message.

“While this is admittedly a setback to our long-term program, the SBP remains undaunted and focused on our campaign towards the goal of an Olympic stint in 2012.”

The POC also expressed its disappointment, but POC spokesman Joey Romasanta said it should serve as a motivation for other athletes to bag the SEA Games crown.

02-26-2009, 11:57 PM

SEAG scraps caging

BASKETBALL won’t officially be part of the 25th Southeast Asian Games, leaving the Philippines one gold medal short in its bid to recapture the games’ overall crown..

In a decision reached yesterday, the organizers formally scrapped basketball from the official calendar of events despite lobbying by Go Teng Kok and Julian Camacho who represented the country in the 11-nation SEAG Federation meeting that was specially designed to tackle the possible inclusion of the sport late Wednesday night.

Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas Executive Director Noli Eala glumly received the bitter news, but maintained they are still undaunted in their attempt to clinch a slot in the 2012 London Olympics.

Although basketball could have instantly produced a gold medal, Eala said he hopes its exclusion would not greatly affect the country’s campaign, in which Philippine Olympic Committee president Jose "Peping" Cojuangco is expecting at least 100 gold medals en route to the overall title.

Had Go and Camacho been successful, SBP would be sending the RP developmental pool, a stellar cast of collegiate standouts assembled by Serbian coach Rajko Toroman.

The POC also expressed its disappointment, but POC spokesman Joey Romasanta said it should serve as a motivation for other athletes to bag the SEA Games crown.

"Let’s leave it at that," Romasanta said. "Let’s just respect the decision of the (SEA Games) Federation."

02-27-2009, 12:03 AM
Friday, February 27, 2009

It’s final: No basketball
event in Laos SEA Games

Manila Times

The Southeast Asian (SEA) Games Organizing Committee has officially turned down all efforts to include basketball in the biennial meet slated later this year in Vientiane, Laos.

Laos SEA Games Organizing Committee chairman and Deputy Prime Minister Somsavat Lengsavad relayed the decision to Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) special assistant Go Teng Kok during their meeting at the Laotian capital.

The host country remained solid due to lack of facilities.

Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) Executive Director Noli Eala expressed disappointment as the Philippines aims to snatch its unprecedented ninth gold medal in men’s division.

“The SBP is saddened and disappointed by the decision of Laos to exclude a major sports discipline from the SEA Games calendar this year. The SBP did everything reasonably possible and fairly necessary to support the POC’s initiatives to push for basketball’s inclusion,” said Eala in a statement.

The SBP urged the SEA Games Federation Council “to enact policies to ensure that major sports which are staple events in the Olympics become mandatory sports in future stagings of the SEA Games.”

For the second time in five years, basketball was excluded in the calendar.

The Philippines was barred from staging basketball competitions when it hosted the 23rd edition in 2005 following the suspension slapped by the International Basketball Federation (FIBA).
-- Emil C. Noguera*
* *

02-28-2009, 01:52 AM
if there is no seaba this year , do we automatically represent ASEAN since we are the defending champions ? this is the bottomline and what concerns me more.

02-28-2009, 05:56 AM
if there is no seaba this year , do we automatically represent ASEAN since we are the defending champions ? this is the bottomline and what concerns me more.

kung kailan ful-swing na ang preparations ng mga RP teams at ganun din ang age brackets/division grassroots program ng SBP saka pa nagkaganito..

03-01-2009, 10:41 AM
if there is no seaba this year , do we automatically represent ASEAN since we are the defending champions ? this is the bottomline and what concerns me more.

SEABA is not equal to the SEA Games.

At any rate, a suitable host should be found for the SEABA tournament. Indonesia seems to have backed out.

03-01-2009, 12:52 PM
i see.. so the SEABA is not a qualifier for any higher tourney ? i forgot na kasi

if there is no seaba this year , do we automatically represent ASEAN since we are the defending champions ? this is the bottomline and what concerns me more.

SEABA is not equal to the SEA Games.

At any rate, a suitable host should be found for the SEABA tournament. Indonesia seems to have backed out.

03-01-2009, 09:58 PM
^ SEABA is the qualifier for FIBA-Asia; SEA Games is not a qualifier for any higher tourney (basketball is just one of the many sports).

Parang pag Asia-wide naman, the FIBA Asia is the qualifier for the FIBA World Championship or the Olympics, while in the Asian Games there's basketball among other sports but it's not a qualifier for anything.

So SEABA & FIBA Asia are basketball-only tournaments and act as qualifiers for the next wider stage; while SEA Games and Asian Games are the multi-sport events where the basketball event doesn't qualify you further for anything (I'm not sure if they have some effect in the FIBA rankings as well) :)

03-02-2009, 01:12 AM
if there is no seaba this year , do we automatically represent ASEAN since we are the defending champions ? this is the bottomline and what concerns me more.

SEABA is not equal to the SEA Games.

At any rate, a suitable host should be found for the SEABA tournament. Indonesia seems to have backed out.

I believe pachador was referring to the ASEAN subzone of FIBA-Asia (where SEABA is the qualifier) and not the SEA Games.* But regarding SEAG, Clutchjedi correctly observed that both the SEAG and Asiad are multi-disciplinary sports events where basketball is a dead end (not a qualifier for higher level tourneys).

Regarding hosting, I find it funny (but not surprising* ::) ) that those FIBA-Asia leaders have been slow in involving the Philippines for hosting rights even though the SBP has been lobbying for quite a while now.* The FIBA-Asia ends up awarding the hosting rights to a country that eventually backs out of the responsibility (like Indonesia, in this case).* Hmmmm....

03-02-2009, 02:42 PM
if there is no seaba this year , do we automatically represent ASEAN since we are the defending champions ? this is the bottomline and what concerns me more.

SEABA is not equal to the SEA Games.

At any rate, a suitable host should be found for the SEABA tournament. Indonesia seems to have backed out.

I believe pachador was referring to the ASEAN subzone of FIBA-Asia (where SEABA is the qualifier) and not the SEA Games.* But regarding SEAG, Clutchjedi correctly observed that both the SEAG and Asiad are multi-disciplinary sports events where basketball is a dead end (not a qualifier for higher level tourneys).

Regarding hosting, I find it funny (but not surprising* ::) ) that those FIBA-Asia leaders have been slow in involving the Philippines for hosting rights even though the SBP has been lobbying for quite a while now.* The FIBA-Asia ends up awarding the hosting rights to a country that eventually backs out of the responsibility (like Indonesia, in this case).* Hmmmm....

hinaharang ng mga kakampi ng old and banished BAP, remember nandyan pa sila Datu Yeoh ng Malaysia na bestfriend ni BAP Vermin Graham Lim

03-03-2009, 02:44 PM
Ayun, tumpak.

03-06-2009, 01:58 AM
i find it suspicious that the SEABA officials cannot seem to make up their mind where and when to hold this tournament. this is no-brainer. my guess is that they were hoping that by postponing the tournament to a later date, the PBA will back out and not send a team thereby giving other countries a chance to grab the gold medal. Its good that the PBA decided they dont care if it conflicts with the PBA conference, a PBA-backed national team will still be sent.

03-06-2009, 09:24 AM
Even more suspicious is how Dato Yeoh now hopes to hold the SEABA in his own Malaysian backyard (re: today's Business Mirror).* Hindi pa nag-umpisa ang torneo, nagkakalutuan na.

Ayos na rin siguro para matambakan uli ng kwarenta iyang team ni Dato sa harap ng mga kababayan niya.. ;D

03-06-2009, 01:23 PM
kasing dumi maglaro gaya ni Graham Lim itong si Datu Yeoh!

baka nga andun pa sa tabi nya si Grahm lim para i-cheer ang mga Malaysians laban sa RPNT