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03-23-2007, 09:11 AM
NCAA body pursues PCU eligibility issue
By Joey Villar
The Philippine Star 03/23/2007

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) decided to push through with its investigation into allegations of player eligibility not only in basketball but in other sports involving Philippine Christian University.

"It started as plain talks, now it turned out to be pretty serious," said outgoing NCAA Management Committee chair Henry Atayde of St. Benilde in yesterday’s turnover ceremony for next season’s host at St. Benilde Hotel.

"Our thinking at first was that we couldn’t investigate it because no school was protesting," he added. "But there are more than two involved, we couldn’t just ignore that so we’re conducting a formal inquiry."

The NCAA has formed two committees tasked to investigate the controversy, which started from text messages sent to some committee members a couple of weeks ago.

The first group will look into more than two players of the PCU high school team accused of involvement in an alleged "identity switching" while the other will probe allegations in other sports, including track and field, taekwondo and table tennis.

No names were mentioned but sources revealed the players involved were either starters or part of the rotation of the same PCU squad that placed second behind San Sebastian in last year’s junior competition.

Ding Lozano of Mapua and Mike del Mundo of Perpetual Help will comprise the first group while Frank Gusi of San Sebastian and Fr. Vic Calvo, OP, of Letran will handle the other committee.

Atayde said they hope to come up with their findings two weeks after the Holy Week, or in the third week of April.

"Any athletes and their cohorts found tampering with their eligibility documents will be barred from participating in any NCAA-sanctioned events in the future and their games where they played will be forfeited," Atayde said.

"As for the school, there is no particular rule but the Policy Board and the Mancom will discuss it further," he added.

PCU won the general championship in the seniors division of Season 82 while St. Benilde finished second.

03-23-2007, 09:21 AM
NCAA to probe PCU ineligibility case after all

By Marc Anthony Reyes
Last updated 03:22am (Mla time) 03/23/2007

MANILA, Philippines -- The National Collegiate Athletic Association has decided to conduct a formal inquiry of alleged irregularities committed by Philippine Christian University just two weeks after the season ended with the Dolphins emerging as general champions.

The NCAA management committee (mancom) announced Thursday it has gathered enough individual complaints to probe PCU’s alleged fielding of ineligible players in various sports disciplines, especially in high school basketball.

“We hope to get into the bottom of this as soon as possible,” said outgoing mancom chair Henry Atayde of the College of St. Benilde. “I hope it’s not true and PCU will come out vindicated after this.”

Atayde maintained that there has been no formal complaint from any of the member schools but the mancom has been getting anonymous complaints through text messages and decided to create two committees to check on the claims.

“We hope to come up with the findings two weeks after the Holy Week,” said Atayde who presided over the hosting turnover ceremony from St. Benilde to Jose Rizal University Thursday.

If proven guilty, PCU could face stiff penalties depending on the decision of the mancom and league policy board. Atayde said there is no league rule that readily slaps suspension against guilty member-schools.

Last year, the UAAP imposed a one-year ban against De La Salle University for using ineligible players in the senior basketball games.