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03-07-2007, 02:30 PM
I wonder if MVBA and CESAFI can also have tie-ups with yahoo if its not an exclusive deal? or maybe a tie-up with google . by the way, NBC got a free website from Yahoo:

March 07, 2007 . Journal

Yahoo! backs NBC*

Yahoo! Southeast Asia agreed to support the National Basketball Conference, the country’s premier regional basketball league.
* *
Yahoo’s footprint in the country has increased dramatically in the recent months with local marketing campaigns and community initiatives such as Pinoy Connect and now with the community-based NBC.
* *
Yahoo!’s Regional Marketing Head, Dennis Susay and Regional Marketing Manager Dzurina Zainal gave their thumbs-up to a major sponsorship deal with the league through Waffle Marketing.
* *
Waffle Marketing President Auty Villarama sealed the deal with Yahoo! in a recent trip to their headquarters in Singapore.
* *
“Yahoo! is well-used and loved in the Philippines. The Filipino’s passion for basketball is amazing that’s why Yahoo! Decided to support the game through the NBC, a community-based league,” Susay said.
* *
The deal includes a Yahoo!-sponsored website that will be launched soon after the league’s opening on March 10 at the Quezon Convention Center in Lucena City.
* *
NBC President Nathaniel “Tac” Padilla is elated with Yahoo!’s tie-up.
* *

03-08-2007, 07:22 AM
March 08, 2007 Journal

NBC to hold tilt for juniors, too

MALABON City Mayor Tito Oreta has provided additional boost to the National Basketball Conference by hosting the first NBC Juniors Cup at the newly built Malabon Sports Center starting on April 30.

“I have always supported programs for the youth since I assumed office,” said Mayor Oreta. “By hosting this prestigious event, I’m sure I would be able to keep the youths away from drugs,v ices and other illegal activities.”

NBC President Nathaniel “Tac” Padilla, the national pistol champion since 1978 who is based in Malabon, thanked Mayor Oreta for his support.

“Our members are definitely happy about this positive development,” said Padilla. “I have requested the different teams to hold tryouts shortly in order to form competitive squads.”

The league is open to players aged 18 years and below and who must not turn 19 until June 30, 2007. It will run until June 2.

Each team will be composed of 15 players, 10 of whom must be residents of the city they represent.

Deadline for submission of lineup is April 1.

According to NBC secretary general Tito Palma, Basketball TV has agreed to televise some of the NBC Juniors Cup games.

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NBC official page:


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neat site...