View Full Version : Jesuit Invitational Games 2006 (Cagayan de Oro)

11-27-2006, 03:01 AM
* * *CAGAYAN DE ORO -- The 2006 Jesuit Invitational Games (JIG) opens today at the Xavier University campus starting at 7:00AM and will continue until December 1st.* The tournament features the Jesuit-run schools in the Philippines competing in basketball, football, badminton and chess.

* * *The participating schools are: Ateneo de Manila, Ateneo de Naga, Ateneo de Iloilo, Ateneo de Zamboanga, Ateneo de Davao, Sacred Heart School-Jesuit and host Xavier University.

* * *Since this is a basketball site, here is the schedule of the basketball games:

November 27 (Tue)
10:00am ADMU vs. ADDU (HS)
1:00pm ADZU vs SHS-J (HS)
2:30 ADI vs XU (HS)
4:00 ADZU vs XU (M)
5:30 ADDU vs ADNU (M)

November 28 (Wed)
8:00am ADZU vs. ADI (HS)
9:30 ADMU vs XU (HS)
11:00 ADMU vs ADZU (W)
1:30pm ADDU vs SHS-J (HS)
3:00 ADDU vs XU (W)
4:30 ADNU vs XU (M)
6:00 ADMU vs ADZU (M)

November 29 (Thu)
8:00am ADI vs. SHS-J (HS)
9:30 ADDU vs XU (HS)
11:00 ADMU vs ADZU (HS)
1:30pm ADDU vs ADZU (W)
3:00 ADDU vs ADZU (M)
4:30 ADMU vs XU (M)

November 30 (Fri)
8:00am ADZU vs. XU (W)
9:30 ADDU vs ADZU (HS)
11:00 ADMU vs ADDU (W)
1:30pm XU vs SHS-J (HS)
3:00 ADMU vs ADI (HS)
4:30 ADDU vs XU (M)
6:00 ADMU vs ADNU (M)

December 1 (Sat)
8:00am ADMU vs. XU (W)
9:30 ADZU vs XU (HS)
11:00 ADDU vs ADI (HS)
1:30pm ADMU vs SHS-J (HS)
3:00 ADZU vs ADNU (M)
4:30 ADDU vs ADMU (M)

Note: Schedule subject to change.