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10-02-2006, 12:56 AM
* * *CAGAYAN DE ORO -- Here are the participating varsities in the 12-member Cagayan de Oro Schools Athletic Association (COSAA):

Asian College of Science and Technology-Cagayan de Oro Lightnings
Cagayan de Oro College-Phinma Scorpions
Capitol University Stallions
Lourdes College Blue Sash
STI College-Cagayan de Oro Conquerors
Xavier University Crusaders

Cagayan de Oro College-Phinma Scorpions
Capitol University Stallions
Corpus Christi School Knights
Immanuel Mission International School Tigers
Lourdes College Blue Sash
Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School Saints
Saint Mary's School Fiat
Xavier University Crusaders

Note:* Member schools Rosevale School Comets and Abba's Orchard School Ridgebacks do not have basketball teams but compete in other sports like football.

09-12-2007, 02:02 AM
Cosaa Meet aims big
Sunstar Cagayan de Oro
Saturday, July 28, 2007

FROM merely four to 14 big schools now joining the three-year-old meet, Cosaa is increasingly threatening the position of Prisaa, which for many years has been well regarded to be the most dominant sports body here for private school institutions.

But Gerardo "Boboy" Sabal, sports coordinator of Xavier University and one of Cosaa's founding heads, said they don't intend to make a competition out of it.

"We're just here stoking the blaze for Cosaa and trying to improve it little by little. First, we have only four then nine and now 14 schools na ang nag-participate," Sabal told Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro.

Cosaa means Cagayan de Oro Schools Athletic Association, while Prisaa is the decades-old-long Private Schools Athletic Association presently headed by Liceo de Cagayan University president, now City Councilor Adrian Barba.

The 3rd Season of Cosaa formally opens today at the basketball gymnasium of perennial host Xavier University. Preceding its grandiose 1 p.m. opening ceremony is the exhibition game between the junior varsity squads of Corpus Christi and Cagayan de Oro College.

"Just watch for our 6-foot-3 wingman Mychole Solera," was the intriguing warning of Corpus Christi coach Albert "Dodo" Bernados.

Fresh from completing the UE/Norman Black's coaching clinic in Manila, Bernados said his promising ward gets the "Baby JC Intal" moniker after he executed a couple of rim-rattling slam dunks during the basketball clinic's break.

"Gisabay nako si Mychole sa Manila and he did impress them," Bernados said, adding "Siya among saligando karon sa Corpus..naka-ingon lagi si Norman Black nga Baby Intal," referring to the former Slam Dunk King of the Philippine Basketball League.

Joining Xavier University and Corpus Christi in the Cosaa Meet are Acsat, COC, Capitol University, Lourdes College, Pilgrim Christian College, Southern Philippines College, Rosevale, Abba's Orchard, Saint Mary's and Merry Child School.

09-12-2007, 06:59 AM
Parents smell politics in inter-school caging
Sunstar Cagayan de Oro
Monday, August 06, 2007

IS politics rearing its ugly head again in local inter-school basketball?

A nagging question that surfaced after some parents of Xavier University cagers expressed apprehension that Sacred Heart's failure to participate in the ongoing Cosaa Meet basketball tournament at the XU gym may create animosity to the detriment of their hoop-loving children's development.

"Basin man gud wala gi-imbitar ang Sacred Heart sa Cosaa unya madamay ang XU team nga dili sab unya imbitahon sa Milo Best caging," one of the parents of XU's secondary hoopsters, who obviously did not want to be identified, told Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro.

Sharing his wild speculations, he figures out that local Milo Best organizer Manoling Bombeo is a dear friend of Sacred Heart junior varsity mentor Boy Dacoco. "Basin unya magbinalosa," was his worry.

Immediately contacted by this writer through text messaging, XU sports director and Cosaa's co-founding head Gerardo "Boboy" Sabal, however, dismissed that "sports politics" has something to do with Sacred Heart's exclusion in the Cagayan de Oro Schools Athletic Association's 3rd season opening of its basketball competition.

"Dili na lang nato hatagan og dautan nga kahulogan. It's plain and simple nga wala sila nakahatag og requirements sa Cosaa thus its non-participation," Sabal said.

Cosaa basketball games resume today, featuring the tertiary battle between STI and Southern Philippine College in the main tiff.

Preliminary action paired Corpus Christi against St. Mary's School in elementary, followed by three matches in secondary level pitting St. Mary's versus Lourdes College, Southern Philippine College against Cagayan de Oro College and Pilgrim Christian College opposite opening day winner Corpus Christi Knights. (LLS)

09-12-2007, 07:07 AM
New STI coach delighted by debut win in `07 Cosaa
Sunstar Cagayan de Oro
Wednesday, August 08, 2007

WIN SOME, lose some.

Coach Dodo Bernados' Corpus Christi Knights got manhandled by junior rival Pilgrim Voyagers on Saturday's 2007 Cosaa basketball games at the XU gym here. But the ego-boosting defeat handed by the wards of former NBC Coach of the Year Arvin Martinez did not crush the normally cool Bernados as much.


The STI College, being handled by Bernados for the first time, debuted with a bang in the tertiary action, routing Southern Philippine College, 71-37.

Newcomer Buchok Biongcog scored 10 points before fouling out, even as STI got an abled support from Lago, Pabua, Cabaraban, Galve, Macadatar, Eduave and Pagaspas in turning down the challenge of coach Wiwie Daba's befuddled charges.

With the short-lived yet impressive stint of Allen Dangcal at STI's coaching helm, the Conqueror's did the unthinkable last year winning both the Prisaa and Cosaa Cagings as well as the Southland inter-collegiate championship to everyone's great surprise.

Now with Dangcal considering a greener pasture abroad, will the multi-tasking Bernados be able to carry on STI's quantum leap in the tertiary hoopfest?

"Actually, pressure kaayo ko ron kay ang expectation nga mag-champion gyod `mi. Although malipay na ko kon makaabot `mi sa championship or mas maayo kon mo-champion pa gyod..dako akong pasalamat sa among CEO sa STI," referring to the ever supportive Colbert Rabaya.

Host XU Senior Crusaders and COC Scorpions also won their opening matches against Capitol University and Acsat, respectively. (LLS)

09-12-2007, 07:10 AM
XU Athletes Travel to Davao and Dumaguete
Sunday, August 12, 2007
Bounce Pass
By John Montalvan

The College Menís Basketball and Menís Football Teams of Xavier University will be traveling to Davao and Dumaguete, respectively this week.

The Menís Basketball team has been invited by the Ateneo de Davao University for a Friendship Game at the Jacinto Campus in Davao City. This is part of their celebration of the Ateneo Fiesta which also falls on the same dates as the Kadayawan Festival of the City.

University Athletics Director Gerry Sabal will lead the XU delegation to Davao.

The Ateneo de Davao and Xavier University Friendship Games has been an annual event with the schools alternating the hosting. There are also times when it is held twice in a year, Davao hosting in August and Xavier in December.
This is the 9th game since the friendly games started in 2002 and the series is tied at 4 win each.

For the College Football Team, they will be traveling to Dumaguete to have a two-game exhibition with Siliman University.

Siliman University is celebrating their 107th Founders Day on August 17-19, 2007

The two trips will serve as tune-up games as both teams are preparing for the National CHED University Games which will be held on October 22-28 in Bacolod City.


The COSAA games are getting hotter these days!
For the past 3 weeks, the XU gym has been jam packed with students and supporters of the playing teams.

In the August 4 games alone, more than 1000 students from STI College flocked the venue to support their team playing against SPC. SPC also brought in their own crowd complete with drums.

Due to the number of spectators coming in, the organizers had to open the upper level of the XU Gym.
This is simply a sign that inter-school basketball is starting to get a following in the city especially that rivalries are starting to heat up. But of course, all these are just friendly competition.

This weekend, the schedule for Basketball is as follows.

August 18 (Saturday) 1:00pm
XUGS vs Corpus Christi GS
Lourdes vs COC HSV

August 19 (Sunday) 1:00pm
Corpus Christi vs. Merry Child HSJV
Lourdes College vs. Corpus Christi HSV
COC-Phinma vs. Pilgrim Christian College HSV,
COC-Phinma vs. Lourdes College COLLEGE

09-12-2007, 07:14 AM
COSAA Schedule for August 25 & 26, 2007
Sunday, August 19, 2007
Bounce Pass
By John Montalvan

Basketball (XU GYM)
August 25 (Saturday)
Corpus Christ vs. Merry Child School GS
XUHS vs. Capitol UBE HS-JV
COC vs. St. Maryís School HS-V
Lourdes vs. SPC HS-V
Capitol U vs. SPC College

August 26 (Sunday) 1:00pm
Merry Child School vs. St. Maryís School HS-JV
SPC vs. Corpus Christi HS-V
XUHS vs. Pilgrim HS-V
COC vs. Pilgrim College
Volleyball (XU Main Covered Courts)

August 25 (Saturday)
8:00am XUGS vs. Merry Child School (GS Boys)
8:00am Lourdes vs. Merry Child School (GS Girls)
9:00am Capitol U vs. Lourdes (GS Boys)
9:00am Capitol U vs. XUGS (GS Girls)

August 26 (Sunday)
8:00am XUHS vs. Lourdes (HS Boys)
8:00am Corpus Christi vs. Merry Child School (HS Girls)
9:00am Capitol U vs.Corpus Christi (HS Boys)
9:00am Capitol U vs. Lourdes (HS Girls)
10:00am XUHS vs. St. Maryís School (HS Girls)
1:00pm STI College vs. SPC (College Men)
1:00pm Capitol U vs. SPC (College Women)
2:00pm Capitol U vs. XU (College Men)
2:00pm Lourdes vs. XU (College Women)
Table Tennis August 25 & 26
All levels will start at 7:30am at the XU-STC lobby.

09-12-2007, 07:15 AM
'Huge ego' at stake in Cosaa basketball
Sunstar Cagayan de Oro
Friday, August 24, 2007

BOTH are debuting for their respective tertiary teams, the pressure will be on Dodo Bernados and opposing coach Rocky Calingin when STI and Xavier University go for a knockout match in the exciting 2007 Cosaa basketball tournament here at Xavier University (XU) gymnasium.

In their last outings, the XU Crusaders narrowly escaped with a two-point victory over Capitol University, which also lost to STI Conquerors by a 6-point margin.

Mathematically, CU will head to the exit door in the event of a 7-point triumph by STI against XU on September 1.

"Whoever wins will advance to the finals against either Cagayan de Oro College or Pilgrim Christian College. Puro mi bagohan nga coach ni Rocky sa among teams karon sa college so it's gonna be a give-your-best encounter when the Cosaa tertiary basketball resumes kay puro man gyod mi ani maningkamot nga magpa-impress," Bernados said in half jest.

The PCC juniors, meanwhile, take the solo lead in secondary division with an immaculate 3-0 record with perennial rivals XU and Corpus Christi expected to dispute the No.2 position.

"Sayang among pilde sa ila kay one point lang though we hope that it will motivate us to strive more in our next games," added Bernados's assistant coach Richard Tangara in citing their 47-48 defeat to elementary basketball's all-time favorite Xavier University Grade School.

In another development, Cosaa chess in-charge Engineer Roger Golez Jr. told Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro the inter-school chess competition for elementary, secondary and tertiary levels will be played in the last two Sundays of September month. (LLS)

09-12-2007, 07:18 AM
COSAA Schedule for September 1 and 2, 2007
Sunday, August 26, 2007
Bounce Pass
By John Montalvan

Basketball (XU GYM)

September 1 (Saturday) 1:00pm
XU vs. STI College

September 2 (Sunday) 1:00pm
SPC vs. Pilgrim HS-V
ACSAT vs. Pilgrim College
Volleyball (XU Main Covered Courts)

September 1 (Saturday)
8:00am Semi Final Games(GS Boys)
8:00am Semi Final Games (GS Girls)

September 2 (Sunday)
8:00am Semi Final Games (HS Boys)
8:00am Lourdes vs. Merry Child School (HS Girls)
9:00am Capitol U vs. SMS (HS Girls)
10:00am XUHS vs. Corpus Christi (HS Girls)
1:00pm Capitol U vs. Lourdes (College Men)
1:00pm Semi final Games (College Women)
2:00pm STI vs. XU (College Men)

Football September 2, 2007
Football Field
Participating Schools are Abbaís Orchard, Rosevale School, XUGS and Merry Child School.

Divisions are Varsity (11 a side) and Age groups 8-under, 10-under and 12-under (7 a side).

09-12-2007, 07:19 AM
Sabal clarifies 'in-school sports issues'
Sunstar Cagayan de Oro
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A TOP Cosaa (Cagayan de Oro Sports Athletic Association) official recently guaranteed that the young league for student athletes would continue to be part of the Palaro meet's qualifying games.

And so, as being agreed last year, Xavier University sports director Gerardo "Boboy" Sabal claimed another "triangular meet" will transpire this year involving the qualified athletes of Prisaa, Cosaa and the public schools.

"Sama sa nahitabo niadtong miaging tuig, as is gihapon ang triangular meet og apil kita (Cosaa) niana," Sabal told Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro, virtually dismissing the rumors that circulated in the grapevines that the Prisaa (Private Schools Athletic Association) people headed by lawyer Adrian Barba (now a full-pledged city councilor) would reportedly dispute Cosaa's authority to have legal entry in the annual Palaro's final qualifying phase here popularly known then as City Dual Meet.

Among the controversies Xavier University's top sportsman are facing right now include the seemingly never-ending wrangling between Xavier University and Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School in secondary basketball rivalry.

In fact, the powerhouse Sacred Heart juniors were not able to see action in the ongoing Cosaa cagefest at XU gymnasium for a still unclear reason.

Some parents of the affected cagers earlier expressed apprehension the brewing conflict may create another discord leading to XU teams' possible exclusion in the keenly awaited Milo Best caging, which will open here in September.

"Kon magpadayon man gud ang politika sa sports ang mga bata ang labaw nga ma-apektohan," one parent said.

Sabal, however, insists Xavier University has an invitation to partake in the Milo Best eliminations here. He also clarified that all interested private schools in the city are welcome to participate in the prestigious Loyola Cup the Jesuit-run Xavier University is hosting every year. (LLS)

09-12-2007, 07:22 AM
1st semester COSAA games near end
Sunday, September 2, 2007
Mindanao Current
Bounce Pass
By John Montalvan

This weekend will be the cross-over games for COSAA Basketball while most of the Volleyball Categories will be having their finals!

The basketball tournament has reached the Final Four stage though teams to play are still to be determined as of this writing since the last games of the eliminations are still to be played.

Games for 3rd place will be played on September 29 and the Finals on September 30.

For Volleyball, all teams that participated in the Grade School Boys, Grade School Girls and Secondary Boys have a shot in the finals since only four schools participated. The Cross-over games are being played as of this writing.

The High School girls will still have the last of their eliminations on Sunday, September 9.

Games are:
8:00am Merry Child School vs. Capitol U
9:00am Lourdes College vs. Xavier U
10:00am Corpus Christi vs. St. Maryís School

Their semi-final games will be played on September 29 and the Finals on September 30.

The College Men are having their semi-finals on Sunday, September 9 while the College Women will be having their Finals. The College Menís Finals are on September 30.

Taekwondo will be held this weekend too. On September 8, the Taekwondo Tournament of COSAA will be held at the XU Gym. It will start at 8am and is targeted to end by 12 noon. It is only a half day affair.

Football, which started last Sunday, September 2, will resume and have their Finals by September 9. The highlight of the Football Tournament will be the exhibition match between the Boys Football Teams of Xavier University High School and Abbaís Orchard High School.

After this weekend the COSAA will take a break because of the Xavier University Annual College Intramurals. Since XU is hosting, all of the venues used in COSAA are at XU and will not be available. COSAA games will resume on September 29 though Chess will be played on September 23.

09-12-2007, 07:25 AM
Crusaders' new head coach in finals debut
Sunstar Cagayan de Oro
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NOW taking a new role in life, former Claveria town mayor Rocky Calingin is one game away of giving Xavier University a championship ring in tertiary level of the 2007 Cosaa basketball tournament here.

The XU Senior Crusaders survived a fiery bout with Pilgrim Christian College, 78-71 last weekend to arrange a title showdown with COC Phinma Scorpions, winner over Capitol University, on September 30 at the XU gymnasium.

"Determinado si Rocky nga mapa-champion ang Crusaders sa iyang debut as their new head coach. I could only wish him luck in the finals," said Dodo Bernados whose STI Conquerors got also conquered by the host squad at the end of the single elimination round.

It's only one game in as far as disputing the tertiary crown is concerned. But the youthful Calingin must have been fully aware that apart from the wily Scorpions, he's also up against a veteran and experienced mentor in comebacking Bobong Gabales.

"Medyo taas ang gap between the crossover and championship rounds sa Cosaa basketball, owing to the fast approaching Xavier University intramurals. But the XU-COC championship is definitely a must game to watch. It's going to be full of excitement and drama on and off the wooden hardcourt," said XU sports insider, John Montalvan.

In a sense, Xavier University is bidding to sweep the basketball titles at stake in the Cagayan de Oro Schools Athletic Association (Cosaa) Meet as the Crusaders' counterparts in elementary and secondary levels have made it to the championship round. (LLS)

09-19-2007, 12:15 PM
XU in COSAA Finals
Sunday, September 16, 2007
Mindanao Current
Bounce Pass
By John Montalvan

In their last season as host of the Cagayan de Oro Schools Athletic Association, the Xavier University Crusaders have just earned their seat in the basketball finals against the COC-Phinma Scorpions.

Facing the Pilgrim Christian College Green Voyagers in the Semi-Finals, the Crusaders of Coach Rocky Calingin banked on veterans Chris Abrio and GB Tagarda in beating the Voyagers 78-71 last Sunday, September 9. With Pilgrim leading 63-62 with 4:44 left in the 4th quarter, Abrio and Tagarda teamed up with pesky point guard Jett Yaranon and forward James Simon to rally against the Voyagers.

Norman Ihalas and JP Tilap of Pilgrim tried to push their teammates to maintain their lead but lost fire in the home stretch.

"We are ready for the FinalsĒ said XU King Crusader Chris Abrio after one of their daily practices at the XU Gym.

The Crusaders head back to the drawing board to plan their strategies against the 2006 Champions COC-Phinma Scorpions on September 30.

After the game against Pilgrim, XU Head Coach Rocky Calingin praised his players for the effort they gave.

"The boys really played hard," said Coach Calingin of his wards. "It was their effort that gave us the win. Also the support that the school, especially the Athletics Department under Director Boboy Sabal."

Both teams have enough time to map out their offensive and defensive since the Finals is still 2 weeks away. The venue is unavailable for COSAA due to the Annual College Intramurals of Xavier University.

Also playing in the finals are XU and Corpus Christi for the Grade School and High School Junior Varsity and XUHS and Pilgrim Christian College for the High School Varsity.

The 2nd Semester Games of the COSAA is scheduled to start on November 10 with Cheer Dance competition, Badminton, Swimming, Lawn Tennis and the Track and Field events.

09-24-2007, 08:28 PM
COSAA Championships!!!
Sunday, September 23, 2007
Mindanao Current
Bounce Pass
By John Montalvan

The Basketball Finals of the Cagayan de Oro Schools Athletic Associationís 3rd season will be held this Sunday, September 30, 2007.

Host Xavier University leads all finalists with every team they fielded.

Gates open at 1:00 pm with Xavier University facing Corpus Christi in the Grade School Division.

Right after the grade school game, the Junior Varsity (14-under) of Xavier University will meet their perennial rival for 17 years, the Corpus Christi Knights. Ever since there was an Inter-school tournament for the 14-under category, both teams have almost always faced each other in the finals.

In the High School Varsity division, Xavier will face Pilgrim Christian College while Inaugural Champions Xavier University will face the 2nd Season Champions COC-Phinma in the College Menís Finals.

The gym is expected to be jam packed on Sunday as everyone would want to take a peak at the Cityís premier Inter-school Tournament.

Not only the teams are preparing hard for the game but the cheerers as well! All schools playing in the finals have been openly campaigning to their students, alumni and friends to watch the games and cheer.

10-06-2007, 03:26 PM
who won the championships in each level??? individual awards??

10-07-2007, 05:27 AM
COSAA 2007 Champion - Cagayan de Oro College-Phinma Scorpions - (College)