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09-08-2006, 07:38 AM
I think we should have, though belatedly, a thread which would open to discussion our thoughts and hindsights of upcoming games in the UAAP. The next UAAP game is the playoff between UST and AdU to determine 3rd and 4th place in the Final 4. The winner plays number 2 UE while the loser between UST and AdU will play the number 1 team ADMU.

This should be a very interesting game to watch. Both teams have a more than adequate big man UST (Cruz) and AdU (Bono). Both should cancel each other out in their match up. But I think UST is the team with a deeper bench. If Jervy Cruz manages to even just match the performance of Bono, the other UST players can pick up the rest. This includes Ababou, Evangelista, Espiritu, Taylor, etc. For AdU, only Hugnatan, Yong and Cabahug are around to help and unfortunately, these guys are not that consistent.

In the 1 position, UST still has a slight edge with Cuan way better than Polayapoy. The loss of Canuday, tips the scale in favor of UST as now, both teams have no effective back-up PG. However, the minutes Cuan gets will be crucial. He has replaced LA Tenorio as the cramps king going into the crucial minutes of the game.

This game should be close but I expect UST to finish the job early or mid 4th quarter. UST players have the drive and momentum to go all the way to the Final Four to become miserably inconsistent UE's tormentor. For AdU, and please I mean this with no disrespect to AdU fans, will be looking forward to next season after 2 games.

However, I have been wrong before. So, gamers, what do you think? How will this game go?

09-08-2006, 10:04 AM
UST would have the edge on this one.

The FALCONS have a hard time when Bono has to rest. Whenever it is only Basilio and Hugnatan manning the frontline, the scoring and the offensive rebounding of the Falcons suffer. The key then for Adamson would be to get its rotation down pat. It may have to try to slow down the game and engage in a war of attrition with both teams using the zone. Cabahug is deadly and Pacheco is getting his groove.

Still, the inside-outside play of UST will give Coach Leo Austria fits.

A low scoring highly defensive game will give the FALCONS a chance. If the game goes on a full scoring throttle, chalk the win for the TIGERS.

09-08-2006, 03:21 PM
IMO, outside shooting will decide the outcome of this game.

Bono and Cruz are constants as far as contribution is concern. But if their respective teams don't hit their perimeter shots, magiging masikip yang shaded area para sa kanila. This will prevent them from asserting themselves and be the decisive factor.

Now, if one team starts connecting from the outside, that middle will be one big playground for either of the two.

But what I am eagerly anticipating is what kind of a team will step onto the court for UST.

Taking into account the kind of a roller coaster ride the Tigers' have gone so far, obviously, USTs kind of game will be the main interest for many of us kibitzers. Ito ba yung tumalo sa Ateneo, o yung tinalo ng UP ng dalawang beses.

09-08-2006, 04:05 PM

center :* bono - cruz

leading MVP candidate bono should win this match-up;* he has too many moves, has range inside and out, knows how to pace himself, good rebounder and is an underrated defender;* jervy cruz needs to be set-up and relies on dump passes to score.* range limited to inside game;* has great hands on finish; equal at foul line

PF:* * * * *hugnatan - evangelista

even:* evangelista will pull hugnatan out with his range, but hugnatan will do the same with foul line jumpers;* cancel out in rebounding and defense.* you may see the PF defending the centers in an effort to save the bigs for the 4th. qtr.* * decent entry lob passers

SG:* * * * *agustin -* duncil

Advantage: duncil;* would have been great match vs. canuday in terms of athleticism and smarts, but this is UST's main advantage in the starters; agustin should look to limit duncil's touches and keep him either firing from the outside vs. a midrange game;* look for yong and pacheco to gain significant minutes here

PG:* * * * *poloyapoy - cuan

even:* poloyapoy has been decently leading his team, even without the great stats;* japs cuan has adjusted from speedster to tempo master;* speed and slashing advantage goes to cuan, but poloyapoy gets the nod for outside shooting, and free throw shooting;* *defense is even;* tie-breaker is attire, advantage is to cuan because of poloyapoy's short shorts ala john stockon.* ;D

SF:* * * * *cabahug- ababou

interesting match up:* ababou's all around game, his handle and dish, vs. cabahug's long range game.* *ababou's ability to shoot, slash, score and dish creates problems, but he's been inconsistent, as evidenced by his performance's vs. ADMU (high), then disappeared vs. UP (low) and ADU (low).* cabahug has been more consistent, but* more one-dimensional.* he's there to score and open up things, but isn't a passer or rebounder much.* still advantage: cabahug, it's playoff time, and it's more of a mental than physical state; cabahug's maturity should come through

bench* yong, pacheco, basilio, gonzalgo* - gile, cortez, allera, taylor, espiritu

advantage:* UST is just deeper, and this is where canuday's loss will be felt

coach:* austria - jarencio

advantage:* austria:* *wealth of coaching experience of coach leo and in-game adjustments gets the nod;* PBL, PBA, and UAAP, plus his own playing experience helps him;* he's been here before and knows all the pressure and the stakes both as player and coach;* he's aware he's playing short-handed, and will make the adjustments;* team is highly motivated, and they're dangerous

pido has done a masterful job, shuffling his deck like a poker king, and helping his team gain invaluable experience along the way. losing key players* for some games helped others gain the experience, and their athleticism, and motivation and momentum* is on the rise.* *however, the second season is a coach's season of adjustment and readjustment, and it's pido's first expereince on any level.* he's done a great job this year, surprising everyone, and same time next year, he'll be even better, given the same circumstances

prediction:* *if it's a slow down, ugly ball, low-scoring game,* ADU, low to mid-50's or 60's; anything above 65 will* play to UST's* game.* halftime of 35 points scored lends itself to UST's pace.

09-08-2006, 08:59 PM
For Adamson to have a chance, Cabahug and Gonzalgo must shoot well and open up the paint. I'm giving UST the slight edge on this one. Adamson can only be so competitive for so many games with a point guard who wears boxing shorts.

Mateen Cleaves
09-09-2006, 07:30 AM
Cabahug was the missing man in their last meeting. With UST double-teaming Bono at every opportunity, the Falcons need Cabahug to relieve some of that pressure on their big man. Gonzalgo was a pleasant surprise for Adamson last time out. If he and, perhaps Yong, can add to the production of Bono, Cabahug and Hugnatan, they'll be in good shape.

Looks like UST will be playing with a full line-up again. Which Duncil will we see -- the pre-head butt Duncil who was on his way to Top 10 status, or the post-typhoid fever Duncil who's still feeling his way around?

I think the veterans -- Austria and Bono -- should give Adamson the edge in this play-off.

Paul of Bataan
09-12-2006, 10:48 AM
Malaking kawalan ang isang Leo Canuday sa hanay ng Adamson. Let's see how Coach Leo will be able to offset his big loss against a healthier UST lineup.

09-12-2006, 10:56 AM
UST will advance to the finals.

09-12-2006, 11:32 AM
I will watch this game with great interest, as I would like to see how far Adamson's turnaround from last year will go. They have the tools and must play to their strengths. In spite of struggles, they have done very well this year.

09-12-2006, 02:55 PM
UST will advance to the finals.

I have this weird sense UST will go all the way to the finals. I just hope it's not at the expense of Ateneo....

09-14-2006, 06:02 PM
UST won. Didn't catch the final score, but the Tigers were up by 16 with less than a minute left. UST stepped uo its defensive pressure in the second half, hounding the Adamson guards and disrupting their offense. Poloyapoy and Yong just couldn't get the ball to Bono where he wanted it, plus their outside shooting deserted them as well.

So it's Ateneo vs. Adamson and UE vs. UST on Sunday.

09-14-2006, 06:33 PM
I am looking forward to a UST vs. Ateneo finals. This series will be more exciting.