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08-05-2006, 11:42 AM
After all the bad news constantly being discussed in our forum, it's nice to finally fill everybody in on a bit of good news from the Falcons. :)

...our team finds itself in an unfamiliar situation approaching the end of the first round. The Falcons (regardless of the outcome of today's game against the dangerous defending champs FEU) are now in the top four of the standings. We, the Adamson supporters, would like to thank our players for the composure they have shown in our last few games. Thanks guys for rising above the negative comments and insults being hurled against you by your critics. Thank you for proving that it's not how you look but how you play, and that in the end, it's how you performed and the statistics on the board that truly matter. We hope that you will remain consistent until the end of this season and even beyond!

Thank you so much Coach Leo Austria for making this all happen for our team. For many years the Falcons have had the materials to become a winning team but did not have an effective leader to bring Adamson to the final four. How sad we were especially last year when, as the UAAP host, not only did we perform dismally in the tournament but our own coaching staff was blaming the players for each loss instead of defending them..

(Now isn't it the job of a coach and his staff to make a team win? As the saying goes, players win games and coaches lose them. Coach Leo has shown us that he is doing his job well. Too bad he isn't staying with us for long!)

... the school's Engineering Department sponsored a simple merienda for the team yesterday. Finally our pleas for support are slowly being answered by the university! I hope this will not be limited only to the times when the Falcons win but that your support stays through the good and bad times.

(I remember the situation of Ateneo which did not win a championship in the '90s but whose community did not falter in its support of the team during this time. I hope Adamsonians can be like this too..)

08-06-2006, 04:44 AM
... the school's Engineering Department sponsored a simple merienda for the team yesterday. Finally our pleas for support are slowly being answered by the university! I hope this will not be limited only to the times when the Falcons win but that your support stays through the good and bad times.

Simple merienda? SIMPLE MERIENDA? How in the world is that supposed to motivate Ken Bono? .....hehehe, just kidding. ;D


Seriously, I like what Adamson is going through now NOT because I have a particular liking for this team (NU forever!!!) but because a league whose teams are more or less equal in strength makes for a very exciting league.

The Luigi Trillo years were truly disappointing, but the good thing about past disappointments is that you just keep on moving away from it. There's one more round to go, and if things go well, the Falcons will enter the Final 4 for the first time.

Yep, you heard that right. Since the final 4 system was instituted, Adamson has never advanced to that level. Let's keep our finges crossed. :) ...........But I'm still cheering for NU ;D

08-06-2006, 08:11 PM
Before, parang bale wala sa mga players kung ano ang kalabasan ng laro. Ganoon ang dating nila.

Now, this is a team who desires to win.

We all know, positive attitude can bring a lot of good things.

08-10-2006, 09:27 AM
Hi mangstito!* :)

Simple merienda or grandiose dinner, I'm sure the fact that things are starting to look up for his team is motivation enough for Bono. ;D* At the end of the first round, we heard that this guy is even frontrunning the UAAP MVP race...

We lost to the FEU Tamaraws but I won't be a sore loser. I did say they were a dangerous team, being the defending champions, and it was unfortunate that they got their groove back during their game against our team of all days! I must acknowledge their impeccable shooting and balanced scoring effort from their starters plus their evidently deep bench spelled our doom that day. However I am also happy to report that our Falcons have been hard at work preparing for their rematch with the Tamaraws this coming Saturday.

(BTW, I would also like to relay a message of thanks from the team to the large crowd of Adamson supporters who cheered them on last week. Please don't be discouraged by the last game daw.)

Your NU Bulldogs are also doing very well this season. You're right, this year is definitely more exciting because all the teams have a shot at the final four! Coach Manny is once again working his magic and this year's lineup is dangerously similar to your '02 team that won fourth place in the UAAP (buti pa kayo naka-final 4 na!). Sana nga every year ganito, 'noh?

But I have to commend the school spirit of your pep squad. Manalo matalo all-out talaga sila mag-cheer! What's your secret?* :)

* * *

Hi there oca..

You're right. Motivated to win talaga this year ang Falcons, malayong-malayo from the previous years (most evidently last season). Coach Leo's appointment as head coach has a lot to do with the team's winning attitude. Everybody wants to win now, and all of them are actually getting along this year. Surprise, surprise!* :D

08-10-2006, 12:12 PM
I just thought I'd share the following, which I came across while browsing the BEN thread on the first Ateneo-Adamson game...

Posted by jembengzon

it was a well coached game by coach leo austria, slowing down the tempo and using bono and cabahug for an inside out.* Adamson has the size and talent to match with ADMU, and hugnatan and bono were giving the boys fits inside. They also used cabahug and canuday to post up the smaller ADMU guards whcih created several mismatches in the 1st half.* if adamson learns to* trust their coach, they're dangerous final four material

And posted by Apocrypha

The last two games of the Falcons show that they must be respected. They are definitely a different team this season. They play more deliberately, and their shot selection is vastly improved. They don't launch threes indiscriminately anymore. They play to their strengths, and they now have a game plan. Leo Austria seems to be able to coax good performances from his players. Bono and Cabahug played well, and even the oft-maligned Poloyapoy (another Marvin!) had a serviceable game. From the moment Canuday was brought in as a response to Jai checking into the game, it was obvious that Adamson has a better coach this year compared to previous years.

If last round's game was a nailbiter, I get the feeling that this Thursday's game is going to be even more exciting now that both teams are more familiar with each other. :)

Oops, I had typos and coding errors...

08-11-2006, 10:09 AM
Hi Carrot. Thanks for sharing those encouraging posts!

I have more good news for everybody! Here goes...

... as jaelanella reported in another thread in this forum, the Falcons have recently received new sets of practice uniforms to replace their current tattered uniforms. The team is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new set of game uniforms, if any.

... some of the players just received ringside tickets for their game tomorrow against FEU at PhilSports. Truly a far cry from the gallery tickets they were given in the first round! Hopefully this is not an isolated occurence.

Once again many thanks from the Adamson Falcons and their inner circle! Cheers! :)

08-11-2006, 10:43 AM
Glad to hear that your and the other Falcon supporters' efforts to help the team get the things that they need/are entitled to are paying off :) Hurray!