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07-28-2006, 09:09 AM
Harbour not ready to join PBA
By Abac Cordero
The Philippine Star 07/28/2006

Harbour Centre, said to be one of the two new firms knocking on the PBA door, is not in a hurry to join the major league.

Mikee Romero, team owner of Harbour Centre which won its first title in the PBL last month, yesterday said while thereís a strong possibility, it just wonít happen sooner than what some people expect.

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"Although Iíve talked to (PBA) commissioner Noli Eala, I donít think our organization is ready," he told The STAR after newspaper reports hinted of his teamís entry into the pro league.

Romero, one of the youngest team owners ever to win a title in the PBL, said he received phone calls from two team owners, one from the PBL and the other from the PBA, after the reports came out yesterday.

"They were both asking. And I said Iím not even sure if it was Harbour Centre being referred to. But if ever, it wonít (happen) this season," added Romero.

With the inclusion of Welcoat, the newest team in the PBA, the league opens its new season in October with 10 teams, the old number counting Shell which took an exit last year.

Romero said he wanted to know if one of the present PBA franchises is up for sale. A PBA franchise could go around P40 million.

"Because if it is, we might consider. It depends of what kind of a team it is. Or baka naman giveaway na yung franchise. So it would really depend on the offer.

"It depends on how much a franchise would cost or what the concessions are. Then maybe we can think about it ó again," added Romero, who knows that itís not really easy to build a PBA franchise.

"Itís not that easy so most probably after one more year," he said.