View Full Version : Who is the_terminator from PEx?

07-17-2006, 10:45 AM
Who is the_terminator from PEx and what does he have against Kenneth Bono of Adamson? His below-the-belt comments against the guy extends beyond the court and even his personal life is viciously attacked.

From his other posts it seems he is from DLSU...

07-17-2006, 11:22 AM
kaybee, I honestly don't know who that poster is. Alam mo naman ang hiwaga na puedeng dalhin ng cyberspace when it comes to posting and attacking someone. Puedeng magpanggap ang kahit na sino na siya'y connected sa ganito o ganyang institution that he wants to get associated with. If indeed he's connetced with La Salle, ganyan talaga eh, every place has its own goons to live by. Anyways, I am locking this thread since I feel that this is not in any way connected with any of the DLSU sports teams.

I hope you understand my stand regarding the thread that you started. Thanks a lot.