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07-16-2006, 07:53 AM
BLEACHER TALK By Rico S. Navarro
The Freeman 07/16/2006

With the PBA set to wrap up its All Filipino championship series and the PBL on its annual break, what time is it? Whose turn is it to shine on the basketball court? Welcome back college basketball! It's that time of the year again when basketball gives way to that segment of the family that gives us fans a refreshing break from all that we've seen in the pros.

College basketball has always had a market of its own, at times outselling the PBA in terms of ticket sales and popularity. While the pro league is always considered as the big league in any basketball family, college basketball purists believe that college ball is right up there with the pros. And they do have a point. A brief look at the collegiate scene will reveal that the UAAP and NCAA are acknowledged as the top two leagues of the country with all other leagues following behind. I'd like to put Cebu's CESAFI up there with the "Big Two" but I'll have to be very honest and admit that we're slowly slipping away from them.

Let's face it. College basketball, with its leagues as its products, is like an industry in itself that is being "sold" to consumers who we'll call the basketball fan. If we were to make a common sense estimate as to which leagues are the market share leaders in terms of "sales" and consumer following, the UAAP and NCAA would come out as top-of-mind replies. Like any other market leader, the UAAP and NCAA stand out above the rest in terms of competition, popularity and following. The biggest indicator for this? They're the only leagues with nationwide live TV coverage, an abundance of sponsors and loyal fans.

The league's managers have done a good job of building the image of these leagues as the best of college basketball. TV coverage has obviously been a big boost to this position, giving the two leagues exposure to nationwide fans by default as the other leagues don't have TV coverage at all. Aware that it can't directly compete with the PBA, the UAAP and NCAA have taken the approach of owning that segment of the basketball industry that the PBA can't "touch."

I cite these as an example with the hope that Cebu's very own CESAFI will learn from these case studies and apply these key learning to their thrust to being recognized as a top league in the country.

But first things first. What is the CESAFI's stand in this regard? Do they want the league to create a name for itself? What are its dreams? Its long term goals? Its vision? Second. Assuming that the CESAFI wants to take this path, it's important that they take a look at things from the perspective of the basketball fan.

Who is the CESAFI in the eyes of the basketball fan? Does the league have a relevant attachment to the basketball fan? I don't want to pre-empt such a "survey" but I'll make an educated guess that to the eyes of the basketball fan, the CESAFI is just another league outside of the UAAP and NCAA. We're just at the same level as the NCRAA, SCUAA, and all those other alphabet basketball leagues trying hard to be at par with the UAAP and NCAA. Are we satisfied with this or do we want to go beyond this current situation? It may also help if we look back at history and ask how the CESAFI's yesteryears fared. How was the CAAA received in the past? How was it when compared to the UAAP and NCAA? And how is it now?

The CESAFI finds itself in a situation where it can actually create a big name for itself and has many things going for it. For starters, Cebu schools are the first choices of high school basketball prospects from the Visayas and Mindanao who want to pursue their basketball careers at the collegiate level. But then again, I could be wrong with the trend that has seen a growing number of young Vismin upstarts now playing in the UAAP and NCAA. Moreover, basketball fans in Manila are aware that the best talents from the south are products of Cebu basketball, e.g. Dondon Hontiveros, Junthy Valenzuela, Roger Yap, Donbel Belano, Joseph Ronald "Baby Shaq" Quiñahan, etc. This gives the CESAFI an obvious starting point to build its image, doesn't it?

From a competitive standpoint, we have proven that we aren't far behind. UV has been a consistent Final Four team in the Champions' League or national inter-collegiate championship. Every time they play in Manila, they're always viewed as a threat to topple either the UAAP or NCAA champs. Their past losses in such tournaments have been to the likes of FEU, UE, and San Sebastian, all top-notch teams. If you drill down to the roots of these losses, it always boils down to the lack of mental toughness due to the absence of quality competition on local shores. From a physical standpoint man-for-man, UV can match up against any team in Manila.

It's high time that the CESAFI take a stand now before it's too late. Do they want to be recognized to be at the same level as the UAAP and NCAA? Do they recognize the opportunities that are there? Or are they satisfied with what they have and are just willing to coast along? And let the UAAP and NCAA increase their leadership gap? I think the answer is a no-brainer.

07-24-2006, 01:34 PM
Monday, July 24, 2006
Lancers skewer Warriors
By Jaime A. Frias
Sun.Star Correspondent

The University of Visayas Green Lancers routed the University of San Carlos Warriors, 89-71, in the 2006 Cesafi Basketball Seniors yesterday at the Cebu Coliseum.

The much-experienced Green Lancers outclassed the Warriors in all quarters of the game.

UV head coach Boy Cabahug said the victory is a signal that getting their six-straight title this season is possible.

At the onset, the Warriors relied on bull-strong Enrico John Llanto, the acrobatic Niño Ramirez, sweet-shooting Ryan Carlo Padayao and playmaker Vernini Tanga-rorang to match the Lancers’ run-and-gun play.

But the Lancers were too tough to crack.


The Warriors' intensity was not enough as the Lancers took the lead in the first quarter, 20-16.

The Lancers started slow in their offense at the second quarter but still maintained the lead and close down the canto at 41-35.

Coach Cabahug sent some of his first-stringers to do the demolition job and pulled a commanding 29-14 run to end the third period at 70-49, and maintained a double-digit lead until the endgame.

"We started good in the first quarter but I have limited cards at my hand. I lack relievers to continue the momentum," said Warriors head coach Jay Ramirez, whose brother, PSC chairman William Ramirez, was watching the game until the third quarter.

Cabahug, in contrast, said, “I’m confident with my boys. In fact, I sent all my stringers and the bench to have some exposure.”

Tight fight

UV's Von Harry Lanete and 6-foot-7 tower Rino Berame tallied 12 points.

In the first game of the Juniors division, the UV Junior Lancers defeated the Don Bosco Junior Grey Wolves, 80-62.

From a tight fight in the first half and third quarter, the Lancers outlasted the Grey Wolves at the endgame, capitalizing on the absence of the Wolves' Vicent Villamor, who fouled out in the last 6 minutes.

In the second game of the Juniors division, the University of Cebu Junior Webmasters dominated all quarters to beat the USC Junior Warriors, 83-67.

UC's Mark Gil Panerio scored a game-high 19 points while Robinson Mohammad Jr. added 17 points.

Scores (Seniors):

UV Green Lancers 89–Lanete 12, Bename 12, Dennison 11, Rodriguez 9, Omolon 9, Akad 6, Diputado 6, Arda 4, Pepito 4, Sendrijas 4, Manigque 4, Pitogo 4, Canoy 2, Lasala 2

USC Warriors 71–Llanto 25, Ramirez 22, Padayao 8, Tangarorang 5, Cabajar 4, Mercader 3, Gallarde 2, Joven 2

07-31-2006, 10:39 AM
UV survives UC scare
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 07/31/2006

UC proved it is a great running team, but UV showed the stuff champions are made of.

The University of the Visayas Green Lancers extended their unbeaten streak to three after escaping with a 74-72 victory over the University of Cebu Webmasters in the lone collegiate match of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event last night at the Cebu Coliseum.

For the second consecutive night, the Webmasters blew away chances of winning.

With the game still within reach after Allain Abellanosa's two free throws that put UC within a hairline, 72-73, in the final one minute of the game, Abellanosa was more than a villain than a hero.

This as Abellanosa was slapped with a travelling violation as he slipped near the undergoal while on the way for a drive that could have given UC the lead with still 30 seconds remaining.

Again, Abellanosa failed to complete a steal when he muffed a point blank lay-up in what could have been another chance for UC to grab the lead.

Worse, Abellanosa was called for foul against Morsie Akad, who then split his charities to peg the final count.

The Lancers controlled the game most of the way and had their largest lead at 12 points, 29-17, early in the second period.

Rino Berame worked doubly hard to top UV with 18 points, whileAkad finished with 15 points including the last four-point cluster that sealed UV's victory.

The Lancers did it even with Jayford Rodriguez scoring only four points and their well-polished rookies going ice-cold.

Rez, who waxed hot in the first two periods, led UC with 23 points, while Abellanosa and Jonathan Canceran had 16 points apiece. Their efforts weren't enough as UC fell to 1-2.

The Lancers' cliff-hanger victory became the saving grace as the Baby Lancers earlier suffered a 75-85 loss to the USP-F Baby Panthers.

In the other secondary game, the USC Baby sWarriors defeated the CIT Widkittens, 90-81, while the USC Lady Warriors defeated the USJR Lady Jaguars, 72-64, to take the solo lead in the women's division.

The scores

First game (Women's)

USC (72)- De los Reyers 27, Ceniza 15, Amoguis 9, Lim 7, Cañete 6, Tan 3, Alerta 2

USJR (64)- Malinao 29, Gasal 9, Sta. Cruz 8, Trazona 7, Chiong 6, Cabusao 2, Baclaan 2, Sollano 1 Halftime: 27-30

Second Ggme (Juniors)

USP (85) - Dysam 22, Dela Cruz 12, Maraño 10, Canoy 8, Boldalba 8,Olivar 6, Muñez 3, Yu 2, Elorde 2

UV (75) - Lao 35, Mercader 18, Camay 9, Malig-on 4, Malagar 3, Gonzaga 2 Halftime: 36-39

Third game (Juniors)

USC (90)- Codilla 26, Bercede 25, Caumenral 16, Delos Santos 7, Negapatan 5, Tiu 4, Saberon 3, Alocillo 3, Otida 2, Omolon 2,

CIT (81)- Augusto 43, Aranas 15, Labagala 9, Ybañez 7, Quiroga 4, Espinoza 2, Cabrera 2, Isidto 2 Halftime: 44-38

Fourth game (Seniors)

UV (74)- Berame 18, Akad 15, Canoy 9, Lanete 6, Dipoutado 5, Rodriguez 4, Sendrijas 4, Arda 4, Dennison 2, Esperat 2

UC (72)- Rez 23, Abellanosa 16, Canceran 16, Abatayo 8, Julianne 5, Cadayong 2, Fajardo 2 Halftime: 44-36

08-02-2006, 08:18 AM
CIT, USC seek first win
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/02/2006

The Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) Wildcats and the University of San Carlos (USC) Warriors go up against each other as they both seek for their first win in today's lone collegiate match of the 2006 Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event at the Cebu Coliseum.

In the first game of a featured double-header, the University of Southern Philippines-Foundation (USP-F) Baby Panthers aim to extend their winning streak to three as they take on the Don Bosco Greywolves.

The Warriors, one of the pre-tournament favorites, are surprisingly mired at the cellar following back-to-back defeats to the UV Green Lancers and USP, 71-89 and 82-85, respectively.

To wake up from deep slumber, the Warriors must not only rely on their Three Musketeers who played in commmercial league namely Enrico Llanto, Niño Ramirez and Vernini Tangarorang because in the end, they are likely to do more harm than good especially if the defense are thrown against them the entire game.

Also, fatigue factor may take its heavy toll on the Warriors should they let the Big Three do all the scoring.

The Warriors should consider that experience might be the ace for the Wildcats, who are a bit older than them and more intact because the bulk of their reliables last season are still there.

Some of the Wildcats' key players to turn into are Emilio Aniñon, Sherwin Abobo, Marvin Abapo, Jerry Lumongsod, Ramel Guevarra and Ronel Villarba.

Last year, the Warriors and the Wildcats had an even 1-1 head-to-head record. The Warriors escaped with a 72-70 win in their first meeting at the Cebu Coliseum, but the Wildcats got even sweat-free as they won by forfeiture over USC, which was serving a one-game suspension at that time for figuring in a 'basketbrawl' with UC at the USC gym.

Likewise, USP and Don Bosco went on to a 1-1 tie last year. Don Bosco drew first blood, 43-41, in Minglanilla, but USP hit back via a 63-60 decision in their rematch played in Talisay.

Now enjoying a clean 2-0 slate after victories over CIT, 82-74, and UV, 85-75, the Baby Panthers are headed to their best ever start in CESAFI history if they succeed in slaughtering the Wildkittens early this afternoon.

Expected to be at the helm of USPF's campaign is ace playmaker Franz Dionne Dysam along with Norman Bordalba Jr., Charles Jan Canoy, Raymund Olivar, URH de la Cruz and Lawrence Miguil Maraño, a hard-working post player.

08-05-2006, 11:39 AM
Panthers eye win 2 in CESAFI cagefest
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/05/2006

The University of Southern Philippines-Foundation (USP-F) Panthers will eye for their second win as they go up against the Don Bosco College in today's lone collegiate match of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event at the USC gym.

For coach Raul Latonio Sr. and his Panthers, winning tonight could be crucial as they will move up to third place for a possible 2-1 win-loss record.

Also, a victory over the Bosconians is timely as they need a morale booster before they meet the surging USJ-R Jaguars tomorrow in what could be the Panthers most difficult challenge aside from that of the UV Lancers come August 16.

Likewise, two-time women's champion University of Cebu (UC) Lady Webmasters are seeking for a 2-0 tie with idle USC Lady Warriors when they face the Cebu Doctors University White Mares in the preliminary.

Another exciting game in store today is the encounter between secondary defending champion University of the Visayas Baby Lancers who collide with the University of San Carlos Baby Warriors.

In the other high school game, winless Cebu Institute of Technology Wildkittens hope to snap a two-game skid to prevent further agony as they battle against another winless team the University of San Jose-Recoletos Baby Jaguars.

The 1-1 Panthers are badly needing a victory over Don Bosco, hoping to improve their rcord to 2-1 and thereby also moving up to third place behind UV (3-0) and USJ-R (2-0).

Against the rookie team Don Bosco, the only danger for the Panthers is an upset and that would be a different story in tomorrow's quest against the Jaguars.

In their losing debut against USJ-R, 73-112, it was apparent Don Bosco was still disorganized having played in the CESAFI for the first time. Obviously, coach Rudy Enterina must have already learned lessons from that defeat and made some adjustments for today's encounter with the Panthers.

They can count on some reliables including Moncrief Rogado, Randy Colonia, Bryan Travero, Dominic Ceniza, Jason Bartolabac, Marlon Demape and rookie center Cleford Maguate.

Mark Abarquez, Russel Litorja, Jefford Aldave, John Lester Sunga, Richard Vargas and Cyril Pedros are among the other Bosconians to watch.

Meanwhile, the revitalized Baby Warriors rely on Robert Gines Codilla, Dan Junior Bercede, Mark Daniel Caumeran, Nilton John Otida, Jose Adrianne Alocillo and John Philip delos Santos.

The Baby Lancers who wanted to bounce back from their 75-85 loss to USP-F last week, rely on their starting unit including Edrian Lao, Phil Mercader, Christian Camay, Roger Malig-on and Lymuel Malagar.

08-08-2006, 11:07 AM
CESAFI 2006 Basketball: Webmasters rebound
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/08/2006

Playing like wounded tigers, the University of Cebu Webmasters made up of their heart-breaking back-to-back losses last week and vented their ire against the Cebu Institute of Technology Wildcats, scoring a masterful 103-81 victory in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) collegiate basketball event the other night at the Cebu Coliseum.

The Webmasters, who settled to a 1-1 tie with the Wildcats last year, improved their win-loss record to 2-2 and needs only to win their last two games against the USC Warriors this coming Saturday and against Don Bosco College on August 20 to assure themselves of securing at least a spot in the top four behind UV, USP and USJR.

Last year, the Webmasters made it to the finals but lost to the mighty UV Green Lancers via a sweep but not after snapping the Lancers' 54-0 record by pulling off with a 75-68 win at the UV gym.

The Webmasters, who were also effective in their halfcourt trap and scoring in transition, kept the Wildcats guessing on their offense because topgunner Allain Abellanosa had found his range later in the third period. But he still managed to score 15 points.

The tandem of Jonathan Canceran and defensive guard Jared Kane Abatayo led the Webmasters' offense with 17 points apiece while Franco Cipriano finished with 12 points.

The Webmasters suffered two unforgettable losses last week as they blew up a nine-point lead in the final 2:58 in the final period and lost by five points, 99-104, to the USJR Jaguars who now fell to 2-1 after losing to the USP Panthers, 82-77, in a physical game that resulted into the ejection of Panther offguard Bryan Travero.

Against UV, the Webmasters collapsed in the closing seconds and what they needed was a basket by Abellanosa that would have been the marginal shot which he missed point-blank due to a defensive pressure.

The scores

UC (103) - Abatayo 17, Canceran 17, Abellanosa 15, Cipriano 12, Flanco 9, Rez 8, Ceniza 8, Fajardo 7, Agas 4, Abella 2, Cadayong 2, Tulda 2

CIT (81) - Lumongsod 15, Aniñon 13, Abobo 10, Guevarra 8, Reyes 8, Villarba 7, Abatayo 7, Abapo 5, Montealto 5 Halftime: 40-38

08-09-2006, 08:50 AM
CESAFI 2006 Basketball: Webmasters rebound
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/08/2006

Playing like wounded tigers, the University of Cebu Webmasters made up of their heart-breaking back-to-back losses last week and vented their ire against the Cebu Institute of Technology Wildcats, scoring a masterful 103-81 victory in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) collegiate basketball event the other night at the Cebu Coliseum.

The Webmasters, who settled to a 1-1 tie with the Wildcats last year, improved their win-loss record to 2-2 and needs only to win their last two games against the USC Warriors this coming Saturday and against Don Bosco College on August 20 to assure themselves of securing at least a spot in the top four behind UV, USP and USJR.

Last year, the Webmasters made it to the finals but lost to the mighty UV Green Lancers via a sweep but not after snapping the Lancers' 54-0 record by pulling off with a 75-68 win at the UV gym.

The Webmasters, who were also effective in their halfcourt trap and scoring in transition, kept the Wildcats guessing on their offense because topgunner Allain Abellanosa had found his range later in the third period. But he still managed to score 15 points.

The tandem of Jonathan Canceran and defensive guard Jared Kane Abatayo led the Webmasters' offense with 17 points apiece while Franco Cipriano finished with 12 points.

The Webmasters suffered two unforgettable losses last week as they blew up a nine-point lead in the final 2:58 in the final period and lost by five points, 99-104, to the USJR Jaguars who now fell to 2-1 after losing to the USP Panthers, 82-77, in a physical game that resulted into the ejection of Panther offguard Bryan Travero.

Against UV, the Webmasters collapsed in the closing seconds and what they needed was a basket by Abellanosa that would have been the marginal shot which he missed point-blank due to a defensive pressure.

The scores

UC (103) - Abatayo 17, Canceran 17, Abellanosa 15, Cipriano 12, Flanco 9, Rez 8, Ceniza 8, Fajardo 7, Agas 4, Abella 2, Cadayong 2, Tulda 2

CIT (81) - Lumongsod 15, Aniñon 13, Abobo 10, Guevarra 8, Reyes 8, Villarba 7, Abatayo 7, Abapo 5, Montealto 5 Halftime: 40-38

08-12-2006, 08:19 AM
UV eyes explosive return
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/12/2006

The well-rested University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers look forward to another romp as they go up against the winless Don Bosco College today in the 6th Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event, which shifts action to the USJ-R gym in Brgy. Basak, this city.

Earlier this afternoon, the University of Southern Philippines-Foundation Baby Panthers, unbeaten in three games so far, shoot for the solo lead in the secondary division when they go up against the University of San Carlos Baby Warriors.

In the other secondary match, the UV bantams battle the USJ-R Baby Jaguars, while capping the day's quadruple-header is the showdown between the USC Warriors and University of Cebu Webmasters in the collegiate level.

The Lancers are expected to make an explosive comeback after an 11-day respite since surviving a scare against UC last July 30 at the Cebu Coliseum. In that game, UV was on the brink of defeat, but fortunately grinded through a 74-72 victory to avert what could have been its only second defeat in its five-year dynasty.

If there's a matter of interest to the viewing public heading into today's UV-Don Bosco battle, it will be the meeting of the minds between two former in Elmer "Boy" Cabahug and Rudy Enterina.

But with UV's supreme manpower advantage, Don Bosco bench tactician Enterina is already about to accept defeat against the team he helped win at least two CAAA titles during his heydays under coaches Hermes Sumalinog and Raul Latonio, Sr.

Cabahug is not only banking on height, but also speed and quickness of his players.

Guys like Rino Berame, Jayford Rodriguez, Morsie Akad, Jayzar Esperat and Von Harry Lanete are among UV's top guns, while Don Bosco's only potential players to watch include Celso Colegado, Jefford Aldave, Russel Litorja, Eduardo Mabano, John Nepomuceno and John Lester Sunga.

08-13-2006, 07:11 PM
Green Lancers chalk up fourth straight win
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/13/2006

The University of the Visayas Green Lancers demolished the all-rookie Don Bosco College, 127-69, to lead the winners in "The Demolition Sunday" of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, inc. (CESAFI) basketball event at the USJR gym in Basak.

The UV Baby Lancers earlier defeated the USJ-R Baby Jaguars, 85-59, while the University of southern Philippines-Foundation (USPF) Baby Panthers pounded on the University of San Carlos (USC) Baby Warriors, 92-65, to remain unbeaten in four starts.

Now with an overall 62-1 win-loss record, the Lancers were effortless in scoring their fourth straight victory this season, this time coach Elmer "Boy" Cabahug and assistant Al Solis had he luxury of fielding in all his 14 players and all of them scored.

The Lancers, who will be having another acid test tonight against the 2-1 USJ-R Jaguars, ran the breaks effectively and were scoring easily in transition that the game was already predictable as early in the second period when they took a 55-22 halftime spread.

With their near flawless offense scoring in transition against Don Bosco by employing a half court trapping defense, the Lancers reached the 100-point plateau as early at 6:03 in the fourth period, 101-48 after two free throws by Jayford Rodriguez, one of the five starting crews, who was only fielded back in the fourth period along with Rino Berame, Eduardo Arda, Morsie Akad and Von Harry Lanete.

In fact, not the regular starters topscored for the Lancers because Cabahug and Solis were giving Eulogio Lasala Jr. a lengthy playing time to lead their offense with 21 points. Rodriguez and Frangel Omolon had 19 and 17 points, respectively for the Lancers.

The 0-3 Don Bosco was led by John Lester Sunga with 24 points while the only other player who scored in double figures was Richard Vargas with 11.

Meanwhile, the 4-0 Baby Panthers of coach Camilo Go was led by Francis Dion Dysam with 26 points while the Baby Warriors, who dropped to 1-4, were led by Robert Gines Codilla with 19 and Nilton John Otida with 14 points.

The Baby Lancers, who improved their win-loss record to 3-1, were led by Phil Mercader and Christian Camay with 12 and 11 points, respectively.

Joshua Heredia led the winless Baby Jaguars, who now fell to 0-3, the only winless high school teams so far.

The scores

First Game: Secondary

UV (85) - Mercader 12, Camay 11, Toring 8, Malig-on 7, Malagar 6, Lao 5, Espinas 5, Lacno 5, Sagmon 5, Lacuna 4, Gonzaga 4, Branzuela 4, Premacio 3, Padecio 3

USJR (59) - Herdia 10, Caritan 9, Ponsica 8, Unabia 6, Veloso 5, Villarin 5, Senining 4, Cabanes 3, Quijano 2, Trillo 2

Second Game: Secondary

USP (92) - Dysam 26, Bordalba 12, Maraño 12, Dela Cruz 8, Elorde 5, Muñez 5, Olivar 4, Cabatingan 4, Canoy 4, Abala 2, Yu 2, Balonggas 2

USC (65) - Codilla 19, Otida 14, Bercede 9, Ferrolino 6, Alocillo 4, Negapatan 3, Caumeran 2, Nadela 2, Omolon 2, Saberon 2

Third Game: College

UV (127) - Lasala 21, Rodriguez 19, Omolon 17, Esperat 13, Berame 12, Dennison 8, Pitogo 8, Canoy 8, Pepito 5, Arda 4, Lanete 4, Akad 3, Sendrijas 3, Manigque 2

Don Bosco (69) - Sunga 24, Vargas 11, Abarquez 7, Colegado 5, Aldave 5, Jh . Villaver 4, Jo Villaver 4, Mabano 4, Litorja 3, Lim 3, Nepomuceno 2.

08-17-2006, 09:09 AM
CESAFI Basketball 2006: Lancers score twin kill
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/17/2006

Morsie Akad anchored a fourth period surge to carry the offensive load for the University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers in scoring an 80-65 win over the University of the Philippines Foundation (USPF) Panthers yesterday in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event at the Cebu Coliseum.

Earlier, the UV Baby Lancers defeated the Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) Wildkittens, 79-63, to complete a twin kill for the Visayanians.

When the Panthers threatened to come close in the fourth period being down by only four points, 59-83, at the start, Akad took matters into his own hands by scoring nine of his 19 points in the fourth period, including a triple that gave the Lancers their largest lead at 15 points, 80-65.

The Lancers completed a 6-0 sweep in the elimination and improved their win-lossrecord to 64-1 in a five-year reign.

Having the height advantage, the Lancers allowed the Panthers to get going in the first half where they engaged into a see-sawn battle but decided to let Rino Berame do his job at the paint where he forced his counterpart from USP, Clefford Maguate, into four fouls.

Berame finished with 18 points for the Lancers.

Earlier, the Panthers could not sustain their momentum going into the second half because they lack the playmakers to control the ball compared to the Lancers, who were starred by Von Harry Lanete, Ritchum Dennison, Chris Victor Diputado and Frangel Omolon.

Except for Berame, the other UV center were not potential scorers last night but too bad, USP ace center Maguare was also out of his element as he was outsmarted by Berame in all aspects not just in offense and defense but also in rebounding.

One bright offensive contributor last night was rookie Rodel Quinao, who was so effective in his perimeter jumpshots to back-up the scoring cudgels of Moncrief Rogado and Rivera.

Rogado topscored with 14 points while Quinao and Rivera had 12 and 10 points, respectively.

The missing links for the Panthers were Randy Colina and Dominic Ceniza, who only made two points each.

Earlier, Edrian Lao and Phil Mercader proved to be the 1-2 punch for the Baby Lancers as they led their team's offense. Lao had 19 points while Mercader had 14 points.

The win gave the Baby Lancers a 4-2 win-loss record while the Wildkittens dropped to 1-4.

The scores

First Game: Secondary

UV (79) - Lao 19, Mercader 15, Malagar 7, Espinas 7, Camay 6, Malig-on 5, Toring 4, Lacuna 4, Sagmon 3, Premacio 2, Gonzaga 2

CIT (63) - Augusto 31, Ybaez 15, Santos 9, Quiroga 5, Labagala 5, Taghoy 2, Aranas 2

Second Game: Collegiate

UV (80) - Akad 19, Berame 18, Rodriguez 14, Dennison 9, Omonon 5, Lanete 3, Canoy 3, Arda 2, Esperat 2, Manigque 2, Lasala 2, Sendrijas 1

USP (65) - Rogado 14, Quinao 12, Rivera 10, Demape 7, Mancera 6, Maguate 5, Ceniza 2, Colonia 2, Bardilas 1 Halftime: 40-35

08-21-2006, 11:28 AM
USJ-R, USC win
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/20/2006

The University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Jaguars fended off a fierce challenge by the Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) Wildcats to hack out a 80-63 win and forge a three-way logjam at third in the 6th Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event last night at the Cebu Coliseum.

Games today
(Cebu Coliseum)
1 pm USC vs. USJR (Jrs.)
2:30 pm CIT vs. Don Bosco (Jrs)
4 pm UC vs. Don Bosco (Srs)
5:30 pm USP vs. CIT (Srs)

The Jaguars, USC Warriors and USP Panthers are currently tied with similar 3-2 win-loss records and the three are still jockeying for the second spot after the elimination. The Warriors claimed their third win in five starts at the expense of Don Bosco College, 120-92.

In the secondary matches, the USP Baby Panthers tamed the USJ-R Baby Jaguars, 107-94, while the UC Junior Webmasters defeated Don Bosco, 72-60, as they both remained unbeaten in four games. They will dispute the top spot in a prestige game on Monday, a holiday being the death anniversary of the late Senator Benigno Aquino, Jr.

Recovering from a lackluster first half where they trailed by 11 points, 28-39, the Wildcats regrouped to pull within four points, 47-51, on Ryan Montealto's 3-point play late in the third period. Instead of completing what would have been a great comeback, Montealto was whistled for an unsportsmanlike foul with 24.7 seconds left in the third period. That gave the Jaguars a four-point swing ending the period at 55-49.

The Wildcats nrever recovered from there as the Jaguars launched a furious endgame assault to come up with a 17-point rout. Luther Luke Justiniani topscored for the Jaguars with 17 points, while Ariel Lozano, a veteran in many commercial leagues, followed with 13 points.

The Wildcats, who were blowing hot and cold, was led by Sherwin Abobo with 17 points, while Marvin Abapo and Jerry Lumongsod had 11 and 10 points, respectively.

Earlier, five Warriors scored in double figures led by Niño Ramirez with 16 points.

Celso Colegado had 28 points, but his explosive night went for naught at the debuting Don Bosco lurther languished at the cellar without win in eight games.

The scores

First game (Juniors)

USP (107) - Dysam 19, Marao 14, Dionson 13, Elorde 13, Muez 13, Bordalba 9, Cabatingan 9, Dela Cruz 5, Balungcas 3, Abala 2, Canoy 2,

USJ-R (94) - Unabia 19, Heredia 15, Caritan 10, Ponsica 7, Senining 7, Trillo 5, Cabanes 6, Ducao 4, Villarin 3, Corominas 3, Simporios 2

Second game

UC (72 ) - Rago 15, Mohammad 11, Caspoy 9, Enriquez 8, Cuico 7, Panerio 7, Ferrolino 5, Babad 3, Bacalso 2, Cabanero 2, Espinosa 2, Connors 1

Don Bosco (60) - Malicden15, Tan 13, Lapitan 10, Tesaluna 9, Parilla 6, Belangel 2, Dela Torre 1

Third game (Seniors) USC (120) - Ramirez 16, Ferraren 14, Mercader 13, arriesgado 12, Gallarde 12, Llanto 9, Tagalog 8, Cabajar 7, Dabuco 6, Capisano 5, Padayao 5, Joven 5,Igao 5, Tangarorang 4, Blanes 2 Don Bosco (92) - Colegado 28, Sunga 16, Villaver 10, Abarquez 9, Aldave 8, Litorja 6, Vargas 5, Nepomuceno 5, Mabano 4, Del rosario 1 Fourth game (Seniors)

USJ-R (80) - Justiniani 17, Lozano 13, Gudez 10, Gabas 8, Arpay 7, Hatague 6, Delfino 4, Ponce 4, Pateo 3, Villahermosa 2

CIT (63) - Abobo 17, Abapo 11, Lumongsod 10, Montealto 8, Regis 8, Anion 4, Molero 2, Adlawan 2, Reyes 1

08-22-2006, 07:56 AM
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Warriors make USC history, take 2nd spot to gain semis
By Jaime A. Frias II
Sun.Star Correspondent

The University of San Carlos (USC) Warriors have clinched the second spot for the first time in six years with an 80-77 win over the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Jaguars in yesterday's Cesafi Seniors Basketball Tournament at the Cebu Coliseum.

After a winless start in their first two outings in the league, the Warriors pulled their fourth consecutive victory and will enjoy a twice-to-beat advantage in the semifinals while waiting for the winners of the quarterfinals.

"This is the first time we have a twice-to-beat advantage in the semifinals," USC head coach Jay Ramirez said of the schools performance in the Cebu Schools Athletics Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) in the last six years.

Ramirez made sure that his instructions and complaints to the referees didn’t go to waste—he motivated his wards to intensify their play a thrilling endgame, as the Jaguars tried a come-from-behind in the last two minutes of the game.


The Jaguars hustled in the first three quarters but never tasted the lead, as the Warriors started a run that stretched its lead to 10 points. USC closed the first quarter with a 27-21 lead.

The University of Visayas (UV) Green Lancers, with a 6-0 win-loss slate, and the Warriors, with a 4-2 card, both advance to the semifinals with a twice-to-beat advantage.

USJ-R along with the University of Cebu (UC) Webmasters and the University of Southern Philippines (USP) Panthers both tote 3-3 win-loss slates.

After the quotient tie breaker was applied, UC took outright third place.

Quarterfinal berth

USJ-R and USP, which was upset last Sunday against the Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) Wildcats by a point, settled for fourth and fifth places, respectively.

The Wildcats, 2-5, and the Don Bosco College GreyWolves are in sixth and seventh places. Both will duel for outright sixth place for a quarterfinal berth.

How they scored:

USC 80—Ramirez 20, Llanto 18, Mercader 17, Tangarorang

10, Dabuco 6, Padayao 5, Iogao 3, Tagalog 2. USJ-R 77—Ponce 17, Gabas 15, Hatague 9, Pogoy 8, Lozano 7, Gudez 6, Arpay 4, Villahermosa 4, Carilla 3, Justiniani 3, Delfino 2, Malinao 1.

08-22-2006, 08:00 AM
CESAFI Basketball: USC Warriors chalk best finish in elims
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/22/2006

The University of San Carlos (USC) Warriors were steadier down the homestretch and upended the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Jaguars, 80-77, to place second in the elimination round of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) collegiate basketball at the Cebu Coliseum.

In the secondary match, the University of Cebu (UC) Junior Webmasters completed a six-game sweep by beating the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) Baby Panthers, 90-81.

The victory gave the Warriors a 4-2 win-loss record and the number two spot behind UV after the elimination round, to carve their best ever finish since the inception of the CESAFI in 2001.

"Tsamba lang. Bilib lang ako sa puso na mga bata kasi hindi talaga sila bumigay kahit nag-rally pa 'yung USJ-R", said USC assistant coach Mike Reyes, who whooped it up with the players at the center line after the final buzzer sounded with pint-sized guard Vernini Tangarorong rebounding a miss by the Jaguars for their last possession.

The loss relegated the Jaguars into fourth place, paving the way for idle UC Webmasters to take the number three spot. The Webmasters and the Jaguars will enjoy a twice-to-beat advantage during the playoffs but it will be seventh placer Don Bosco College (0-6) and Cebu Institute of Technology Wildcats (2-) who will play in a knockout match this coming Saturday which will also be the start of the second round for the women's division.

Last Sunday's loss by USP to CIT, 75-76, was a real heartbreaker for the Panthers who were in the best position to grab the second spot had they won. Now, the Panthers lost everything including the twice-to-beat advantage as they were thrown at far fifth spot.

Actually, UC, USJ-R and USPF ended the elimination with identical 3-3 win-loss records but the Webmasters obtained the highest quotient against the Jaguars and the Panthers.

The Webmasters obtained 1.04 while the Jaguars had 1.045 and USP had the lowest quotient with .973.

As usual, the Warriors relied too much on the 1-2-3 punch of Niño Ramirez, Enrico Llanto and Arletroy Mercader, who did the heaviest damage to the Jaguars and of course, the head-up play of Tanagaroroang, who tended the backcourt with precision and extra care.

Tangarorang finished with 10 points.

The smallest man from the Jaguars' bench Armand Ponce tried to save his team by leading the offense scoring 17 points but he failed. Worse, some of the Jaguars' scorers expected to contribute were placed in a freezer like Luther Luke Jusiniani, who had only three points and Ranyulfo Malinao with a matchstick.

Another missing links for the Jaguars were Lyndon Gudez, who was limited to just four points, Ariel Lozano with seven points and Randy Pogoy with eight points.

Lucikly for the Jaguars, Gabas was involved in the scoring with 15 points.

Earlier, Mark Gil Panerio, Reynan Capoy, Bill Connors and Mark Madison Rago all scored in double figures to lead the Webmasters into their sixth win topping the elimination as the number one qualifier and their victims the second placer.

Franz Dion Dysam reached his average scoring 21 points to lead the Baby Panthers.

The scoes:

Fruist Game:


UC (90) - Panerio 15, Capoy 12, Connors 10, Rago 10, Enriquez 9, Babad 6, Espinosa 5, Mohamad 5, Ferrolino 4, Cabanero 4, Singson 2

USP (81) - Dysam 21, Canoy 14, Elorde 12, Maraño 11, Bordalba 8, Muñez 5, Dela Cruz 2, Cabatingan 1 Halftime: 43-42

Second Game:


USC (80) - Ramirez 20, Llanto 18, NMercader 17, Tangarorang 10, Dabuco 6, Padayao 5, Igao 3, Gallarfde 2, Tagalog 2

USJR (77) - Ponce 17, Gabas 15, Hatague 9, Pogoy 8, Lozano 7, Gudez 4, Arpay 4, Villahermosa 4, Carilla 3, Justiniani 3, Delifno 4, Malinao 1 Halftime: 45-37

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08-27-2006, 09:05 AM
Wildcats, Baby Jaguars move to second round in CESAFI caging
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/27/2006

The Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) Wildcats moved into the next round yesterday after knocking out Don Bosco College (DBC), 74-69, in the playoff of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event played at the UV gym.

In the junior's division, the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Baby Jaguars also knocked out the younger Bosconians with a 75-72 come-from-behind victory.

In the women's matches fitting the second round salvo, still there is no stopping the two-time champions University of Cebu Lady Webmasters, who repeated their mastery over the USJ-R Lady Jaguars, 69-45, while the University of San Carlos (USC) Lady Warriors pounded anew the Cedu Doctor's University, 78-44.

The Lady Webmasters extended their winning run to 4-0 while the Lady Warriors had a 3-1 win-loss card, their only loss coming from the hands of UC.

The Wildcats finally went back to their winning run, scoring their only back-to-back wins of the season, duplicating their 76-75 upset over the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USP-F0 Panthers.

But as they lived for another day and moved into the quarterfinals, the best is yet to come for the Wildcats who will be facing an acid test against the third seed UC Webmasters, who will be enjoying a twice-to-beat advantage.

They ended the elimination as the sixth placer with 2-4 win-loss record while UC, who had a 3-3 tie with USJR and USP, settled for the number three spot by virtue of a higher quotient.

Don Bosco, stretching its losing streak to 0-7 overall, came strong in the fourth period, engaging the Wildcats into a free throw contest with both teams under the penalty situation.

The more experienced Wildcats scored only seven points from the stripe while Don Bosco made eight points in the fourth quarter alone but the latter failed to sustain its momentum, showing immaturity of its players in handling pressure.

Don Bosco needed only to take care of the leather wisely in order to forge what could have been a potential overtime after being down by only two points, 67-69, in the final 48 seconds but point guard Celso Colegado lost handle of the ball. But he later made up his error by sinking two gift shots, 69-71, in the ensuing play, still 20.5 seconds left in the ballgame.

Jerry Lumongsud and Marvin Abapo sealed the game for CIT by scoring three more of the total seven free throw points from the 4.5 meter line.

Sherwin Abobo carried the offensive load for the Wildcats with his 27 points.

Don Bosco had a better point-distribution but it was only Colegado, who finished in double figures with 10 points because John Lester Sunga was handcuffed and was limited to an anemic eight points.

Games today
(Cebu Coliseum.)
1 pm USJR vs. USC (Women's)
2:30 pm CDU vs. UC (Women's)
4 pm USC vs. CIT (Sec.)
5:30 pm USJR vs. USP (Coll.)

The scores
First Game; Women's

USC (78) - Laping 10, Delos Reyes 8, Ceniza 8, Bernales 6, Alerta 6, Andaya 6, Lim 6, Narciso 6, Sollano 4, Tan 4, Comahig 4, Amoguis 3, Cañete 2

CDU (44) - Lebumfacil 12, Ferrer 10, Natividad 8, Sanchez 3, Barcenas 2, Villanueva 2, Sillos 2, Navarro 2, Gabiana 2

Second Game: Women's

UC (69) - Lanuza 16, Nieves 15, Belonguel 14, Fernandez 11, Piloto 9, Lim 7, Escribano 2, Fajardo 2

USJ-R (45) - Gasal 15, Vallar 8, Baclaan 5, Malinao 4, Cabugas 3, Sta. Cruz 2, Chiong 2, Dagatan 2, Trazona 2, Donaire 2

Third Game: Secodnary

USJ-R (75) - Rentuza 19, Caritan 14, Unabia 12, Cabanes 9, Santos 7, Villarin 7, Corominas 4, Trillo 3, Senining 2, Heredia 2, Simporios 1, Ducao 1

Don Bosco (72) - Maluicden 13, Parilla 11, Gorreon 11, Mellana 8, Rodriguez 6, Tan 5,Tesaluna 5, Belangel 4, Lapitan 3, Diaz 2 Halftime: 27-31

Fourth Game: Collegiate

CIT (74) - Abobo 27, Aniñon 11, Reyes 10, Lumongsud 7, Abapo 7, Villarba 6, Montealto 6

Don Bosco (69) - Colegado 10, Villaver 9, Sunga 8, Mabano 8, Aldave 7, Abarquez 5, Vargas 4, Litorja 3, Nepomuceno 3, Lim 2 Halftime: 29-all

08-28-2006, 09:47 AM
Jaguars oust Panthers, 80-71
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 08/28/2006

Fourth-ranked University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Jaguars last night knocked out the University of Southern Philippines Foundation (USPF) Panthers, 80-71, in the playoff of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) at the Cebu Coliseum.

In the secondary playoff, the Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) Wildkittens forged a rubbermatch after beating fourth-seed University of San Carlos (USC) Baby Warriors in a low-scoring ballgame, 53-50.

Both the Jaguars and the Baby Warriors enjoy a twice-to-beat advantage in yesterday's playoffs.

In the distaff side, the USC Lady Warriors scored a repeat over the USJ-R Lady Jaguars, 66-47, while the University of Cebu (UC) Lady Webmasters bombarded the Cebu Doctor's University (CDU) White Mares, 87-26.

The Jaguars, who lost to the Panthers in the elimination, 77-81, advanced into the semifinals and they will be facing a tall order against the mighty University of the Visayas (UC) Green Lancers, who are eyeing to book another finals appearance for their sixth CESAFI title in-a-row.

Having the twice-to-beat advantage over the Panthers, the Jaguars were mindset to finish the game early by pouring in heavily in the first period where they finished with a 30-13 count.

However, the Panthers came back strong in the second period, as they inched closer, 29-36, with a few minutes left before halftime.

The Panthers continued pounding on every little opportunity to rally by opening the third period with an 8-0 run to came to as close, 38-42 when Clifford Maguate completed a three-point play.

But that was the best the Panthers could muster as the Jaguars went on waxing hot using their own run and gun offense.

The formidable fastbreak launched by the Panthers were no longer effective in the latter part of the third period because of the quick transition defense by the Jaguars and that proved to be an uphill climb when the Jaguars padded their lead to 17 points in the final minute of the third period.

But the biggest lead the Jaguars made stood at 21 points going into the 5:50 mark of the final canto.

Playing without starting guard Luther Justiniani and small forward Ryan Arpay, who were both suffering minor injuries, the Jaguars went on with a well-balanced scoring involving the other players in scoring. They were led by Manny Gabas with 13 points.

The Panthers, who had also two players not seeing action last night namely Moncrief Rofado and point guard Marlon Demaoe, who were also injured, were led by rookie guard Henry Mancera, also with 13 points.

Earlier, Anthony Cabrera took two crucial defensive rebounds and had a split charity in the final one minute of the fourth period to held the Wildkittens in escaping with a three-point victory.

But they still have to win one more game in order to advance into the semifinals against the UC Junior Webmasters.

Cabrera, who also blocked the last attempt made by the Baby Warriors, finished with seven points.

08-31-2006, 09:31 AM
Slam dunk titlist Lasala and 3-point king Bartolabac to defend titles; UC's Abellanosa leads MVP race
By Emmanuel B. Villaruel
The Freeman 08/31/2006

The brightest cage stars from the East will once again pit skills with their West counterparts in the keenly-awaited 2006 Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) All-Star Game at 1 pm this Sunday at the Cebu Coliseum.

Five players each from five-time champion University of the Visayas Green Lancers, University of Southern Philippines Panthers and University of San Carlos Warriors form the core of the East All-Stars under the tutelage of USC bench tactician Jesus "Jay" Ramirez.

They are Von Harry Lanete, Morsie Akad, Jayford Rodriguez, Rino Berame and Eulogio Lasala of UV, Niño Ramirez, Enrico John Llanto, Arietroy Mercader, Vernini Tangarorang and Ryan Carlo Padayao of USC, and Henry Mancera, Moncrief Rogado, Bryan Travero, Randy Colonia, and Cleford Maguate of USP.

The equally-strong West force is armed with promising hardcourt warriors from the University of Cebu Webmasters, University of San Jose-Recoletos Jaguars, Cebu Institute of Technology Wildcats, and Don Bosco College.

Making up the West All-Stars roster are Allain Abellanosa, Cadayong Salvador and Jonathan Canceran of UC, Armand Ponce, Ariel Lozano, Bobby Hatague, Manny Gabas and Luther Justiniani of USJ-R, Sherwin Abobo, Emilio Aniñon, Jerry Lumongsod and Marvin Abapo of CIT, and Celso Colegado, Richard Vargas, and John Lester Sunga of DBC.

Edito Salacut of USJ-R will call the shots for the West All-Stars.

In the high school showdown, the East All-Stars of coach Roland Remidio (USC) are a powerhouse collection of players that include Franz Dionne Dysam of USP, Phil Mercadero and Christian Camay of UV, and John Philip de los Santos and Dan Junior Bercede of USC.

Completing the East All-Stars squad are U.R. de la Cruz, Ephraim Elorde, Raymund Olivar and Lawrence Miguil Maraño of USP, Mark Niño Gonzaga, Louiely Lacno and Edrian Lao of UV, and Robert Gines Codilla, Jose Aldriane Alocillo, and Joules Frazier Ferolino.

Tasked to carry the fight for the Reggie Licanda (UC)-mentored West side are Mark Madison Rago, Mark Gil Panerio, Robinson Mohamad, Bill Connors, Reynan Capoy, and Paloyo Cabañero III of UC, Carlo Augusto, Charles Quiroga and Rex Ybañez of CIT, Clint Joseph Caritan, Louis Robert Rentuza and Mikael Thomas Corominas of USJ-R, and Malvin Malicdem, John Joseph Parilla and Christioray Lapitan of DBTC.

Last season, the East and the West split their games. The East prevailed in the collegiate division, 90-86, while the West lorded it over in the secondary action, 74-68. Sidelights
Before the hardcourt hostilities of the annual spectacle, two exciting sidelights will surely thrill the spectators to the bones:the slam dunk competition and the three-point shootout.

UV's Eulogio Lasala will once again show his gravity-defying stunts in a bid to retain the slam dunk crown he won last year by edging out teammate Morsie Akad.

USP's Jason Bartolabac, on the other hand, will be on hand to defend his 3-point king title. He topped last year's 3-point shootfest by defeating UV's Jaysar Esperat in the final round, 17-11.

A total of 19 long-range bombers have enlisted for the 3-point battle, while eight high-leaping stalwarts will show their stuff in the slam dunk contest. MVP Race
Based on the statistical records of the preliminary games, UC top guard Allain Abellanosa stands as the front-runner in the race for the coveted Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.

At the end of the double round robin elimination, Abellanosa has garnered a total of 123 statistical points.

Breathing down Abellanosa's neck is USC bull-strong center Enrico John Llanto with 113SPs followed by teammate Niño Ramirez with 95SPs, just a matchstick ahead of UV 6-foot-7 skyscraper Rino Berame.

Rounding up the top 12 MVP candidates are Luther Justiniani of USJR (88SPs), Moncrief Rogado of USP (87SPs), John Lester Sunga of DBTC (83SPs), Randy Colonia of USP (79SPs), Jonathan Canceran of UC (75SPs), Morsie Akad of UV (74 SPs), Richard Vargas of DBTC (74SPs), and Jerry Lumongsod of CIT (74SPs).

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09-03-2006, 10:06 AM
UC, UV enter semis Lady Webmasters grab third straight CESAFI cage crown
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 09/03/2006

The University of Cebu (UC) Webmasters and the University of the Visayas (UV) Baby Lancers marched into the semifinals after they both knocked out their unseeded rivals in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event at the Cebu Coliseum.

The Webmasters, who enjoyed a twice-to-beat advantage, booted out the Cebu Instiute of Technology (CIT) Wildcats, 97-81, while the Baby Lancers, also having a twice-to-beat advantage, knocked out the smaller but hard-fighting University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Baby Jaguars, 78-68.

Before the Webmasters victory, the UC Lady Webmasters completed a 6-0 sweep after scoring an 86-75 victory over bitter rival, University of San Carlos Lady Warriors, to win the CESAFI title for the third consecutive year.

The Webmasters will move on to play against second seed USC Warriors with the latter enjoying the twice-to-beat advantage while the Baby Lancers will play against the USP Baby Panthers, who has the twice-to-beat advantage.

In the other women's contest, the University of San Jose-Recoletos Lady Jaguars handed the Cebu Doctor's University (CDU) White Mares its sixth straight loss, 80-44.

Taking a 56-40 lead at the half, the Webmasters refused to give up behind the concerted efforts of Allain Abellanosa, Jared Kane Abatayo, Christian Rez, Franco Cipriano and Elizalde Mamalias.

Abellanosa and Mamalias wrought havoc in the first half combining for 31 out of the 56 points scored by UC while 25 points were scattered by their other teammates.

Abellanosa led the Webmasters' offense with 23 points, 18 of them were in the first half.

Rez was the other UC player to finish in double figures with 18.

Marvin Abapo, one of the CIT veterans, finished with 23 points to lead the Wildcats while Sherwin Abobo and Jerry Lumongsud had 17 and 16 points, respectively.

Earlier, Edrian Lao and Phil Mercader led the Baby Lancers' semifinals bid scoring 19 and 13 points, respectively.

It was first woman CESAFI MVP Clarissa Lanuza, who topscored for the Lady Webmasters with 26 points including a couple of triples. Of the six UC players who scored, four of them finished in double digits.

As usual, the Lady Warriors were led by leading scorer Jessamine delos Reyes with 27 points followed by Juvelyn Andaya with 21 points.

The scores
First Game: Women's

USJR (80) - Chiong 16, Gasal 13, Valiar 11, Baclaan 10, Malinao 8, Sta. Cruz 8, Dagatan 6, Cabusao 3, Tazona 2

CDU (44)- Natividad 16, Tejero 12, Lebumfacil 11, Barcenas 2, Villaneuva 2, Babiana 1

Second Game: Women's

UC (86) - Lanuza 26, Lim 19, Nieves 15, Piloto 10, Nicolas 8, Belonguel 6

USC (75) - Delos Reyes 27, Andaya 21, Ceniza 11, Amoguis 6, Cañete 4, Lim 2, Alerta 2, Comahig 2

Third Game: Secondary

UV (78) - Lao 19, Mercader 13, Sagmon 8, Malagar 6, Camay 5, Gonzaga 5, Ybañez 4, Lacuna 3, Malig-on 3, Padecio 2, Espinas 2, Premacio 2

USJR (66) - Caritan 12, Unabia 7, Heredia 7, Rentuza 6, Santos 5, Corominas 4, Senining 4, Trillo 4, Ponsica 4, Cabanes 4, Quijano 3, Veloso 2 Halftime: 41-32

Fourth Game: Collegiate

UC (87)- Abellanosa 23, Rez 18, Mamalias 15, Abatayo 9, Abella 9, Cipriano 7, Canceran 6, Cadayong 4, Agas 3, Tulda 2, Ceniza 1

CIT (80) - Abapo 23, Abobo 17, Lumongsud 16, Montealto 11, Aniñon 7, Regis 3, Adlawan 2, Reyes 1 Halftime: 56-40

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09-04-2006, 11:32 AM
CESAFI 2006 ALL STAR , East sweeps West
By Caecent O. No-ot
The Freeman 09/04/2006

The East Team swept its assignments in both the secondary and tertiary divisions in the well-attended Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (CESAFI) All-Star 2006 action at the Cebu Coliseum yesterday.

The secondary team, under Roland Remedio, emerged victorious over the West Team, 85-61, while its counterpart, under Jay Ramirez, pulled down a 96-89 scoring in the tertiary division.

Both Remedio and Ramirez are from University of San Carlos (USC).

On the other hand, the East team in the tertiary division survived a scare before earning the victory.

Unlike Remedio, Ramirez opened his team with a combination of players from the Lancers, Warriors and a Panther.

But Manny Gabas from the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) proved to be unstoppable, carrying most of the load for the West, which is coached Edito Salacut, as they enjoyed a 33-20 advantage going into the second quarter.

An all-UV cast was again employed nearing the close of the third quarter that saw the East squad unleashing a 9-0 run to take the lead for the first time, until Allain Abellanosa and Ariel Lozano stepped up to grab back the lead, 75-69, going into the fourth quarter.

Lancer Morsie Akad then showed them what he is made of, powering the East with some needed energy along with the able support of Enrico Llanto that saw the action at 87-all with only 2:48 minutes left.

Armand Ponce broke the tie a few seconds later, but Llanto and Von Harry Lanete came to the rescue for the East, combining nine points together and never allowing the West defenders to score anymore to seal the victory.

UV's Akad was named the All Stars Most Valuable player in the tertiary division and was joined by Lanete, Rino Berame, Abellanosa and Gabas in the Mythical Five while the secondary level has Edrian Lao of UV as MVP, along with Dysam, Rex Ybanez, Joules Ferolino and Panerio in the Mythical 5. Lanete had most of the awards that day, actually, as he also won the three-point shootout while teammate Eulogio "Jun-Jun" Lasala still remains the Slam Dunk King.

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09-06-2006, 11:55 AM
Warriors and Wildkittens battle for last semis slot
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 09/06/2006

FOURTH seed University of San Carlos (USC) Baby Warriors and fifth-ranked Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) Wildkittens will dispute the fourth and last semifinal slot in the secondary division today in the rubbermatch of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event at the USC gym.

The lone encounter is scheduled at 4 pm.

The Baby Warriors, who is entering the game with a twice-to-beat advantage, lost in the first game, 53-50, last August 27 allowing the Wildkittens to extend the series for today.

Whoever wins today will complete the semifinals cast to join University of Cebu (6-0), University of Southern Philippines Foundation (5-1) and University of the Visayas (4-2).

Last year, the Wildkittens swept the Baby Warriors in the double round elimination, 65-64, in the first game, and 79-52 in the second with the win so wide that it placed CIT as second qualifier to the USP Baby Panthers and have the twice-to-beat advantage.

During the semifinals, the Baby Warriors threatened by scoring a 71-60 victory but the Wildkittens were resilient in the next game, edging the former, 61-59, and marching into the finals. But they lost twice to the Baby Lancers, who eventually won the title.

This year is the reversal of fortune for USC and CIT as the Baby Warriors will have the twice-to-beat advantage.

Their game 1 loss is immaterial should they win today and will take on the UC Junior Webmasters as their next rival.

Robert Gines Codilla and Dan Junior Bercede should have something to do with their offense and some of their teammates should also contribute in scoring in the likes of Jose Aldriane Alocillo, Mark Daniel Caumeran, Joules Frazier Ferrolino, Nilton John Otida, Argel Leo Saberon and Jhon Philip delos Santos.

The Wildkittens need only the aggressiveness in the offense coming from Rein Carlo Augusto, Jordan Isidto, Charles Quiroga, Rex Ybañez Clayton Labagala and Celes Anthony Cabrera, the hero of their victory last week.

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09-07-2006, 07:46 AM
Baby Warriors oust Wildkittens
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 09/07/2006

The University of San Carlos Baby Warriors yesterday crushed the Cebu Institute of Technology Wildkittens, 55-48, in their knockout match to complete the four-team semifinal cast in the secondary division of the 6th Cebu Schools Athletic Association (CESAFI) basketball event at the USC gym.

The Baby Warriors now joined the University of Cebu, University of Southern Philippines and the University of the Visayas into the next round. The qualifiers in the collegiate division are UV, USC, UC and the University of San Jose-Recoletos.

It was still anybody's ballgame until the first few minutes of the fourth period as the two protagonists engaged in a see-saw battle most of the way.

After Robert Gines Codilla shattered a 47-all deadlock with 4:43 left in the game, John Philip de los Santos sank two timely baskets to give the Baby Warriors a little breathing space, 54-48, 45 ticks to go before the final buzzer.

An 8-1 spurt by the Baby Warriors at the final four-minute mark of the contest also saw the endgame collapse by the Wildkittens.

Baby Warriors head coach Roland Remedio said it's better to face UC than either USP or UV. They will face the UC Junior Webmasters in the semifinals, with the latter enjoying a twice-to-beat advantage.

Remedio, however, admitted that his boys are inferior man-to-man against UC, which swept all its six games in the elimination round - a feat only UV achieved in the collegiate side of the fence.

Under the tutelage of Remedio, it's the third time the Baby Warriors barged into the semis. Last year, they were eliminated by the Wildkittens and what a time for them to exact vengeance.

Codilla topscored for the Baby Warriors with 17 points, while De los Santos added 11 points.

Rex Ybañez had 15 points and Clayton Labagala finished with 12 points for the Wildkittens.

The scores

USC (55) - Codilla 17, Delos Santos 11, Alocillo 8, Bercede 7, Ferrolino 5, Otida 5, Omolon 2

CIT (48) - Ybañez 15, Labagala 12, Almario 11, Quiroga 9, Cabrera 7, Augusto 5, Aranas 4, Santos 3

09-09-2006, 02:00 PM
Warriors eye final slot versus UC in CESAFI
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 09/09/2006

The University of San Carlos (USC) Warriors will try to make history as they vie for a final slot against the University of Cebu (UC) Webmasters in the collegiate division of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) basketball event at the Cebu Coliseum.

In the main match, topseed University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers again shoot for another finals berth against the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Jaguars.

The Warriors never advanced to the CESAFI finals in their five-year campaign and the last time they were in, which they lost to UV, was in 1971 during the CAAA under the leadership of four-time PBA MVP Ramon "El Presidente" Fernandez.

Having the twice-to-beat advantage, the Warriors could finish the job via a short route with a victory tonight hoping for a repeat of their 95-87 conquest of the Webmasters last August 12.

They made it as the second qualifier also for the first time in CESAFI after beating the Jaguars last August 21 in the final match of the elimination round.

On the other hand, it will be an uphill climb for the Webmasters in their route to the finals but their only advantage against the Warriors is their championship experience.

They will again be banking on the Big Three namely Allain Abellanosa, Jared Kane Abatayo and Jonathan Canceran,, who helped steer UC, whose last CAAA title was in 1998, to the finals battle against UV.

The Webmasters also have the crowd in tonight's contest because Cebu Coliseum is their homecourt.

The others to rely on are Christian Rez, Janssen Abella, Marvin Ceniza, Elizaldy Mamalias and Micheal Estenzo.

The Warriors have also will be relying on the trio of Enrico Llanto, Niño Ramirez and Vernini Tangarorang, who will join hands with ex-USP Panther Arletroy Mercader, Ryan Carlo Padayao, Johmel Igao and Ahmann James Tagalog.

Meanwhile, the 6-0 and five-time champion Green Lancers eye to advance into the finals as they seek a repeat of their 92-88 win over the Jaguars.

The Lancers will lean on Rino Berame, Morsie Akad, Jayford Rodriguez, Jaysar Esperat, Eduardo Arda and Von Harry Lanete.

The Jaguars, on the other hand, hope to draw excellent game from Ariel Lozano, Luther Justiniani, Randy Pogoy, Ranulfo Malinao, Manny Gabas, Armand Pone, Lyndon Gudez, Bobby Hatague and Jessmar Villahermosa.

full battle gear
09-11-2006, 10:44 AM
UV stays alive

By Jonas Panerio
Cebu Daily News
Last updated 11:46am (Mla time) 09/10/2006

Cebu Coliseum
4 p.m. - UC vs. USC (juniors)
5:30 p.m. - UV vs. USJ-R (seniors)

THE University of the Visayas Baby Lancers lived to fight another day as it crushed second-seed University of Southern Philippines, 81-50, in the semifinals of the CESAFI juniors basketball tournament yesterday at the Cebu Coliseum.

Edrian Lao fired a game-high 24 points for UV, which erased USP's twice-to-beat advantage and forced a do-or-die showdown next weekend.

UV pounced on USP’s lack of height in the shaded lane behind Lao's 16-point first half output.

The Baby Lancers erected leads of as many as 20 points in the first half.

The Panthers tried to crawl back in the third canto behind Franz Dysam but the Baby Lancers would hold them off with an 8-0 run and built a comfortable 21-point lead.

Lao added six more markers in the fourth to help the Baby Lancers run away with the win.
Dysam paced USP with 19 points.

Box scores:

UV 81 - Lao 24, Sagmon 9, Mercader 8, Camay 8, Espinas 6, Malig-on 6, Lacno 4, Ybanez 4, lacuna 3, Malagar 3, Toring 2, Brazuela 2, Premacio 2

USP 50 - Dysam 19, Antolnao 11, Olivar 8, Yu 4, Elorde 2, Bordalba 2, Dionson 2, Munez 2.

full battle gear
09-11-2006, 10:58 AM
Lancers book CESAFI finals
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 09/11/2006

The mighty University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers knocked out last night fourth-ranked University of San Jose Recoletos (USJR) Jaguars, 89-76, and advanced to the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) finals for the sixth consecutive year at the Cebu Coliseum.

In the secondary match, topseed University of Cebu (UC) Junior Webmasters also advanced into the finals after defeating the University of San Carlos (USC) Baby Warriors, 88-53.

Bot the top qualifiers for scoring a 6-0 win-loss card in the elimination, UV and UC will wait only for their respective rivals in the finals after the rubbermatch tentatively scheduled on Wednesday.

The Lancers will face the winnner of the UC-USC playoff while the Junior Webmasters take on the winner of the UV-USP contest in the best-of-three championship series.

Six foot-eight center Rino Berame lorded it over in the paint, sending his rivals into foul trouble even as the Lancers went on with an imposing second half to wear down the Jaguars.

Berame led the Lancers' offense with 21 points while Ritchum Dennison finished with 16 points.

Morsie Akad finished with 10 points.

Von Harry Lanete and Jayford Rodriguez had only eight points each but their intimidating presence brought plus factors for UV's offense because their too elusive to be guarded with.

Playing without relief center Manny Gabas, who was down with a flu, the Jaguars were led by their smallest man in the team in Armad Ponce, who had 16 points.

Bobby Hatague and Lyndon Gudez both finished with 10 points for the Jaguars who were relegated into playing for third place against the loser of the UC-USC rubbermatch.

Earlier, Billy Connors led the Webmasters with 23 points as they booked the first finals berth in the secondary division.

Robert Gones Codilla led the Baby Warriors with 13 points.

The scores

First Game: Secondary

UC (88) - Connors 23, Capoy 11, Rago 10, Mohamad 8, Enriquez 7, Panerio 7, Singson 5, Espinoa 5, Vence 4, Cuico 2, Ferrolino 2, Cabañero 2

USC (53) - Codilla 13, Delos Santos 7, Bercede 6, Otida 4, Omolon 4, Negapatan 4, Caumeran 3, Uy 2, Nadela 2, Gillamac 2, Saberon 2 Halftime: 43-26

Second Game: Collegiate

UV (89) - Berame 21, Dennison 16, Akad 10, Rodriguez 8, Lanete 8, Omolon 7, Esperat 4, Arda 4 Diputado 3, Sendrijas 3, Lasala 2, Manigque 2, Pepito 1

USJ-R (76) - Ponce 16, Gudez 10, Hatague 10, Malinao 9, Justiniani 8, Lozano 5, Delfino 5, Antigua 5, Villahermosa 4, Pogoy 2, Arpay 2 Halftime: 37-34

full battle gear
09-21-2006, 12:01 PM
Lancers eye sixth diadem: Baby Lancers also bid for crown in secondary division
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 09/21/2006

After a close 96-89 victory in Game 1, the mighty University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers will be going for a two-game sweep of the University of San Carlos (USC) Warriors in the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) finals tonight at the Cebu Coliseum.

The Baby Lancers will also try to wrap it up earlier today against the University of Cebu (UC) Junior Webmasters as UV braces for another double championship victories they achieved last year.

Banking on vast championship experience they have in winning five CESAFI titles already, the Lancers will not only rely on Rino Berame or Jayford Rodriguez because even if the two guys are not scoring well, the other team members can fit in their shoes particularly two star roookies Chris Victor Diputado and Ritchum Dennison who came up with huge number in Game 1, banging in 18 and 16 points, respectively.

At least for coach Elmer "Boy" Cabahug, he need not worry whom to go in tight situations in order to weather the storm as he can also lean on guards Von Harry Lanete and Morsie Akad.

Lanete came up with a late fourth-period heroics in Game 1 as after knotting an 85-all deadlock in the crucial stretch, he and Akad went all the way to score 10 of the final 14 points for the Lancers in that final hurrah to seal the victory with Diputado owning the other four markers.

Man-for-man, the Lancers have a deeper bench and they're superior compared to the Warriors, who are in their first CESAFI finals after 35 years, seeking not just school history but a basketball glory as well.

At least they have four key players to rely on to achieve maybe not the championship at all but just a little flash of hope having the feat for beating UV, which is now in its 66-1 rampage in the six-year old CESAFI. including a 6-0 sweep in the eliminations and a playoff win over the USJR Jaguars. The Lancers are 8-0 this season and counting for their ninth win and sixth title.

The four key players, who could do better than the rest for the Warriors are pivotman Enrico Llanto, who seemed unstoppable at the paint, bulldozing his way for 28 points in their Game 1 loss.

Of course, there are Arletroy Mercader, Vernino Tangarorang and topgunner Niño Ramirez, son of coach Jay Ramirez, who is regarded the heart and soul of the Warriors' offense.

Put Ramirez away of the game and the job is partly done, at least in this finals battle where boys are separated from the men.

The same holds true for the Edrian Lao and Phil Mercader-led Baby Lancers who also smelled blood against the Mark Gil Panerio, Robinson Mohamad, Billy Connors and Reynan Capoy-led Junior Webmasters.

09-21-2006, 06:59 PM
Thursday, September 21, 2006
UV target twin sweeps
By Jade S. Violeta
Sun.Star Staff Reporter

The University of Visayas (UV) Green Lancers and the University of San Carlos (USC) Warriors will have separate missions but one goal when they clash today in Game 2 at the Cebu Coliseum—winning the Cesafi men’s basketball championship.

For the Green Lancers, a victory today will mean a sixth straight Cebu Schools Athletics Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) title, a feat rare enough that it is doubtful if it can ever be duplicated or surpassed in any collegiate league in the country.

The Warriors, on their part, will be trying to prolong their finals stint if only to enjoy their first championship appearance in 34 years.

But USC coach Jay Ramirez and the rest of the Warriors will be fighting with their backs against the wall after allowing the Green Lancers of coach Boy Cabahug win in Game 1, 96-89.

Deadly trio

Although the Warriors gave the Green Lancers a big scare in that victory, the pressure will still be on USC as UV needs only this victory to complete another amazing finish in the league.

The USC’s 1-2-3 punch of Enrico Llanto, Arletroy Mercader and Niño Ramirez will again lead their team’s offense in their bid to seal a victory and extend the series.

Lightning-quick Vernini Tangarorang and Ryan Carlo Padayao will also be on hand for the Warriors, while the vaunted UV squad will be spearheaded by 6-foot-7 mammoth Rino Berame and the high-leaping Morsie Akad.

Eulogio Lasala Jr. and Jayford Rodriguez will also see action for the Green Lancers, who are unbeaten this year.

In the secondary division, the Baby Lancers will also be gunning for the title in their division when they battle the UC Baby Webmasters in Game 2 of their own finals series.

The Baby Green Lancers shocked the top ranking team in the elimination round, Baby Webmasters, with a 96-69 win in Game 1.

11-27-2006, 06:15 PM
Tay Tung cagers
bag BUSG title

Two crucial offensive rebounds down the stretch lifted Bacolod Tay Tung High School past defending champion University of St. La Salle, 60-54, yesterday in the finals of the Basketball Unified Sports Group-Sharp Cup 17-Under Tournament at the Po Hang Gym in Bacolod City.

After swingman John Francis Espina missed on a drive attempt, Alvin Qua grabbed the offensive rebound under the basket to convert a point blank shot as he was fouled, giving BTTHS a 56-53 lead with 43.8 seconds left.

Qua, who was earlier named to the second mythical team, however missed his bonus free throw for the three-point play completion, but Alan Pol Morales kept the ball alive to give Tay Tung another possession.

Morales, who was struggling throughout the game with his perimeter shots, then sealed the victory for BTTHS after connecting on a baseline three-point shot to hand his team a 59-53 buffer with 23.6 ticks left.

Entering the fourth quarter tied at 39, both squads displayed a seesaw battle in the final canto with only 3 points being the biggest margin for either squad before Morales' three-point connection. Tay Tung, last year's losing finalist, actually finished the game with a 13-3 run to bring home the championship after Most Valuable Player Iggy Villanueva gave the Baby Stingers a 50-47 advantage at the 3:46 mark. Qua and Espina spearheaded BTTHS' attack in the payoff period with 8 and 7 points, respectively, while first mythical team members Luigi Dela Paz and Jancy Uychiat kept the La Sallians within striking distance as they poured in 5 markers each.

Qua and Espina topscored for the Gerome Aledron-mentored Tay Tung squad, finishing with 20 and 17 points, respectively, while George Canlas and Morales chipped in 5 markers each. Romar Galvez and Isaiah Tee combined for 8 points.

Pacing La Salle, which earned the second finals berth by posting an 80-70 victory over Mansilingan Christian Academy Saturday, in a losing effort were Uychiat and Dela Paz with 12 points apiece.

The reigning NOPSSCEA champion USLS team, coached by Leo Casinillo, also got solid contributions from Paolo Avecilla and RJ Javellana with 10 and 8 markers, respectively.

In the other game, MCA outplayed University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos in the second half to pull off a 95-92 triumph and place third in the annual school-based tournament.

Allan Santander, who was named to the first mythical team, and Soy-soy Maravilla had their chances to send the game into overtime for UNO-R, but both missed their three-point attempts in the final seconds. *CIT

12-20-2006, 11:56 AM
UC beats CSCST to claim title in ME caging
By Marigold P. Lebumfacil
The Freeman 12/20/2006

The University of Cebu (UC) claimed the first Junior-Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers (J-PSME) Inter-School Basketball League championship title after beating Cebu State College of Science and Technology (CSCST), 94-67, last Sunday at the CSCST basketball court.

On the other hand, Cebu Institute of Technology (CIT) grabbed the third place title after trouncing University of San Jose Recoletos, 79-70.

The semi-final round saw UC thumping USJ-R, 90-65 while CSCST crushed CIT, 65-55.

Although UC was declared the champion, Kenneth Yurag of CSCST was hailed as the Most Valuable Player.

The Scores:

Championship Game

UC (94)- Gabato 17, Paring, Reg. 15, Nillas 10, Paring, Rel. 8, Manigo 8, Bulagao 7, Azumbrado 6, Juanillo 6, Mamaboy 2, Saligan 2, Pitos 2, Tan 2, Baron 2 and Gaviola 2

CSCST (67)- Yurag 46, Suson 12, Dela Cerna 5, Burgos 4 and Makacero 2

Battle for Third Place

CIT (79)- Saberon 14, Pacto 13, Labrado 9, Abella 8, Paran 8, Delator 6, Babatido 6, Godinez 6, Trocio 4, Catubig 4, Cabrera 2 and Padayao 1

USJ-R (70) - Yungco 16, Dela Serna 12, Bonita 9, Faunillan 7, Pulvera 6, Costas 6, Encilla 4, Balili 4, Cañacao 1 and Edem 1


UC (90)- Nillas 15, Gabato 12, Azumbrado 9, Bulagao 9, Maningo 9, Paring, Reg. 8, Pitos 8, Mamaboy 6, Juanillo 4, Tan 4, Baron 3 and Paring, Rel. 2

USJ-R (65)- Balili 12, Bonita 10, Yungco 9, Faunillan 8, Encilla 7, Edem 7, Cañacao 4, Pulvera 2, and Costas 2

CSCST (65)- Yurag 35, Suson 27 and Dela Cerna 3

CIT (55)- Suroy-suroy 8, Catubig 8, Saberon 6, Pacto 6, Godinez 4, Paran 4, Padayao 4, Trocio 4, Abella 3, Cabrera 2, Babtido 2, Labrado 2, and Delator 2

12-24-2006, 11:24 AM
Nopsscea sweeps basketball crowns

Negros Occidental Private Schools Sports, Cultural and Educational Association snared four out of the eight crowns at stake yesterday at the close of the 2006 Palarong Panlalawigan in Bacolod City.

Donning the colors of Area VIII, the NOPSSCEA athletes swept the basketball championships in the elementary and secondary hostilities, before reigning supreme in the high school and elementary girls' volleyball tournament.

The Area VIII cagers, represented by reigning NOPSSCEA champion University of St. La Salle, posted an 88-71 routing of Area IV to complete a four-game sweep for the title in the secondary boys' competitions at the Panaad covered court.

The USLS squad, coached by Leo Casinillo, trounced the same La Carlota City-bannered Area IV team, 79-68, to gain an automatic slot in the finals, while Area IV bounced back to edge Area VII or Bacolod, 70-68, for the other championship berth.

The Area VIII elementary basketball squad, represented by the Arvin Gustilo-mentored St. John's Institute dribblers, cruised to an 72-44 victory against Area VII for the crown. The NOPSSCEA stalwarts built a 26-12 lead at halftime that they never relinquished. In the finals of the elementary girls' volleyball tournament, Area VIII registered a 25-22, 25-18 smashing of Area I, while its secondary girls' team defeated Area IV for the crown.

The Area IV volleybelles actually forged a winner-take-all tiff after surviving the twice-to-beat NOPSSCEA squad, bannered by USLS, in the initial match, 25-23, 24-26, 25-22.

Roger Banzuela, chairman of the NOPSSCEA Sports Task Force, told the DAILY STAR that the championship wins are the results of the age-group development of the association.

The victories, equivalent to 25 points each, enabled NOPSSCEA to finish second runner-up in the overall race of the elementary and secondary divisions with 163 and 212 points, respectively.

Banzuela said that NOPSSCEA, headed by its president Jean Rivera of Riverside College, is glad with the performance of the athletes because they were in the Top 3 of both categories despite the association not fielding teams in the batted games.

Area VIII also had runner-up finishes in the secondary boys' football and volleyball events to give it 15 points in the overall point tally.

Area I, composed of San Carlos City booters, took the high school boys' football title by blanking the Freddie Lazarito-mentored USLS squad, 6-0, in the finals, while Area IV outlasted NOPSSCEA, 25-17, 19-25, 25-21, in the secondary boys' volleyball championship showdown.

In the elementary boys' volleyball competitions, Area V breezed to an easy 25-7, 25-18 triumph over Area IV for the crown, while Area I claimed the elementary boys' football championship at the expense of Area IV. *CIT

01-06-2007, 10:59 AM
RCTV Basketball Cup opens today
By Caecent No-ot-Magsumbol and Marigold Lebumfacil
The Freeman 01/06/2007

The RCTV Inter-School Basketball Cup dubbed as Liga formally opens this morning at Bright Academy in Banilad. Games today:
9:00am - DBC vs. USC-South
10:30am -USC-N vs. USJ-R
1:00pm -LAMS vs. SHS
2:30pm - PCGS vs. SIT

The event opens with Cebu City councilor Sylvan "Jack" Jakosalem, chairman of the committee on sports, as the honored guest.

A total of 10 schools are joining the action set for high school students.

The competing squads will be split into two brackets and the elimination round will follow a single-round robin system.

Composing bracket A are Don Bosco College, host Bright Academy, University of San Carlos-South Campus, Salazar Institute of Technology and Philippine Christian Gospel School.

Bracket B will have the University of San Jose Recoletos, Cebu International School, University of San Carlos-North Campus, Sacred Heart School and Little Angels Montessorri School.

The top two squads of each bracket will advance to the cross-over semifinal round.

The organizing RCTV led by its CEO Mike Solon decided to feature the high school squads since they feel that it is in this level that needs more exposure.

RCTV Channel 36 will be airing some games on a delayed telecast with one school to be featured during the half time.

Coaches are expecting their athletes to work hard in their classes since the organizing body is not accepting players who have failing grades starting in the second grading period.

Many coaches revealed that some of their trusted players will be missing the event due to academic deficiencies.

Chad Songalia, project director and station manager of RTCV, said the outcome of the event will serve as a basis for this event to go on.

"This is just a dry-run for the next season. If this runs smoothly, we can come up with something big," said Songalia during the launching of the event at Antonio's Grill.

If it's going to be successful, they will also add an elementary division.

01-11-2007, 09:53 AM
Cebu cage body urged to back SBP

The Philippine Star

Cebu Rep. and basketball patron Eduardo Gullas has urged the Cebu Schools Amateur Athletic Foundation, Inc. to strongly support the initiatives of businessman-sportsman Manny Pangilinan and Sen. Jinggoy Estrada to form the Samahang Basketball ng Pilipinas.

SBP, which is composed of the country’s major stakeholders in the sport, has been created to resolve the longstanding feud in basketball that resulted in the Philippines being suspended by the International Basketball Federation.

"I am urging the CESAFI to pass a resolution expressing they are in full accord with the initiatives of the SBP. They should come out openly in favor of SBP," said Gullas Wednesday.

"Having a unified basketball body, we can have the FIBA sanction lifted and we can again be a FIBA member of good standing," added Gullas.

At the same time, CESAFI Board president Engr. Oscar Tuason of Cebu Doctors’ University assured Gullas he would take up the matter in their next board meeting.

Gullas, who was in basketball since he steered the University of Visayas Green Lancers to the National Inter-Collegiate title in late ’50s that earned him "Coach of the Year" award by the Philippines Free Press, said the CESAFI deserves a member of SBP being the premiere amateur cage league outside of Manila.

"It’s time to have a provincial league that will be a pillar of SBP and it is only CESAFI being the premiere basketball league outside of Manila. CESAFI has 11 member schools and has a regular development program for basketball," said Gullas.

"I’ve already talked to MVP (Pangilinan), POC chairman Jose "Peping" Cojuangco, and PBA chairman Ricky Vargas regarding the inclusion of CESAFI in the SBP and they’re all positive. They told me the provincial league which they are going to recognize is the CESAFI," said Gullas.

01-14-2007, 02:03 AM
USC-North Campus survives Little Angels in RCTV hoops
By Caecent No-ot-Magsumbol
The Freeman 01/14/2007

The University of San Carlos-North Campus (USC-NC) Baby Warriors needed extra time to beat Little Angels Montessori School (LAMS) to take the lead in bracket A in the RCTV Inter-School Basketball Cup-Liga held at their own turf yesterday.

The 86-76 victory in overtime of the Baby Warriors over Little Angels improved their standing to two wins without a defeat.

The Baby Warriors utilized their experience against LAMS to overcome a 20-point deficit in the fourth quarter.

After a 46-66 mark, Baby Warrior Nicolas Magat ignited a 12-0 run to narrow the gap against LAMS, 56-68.

Magat continued his assault inside the shaded lane, taking advantage of the absence of LAMS' 6'2 bigman Paul Almocera, who went out of the game following cramps in the early goings of the last quarter.

Little Angles tried but failed to stop Magat, who instead enjoyed free throws with 11.5 seconds left in regulation.

Magat halved his charities to send the game to overtime, 73-all.

LAMS run out of gas in the overtime, paving the way for the Baby Warriors to win.

USC now leads bracket A with a 2-0 card while LAMS dropped to 1-1.

Earlier, the University of San Jose-Recoletos was able to bounce back from defeat as they pulled a 69-57 victory over Sacred Heart School Jesuit.

With the win, USJ-R now stands with 1-1 in bracket B and SHS at the bottom with 0-2.

The scores:

USC-N (86)- Magat 28, Bercede 14, Santos 11, Negapatan 9, Armenion 4, Tiu 3, Ferolino 2, Omolon 2, Orbeta 2

LAMS(76)- Almocera 22, Geraga 19, Balbuena 14, Basco 9, Guardiana 8, Degamo 2, Cortes 1, Gravines 1

01-27-2007, 10:26 AM
USC Warriors extend win streak to five in VAAA caging
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 01/27/2007

The University of San Carlos (USC) Warriors extended their winning streak to five after scoring a repeat over the Salazar Institute of Technology (SIT) Skyblazers, 84-76, in the Visayas Amateur Athletic Association (VAAA) played Thursday night at the Dalaguete municipal gym in southern Cebu.

Playing without topgunner Niño Ramirez, who skipped the game as he was having an examination, the Warriors who are leading Group B, found a gem in silent operator Gene Noel Gallarde, who paced the team with 16 points.

Also contributing to the win are playmakers Vernini Tangarorang, who made 15 points and Enrico Llanto with 14 points.

The Skyblazers, who also lost to the Warriors in their first meeting played in Inayawan gym, were led by Dicksim Kintanar with 17 points. They now fell to 2-3 win-loss card.

The USC-SIT game served as preliminary to the Argao-Dumanjug finals of the Dalaguete Inter-Town open basketball tournament.

The scores:

USC (84) - Gallarde 16, Tangarorang 15, Llanto 14, Igao 10, Ferraren 8, Padayao 7, Bercede 5, Dabuco 4, Tagalog 4, Joven 1

SIT (76) - Kintanar 17, Cabrera 16, Serna 15, Calma 9, Loon 5, Cane 5, Jaba 4, Tampus 2, Pelitones 1 Halftime: 41-38

02-02-2007, 02:21 PM
CESAFI braces for SWU return and ACT Fiber Knights' entry in 2007 season
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 02/01/2007

The Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. is not just bracing for the return of the Southwestern University (SWU) Cobras into its fold this year, but also for the entry of another school in the 2007 CESAFI season.

CESAFI's newest member is the Asian College of Technology (ACT), one of Cebu's top computer schools owned by Cebu City Councilor Rodrigo "Bebot" Abellanosa, the former barangay captain of Duljo-Fatima.

The team, which will be known as ACT Fiber Knights, will be mentored by M. Lhuillier Kwarta Padala assistant coach Lawrence "Tata" Merced, who will return into collegiate coaching after calling the shots for the Salazar Institute of Technology (SIT) Skyblazers in the old CAAA (now the CESAFI) a decade ago.

Merced told The Freeman that in a bid to form a highly competitive squad, he is calling for a tryout on February 5 from 8:30 to 11am at the San Roque Sports Complex near Patria de Cebu.

Former pro Willy Generalao, a friend of councilor Abellanosa who is now the Mindanao commissioner of the Mindanao Visayas Basketball Association (MVBA), is the consultant of the Fiber Knights.

Merced said the Fiber Knights will not only be joining the CESAFI as they also set their sights on taking part in the Visayas Amateur Athletic Association (VAAA), another school-based league which is now gaining popularity among Cebu's neighboring provinces such as Leyte, Bohol and Negros Oriental.

Should they be able to form a fighting team, the Fiber Knights of course, will also venture in the commercial derby.

Those who will make it into the team will be given scholarship and will receive per game allowances.

02-07-2007, 03:18 PM
USC defeats UV in IBP-ALSP hoop

The Freeman 02/05/2007

The 2nd IBP-ALSP Lex Cup 2007, dubbed as the Jonathan Guardo Cup 2007, unfurled yesterday with four College of Law teams from different universities, along with the IBP gathered to contest titles in the basketball, volleyball and badminton.

"Because of the organization's vision to promote camaraderie among law students from different universities, I didn't hesitate in supporting this kind of sportfest," said Guardo.

The 23-year-old Sigrid Smile Coloyan of the Southwestern University College of Law took the Miss ALSP title.

In the games, University of San Carlos (USC) College of Law stunned defending champion University of the Visayas, 66-64, and USC's Raymund Sande was the "Man of the Hour" after contributing 23.

But the University of the Visayas bounced back when its volleyball squad defeated the Southwestern University.

Also USC's men's badminton squad crushed University of the Visayas while Southwestern University beat the IBP.

Games will resume next Sunday at the UV gym. - Kristen Marie A. Sesante Leopoldo

02-12-2007, 12:13 PM
Negrense cagers massacre Antique, 146-39

ROXAS CITY --- Shrugging off fatigue from its opening-match, defending champion Negros Occidental massacred Antique, 146-39, yesterday in the biggest victory of the men's basketball tournament of the 2007 Western Visayas Private Schools Athletic Association Meet at the Capiz Gymnasium here.

All 13 players fielded by West Negros College coach Dennis Tumayan scored 2 points or more as the Negrenses surpassed the 104-point victory of Iloilo over Antique Thursday.

The win was the Negrenses' second in a span of five hours. They routed Aklan, 91-64, yesterday morning behind WNC Mustangs Jomar Tan, Vengie Vergara and rookie Alfie Villariza, who combined for 36 points. But while the first two games were a breeze, Negros is expected to encounter rough sailing today when it battles unbeaten Iloilo at 10 a.m. today, before tackling Capiz at 5 p.m. Capiz and Iloilo are playing as of press deadline.

"We cannot afford to make mistakes today," Tumayan said.

Against Antique, another rookie, Paul Bacillote and Tan paced the Negros quintet with 25 and 22 points, respectively. Villariza also contributed 18 points. Tumayan sparingly used Vergara, giving his other role players more playing time. Among those maximizing their time on the floor was Ryan Flores, who scored 20 points in 20 minutes of action. Bernard Suante posted 15 points, all from beyond the arc, with Robert Lauron adding 9, and big men Arnold Gono, Paul Delfin and Sukrahj Sekhon combining for 16 more. *CPT

03-05-2007, 10:29 AM
USC-NC meets USJ-R in RCTV-Liga final

The Freeman 03/05/2007

The University of San Carlos-North Campus and the University of San Jose-Recoletos drubbed their respective opponents to arrange a final showdown in the RCTV Inter-School Basketball Cup "Liga" at Don Bosco College gym this Saturday.

The USC Baby Warriors utilized their vast experience to dispose the gutsy Salazar Institute of Technology dribblers, 57-48, in the cross-over semifinal round at Sacred Heart School-Jesuit gym the other day.

The USJ-R Baby Jaguars was the first team to book a final berth after beating Don Bosco College.

With the presence of school owner former Madridejos Mayor Doroteo Salazar, SIT, started strong as they pulled a one point advantage at the end of the first canto, 11-10.

But the Baby Warriors turned the table in the next frame, netting 11 points against 10 of SIT that resulted to a 21-all deadlock.

In the next frame, the Baby Warriors unleashed their might to pull away, 45-31, even though SIT, under coach Jojo Romarate, tried but failed to stage a comeback.

Before the final encounter, DBC will take on SIT for the third place honors.

The scores:

USC-N (57) -Magat 18, Bercede 12, Tiu 7, Alocillo 6, Megapatan 3, Manaloto 2, Orbeta 2, Santos 2

SIT (48) - Petallar 12, Matugas 8, Villanueva 8, Ravena 7, Monsalud 2, Nondina 2, Concita 1

03-10-2007, 09:50 AM
7 teams confirm entry in cagefest

The 2nd 14-Under Panasonic Cup basketball tournament will start March 17 at the Po Hang Gym of Tay Tung High School here in Bacolod City, a press release from organizers said.

The annual competition is organized by the Basketball Unified Sports Group.

Seven teams will vie for the championship, namely, University of St. La Salle, St. John's Institute, Mansilingan Christian Academy, Don Bosco Technical Institute-Victorias, Trinity Christian School, St. Benilde Integrated School, and the Stallions from Eroreco, the press release added.

Meanwhile, four teams fielding 38-Above cagers will vie in an invitational basketball tournament on March 21 at the Lopue's South Square gym here in Bacolod City.

Players from Bacolod Professionals, the Pueblo Rosario Athletic Club, and BUS Groups A and B have confirmed their participation to the annual competition, the press release added.* PP

03-23-2007, 09:12 AM
Power Play cage camp to be held in 2 venues
By Gabby G. Malagar
The Freeman 03/22/2007

The annual Power Play basketball clinic will start on April 1. This time head trainer Larry E. Villanil wil be holding it in two venues.

Villanil announced he will be conducting his clinic at the Banilad gym near the Gullas Medical Center to cater those interested students within the area near Cebu City.

By April 1, the clinic will be held at the Lapu-Lapu City auditorium from 7:30 to 11am. The Banilad session will be held from 3 to 5 pm.

Villanil is a retired PBA player who is a defensive specialist. He played for Ginebra and Pepsi teams during his pro years.

Later, he became assistant coach to Tonichi Ytrurri of the Cebu Gems during the heydays of the now defunct Metropolitan basketball Association (MBA) that produced to the PBA the likes of Dondon Hontiveros, Stephen Padilla, Wynne Arboleda, John Ferriols and Felix Belano to name a few.

For further details of the Power Play training camp, interested parties may contact Villanil at (032) 495-5499 or text 0920-8793445.

Testament to its rigid training regimen, Power Play is always a strong contender in the Inter-Clinic basketball tournament.

03-25-2007, 06:55 PM
Pepito kicks off free cage clinic in Consolacion

The Freeman 03/25/2007

University of the Visayas (UV) Baby Lancers coach Delfin "Pafom" Pepito, Jr. started yesterday his free basketball clinic in three barangays in Consolacion, Cebu.

The free basketball clinic, which Pepito claimed as his payback to the basketball-loving people of Consolacion, started 7am at barangay Jugan.

It was followed by barangay Tayud at 9am and barangay Pulpogan at 1pm.

Other barangays will be visited after the Holy Week.

Kids aged 15-year old and below were trained on the basic techniques in basketball which included proper dribbling, passing and shooting.

Only those barangays, which has either gyms or covered courts, can avail of the free clinic services. Those kids living in barangays without gyms can participate in any barangay closest to them where the clinics are conducted.

They are asked to come to the gym on time at least one hour before the clinic starts to register. Succeeding schedules of the clinic will be announced by Pepito.

There is no limit of participants in the basketball clinic because there will also be some ex-Lancers, who will help him in the project.

Pepito, who is scheduled to retire this month from his job at the Bank of the Philippine Islands, had been UV high school coach for the past 17 years, winning several CAAA and CESAFI titles. (GGM)

04-22-2007, 10:02 PM
Jaguars, Cobras play in Bogo

The Freeman 04/22/2007

Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) title contender University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Jaguars and comebacking Southwestern University (SWU) Cobras will travel to the northern town of Bogo, Cebu to play an exhibition match at the Don Celestino Martinez, Sr. Memorial Coliseum.

Game time is set at 7pm but there will be a motorcade scheduled at 4:30pm where the players from both teams will be toured in the main streets of Bogo.

The Jaguars, also the VAAA champion and the Partner's Cup second placer, will once again rely on the deadly trio of Luther Justiniani, Lyndon Gudez and Armand Ponce along with John Malinao, Manny Gabas, Ryan Arpay, Bobby Hastague, Jessaman Villahermosa and Archie Antigua, among others.

On the other hand, the Cobras who is setting their sight on returning to the CESAFI, the former CAAA where they once collected several titles, will rely on Jaime Yap, Eric Zanoria, Mariano Canonigo, Richard Gianchand and Chris Litorja.

The Bogo game is sponsored by the 2007 Bogo Fiesta Executive Committee represented by Joseph Lipon in cooperation with Las Fortuna Bakery owned by Lorenzo Chao Sy with the assistance of coach Hermes Sumalinog, who is running for a council seat in his hometown in Jagna, Bohol. (GGM)

04-22-2007, 10:12 PM
Sunday, April 22, 2007
Davao lady-dribblers stun Cebu for crown
By Marianne L. Saberon-Abalayan

ILOILO CITY -- The Davao Ragion cagebelles turned back Central Visayas-Cebu, 89-81, to bag finally five more gold medals in women's basketball finals Friday and keep runner-up honors at the close of the National Prisaa Games here Saturday afternoon.

Region 6 (Western Visayas) emerged overall champion after collecting a total of 96 gold medals, 63 silvers and 41 bronzes while Davao was at a distant second with 63 golds, 39 silvers and 64 bronzes in the modified core medal system.

Region 7 (Central Visayas) was third with a 35-67-50 medal count followed by 22-25-36 Region 4A in fourth, 13-30-12 Region 1 in fifth and 13-5-0 National Capital Region (NCR) South sixth.

Davao bagged 20 golds, 20 silvers and 19 bronze medals in athletics, 14-4-21 in swimming, 9-0-0 in softball, 9-0-0 in baseball, 5-0-0 in basketball, 0-0-4 in badminton, 0-4-0 in chess, 5-0-2 in lawn tennis, 0-7-7 in table tennis, 1-4-5 in taekwondo and 0-0-6 bronze medals in volleyball.

The Davao medalists received P1,000 each for every gold, P750 each for a silver and P500 for a bronze.

The Davao Prisaa, according to vice-president Evelyn Saludes, has allocated P150,000 for the cash incentives of the medalists.

Swimmer Carlo Rodriguez was the most bemedaled Davao athlete with a total of seven golds followed by trackster Marlon Oracion with four golds and one silver.

Rodriguez's feat earned him P7,000 cash, while Oracion with P4,750.

Davao was up 52-44 at halftime but a series of miscues and errors allowed the Cebu Niñas, bannered by University of Cebu players, to come close 55-56 barely five minutes left in the third quarter.

After coach Crisanthemum "Ining" Sarabia called for a timeout, the Dabawenyas regained momentum and never looked back to seal the title.

Karen Cantaluna of the University of Mindanao sparked the Davao squad, which also had the services of assistant coach Roseminda Dayot, with 22 points while UM teammate Geraldine Villa and Rizal Memorial Colleges' Carolina Pacana added 15 and 14, respectively.

Sarabia couldn't contain her jubilation as she, Dayot and the rest of the team ran towards each other and locked each other in tight embraces when the final whistle sounded.

The misty-eyed Sarabia could only muster: "Thank God, thank God," as she was congratulated by other Davao delegates, including his brother-in-law Joaquin "Boy" Sarabia, Davao Prisaa executive director, who hugged her.

While the Dabawenyas celebrated, the Cebu coach staged a walkout after the awarding ceremonies right after the championship match, citing that Davao should have been defaulted for coming late.

But Sarabia and Dayot said they were never informed of the change of schedule set originally at 4:30 p.m. Cebu arrived at the Iloilo Sports Complex gym for a 3 p.m. finals match.

"We didn't know that the schedule was changed. The referees even apologized to us for the miscommunication. We are not to blame. Whatever they (Cebu) claim, we still won the championship and that's enough reason to celebrate," Sarabia said.

The Cebu coach might have changed his mind as returned to the gym a few minutes after and told his players to receive their silver medals. This made Davao officials and players smile.

The boxscores

Davao 89 -- Cantaluna 22, Villa 15, Pacana 14, Roque 12, Lantion 10, Salas 8, Cadungog 6, Encarnacion 2, Cuevas 0, Dumasig 0, Gestopa 0, Montero 0.

Cebu 81 -- delos Reyes 20, Lanuza 16, Lim 15, Andaya 13, Piloto 6, Boquilon 5, Nieres 2, Nicolas 1, Madun 1.

04-24-2007, 02:50 PM
Firefly grabs solo lead in MICABAJA cagefest

The Freeman 04/24/2007

The Firefly Lighting Team dusted off ASH, 84-79, to grab the solo lead in the MICABAJA Basketball League 2007 at the Duljo-Fatima hardcourt, this city.

The Fireflies dictated the tempo of the match early on to post a double-digit lead, 26-16, but the ASH stalwarts rallied back with finesse in the second quarter to forge a 44-all deadlock at the turn.

That proved to be ASH's last hurrah as Alberto Handayan, Rommel Gabuya and Francis Quimada put their acts together in the final half to vault Firefly to victory.

The scores

Firefly (84) - Handayan 20, Gabuya 20, Go 13, Quimada 8, Galbo 6, Lapena 4, Alcorin 3, Lopez 3, Luade 2, Estrada 1.

Ash (79) - Jhea 18, Lausa 15, Oralde 12, Cortes 8, Ongko 7, Satuita 7, Maxilom 4, Haye 3. - Caecent No-ot-Magsumbol

04-24-2007, 02:57 PM
Jaguars reaffirm dominance vs. Cobras

The Freeman 04/24/2007

The Hotel Fortuna-backed University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Jaguars reaffirmed their supremacy over the Southwestern University (SWU) Cobras with a convincing 71-58 victory in their exhibition game last Sunday at the Don Celestino Martinez, Sr. Memorial Coliseum in Bogo, Cebu.

The Jaguars, who appeared ready for the 2007 Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. (CESAFI) cage wars, dictated the tempo of the game from start to finish although at one point they were stunned by the Cobras' rally late in the third period. Lyndon Gudez was in his usual deadly form leading the Jaguars with 16 points even as Armand Ponce and rookie Ferdinand Lusdok banged in 11 points apiece.

After a close first period, the Jaguars waxed hot to break the game wide at halftime, 43-24.

The Cobras, who went to Bogo in full force with 20 players, opened the third period with a 12-0 run to close the gap down to only seven points, 38-45, but then again, the rookie-laden SWU could not sustain its momentum and instead faltered down the stretch.

Chris Litorja topped the Cobras with 15 points followed by Mariano Canonigo with 12 markers.

The Bogo goodwill encounter was organized by the 2007 Bogo Fiesta Execom led by Joseph Lepon in partnership with event promoter Lorenzo "Chao" Sy of the La Fortuna Bakery and Hotel Fortuna.

The scores

USJ-R (71) - Gudez 16, Ponce 11, Lusdok 11, Arpay 8, Gabas 5, Villahermosa 5, Malinao 5, Antigua 4, Lapiz 3, Delfino 2, Hatague 2

SWU (58) - Litorja 15, Canonigo 12, Maguate 9, Balfor 6, Yangco 4, Giangchand 3, Amesin 3, Poligrates 2, Zanoria 2, Pacquiao 1 (GGM)

05-07-2007, 06:08 PM
Webmasters score over Cobras anew

The Freeman 05/07/2007

The University of Cebu (UC) Webmasters of coach Roel Gomez took advantage of an inbound error by the Southwestern University (SWU) Cobras to steal an 87-85 victory behind the buzzer-beating shot of Christian Rez in an exhibition match last Saturday at the air-conditioned Danao Civic Center.

The Cobras blew another good chance of winning as they led all the way except for that lazy and pressured-packed sideline inbound they committed only to lose everything including the P5,000 cash prize.

The Cobras, who settled for P3,000, showed better chance of winning as they managed to take an eight-point lead, 74-66, but with over six minutes left in the fourth quarter, enough for UC to stage a comeback.

Known for their trapping defense and quick transition offense, the Webmasters scored a 7-0 run to erase the lead of the Cobras with just a little over two minutes left in the contest.

A crucial basket by Raffy Flanco, which was ruled out only as two-pointer for having stepped the 3-point stripe, revitalized UC’s lost energy as he tied the count at 85-all with only 17 seconds remaining.

In their last ball possession, though, the Cobras fainted in their inbound pass just across their bench, which UC capitalized with Rez hitting the winning shot a few steps below the foul line just as the final horn sounded.

Rez, having a knee injury last year and missing the entire CESAFI season, topscored for UC with 21 points. Playing minus defensive guard Jared Kane Abatayo and offguard Zaldy Mamalias, the Webmasters executed their multi-faceted trappping defense successfully with some rookies in their lineup.

Rez was backed up by Allain Abellanosa in the scoring cudgels with 15 points while Flanco had 13 points and Janssen Abella and Jonathan Canceran had 12 and 10 points, respectively.

Lloyd Poligrates, the darling of the crowd who hails from Poro, Camotes, led the Cobras with 13 points along with Ardeveen Jhango.

Clifford Maguate and Mariano Canonigo had 10 points each for the Cobras.

The Danao game was made possible through the efforts of Danao City Sports Commission headed by councilor Oscar "Boying" Rodriguez in cooperation with the La Fortuna Bakery and La Fortuna Hotel owner Lorenzo "Chao" Sy. Backing up Sy were Jagna, Bohol councilor bet Hermes Sumalinog, Sr. and veteran referee Jose "Boy" Murillo.

The scores:

UC (87) — Rez 21, Abellanosa 15, Flanco 13, Abella 12, Canceran 10, Ceniza 6, Mohamad 3, Luceño 2, Ramos 2

SWU (85) — Poligrates 13, Jhango 13, Maguate 10, Canonigo 10, Litorja 8, Giangchand 7, Velayo 6, Zanoria 5, Tilaf 5, Jalandoni 2, Ceniza 2 — (GGM)

05-19-2007, 11:09 AM
St. Benilde beats USLS in 14-under

St. Benilde School blasted University of St. La Salle, 68-48 for its eight straight win and swept the BUS Group-organized Panasonic Cup 14 Under tournament at Negros Occidental Multi Purpose Activity Center.

Coach Christian Escote's charges surged to a 27-12 spurt in the first quarter and never looked back as the Junior Stingers tried in vain to catch up with the more experienced Mansilingan-based squad.

Christian Avanceña put in 20 points and Arman Pepino hit 12 mostly from Avanceña's accurate assists.

SBS then stopped a stubborn Don Bosco Technical Institute, 60-51 in the crossover semifinal as Avanceña again waxed hot with 30 points and partner Boy Macote added 17. SBS took the first final slot as it awaits the winner between USLS and MCA as Coach Troy Sarabia's boys upset Mansilingan Christian Academy, 83-81 to extend the other semis match.

Golez, Sevilla and Sobrepeña controlled the boards and combined for 45 points as it limited Janus Calma for 11 and Danray Bugador 12 even if Andres delos Santos scored 38. MCA was caught by surprise as it allowed USLS to get away with 48-32 lead in the first half.

The La Sallians and coach Elmo Quiatchon's wards will dispute the other final slot for a lone 9:00 a.m. game tomorrow at NOMPAC.

The winner will then play for the championship on Sunday against SBS at 9:30 a.m. The loser of USLS-MCA match will play for third against DBTI at 8:00 a.m.

The last elimination round games saw Trinity Christian School taming St. Rose of Lima School, 58-34. The Stallions of Eroreco overpowered Tangub Christian Academy 56-43 and MCA tamed UNO-R, 64-36.

MCA finished with 7-1 win loss record, USLS at 6-2, DBTI at 5-3 and UNO-R 4-4. TCS, SRLS and Stallions had identical 2-6 and TCA winless but fighting till the end and getting enough experience.*HD

05-23-2007, 01:17 PM
What’s Up Cebu Basketball?
BLEACHER TALK By Rico S. Navarro
Sunday, May 20, 2007
The Freeman

What’s happening to local basketball? As I write this, I feel a sense of de ja vu as I’ve decided to write about a topic that I also discussed around a year ago today when I was worried about the state of local basketball. Talking about local basketball these days brings up a mix of questions, kudos and concerns.

If you take the viewpoint of one who has followed the local basketball scene since the 70’s, you can’t help but be worried. Why? If you talk about local ball today, the only topic to discuss is collegiate basketball. The CESAFI and the Partners Cup series remain to be the only leagues ‘alive.’ But both are essentially one and the same set of teams using different league names or ‘titles.’ I take my hats off to CESAFI Commissioner Boy Tiukinhoy and lawyer-sportsman Merong Estenzo for doing their share of putting up a league other than the CESAFI. But I just can’t help but say that there’s something missing in local ball: the local commercial league.

On the side, I can’t consider the Mindanao Visayas Basketball Association (MVBA) to be a local league since it’s regional in scope. But it’s very much a welcome sight to local fans when games are played here. The bad news is that its Cebu games aren’t going to be too often, as the league needs to go around the various Vismin teams’ hometowns. The Visayas Amateur Athletic Association (VAAA) is a nice attempt at regional ball for collegiate teams, but sustaining it may be a problem.

Today, gone is the series of basketball leagues and tournaments that kept us local fans headed to the hardcourts of the USC Gym or Cebu Coliseum all-year long. The commercial leagues were always the busiest, from the days of the Cebu Amateur Basketball Association (CABA), the Cebu Amateur Basketball League (CABL), the Cebu Basketball league (CBL), the Cebu Basketball Federation (CBF) and the Mandaue Inter Commercial Athletic Association (MICAA).

During the ‘heydays’ of local commercial ball, the year revolved around a perfect blend of collegiate and commercial basketball ideally scattered throughout the year. The year usually kicked off with the first conference of the commercial league from January to March. This was followed by a summer league or conference around April to June. The commercial league then gave way to the collegiate league between July and October. The commercial leagues then took over around November and even had a host of ‘annual’ short-term Christmas tournaments. What happened to all these?

Would you like to reminisce with me? Remember the days when Conpinco and Gaisano were household names in the local leagues? Then came the likes of Mama’s Love, El Rancho, Crispa and M. Lhuillier? Remember Jolas, Duhig, Ampalayo et. al.? Go back further? How about the Najarro brothers, Willy Generalao, Al Solis and Anthony Mendoza? How many of you remember Turing Gerasmio? I’m sure many of you out there can remember more names than I can. Did you say Marlowe Jacutin, Glenn Orlanes, Biboy Ravanes and Manny Paner? Those were the days! We watched all of them strut their stuff at the USC Gym, and boy did we enjoy those games. They were the superstars of local basketball, and although not all of them made it to the PBA, they still had us trooping to the USC Gym each time they played. How I wish I could say the same today. And the absence of a commercial league hasn’t helped Cebu Basketball at all.

One of the reasons why we need a commercial league is that this usually serves as stepping stone or breeding ground for collegiate players looking for that much-needed exposure and extra income before moving on to the big city. Without a commercial league, Cebu might end up with fewer products in the big leagues.

A current-day case study? Look at today’s crop of Cebu products in the PBA. They didn’t jump straight from the Cebu collegiate scene directly to the PBA. They needed the local commercial league to hone their skills, bang bodies with their much older veterans and grow to become wiser players. Dondon Hontiveros’ stint in the Philippine team today wouldn’t have been possible if he didn’t play for Sunpride in the local leagues, and later the Cebu Gems in the MBA. The same is true for John Ferriols, Roger Yap, Junthy Valenzuela, Donbel Belano and Jimwell Torion. Without a commercial league, what are the options for today’s collegiate players? The last batch of Cebu prospects who had the opportunity to play in the local leagues are now in the PBL: Proctoy Quiñahan and company. What do we have to offer for the likes of Jonathan Canceran, Alain Abellanosa, Rino Berame and Ariel Mepaña?

The summer is almost over and ever since the folding of the CBF, we haven’t had a summer league of a local commercial league. The big question is how long this is going to last.

Cebu Basketball just isn’t complete without the Cebu commercial league.

05-29-2007, 05:57 PM
Bacolod dribblers win WV 12-Under

Young dribblers from Bacolod City captured the championship crown of the 2007 Western Visayas Age-Group Basketball Invitational Summer Tournament held May 24-26 at the Iloilo Sports Complex Gym in Iloilo City, a press release said.

The team defeated Ateneo de Iloilo in the championship game. Carrying the colors of Davies Paint, the team, mentored by former West Negros College Mustang and ex-Bacolod Tay Tung High School coach Gerome Aledron and managed by Architect Armand Guervarra, is composed of Mervin Ramirz, Armand 'Cadoy' Guevarra, Jun King Arriola, John Hill Aposaga, Kimlee Bayquin, Carlo Young, Nico Yap, Luke Liza, Wayne Yulo, Alex Cordova, Jason Geolingo, Kenneth Kurt De Leon and Jay Nieles.

Nico Yap was named most improved player in the 12-Under competition, the press release said.

Meanwhile, officials of the Tay Tung basketball team said Alvin Cua and John Paul Nieles will be playing for Iloilo's Chiang Kai Shek High School for the incoming school year.

Outstanding players John Hill Aposaga, Jun King Arriola and Alex Cordova were also recruited to play for the University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos, the press release said.

Meanwhile, the UNO-R 17-under squad nipped University of St. La Salle, 58-57, for the title in the same tournament in Iloilo.

The Recoletos squad is under the tutelage of coach Aledron. *

07-28-2007, 07:28 AM
Lancers aim high for lucky 7
By Gabby G. Malagar
Saturday, July 28, 2007

Year 2007 and the mighty University of the Visayas (UV) Green Lancers are shooting for their seventh straight basketball title in the 7th season of the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation, Inc. Now the big question, will the UV Lancers float in seventh heaven this year?

Most scholars of the sport invented by Dr. James Naismith think so, especially with the arrival of the 6-foot-11 Fil-Am goliath in Gregory Fuentes-Slaughter. The presence of the 19-year-old hardcourt bulldozer from Virginia, USA will surely send shivers down the spines of UV’s rivals.

But inspite of his intimidating built, Slaughter will just be an ordinary figure in the presentation of the Lancers’ roster during the grand opening ceremony on August 4 at the Cebu Coliseum mainly because even he’s not around, the Lancers are still riddled with superior ceiling that has been considered as the major factor of their overwhelming success.

The Lancers have no secret winning formula because it is very obvious and a public knowledge that they easily stomped on their opponents because of superior manpower imbued with pure talents not to mention their adeptness and cohesiveness as a team.

Before Slaughter set foot on UV’s hallowed grounds, there were these winning tradition from the years of Joseph Ronald ‘Baby Shaq” Quiñahan, who then handed over the flaming torch of UV’s colorful history Rino Berame.

The Lancers lost the high-flying Morsie Akad due to an ACL injury he sustained in the CESAFI-sponsored Partner’s Cup last March. They also no longer have the sweet-shooting Jaysar Esperat and Jaymar Canoy, who have completed their playing years.

But look who’s coming? Coach Elmer “Boy” Cabahug brought in Michael Luga to boost their already formidable post, while Edrian Lao has been elevated from the junior ranks and Ariel Mepaña, who sustained an ACL last year, has been reactivated after being given a clean bill of health.

Luga, a product from high school, could be considered a “veteran” rookie, because this is the first time he plays for college although he already saw action in several commercial tournaments.

The complete UV lineup in the 2007 CESAFI cage wars include (in alphabetical order) Eduardo Arda, Rino Berame, Ritchum Dennison, Chris Victor Diputado, Von Harry Lanete, Edrian Lao, Eulogio Lasala, Jr.,Michael Luga, Anthony Manigque, Ariel Mepaña, Lucky Pitogo, Bomber Sendrijas, Gregory Slaughter, Sylvester Tancongco and Harlow Chad Villanil.

Since most of them were the major components from last year’s title haul, it is expected the Lancers remain a cohesive fighting force that will is so difficult to conquer.

By all means, UV is not only capable of annihilating their rivals, but it is almost certain they Lancers will take home their seventh consecutive championship since the birth of CESAFI in 2000.

Time and time again, all other CESAFI teams are dreaming to be in the Lancers’ fortress wearing a crown fit for a king. These dreams are infinite but as the saying goes “hope springs eternal”, who knows that this year could just be the end of the UV dynasty.

Until UV itself is willing to relinquish the crown, it would still be an unsolved puzzle as to who will tame the formidable Lancers in the CESAFI finals.

The USJ-R Jaguars tried thrice, while CIT, UC and USC attempted once to dislodge the powerful Lancers but none of them prospered.

With an overall record of 67-1 in six years of sowing hardcourt terror, the Lancers will start a new season of pride, destiny and legacy - the things they want their successors to emulate.

10-13-2007, 08:38 AM
1st Inter-City basketball opens Nov. 10 in Bogo

Cebu Daily News
Last updated 11:30am (Mla time) 10/12/2007

CEBU CITY, Philippines - A grand opening is underway for the upcoming 1st Cebu Inter-City Basketball Tournament, which opens on Nov. 10 in Bogo City.

In yesterday's organizational meeting at the Hotel Fortuna, Bogo City expressed their willingness to host the opening which will be attended by the eight competing teams.

The meeting was presided over by league organizer and BAP-SBP Provincial Director Lorenzo “Chao” Sy and tournament commissioner Boy Muriillo.

Also present were Julie Flores of Carcar, Lorenzo Tabang Jr. and Jiger Repollo of Toledo City, Bernie Macau and Larry Villanil of Lapulapu City, Glen Bercede of Mandaue City and Hermie Sumalinog of City, among others.

The upcoming league will have eight teams in Toledo, Lapulapu, Mandaue, Bogo, Carcar, Danao, Cebu-North and Cebu South.

The opening game will pit Mandaue City and Bogo but the six other teams will be required to attend the gathering, which will be highlighted by a parade and the selection of best muse. The deadline of submission of lineup is Oct. 31.

Adopting a home and away format, those teams will play in a double-round robin in the elimination phase.

The top four teams after the elimination round will advance to the semifinal round with the top squads enjoying a homecourt advantage. The championship will be a best-of-three affair. /Correspondent Calvin Cordova

10-16-2007, 09:07 AM
SHS-J cagers book history

By Jonas Panerio
Cebu Daily News
Last updated 04:04pm (Mla time) 10/15/2007

CEBU CITY, Philippines- The Sacred Heart School-Jesuits (SHS-J) Eagles etched themselves a place in the record books as they became the first team in seven years to sweep the titles in the 18th Milo Basketball Efficiency Scientific Training at the Capitol Parish Gym.

SHS-J captured the championship in both the Small Basketeers of the Philippines (SBP) division and the Passerelle class as they defeated their respective opponents during the title matches last Saturday.

The Eagles SBP team encountered some rough sailing before edging the University of San Carlos-North Campus Baby Warriors in double overtime, 73-69.

Their Passerelle squad, meanwhile, handily beat the University of Southern Philippines Baby Panthers, 69-56, to complete the sweep.

The victories booked SHS-J a ticket to the regional finals where they will face Bacolod City and Iloilo City on November 3 and 4 in Bacolod.

SHSJ (73) - Muller 16, Abbu 15, Go 9, Araw-araw Arc 7, Lim K. 4, Sing 4, Araw-araw Anton, 4, Lim A 4, Fernando 4, Mercado 4, Chua 2, Saceda 2.
USC (69) - Pajantoy 23, Gacrama 16, Rodriguez 6, Arnejo 4, Sotto 4, Armenion 2, Aballe 2, Huelar 2, Pleños 2, Ponce 2, Piad 2, Remedio 2.

SHSJ (69) - Dela Cruz 10, Roma 9, Sta. Maria 8, Tecson 7, Diaz 7, Villarias 5, Alicias 5, Tagaloguin 4, Zozobrado 3, Seno 2, Dela Cruz 2, Branzuela 2, Mangubat 1.
USPF (56) - Silao 13, Lapiña 12, Nudalo 11, Lambujon 8, Aying 4, Navarro 2, Cosido 2, Camos 2, Barro 2.

01-12-2008, 11:09 AM
To join or not to join?

Cebu Daily News
First Posted 12:30pm (Mla time) 01/11/2008

CEBU CITY, Philippines - Whether the Cebu Zonals for the 2008 National Students Basketball Championships (NSBC) will push through or not will be known today when Basketball Association of the Philippines-Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (BAP-SBP) province director Lorenzo “Chao” Sy hosts a meeting at the La Fortuna Bakery-Sto. Nino branch.

The staging of the tournament, which is scheduled to open this Saturday at the Cebu Coliseum, still hangs in the balance after the Cebu Schools Athletic Foundation Inc. (Cesafi) decided to bar its member schools from joining.

Four Cesafi member schools have earlier signified their intention to join that included the University of the Visayas (UV), University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R), Southwestern University (SWU) and University of San Carlos (USC).

In an interview, Sy said that he is ready to cancel the Cebu Zonals if the Cesafi schools will not participate.

“That's their prerogative if they won't join. I will not force them. And if indeed they skip the tournament, there is no need to hold the Cebu Zonals,” Sy said.

“I'm expecting that Cesafi schools will show up in today's meeting where we will learn their decisions,” said Sy.

Sy added that if those Cesafi members skip the Cebu Zonals, non-Cesafi members Asian College Technology (Act) and Salazar Colleges of Science and Institute of Technology (SC-SIT) will automatically qualify to the National Finals.

“It will be a big bonus for Act and SC-SIT if those Cesafi members won't join,” said Sy.


Sy is still hoping that the Cesafi board will change their minds and allow its members to join.

“I am doing this for the love of basketball. It is not politicking. Cebuanos love basketball that's why we want to have tournaments like this which will be used by the aspiring cagers as an avenue in honing their skills,” Sy pointed out.

Sy was in Manila yesterday where he attended a meeting between the top honchos of BAP.

“BAP has already decided that the National Finals will be held on Feb. 25. It is a privilege that Cebu will be hosting this kind of event,” said Sy. /Correspondent Calvin Cordova

01-14-2008, 07:21 AM
Bibbo Hotdog-USJR scores another win over Aspac-UC

Cebu Daily News
First Posted 08:57am (Mla time) 01/13/2008

ROUND TWO of the brewing rivalry between the Bibbo Hotdog-University of San Jose-Recoletos Jaguars and the Aspac Bank-University of Cebu Webmasters may have been a lot closer, but the result remained the same.

USJ–R extended its undefeated streak to six with an 85-82 win over UC in the Reinforced Partner’s Cup last Friday at the packed Danao Civic Center.

While their encounter in the first round was a sleeper with the Jaguars comfortably winning 112-100, the game last Friday was much more intense.

The Webmasters frustrated Bibbo Hotdog early on as they held a 19-point lead, 27-8, in the opening canto.

Bibbo Hotdog’s frustrations came to a boiling point early in the second canto as bruiser Randy Pogoy was ejected from the ballgame after committing an unsportsmanlike foul on UC’s Lloyd Ortiguesa.

However, Pogoy’s ejection lit a fire under the Jaguars as they immediately responded with a blazing 15-2 run to come to within six, 24-30.

A 16-1 blast at the end of the first half eventually put Bibbo Hotdog in the driver’s seat, 45-40.

Aspac Bank kept the game close despite missing the services of hotshot guard Allain Abellanosa and wingman Jonathan Canceran as they rallied behind the 19 second half points of Junmar Fajardo, who finished with a tournament-high 40 markers.

The Webmasters had a chance to take the lead with less than 10 seconds left but Fajardo hurried and missed a shot along the right baseline.

In the first game, Unilab/Alaxan-Don Bosco repeated over the R. Lapid’s Chicharon-University of Southern Philippines, 81-76.

Meanwhile, former MBA, PBL and PBA star Gilbert Demape suits up for the Metro Gaisano-Cebu Institute of Technology Wildcats when they battle R. Lapid’s at 6 p.m. in Talisay City today. Correspondent Jonas Panerio

04-11-2008, 10:22 AM
Ex-PBA star holds clinic in Iloilo

Former basketball star Antonio “Tony Boy” Espinosa conducted a basketball clinic at the Iloilo Sports Complex Gym to train young hardcourt players with the basics of the game.

Espinosa, who once suited for Talk ‘N Text Phone Pals in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), personally trained 11 players.

Espinosa said he wanted to teach young Ilongos the rudiments of the game.

Also present at Espinosa’s basketball clinic were PBA stars Ronald Magtulis and Cris Bolado.

Magtulis advised the young players to always practice if they want to make it into the big leagues.

10-27-2008, 06:08 AM
Monday, October 27, 2008
Baltazar soars for 26, Sacred Heart tames CCS anew in Prisaa

CORPUS Christi dribblers have failed again to solve the puzzle that was as long as their main threat's name and as labyrinth as the rectangled basketball courts.

The do-it-all Clyde Ross Lyndon Baltazar, their major problem since last year, sizzled Sunday for 26 points and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Montessori School beat Corpus Christi anew, 43-39, at the Capitol courts in Cagayan de Oro City to pocket the elementary boys title of the 2008 Prisaa basketball tournament.

Like in their elimination match, the CCS Knights controlled the tempo of the game, leading by as much as nine points behind the balanced assault of Royette Obedencio and newcomer Lendrix John Salgados. But when crunch time came, Baltazar did almost all of the unthinkable to douse cold water to Corpus Christi's revenge-seeking bid.

"Let's simply put it this way. Dili gyod nato kaya depensahan si Baltazar. Gibuhat na nato tanan (triple-teamed, help defense) pero makali-ot gyod sa opensa. We lost to a better guy in a team," said CCS head coach Dodo Bernados who assisted their grade school mentor, Richardson Tangara, on the bench.

Youthful Sacred Heart coach John Baisa likewise acknowledged Baltazar as the one who saved them from breaking the winning streak they nurtured for so long against their hottest rival in local inter-school league.

"Iya gyod `to nga diskarte tanan," Baisa said of Baltazar.

Both Obedencio and Salgados produced 13 markers apiece for another runner-up finish by Corpus Christi, which played without starting guard Tristan Maputol. (LLS)