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03-03-2006, 02:53 AM
Watch out!!!

Starting this March 2006

03-03-2006, 07:12 AM
Further details please. 8)

03-08-2006, 02:38 AM
The Valle verde 3 Classic Basketball League now on its 5th year will open on March 20, 2006 at the Valle Verde 3 Rebels Park.* The League, considered a breaking ground for lowly recruited athletes is also home to several amateurs and former pros who use the tournament as a tuneup league to get themselves into shape.*

Remember this league is played mostly on concrete, and you may consider this a streetball league.* But the players remain serious and play 100% all the time.*

Game are held daily, Mondays to Fridays at 7:00pm - 10:30pm and Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00pm - 9:00 pm.* The league has grown over the years to include 3 divisions.* Division 1 is the open and premiere division, with heavy competition and tremendous talent and experience from all teams.* Division 2 is the competitive division while Division 3 is catered to the younger players and or senior ones.*

Interested teams or players may call 0919-470-8549 for details.

Some of the players who played in the VV3CBL are:

from PUP: Eljun Lapera (2006 PBL 2nd overall pick, played for Valle Verde 3), Chris De Jesus (Davao Eagles, ICTSI, played for Valle Verde 3), Jerwin Gaco (DLSU, Harbor Center, played for Valle Verde 3), Luis Palaganas (UE, played for VV3), Romar Claveria (Wang's Ballclub player for VV3), Gilbert Tenorio (VV3),

from UP:* Mike Gavino (played for Team LSGH 01'), Alvin Bienvenida (played for TEAM LSGH 01' and Team up), Marvin Bienvenida (Dudes), Dexter Racho (Plyo Sports)

from San Sebastian: Nicole Uy (BOKS), Paul Reguerra (Link), Ulysses Tanigue (Valle 3)

from Ateneo: Macky Escalona (Valle 1), Johann Uichico (Valle 1), Joal Leopando (Valle 1), JR Elmido (Valle 2), Eman Nazareno (Valle 2), Alfred Antonio (Greenmeadows), Paul Tanchi (Greenmeadows), Paolo Gregorio (Watson), Yong Gregorio (Watson), Gio Tingson (Eaglets, played for Faith.basketball),

from NU: Bryan Tolentino (Montaña. played for VV 3), Ariel De Castro (YEO's)

from RTU: Ian Bencito (played for DUDES and VV3)

from DLSU, LSGH, DLSZ:* Matt Makalintal (CSB, Burger Machine, Batangas Blades, San Miguel, played for Valle 1 and Valle 2, Plyo Sports), Erick Arejola (KOI Tigers), Tony Boy Espinosa (Plyo Sports), Joseph Yeo (YEO's), Mac Cardona (YEO's), Albert Tirona (CA Logistics, KOI Tigers), Willy Wilson (Valle 5), Mon Jose (Plyo Sports),

from CSB: Titus Mendoza (1-Time, 2-Time), Caloy Garcia (CSB-CSA, BOKS), Carlos Reyes (Valle 1, DemoPower), JA Coching (CSA-CSB, BOKS), Lou Gatumbato (BOKS),

from NEW ERA UNIVERSITY: Jeffrey De Guzman (CKP), Jun Tanuan (CKP),

from the PBL: Cham Alastre (Rain or shine, played for CKP), JA Coching (Welcoat, Harbor Center played for CSA-CSB, BOKS), Bryan Tolentino (Montana, played for VV3), Jerwin Gaco (VV3), Samigue Eman (KOBE), Rey Paul Javier (LINK), Lou Gatumbato (BOKS),

from the PBA or MBA: Bobby Parks (Hoops-Valle 3), Gerry Esplana (Valle 6), Jolly Escobar (Valle 5), Matt Makalintal (Valle 1,2, Plyo Sports), Boyet Fernandez (CKP), Ogie Gumatay (CKP), Oliver Agapito (CKP), Mannix Ortega (SMC ALL-stars, played for LINK), Ulysess Tanigue (Valle 3), Paeng Santos (CKP), Jomar Tierra (Valle 5), Judge Primero (Plyo Sports), Willy Wilson (Valle 5), Jonathan De Guzman (Plyo Sports), Charlie Favis (former PBL Commisioner, Hoops-VV3)

Others: Bonbon Lim (Letran, played for LINK), Antonio Aquitaña (Pque Jets, played for VV3), Jojo Belano (STI Olympians, played for VV5, VV3), Dexter Micutuan (STI Olympians, played for VV3), Nicho Pupos (ACSAT), Jun Pardillo (ACSAT)

more to come.....

03-08-2006, 08:10 AM
This is real hardcore hoops....concrete court. Nakakadena ba ang nets?

03-09-2006, 01:56 AM
The only thing professional here is the NETS, fortunately, hindi sya kadena.

To give you an idea, the lights not so bright. There are halogen lights on the sides and very poor, old school mercury lights in the ceiling, care of the CITY of PASIG.

The scoreboard are the electronic portable ones. NO SHOT CLOCK.

There are 2 wooden benches per each team, no chairs.

But, the players still play!!

03-30-2006, 07:17 AM
Valle Verde 3 vs. St. Cinnamon Recap

Miguel"sneaky" perez (Aquinas High School) scored 21 pts as he set a new
career high against Saint Cinnamon in the Valle Verde 3
Classic Division 3 League. Unfortunately, they lost agianst
St. cinnamon due to bad play in the Over time
period by JuDD "Daddy" Perez (Aquinas High School 03-05') scored about 12 pts
but fouled out early in the forth Nands"Seizure"
Muniz Scored the 3pt shot to stage the game to
over time. Valle 3 only had 8 players but started
with 5 the reserves and had a chance to play like
Ricky Paclibar and the new Player Robert Melanio
and miguel"sneaky" perez..well the league is just
starting let's just see what happens to valle 3!

03-30-2006, 07:19 AM
Valle Verde 3 vs. B-Twins (VV6) Game Schedule (Division 2)

Valle-3 vs Btwins March 31, Friday 830pm

Valle Verde-3 seeking to reclaim its division-2 crown
opens its season against B-twins led by former
La Salle Greenhills Point Guard Karl Santos(LSGH 99-05'), Valle three's line-up of mixed
grizzled veterans and young guns are out on a
mission to ragain its crown, beaten in the last
holiday season by Philippine Star in the finals ( their first
loss in any finals showdown).

03-30-2006, 09:37 AM
Well in this league,young players like me learn much from waht they used to watch and idolize...but now i play with the people i watched and idolized...ive learned so many moves from them,now i use it against them haha! this league has been a playground of legends from PBA to PBL to the UAAP and NCAA...pure SPORT you can't let your guard down in this league...no easy fouls.. ALL HARD FOULS! thats why palyers with low spirit Can't play in this league...this has been me Miguel"sneaky"perez from Valle verde 3 signing off....Migs™

04-09-2006, 07:57 AM
Division 2 Results

Btwins 64 - Bigtime Uno 50

Ckp 110 - Bigtime Uno 77
Boxscores: Ckp
Perlas 17,Lopez 15, W.Fong 14, Naguit 14, #23 14, de Guzman 11,
Lapid 10, Maynes 6, Tan 5, M.Fong 2, Esperas 2, Syjoco 0.
( W.Fong 4 3-pt shots made)

Btwins 88 - Faith 86

Watsons 73 - St.Ignatius 60


Ckp 110 - Faith 77
Boxscores: Ckp
De Guzman 27, Naguit 20, Perlas 16, Lopez 14, W.Fong 12, Lapid 10,
Ng 8, M.Fong 6, Esperas 5, Maynes 3, Tan 3.


Valle-3 100 - Btwins 80

April 4

Watsons 75 - Valle-5 74 OT

April 6

St.Ignatius 75 - Valle-3 81

Ckp 104 - Btwins 77
Boxscores: Ckp
De Guzman 33, Perlas 16, lapid 11, Maynes 9, W.Fong 9, Ng 8,
M.Fong 6, Lopez 6, Naguit 2, Syjuco 0.

Team standings

Teams Wins Loss Points
1) Ckp 3 - 0 - 6
2)Watsons 2 - 0 - 4
3) Valle-3 2 - 0 - 4
4)Btwins 2 - 2 - 6
5)Faith 0 - 2 - 2
6)St.Ignatius 0 - 2 - 2
7)Bigtime-uno 0 - 2 - 2
8) Valle-5 0 - 1 - 1

to break ties, we shall use the FIBA point system rule. 1 win equals to 2pts, 1 loss equals to 1 pt.
and a forfeiture is equal to 0 points. To break further ties, we shall use the winner over the other
rule. For triple to quadruple ties, we shall use the FiBA Quotient system.

04-09-2006, 10:36 AM
Valle verde classics Results Divison 2

mar.21, 2006
Btwins - 64
Big Time- Uno -50
( Karl Santos 13pts )

Ckp - 110
Big Time Uno- 77

Boxscores: Ckp
Perlas 17, Lopez 15,Naguit 14, W.fong 14, De
Guzman 11, Lapid 10, Maynes 6, Tan 5, M.Fong
2, Syjuco 0.

Btwins -88
Faith -86

March 28,2006

Watsaons- 73

March 30

Ckp- 126
Faith- 79


Valle-3 -100
Btwins -80

Boxscores: Valle-3
Bencito 25, Belano 24, Mabayo 18, Botin 15,
B.Perez 15, Baul 4, J.Perez 2, Muniz 0, M.Perez 0

April 4, 2006

Watsons 75
Valle 74

April 6

Valle 3 81
St.Ignatius 75

Boxscores: Valle-3
B.Perez 35, Belano 30, De los santos 5, R.Manalo
5, Goyeneche 4, J.Perez 4, Umale 3, M.Perez 2,
C.Desiderio 0, Mata 0.

Ckp -104
Btwins- 77
Boxscores Ckp
De guzman 33, Perlas 16, Lapid 11, Maynes 9,
W.Fong 9, Ng 8, M.Fong 6, Tan 5, Naguit 2,
Syjuco 0.

04-22-2006, 08:59 AM
Valle-3 runs down big team Uno !!!

Team Valle-3 runs down Big team uno 93-82, with
still no sponsor and wearing their old uniforms valle-
3 proved they are no pushover and is hellbent to
regain its crown, With almost a revamped line-up
and the uptempo style of play were too much for
big team Uno. Ian Bencito topscored with 19 pts
and a thunderous slam from a fastbreak, Veteran
point guards Jaype Baul And Jojo Belano Led the
attack at the backcourt scoring on fastbreaks and
connecting on assists showing
Roy"sleepy"Manalo and Sneaky Perez how to run
the point. New additions Ogie Ebuenga and Bong
Botin provided the muscle in the paint. All of the
ten players fielded in by Coach Hubert scored
except for Sneaky Perez. Missing from the game
were Center Romar Claveria, forward's John Umale,
Buboy Mata and guard Judd Perez.
Bencito 19, Belano 17, Baul 15, Ebuenga 10,
Alcantara 8, Manalo 8, Goyenache 7, Muniz 5,
S.Perez 0.

05-25-2006, 08:17 AM
Valle-3 beats valle-5!

Valle-3 improved its record to 6-1 to place 2nd in
the div.2 standings of the Valle Verde Classics
Basketball League " Leonardo Umale Cup"
Summer 2006, By winning over valle-5 90-66,
Injured center Ian Bencito finally played unloading
20pts, he was backed by jaypee Baul with 17pts
and Balong Foronda 14pts, but what caught the
eye of the crowd was Mico Manalo playing inspired
basketball scoring 11pts, one highlight of the game
was in the end of the 2nd qtr, with 2sec. left
Jaypee Baul inbounding from the baseline threw a
alley-oop pass to Balong Foronda and made the
basket, ending the first half 50-26, from there on
Valle-3 never looked back as they led as much as

05-25-2006, 08:19 AM
Valle-3 still seeking for its first win? (Division 3)

Valle-3 cant seem to brrak in the win column in
the on-going div.3 of the Valle Classics basketball
League "Leonardo Umale Cup" summer 2006.
Losing to Koi 91-86, it was a good effort for valle-3
inspite losing the game, down by 20 points in the
third quarter valle-3 slowly chopped off koi's lead
cutting it to single digit with 3 min remaining in the

game, timely 3-point bombs by mico manalo and
Nands"compton"Muniz kept the score close with
only 3 points seperating the team. but time was
running out and the only set back was they were
not in penalty, and have to foul several times to put
koi in the free throw line. A bad call by the ref got
the ire of Coach B, a questionable offensive foul
called on johnny Umale, this made coach B lose
his cool and lambasted the official, luckily he was
not given a technical, Chester"the molester" Ng
molested the bigman of koi scoring 12pts in the
1st half on put backs, hooks, and jumpers.it was
an all around game for the big fella grabbing
rebounds and blocking shots, until in the third
quarter when he hurt his knee, he never came
back to the game.Mico Manalo erupted for 13pts
scoring on long bombs and leading the
comebacking, driving on the lane against Koi
defenders, another reactivated player john Umale
scored 18 pts to lead the team, he just came from
an sprained ankle, but has not lost his touch. valle-
3 is still seeking for its first elusive win.

Umale 18, Ng 14, Jaurigue 13, M.Manalo 13,
Goyeneche 11, Reyes 8, Cabunyag 5, muniz 4,
Mata 0.

05-25-2006, 08:19 AM
Valle Verde Classic Basketball League "Leonardo Umale Cup"

Div.2 Standings
1. Ckp 6-1
2. Vv-3 6-1
3. Vv-5 5-2
4. Btwins 4-3
5. watsons 2-4
6. Big team UNO 2-5
7.St.Ignatius 1-6
8.Faith 1-5

05-25-2006, 08:20 AM
Valle Classics "Leonardo Umale Cup" standings
Message: Div.2
1. ckp
2. valle-3
3. valle-5
4. btwins
5. faith
6. big team uno
7. watsons
8. st.ignatius


1. ckp vs. 8. st.ignatius
2. valle-3 vs. 7. watsons
3. valle-5 vs. 6. big team uno
4. btwins vs. 5. faith

div.3 standings

1.Koi 5-1
2.Valle-2 4-2
3.St.cinnamon 3-2
4.Pog-G 1-4
5. Valle-3 1-5

06-01-2006, 10:43 PM
Ckp Consultancy vs. Valle-3 in another title showdown

Ckp won over Btwins 102-72 and Valle-3 beat
valle-5 79-68 in the final four of the Valle
Verde 3 Classic basketball league "Leonardo
Umale Cup" It now goes down to one game to
determine the champion this summer, the last
time this two teams played in the finals against
each other was last december 2005 div.-1 which
ckp won via rout 107-91, and last May 2004 which
Valle-3 won. makin it 1-1 in their showdown. Ckp
has not won a div.2 title yet, both their crowns
were won at div. 1( 2003, 2005), Valle-3 meanwhile
is the only team that have won titles in both div.1
(2004) and Div.2 (Summer 2005) and this is their
third trip to the finals since 2005 in div.2, will valle-
3 regain its lost Crown or Ckp finaly winning its
first div.2 title? All of this will be answered next
week in their Finals Game.

06-01-2006, 10:54 PM
Valle Verde 3 Classic Roster of Champions

Div.1 Champion : Greenmeadows (key players: Alfred Antonio, Adi Antonio, Paul Tanchi (ADMU))
Runner-up : Valle-1 (Matt Makalintal)

Div.2 Champion : Las Villas (Marvin Bienvenida (UP), UP UAAP Batch 82' Players)
Runner-up : Valle-2

Div.1 Champion : Ckp (Jay Valdez, Jojo Belano(PSBA, STI))
Runner-up : Team CSA (J.A Coching, Caloy Garcia(Welcoat))

Div.2 Champion : Valle-2
Runner-up : Barangay Ugong

Holiday Conference
Div.2 Champion : Valle-2
Runner-up : DUDES

DIv.1 Champion : Valle-3-Wangs (Buboy Tanigue(SSC-r, Purefoods), Eljun Lapera(PUP, Ozamiz, Quezon))
Runner-up : Yeos (Joseph Yeo, Mac Cardona(DLSU))

Div.2 Champion : TWO-TIME (Titus Mendoza(CSB))
Runner-up : Gold team (Paul Chua(DLSU, Granny Goose))

Holiday Conference
Div.1 Champion : DUDES (Balong Foronda, Sergio Medel)
Runner-up : LINK (Paul Javier, Mannix Ortega)

Div.2 Champion : Valle-3 (Romar Claveria (PUP), Ian Bencito(RTU))
Runner-up : CKP (Jeff De Guzman(NEW ERA))

Div.3 Champion : Gladiators (JV Honorio)
Runner-up : Batch 97 (Richus Mendoza (LSGH))

Holiday Conference
Div.1 Champion : CKP (Boyet Fernandez, Paeng Santos(STA LUCIA))
Runner-up : Valle-3 QuickClean (Batman Garcia)

Div.2 Champion : Phil.Star (Mario Geocada, Vir Roque, Randel Reducto)
Runner-up : Valle-3 Bobbielou's (Eljun Lapera)

Div.3 Champion : Koi (Eric Arejola)

Div. 2 Champion : CKP Consultancy (Jeff De Guzman(NEU), Jun Arquero, Dave Stapley)
Runner-up: Valle 3 (Romar Claveria (PUP), Perez, Botin, Mabayo, Ebuenga (STI))

Div. 3 Champion:

Holiday Conference

06-09-2006, 12:14 AM
Ckp Consultancy Beats Valle-3, wins first Div.2 title

In another epic battle, Valle-3 and Ckp once again
are in the finals in division 2 , this time ckp won 91-
88 and will bring home its first ever division-2 title.
And the second team to win a championship in
both divisions 1 and 2. With a powerhouse line-up
that any team could wish for, ckp was leading all
the way from the opening buzzer, mainly because
valle-3's line-up was purely small compared to
them at the opening quarter, becuase half of their
team was late, as usual. The first five of Jojo
Belano, Jaypee Baul, Jud Perez, Nands Muniz,
Pau "Jau" Jaurigue, plus substitutes Mico Manalo,
Mac Goyeneche and roy Manalo. Pau Jau held his
own against the bigmen of ckp scoring on
putbacks and pulling down rebounds, Belano with
usual outside sniping and drive-ins, Roy Manalo
driving fastbreak lay-up against the veteran Paolo
Malonzo, valle-3 trying to keep the game close
until their other teamates arrived, ending the first
quarter 33-24. In the second canto with their other
teammates arrived it was a diffrent story with a
solid five of "bata' Perez, Belano, Botin, Mabayo
and Ebuenga plus bigman Romar Claveria, Valle-3
had size but the problem was they were cold
coming from the bench, Ckp leading at the end of
the half 53-41 Jeff De Guzman leading them with
15 points. In the third quarte Romar Claveria went
to work scoring on the paint, putbacks and
rebounding, quickly ckp coach Adonis Tierra
matched-up his bigman Jun Arquero, Dave Stepley
and somtimes Bernardos to slow down Claveria,
But still Claveria the warrior that he is, still
Barreled his way inside. Belano and Ebuenga
made a 3point basket each and Mabayo chipping-
in with Lay-ups, the play of the day was Bata
Parez driving down the middle made a bounce
pass behind a trailing Claveria and making the shot
made the valle-3 crowd wild. But a missed all
alone lay-up by Bata Perez as time expired proved
costly for valle-3 ending the 3rd 66-61. The last
quarter saw Jeff De Guzman was scoring at will
scoring on 3-point bombs and connecting on
passes, quarterbacking for his team effeciently.
But valle-3 wont go down without a fitght as the
saying goes " As you go down keep on firing" as
Ebuenga fired 2 triples to cut down the lead to 2
points and Claveria making two free throws to tie
the score 86-86. De guzman made 1 freethrow
shot to make the count 87-86 and malonzo
sinkinga basket, ckp up by three points 89-86,
Bata Perez made a quick jumper to make the
count 89-88 less than 30sec. in the ball game. On
the next play a driving De guzman was fouled by
Mabayo, calmly sinking both shots. Last play for
valle-3 to tie the count Belano bringing down the
ball was pressured by the ckp guards and passed
it to Ebuenga who fired a three-pointer but missed.
Ckp winning by three points 91-88, probably the
most exciting finals game ever, everytime this two
teams meet the energy level is so high, as one
player was saying " pag pina nuod mo sa labas
parang ang bagal pero pag nasa loob ka grabe ang
bilis nag cramps na nga butt ko!" Ckp deserved it
they prepared well and their basketball
organization is one of the best, a well managed
and well funded team. As for valle 3 nothing to be
ashamed off they did well this season, watch out
for future battles of both teams, dont miss it, see
you in october.

06-14-2006, 10:11 PM
ckp-91 - valle 3 -88


Ckp-De Guzman 34, Malonzo 17, Perlas 16
Ibay 11,Bernardos 5, Arquero 4, Lapid 3, Maynes
2, Fong 0, Naguit 0,

Valle-3 - Belano 27, Claveria 16, Ebuenga 12,
B.Perez 7, Jaurigue 6, Mabayo 6, Baul 4, Muniz 4,
R.Manalo 2, J.Perez 0, Goyeneche 0, Botin 0,
Manalo 0.

08-09-2006, 08:01 PM
when is the next tournament starting? have a few friends who recommended this league and based on the list of players who've played here, the competition must be tough. more info on the next tournament please. :)

08-15-2006, 10:59 PM
The Valle Verde 3 Classic - Holiday Conference Starts on the second week of October. Interested teams may contact email: buboymata@gmail.com he is the current commissioner.


10-06-2006, 12:45 AM
The 2006 VV3CBL - Holiday Conference open on October 20. Interested teams may contact the above information.

10-06-2006, 02:03 AM
what are the qualifications? is this an open tournament? how many divisions? :)

10-30-2006, 09:39 PM
The Valle Verde 3 Classic Basketball League 2006 Holiday conference opened last monday, October 20. With 6 Division 2 teams and 8 division3 teams.

More news to follow.

10-30-2006, 09:55 PM
who are the participating teams? players? thanks

11-07-2006, 03:22 AM
Valle 3 Wang's, Boks, Faith Basketball, UST College of Architecture, Valle Verde 5, CKP Consultancy.

04-04-2007, 04:24 AM
Now on its 7th year, the Valle Classics opens its Summer Conference on April 18, 2007 at the Valle 3 park.

Seven teams have confirmed their participation in the Division 3 class (recreational) lead by defending champion Valle Verde 2, who owns the record 4 Championships in any division. Runner-up POG-G tries to steal the championship from VV2 even as teams like Valle 3, Aquinas, Asia Trust Execs, KOI and One-Time try to spoil the party.

In the Division 2 class, 5 teams have confirmed their participation. Defending champion Paramount Realty-VV5 leads the cast together with LSAL with Karl Santos (LSGH) as team captain. Faith Basketball which is reinforced by several Ateneo Eaglets attempt to get of the cellar in this year's campaign. Team Boks former St. Benilde star guards Lou Gatumbato (CSB) and J.A. Coching (CSB) will always be seeded to win it all. Former Champion Valle Verde 3 will again be led by Batman Garcia (Lyceum) and Bryan Tolentino (NU).

Interested teams may PM me or call Coach Buboy Mata (PSBA), 0906-309-7698. Hurry only 1 slot remains for Div. 3 and 3 slots for division 2.

11-25-2007, 06:00 AM
from the commisioners office:

ganda ng laban dito last thursday faith vs. lsal, grabe dala ng faith UAAP seniors ng ateneo

sila Salamat, Quimson, Baldos, Intal, Uichico. LSAL naman si Libunao, Santos, Montecastro and meron matangkad taga Zobel. parang CSB/LSGH vs ATENEO ito

magaling din the rest ncaa ng greenhills. Ganda ng laban panalo faith 1 point! meron pa isa game double round hehehe!

11-25-2007, 01:59 PM
who are the participating teams? when is the next game between faith and lsal? makanuod nga

08-12-2009, 10:44 AM
Join the Valle Verde 3 basketball invitational - Judd23_03@yahoo.com.ph or contact Judd 09089207223

September - December 2009