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09-15-2005, 10:28 PM
FEU, Ateneo, La Salle, UE

The members of the cast is determined although only FEU so far is sure of a twice to beat advantage.

Who will make it?

Your thoughts pls.

Kid Cubao
09-16-2005, 08:32 AM
i believe the final 4 scenario can be described best in the local lingo as "labanan ng mga nag-aabangan at nag-iiwasan."

ateneo would rather meet FEU or UE than la salle.

la salle would rather meet ateneo than FEU or UE.

UE would rather meet la salle than ateneo or FEU.

FEU would rather meet la salle than ateneo or UE.

Sam Miguel
09-16-2005, 01:48 PM
Neat and timely topic Gil_A.

Kid Cubao has a very good point, teams are already hoping to meet the opponents they feel they can handle (relatively speaking).

UE is probably the most talented and athletic team among the four. Take a look at their lineup:

Marcy Arellano, 5-10 guard
Toto Labagala, 5,10 guard
Earl Saguindel, 5,10 pointguard
Bon Custodio, 6-2 swingman
Elmer Espirirtu, 6-3 forward-center
Luis Palaganas, 6-3 forward
Angelus Raymundo, 6-5 center
Mark Borboran, 6-6 forward-center

Plus one or two other players who can contribute in the rotation. Their biggest problem however is from the neck up. To put it kindly, UE simply does not have the high basketball IQ that the three other teams in this Final 4 have. Its a good thing Dindo Pumaren - one of the most cerebral players of his generation, and a known "player's coach" - is their headcoach. Dindo voice-activates the UE game, and his players are disciplined enough to follow his instructions. The Warriors may be the most unheralded and underrated team in this Final 4, but make no mistake about it: They can make any of the other three teams pay dearly for underestimating them.

FEU, Finalists the last two years, champions a mere two seasons ago, remains the top team in this scenario thanks to their league-leading performance, especially on defense.

Jonas Villanueva, 6-0 guard
Jerome Villanueva, 6-0 guard
Jun Adolfo, 6'1 swingman
Mar Fernandez, 6'2 swingman
RJ Rizada, 6-2 small forward
RB Mangahas, 6-2 power forward
Jeff Chan, 6-3 small forward
Arwind Santos, 6-5 forward
Mark Isip, 6-5 forward-center
Jong Barcellano, 6-6 center-forward

FEU's trump is its suffocating defense, anchored on the athletic greatness of Santos, the strength and underrated footspeed of Isip and the quick-help coverage of Rizada and Jonas Villanueva. Mangahas is also an underappreciated post defender who can grab rebounds and scatter bodies underneath. But FEU - inspite of their record - must address a big problem at playoffs level ball: their lack of a pure pointguard. Jonas may be the pointguard by default, but he has shown all throughout the tournament that he is NOT a pointguard. Jonas has been totally outplayed by smaller pure pointguards like LA Tenorio and TY Tang in recent encounters that he has reverted to being a "scoring" point. While he got away with it against the also-rans of the UAAP, he was exposed by Tenorio in their Round 2 encounter, and Tang as well.

Teams are so concerned with Santos on offense that Isip, Rizada and Chan have made a living finding their respective sweet spots almost at will. Santos however remains one of the clumsiest ballhandlers in the UAAP, and often struggles when he is forced to advance the ball against a three-quarters court press. FEU has indeed made a living on the boards, with all of their players leaping and reaching for any loose ball. But at the halfcourt, FEU's three-down (below the foul line) halfcourt motion is too dependent on the shooting of Rizada, Chan and sometimes Jonas and Arwind. As good as these guys are they are streaky; jamming them at the perimeter, as UE and Ateneo did successfully, bodes ill for the Tams. But when FEU gets its game going, opponents can only stand back and hope the onslaught ends soon.

09-16-2005, 06:44 PM
i believe the final 4 scenario can be described best in the local lingo as "labanan ng mga nag-aabangan at nag-iiwasan."

ateneo would rather meet FEU or UE than la salle.

For Ateneo, I would prefer the team to meet UE. We have UE's number plus the fact that they are easier to defend against since they don't have an inside presence. We just need to solidify the zone to guard their shooters. Also, we can match up with them man for man.

09-17-2005, 10:22 PM
I think FEU and DLSU will have the edge because of their championship experience and poise. Arwind Santos is Arwind Santos. He is the great stabilizer in the FEU team. Surrounded by marquee and role players, FEU could go all the way and bag the championship. DLSU has one potent weapon: Franz Pumaren. No doubt, one cannot question success. Pumaren has mastered the game though he has yet to win a game against FEU this season. His players are more seasoned now and revenge will be their cry come the championship series with FEU.

ADMU will continue to be the dark horse. This team has the best point guard in the league. If LA is not controlled and evenutally explodes in the next games, expect Ateneo to crowd the finals berth with DLSU and FEU. Another key factor is Norman Black's coaching genius. The recent loss to DLSU will become a motivating factor for the eagles to win all the next games as their backs are against the wall. They get better whenever they are in this situation.

UE, sad to say, because the team composition is new usually and plays poorly under pressure, might collapse in the final 4 series.

mesmata oba
09-18-2005, 09:14 AM
FEU pa rin 'yan.

Itong taon na ito malaki talaga ang tyansa nila at pipilitin nila 'yan. Magaling ang samahan nila.

Maayos din 'yang kakulangan sa tunay na point guard. Maibababa naman nila ang bola. Ang assist ay manggagaling pa rin kay Rizada at Villanueva. At marami silang "go-to guys".

FEU pa rin 'yan.

09-18-2005, 10:14 PM
Twice to beat advantage is with FEU and DLSU.

FEU obviously is # 1. When they set-up their halfcourt offense, they are like machines. They have a very good low post player (Isip), good shooters (Chan, Rizada, Santos, etc.), have guys who can create shots, height, and even their bench is contributing. They play tough defense too. I dunno about their coach though, he has yet to prove himself, bago kasi eh, kahit na assistant siya ni Banal.

DLSU is the hottest team in the UAAP right now, imho. They are gaining confidence with each game, and seem to be peaking at the right time regardless of their lack of height. Don't forget, they are still the defending champions and they have a champion coach too.

Ateneo has proven they can win versus FEU and UE (twice) but have yet to win against La Salle. LA Tenorio must play well (not only scoring-wise) in the coming playoffs in order to carry the team while getting good support from the other starters. He is the veteran and the court general. X-factor I believe is Ateneo's bench. When they had their 7 game win streak this season, the bench really delivered, giving additional rest to Tenorio and the other starters. Special mention to Laterre, Reyes, and Barracoso.

For UE, wala masyadong tumitingin sa UE pero I believe they can take on La Salle and FEU. They have beaten those teams already this season, and their scrappy play could help them go deep in the playoffs. I heard that Arellano is down with dengue. Hope he gets well soon, UE needs him and his outside shooting.

It's going to be difficult for Ateneo and UE to win twice against the top two teams, but they have to execute well and dictate the tempos of the games. Nothing's impossible in the UAAP.

Here's hoping for a great Final Four and Finals! 8)

Kid Cubao
09-20-2005, 03:08 PM
of all the semis teams out there, la salle is the most driven and motivated as seen in the UE rematch. in my book, they have earned my place as the prohibitive favorites to go all the way.

09-20-2005, 04:34 PM
Ateneo should just take it easy on Thursday and use the game for developmental purposes as it braces to meet either FEU or DLSU both of which are strong and favored teams. For me, I would rather meet FEU than DLSU so I'd rather give that Thursday game away to UE. Remember 2003? We (Ateneo) beat DLSU in the final 4 and celebrated as if we already won the championship. We lost to FEU in the title series as the team didn't have the same spunk they had when they went up against DLSU.

The climax should be the title showdown with DLSU.

Sam Miguel
09-20-2005, 10:02 PM
Lasalle had its fair share of anxious moments throughout the elims but still emerged as the Number 2 seed in the Final 4. I believe people tend to forget that the Archers are the defending champions, and that they have arguably the most successful program in college basketball in the last 15 or so years. Lasalle is peaking at just the right time, when championship poise and pride are paramount factors, even more so than the X's and O's.

TY Tang, 5-7 pointguard
JV Casio, 5-9 guard
Joseph Yeo, 5'11 offguard
Cholo Villanueva, 6-1 guard
Ryan Arana, 6'2 swingman
JR Aquino, 6-3 forward
Jun Cabatu, 6-5 center-forward
Mark Benitez, 6-5 center
Rico Maeirhofer, 6-6 forward-center

Franz Pumaren's team is second only to FEU when it comes to defensive efficiency, and no one scores in more creative ways than Lasalle. But the big problem for the Archers is a lack of size. They need to get creative on offense and super stingy on defense because they're outsized in practically all positions. Unorthodox players like Cabatu (center with a legit trey) and Maeirhofer (swings around all three frontcourt positions and even guards some backcourt men from time to time) make the Lasalle system work. Hey, it may seem funky but it works. With Yeo practically unstoppable and Tang and Casio extending defenses, Lasalle looks on track to defend its crown.

09-22-2005, 11:15 AM
FEU : A real big, strong team.* Has beaten DLSU twice, albeit by the skin of their teeth in the 2nd round.* Its bench output remains to be seen in the postseason.* Bert Flores has done a good job with the veterans.* Can go all the way,* if Jonas Villanueva decides to be a pure playmaker. ;)

DLSU :* The smallest team with the biggest heart.* Dangerous and focused.* As defending champions,* these guys know what it takes to win it all.* Franz Pumaren knows which buttons to push at any give time.* 8)

ADMU : This team is full of talent.* Its height and speed are weapons to yet be really unleashed.* However,* the stigma of back to back blowouts to DLSU has hung a cloud over the players' and Norman Black's heads.* Will they be able to erase it?* :-\

UE :* Mirror image of the DLSU system.* Dindo and Derick Pumaren has done wonders with this talented lineup.* Custodio is a super player.* Espiritu, Arellano will be.* Question is,* do these guys have what it takes for the homestretch?* :-X

09-22-2005, 03:45 PM
Sa apat na teams na nasa Final 4 Ateneo lang ang hindi nakatalo sa Lasalle, at tancha ko lang HINDI kayang talunin ng Ateneo ang Lasalle. Ganyan ang nangyayari kapag puro hugot ang ginagawa ng isang school sa sobra-sobra ang pride, nagakakaroon tuloy ng need to prove themselves ang mga hugot nila, result: GIGIL! Biruin mo naman, kinaya ng FEU at UE ang Lasalle, pero mas matalino namang maglaro ang Ateneo, kayang-kaya nga ng Ateneo ang UE, at nahuli din nila ang FEU. So bakit hindi nila matalo-talo ang Lasalle?

Sa ngayon, kung sino man ang malasin na makaharap ang FEU sa Final 4 sureball laglag na, mapa-Ateneo o mapa-UE pa 'yan, as in wala ng knockout-knockout, guaranteed hindi nila mata-twice to beat ang Tamaraws. Although ideally maganda ngang Ateneo-FEU then DLSU-UE ang Final 4, para may chance na maging Ateneo-Lasalle ang Finals. Pero of course, ako sa Tams pa din ako pupusta. Malamang nito rematch from last year FEU-DLSU na 'yan. Mas kawawa ang mga Agila kung Lasalle makaharap nila sa Final 4, isang taon na naman nilang iindahin ang alaska ng mga Lasalista dahil siguradong laglag sila sa ganyang matchup. Makahanap man ng chamba ang Ateneo sa Game 1 nila, sureball runaway win naman sa winner-take-all ang DLSU.

As for UE, see you next year na lang ang Warriors. Now that Arellano is out wit dengue, mega-labo ng maka-Finals ang UE. At least naka-Final 4 na naman sila this year, and they have new guys coming in next year sabi nung isang article sa homepage. Ayos na rin, kita-kits na lang next year. Kung Adamson ang may balat sa wetpaks sa regular season, UE naman yata ang may signos kapag Final 4.

09-22-2005, 07:56 PM
Just came back from Araneta. Ateneo just beat UE by 9 points I think. Looked like UE didn't play to win and took it easy. I suspect that they deliberately avoided playing DLSU in the final four series.

I have always wanted DLSU for ADMU in the final four. For one, ousting the archrival in the final 4 would give special meaning to the victory in case we win twice.

It will be a tremendous challenge for Ateneo to win twice over La Salle. Though this is highly improbable, the same is not impossible.

Go Ateneo!

09-26-2005, 02:43 PM
FEU vs Lasalle: The Rematch!

Although sa ngayon tancha ko lang FEU will find a way to win and win convincingly. Masyadong maraming sinabing hindi maganda ang ilang tao nung natalo last year ang Tamaraws, at ngayon they will try to prove all of those people wrong. Nothing would be a more fitting send-off to King Tamaraw Arwind Santos than a second career UAAP Title bago siya mag-pro. Ang masaya nito malamang sa hindi pagbayaran ng Lasalle ang lahat ng yabang na ginawa nila sa Ateneo nung Final 4 matchup nila.

Sabagay, sa yabang ng Atenista dapat lang na paminsan-minsan may magpamukha sa kanilang hindi lahat ng pagkakataon Ateneo lang ang may karapatang magyabang. Maganda din ang paminsan-minsan may pumapalag sa Ateneo sa larangan ng yabangan. Hindi ko naman sinasabing mas magaling na institution ang Lasalle, basketball lang naman ang usapan dito, so sa larangan ng baskatball nagpakitang-gilas ang Lasalle at mega may-K sila na magyabang all they want.

'Yun nga lang, tancha ko din ubos lahat ng yabang ng Lasalle once they meet FEU in the Finals. FEU has more to prove than Lasalle. They've got a bigger, stronger team, with better athletes across the board. Admittedly mas magaling naman ang sistema ni Coach Franz Pumaren, pero Coach Bert Flores also has a good system he inherited from Koy Banal, and its a system that maximizes the superior athletic abilities of his players.

I see a hardfought sweep by the Tamaraws.

09-26-2005, 11:52 PM
I have been consistent with my prediction on UAAP 68. Even before the season started I predicted that DLSU will be the champs mainly because of the presence of Franz Pumaren and an even more mature and intact line-up (even without Cardona). DLSU has the most potent wingmen in the presence of Yeo, Arana, Casio, OJ Cua, and even Cabatu who switches to 3 from time to time. Add to that the vastly improved TY Tang and Rico M. and a role player in Aquino and Villanueva, you have a very solid running defensive team.

DLSU will out shoot and outrun FEU. It will be a close match but DLSU will make it.

09-27-2005, 03:14 PM
Gil Andrews, matalinong maglaro ang Lasalle, disiplinado sila, at kahit ano pang sabihin ng Ateneo, magaling na coach ang Franz Pumaren.

Pero kung FEU rin lang ang kalaban nila sa Finals, malamang sa hindi abutin sila ng kakaibang gulpi sa FEU. FEU is basically a bigger, stronger, more athletic version of Lasalle. Tignan mong lineup ng dalawang koponan, they are virtually identical, except the Tamaraws have better players at more positions across the board. Nawala na nga si Denok Miranda umabot pa sila ng Finals. Hindi man purong pointguard si Jonas Villanueva, he is a superior player compared to anyone else Lasalle has. Arwind MIGHT be neutralized by Maeirhofer, pero Arwind can find so many way to help his team, sa rebounding na lang napaka-consistent niya.

Si Joseph Yeo maaring walang katapat sa FEU, pero how effective can he be against the best defense in the league? Jun Cabatu cannot take Mark isip in the post, although pwedeng ilabas ni Cabatu si Isip with that perimeter shooting. Isip however has proven that he generally enjoys playing the smaller Lasalle lineup especially off the offensive glass.

May tulog ang Lasalle, at mahihirapan silang umabot ng Game 3, malabong ma-sweep nila FEU.

09-28-2005, 12:43 AM
I think FEU will sweep. The hunger is there (last year na nina Arwind, etc.) plus gusto rin nila bumawi from last season's heartbreaking loss to La Salle. FEU's height and length will bother La Salle, plus the fact that they have the necessary defensive men to guard Yeo, Arana, et al. Magaling dumepensa si Rizada at Chan. Hindi pa talaga naglalabas si Jonas Villanueva ng capabilities niya, and I think it's time for him to do so versus the smaller Tang. Si Arwind, I really don't know how you guard him. Wala naman siya talagang role sa offense except to do the dirty work, set some screens, run off of screens, and nail some threes. Siguro naman alam na natin ang kapabilidad niya sa depensa and rebounding, no need to elaborate. The big factor here is that FEU's unproven bench (except Isip) must step up. Hindi naman nila kailangan i-outscore ang bench ng La Salle, bigyan lang ng quality minutes para makapahinga ang starters. Pag hindi nag-deliver ang bench ng FEU, La Salle could steal the series.

09-28-2005, 10:50 AM
Although the game was a blow out, I feel that the Archers' emotional victory over their arch rivals will affect their psyche coming into the first game of the Finals. Of course we all know that psyching up his players is one coach Pumaren's strengths. So it's imperative for the Tamaraws to pounce on the Archers from the start.

I think the game will be a battle of the perimeter and wingmen. Both teams are known to jack it up from the putside. DLSU has always been known for its excellent wingmen and this season has magnified their reliance on their outside shooting. Stopping their shooters or a bad shooting day is more than half the job done for their opponents. For the Tamaraws, I haven't seen them hoist this much threes for a long time. In the games that they lost or were close to losing, most of their outside shots were not falling. But for the Tams they have their inside game to rely on when their shooting goes south.

For me, the other key factors are
1. DLSU trapping defense
2. Jospeh Yeo's offense
3. Jeffrey Chan's offense
4. Rico Meierhoffer's offense and defense
5. FEU's supporting case (Fernandez, Saldua, Mangahas, Flores, etc.)

I'm betting radviento's two cents on the Tamaraws